Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2015 – Dr. Drew and Christian Picciolini

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/04/2015 – Dr. Drew and Christian Picciolini

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Drew and Christian Picciolini

Recorded 05-03-2015 – Release Date 05-04-2015

Production Number #1567

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Adam opens the show with fumbled intro from Dawson, Kristen Carney is back filling in as newsgirl for the 4th time and making her 5th overall appearance, she was first on for ACS #1296 as a guest and then returned for ACS #1499, ACS #1500 and ACS #1501 filling in (trying out kind of) as the newsgirl/sidekick.

Gina is still on a weekend getaway for her birthday celebration, BB plays the #1 contender for #TopDrop “…Only one Ace!” from the last episode. Happy Birthday Gina!

Dr. Drew is hanging out as they were just recording previous to this episode, cool!


Drew brings up the “What I do Now!” drop of his that he wants made into a ringtone, Drew is bringing up the capacity for humans to be born “bad” and uses Bruce Jenner as a positive example.

Adam fails to reiterate he spotted Bruce’s transition in 1998, some fan heard the comment in one of my old Loveline transfers.

Classic Loveline #795 – THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1998 – GUEST: GOO GOO DOLLS • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Drew is bringing up the brain scans of psychopaths and how a neurologist discovered that he’s got the brain patterns of a psychopath and Adam has a great reaction, BB lays in some solid not quite overbearing drop work with a music sting, he needs a better sting though.


Drew goes full in depth on these scans, Adam says he wants MRI ovens and wants to execute possible future murders and violent offenders.

They joke about Adam’s final solution and Drew makes not of their upcoming guest, oh no, this will not end well for Adam and the internet, a “straight to the source” booking it seems.

BB brings up growlers and explains what they are to Dr. Drew, Adam is describing the beer BB showed up with to watch the Pacquiáo fight last night, Adam is bringing up how the caps were left behind and Adam rinsed and kept the lid for him.


Adam is now describing how people place empty containers back in the cooler after they’re empty and how he removes them so people don’t reach in and only leave with disappointment.

Adam is explaining the pictures he was sent, he describes the private jet with the empty seat where Adam should have been sitting with his buddies, along with him getting middle fingers from everyone who did go.

Adam seems to actually “feel” this and is now explaining how they put the fight on the projector system they used to screen the Newman doc.


Adam has a funny “who” when he hears of the band Matt Fondiler was seeing, Adam brings up his favorite local pizza spot and he worked out that Nate would be picking up his pizza and Adam would pay for it.

Adam figured they would be very busy and wanted to know how he would order pizza 3 hours beforehand, only to find out they had a 3hr wait.

Adam says they ended up with ‘In and Out Burger’ and everyone was happy with it, BB brings up Sonny’s unhappy dining experience.


Adam is explaining how slickness won out in the fight and describes how boring Mayweather fights are and compares them to Heavyweight Klitschko fights to explain why the attention of most fight fans has moved onto MMA.

Adam is explaining that the problem with Mayweather’s legacy in boxing is it doesn’t deliver for the bloodlust of most of the audience, while he does have a technically impressive career much like Klitschko and might be more impressive than even someone like Tyson but it won’t be appreciated the way Tyson or even someone like Arturo Gatti will be remembered.

Adam is now riffing about Mayweather getting hooked up with a Kardashian to further cash in on his existence.


Adam and BB talk about Jimmy mimicking Justin Bieber, not a cartoonish impression but more of a subtle nod and Adam goes on to explain how truly funny Jimmy is compared to everyone else who might try a similar goof.

Adam is explaining you shouldn’t have to wait for the fight of a decade to have everyone come out and grill up some burgers and drink some beers.

Drew plugs the ADS – The Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Show


Q and Ace

1st Caller – Tom, he’s a student pilot and he’s doing it to shorten his commute time, he has a current cross state commute time of 3-4 hours and wants to know if Adam would ever consider this.

Adam says it wouldn’t work for him and mentions going to lunch with Dexter from ‘The Offspring’ and how he talked about getting a new jet.

Adam and Drew are now praising how the band rock, citing the time they almost destroyed the balcony at the Shrine auditorium, they talked about that on Classic Loveline after it happened.


Adam is doing a Shari’s Berries live read

“A raisin trapped in a grape’s body” – Adam


Adam plugs Kristen’s website, she’s self-depreciating in reply and Adam moves on to watching an episode of ‘Vice’ he stumbled onto via Lynette.

Adam is explaining how documentaries often start past the problem and ask questions about what’s wrong or right without bringing up the initial cause for the cops to be present.

Adam asks what people think cops are doing, Adam says he would be listening to ‘The Beach Boy’s in his cruiser all day if he was a cop, they’re trying to lower crime rates.


Kristin tells Adam that the cop was listening to Everlast before he shot the guy for running, Adam says you shouldn’t be listening to Everlast, presuming he means the early ‘House of Pain’ stuff and not the modern acoustic stuff that Adam always seemed to like when Everlast came on Loveline.

With 4 known appearances he was a semi frequent guest on CLL, coming on right after his heart surgery and he even let them record his robot heart valve.





And he was the guest on a special “Guest Hosted ACS” Episode from 2010

ACS #276 Guest Hosted (feat. Christopher Titus & Everlast)


Adam is back to the VICE episode and explains how the narrator described the white kid in the city trying to buy drugs who was shaken down by the same cops.

Adam brings up the hypocritical objection to profiling and Kristen says it’s just a fancy term for common sense, Adam is ranting about evidence and says that guy could be there visiting a homeless friend.

Kristen describes a cop who wrote her a cellphone ticket and she wants Adam’s take on cops who hide to write tickets.


Adam is fine with ticketing people who are doing dangerous things, he thinks red lights and other places you’re stationary are bullshit tickets.


2nd Caller – Scott, he’s got a funny intro and wants to know who was better with drops BB or Anderson, not even factoring in the legendary Mike Dooley.

BB claims they have the same technology, Adam says he can have whole conversations with Elliot Gould and even cites the Isaac Hayes drops.

Adam is forgetting about Anderson’s perfect drop work that would fool callers, BB gets it occasionally, BB also has different material than Anderson had, guests on Loveline weren’t as easy to decimate/recreate via drops due to the format.


BB says he learned everything he knows from Anderson, Adam seems to hint towards BB but doesn’t outright declare it, they just do a funny back and forth with the Isaac Hayes drops and we get a little more of that audio than we usually hear.

(The actual order is Engineer Mike, who begat Anderson who begat BB.

BB is the highest evolutionary step in Adam’s drop guy, a winning attitude and ability to disagree, combined with the same tech as Anderson and the benefits of the modern formats of Adam’s shows and he also fills the role as sidekick and cohost at the same time, while in the same room!)


Adam does a Pro Flowers live read

Isaac Hayes edition


3rd Caller – Morgan, he wants to know about real boxing matches vs. Hollywood recreations, Adam is explaining how people are now fighting for money vs. pride.

Adam says he predicted that Floyd would get loose and try and light Manny up in the later rounds to entice fans for a rematch, but instead it was more of the same and as Gary chimes in an confirms there is not much demand for a rematch.

Adam is now using ‘Rocky III’ to make a point about movie boxing, he describes the lack of speed and flat footed style that Rocky was trying to overcome in the film.


Adam is now bringing up the real world story of Roberto Durán did to Sugar Ray Leonard and how he tempted him into fighting his fight by insulting his wife.

Adam is now back to ‘Rocky III’ and Kristin has a quick back and forth with BB.

Adam jokes about the fictitious human nervous system at play in the closing fight of ‘Rocky III’ and now BB is asking Adam for the first bout between Durand and Sugar Ray.


BB quotes the “Woman” line from Mr. T in the movie and how it only further helps him realize how it’s based off a real world bout.

Adam says this is why moves are more fun and jokes about Klitschko delivering his straight right and you somehow getting charged up and more powerful, that doesn’t even work in ‘Punch Out’ and now Adam is bringing up the ‘Snow Patrol’ song that played over the death scene for Patrick Dempsey’s character on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.


Adam is now doing a Drop Stop live read

They head to break


They’re back from break to a listener voicemail asking if Adam would let his friends fuck him if he was to body swap with Scarlett Johansen, hilarious reply from Ace.

Adam is now asking Christian about his time as a skinhead, he wants to know the ass kicking pecking order for people he hated.

Kristen is now bringing up the looks element and the ugly white chicks caught up in the white power scene.


Adam is asking him what he was doing as a teenager in ‘The Hitler Youth’ (like 2.0?) and Kristen asks who they would have preferred control the media?

Adam and the gang are all riffing about it and now Christian is getting serious about how he got roped into his gang life.

Kristen has a solid one liner and he explains how he first got involved with skinheads, he says he was enamored with an older guy and the music he was listening to and wanted to belong.


Adam brings up the racism domestically vs. internationally and he says that “lone wolf attacks” are part of this scene he comes from, many of them broke off and decided to mainstream it to hide in plain sight.

Adam talks about homegrown terrorism and brings up Tim McVeigh and the Aryan nation ties, BB can’t find any ‘Screwdriver’ on Spotify.

Kristin asks if he would presume that BB is a skinhead based on his scalp, he cites the casual attire as signifiers BB is not down with white pride.


Christian is telling them about his wife and kids leaving and losing his record store business, Adam asks him about getting out of the movement and he tells them about his depression after giving up his skinhead identity how he listened to Classic Loveline to overcome it.

BB asks how accurate ‘American History X’ was in depicting the white power culture he grew up in, he says that Ed Norton’s character was in part a composite of him a few other guys.

Adam has a killer “White Power Ballad” joke and they wrap things up.


Kristin’s News

1st Story is on the Tesla Power Wall, Adam is asking her how it works and Adam is asking follow up questions about the way it works.

Adam is now looking at the device and she explains it can store power from solar and other alternative power methods.

Gary gets on mic and still doesn’t clarify to Adam, you don’t charge it via the grid.

Adam is now doing another lap asking how this thing works, Adam is saying we should let Elon Musk handle everything.


Adam is now riffing about the Canoe cologne.

Adam takes it back to his idea of letting Elon run the state, Christian asks Adam about his wife’s Tesla and Adam says he didn’t get the model D with the “insane mode.”


2nd Story is on the Eric Sheppard Challenge, she explains the premise and Adam asks the black community to get back to twerking as this is not something we need right now.

Kristin is now quoting a popular video and Adam is joking about this solving all of our problems, Adam then makes a point about other countries doing this and brings up how he was talking to his wife about the lack of slogans of Americans when it comes to hating other countries.

Adam is now quoting “Chad, I got a retarded cousin named Chad” and a few others, solid!

BB has a strong reaction to the Niger entry, hilarious riffing!


3rd Story is on a woman who copyrighted photos of her breasts to prevent revenge porn, Kristin brings up the guy who was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his website.

Adam jokes about that guy getting a pass in prison, Kristen now shares how a woman can overcome the stigma of revenge porn by embracing it, Adam is now having her walk through how this porn gets made.

Adam says he is going to tell his daughter to only date guys with small penises, they won’t be posting that online, hilarious “The More You Know!” and Adam now invents “Are You In?” a website for women to throw up videos of them fucking their exes with really small dicks.


Adam is now doing a Tasting Room live read


4th Story is on Donald Sterling’s wife’s lawsuit against his former mistress, Kristen tells them about the 2.6 million in gifts she was ordered to turn over.

Adam jokes about this being the worst time to be a rich old white dude and jokes about what rich white guys got away with 100 years ago.

“There will be no whoring whatsoever!” – Adam telling flabbergasted old timey rich whitey’s about the modern age.


Adam is asking why one should be the whale nowadays, there is no benefit and Christian says he’s happy being in the “small dick room” and Kristin wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a TruCar live read

Half-Tard “that’s too much car for Drew” edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and mentions the Mangria event his wife is spearheading, he wraps up the show to a drop of Adam saying “The only thing black in here is the vinyl!”