Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/04/2014 – Ask Women Podcast’s Marni and Kristen

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/04/2014 – Ask Women Podcast’s Marni and Kristen

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Ask Women Podcast’s Marni and Kristen

Recorded 04-03-2014 – Release Date 04-04-2014

Production Number #1296

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Adam is opening the show with some news from BB who is going to auction off some advance release copies of his book, he’s plugging the Ebay listings.

Alison has a great tampon addition to the Legal Defense fund, Adam is bringing up the 10k copies of his 1st book and he’s citing Larry Miller’s garage full of them.

Adam explains they offer to re-sell them to you at dirt cheap prices or will destroy them, Alison and BB are now asking him why they don’t just give them to you for free.


BB has some more kind words about owing everything he’s go to the podcast, Adam is plugging the upcoming guests from the “Ask Women” podcast.

Gary is now mic, he gets a “pallet jack” reply from Ace, and Adam is telling the gang about trying to find a part for Alison in the script for “Road Hard.”

Adam says that nobody has ever asked him to write a feature length screenplay despite having done it several times, Adam is now citing “Nate Adams” who’s doing the line producing for the movie.


Adam is sharing that Nate provided them with a bunch of notes for the screenplay, Hench agreed with all of them and they incorporated all of the notes, Adam is bringing up the lack of ego that would require from Hench and how he was even surprised.

Adam is saying that the notes only improve the content of the screenplay and he’s citing how an editor thought up a superior tag for the ending of the film.

Adam says you shouldn’t be trying to push people off because they have good ideas, he’s saying that you ultimately get the credit anyway.


Alison has a nice question about vision vs. art by committee, Adam explains how you retain your artistic sensibilities while incorporating the ideas of the people you work with.

Adam is now explaining how setup ends up being cut and only punch lines are left when you have to edit comedy, Alison is commenting and Adam is explaining how the bad editing ends up happening.

Adam is bringing up his drive home from Rich Eisen’s NFL podcast, Adam says he got full credit for the goal post extensions and was even congratulated by Robert Kraft.

Adam is asking at what age or how many zeroes get added to your bank account before you end up in never-ending “wrap it up” mode and Adam is telling him about the rich guy shirts he wears with different colored collars and cuffs.


Alison says that people who refuse to laugh bother her, BB is sharing his theory on rich guys and why they don’t dance, Adam is giving his take on Kraft, trying to figure out where his wealth originates.

Adam is now reading the fact about him, thanks to Gary!

Adam is now doing a life lock live read.


Adam has a great “Rand Whitey” Freudian slip, he explains the glasses he’s wearing work for up close but not far away, and Alison is now reading all of the facts of his business history.

Adam is bringing up Ivan Reitman’s last minute cancellation on the podcast last night, he was also scheduled on Eisen’s show the next day.

Adam is getting to why he didn’t want to ask Ivan why he didn’t show up, Adam is explaining why he doesn’t internalize that type of stuff and why Adam headed him off at the uncomfortable pass.


Adam is explaining how Hollywood is catered towards women and gay men, he’s now citing how excited Lynn and Alex would get about things like free jeans and gifting suites “this is a dream catcher but it only catches nightmares!”

Adam is further riffing on all of the bullshit in a gifting suite, Adam is telling Alison about the fitting he had to do for the movie and how excited the wardrobe people were to dress him up.

Alison is telling them about watching a live taping of Playboy TV’s “Sex Court” and she’s telling them about the case before the “court”.


Adam is now riffing about cops being sent home with pay after shooting up civilians, BB brings up Adam’s time being paid by KLSX/CBS radio while unemployed and he’s saying that the clock was ticking, so he was being compensated with a sense of impending doom.

Adam is now doing a live read for STP fuel system cleaner.



What Can’t Adam Complain About

1st Caller Charles, he wants Adam to complain about me, Superfan Giovanni.

BB thinks this is the only time it’s come up, he’s right for in studio tapings but it has come up at live shows, the most memorable was here in Chicago at the Park West in 2010 where Adam joked “He knows so much I expect him to know everything, but then I’ll hit him with a what’s my wife’s pussy smell like, Ha! He doesn’t know that one!”

Adam says it’s tough because I do so much, he’s now going to focus on the drive back to their hotel in Rosemont that had a 10min delay due to Chicago road construction, our only option was to backtrack.


BB is now bringing up the merchandise for Chicago, BB is mistaking what happened and somehow I am getting roped into the blame for the merch not following them to the next city, this is the first I’m aware it was such an issue, odd.

I actually sent the merch to Vegas so they didn’t have to lug it around the airport, they were convinced they would get stranded at the airport, after not listening to me tell them they wouldn’t, I didn’t want them to be stuck with a large box in another city, plus they didn’t have any crew to sell Merch, so as I understood it I would ship it onward, that’s the mix-up between me and several others.

Adam is now on a protracted “Steve did you pack the can opener” riff/tangent and I’ve been thrown under the bus, nice.

Adam says I heap too much praise on him and that feels bad, thanks a lot Charles …


Adam is now bringing up the “Stray pups” I bring along, I brought my ex-girlfriend twice and Dune came along once, Dune ended up providing the tech for us to hear “The Floaters”, so no stray puppy means no floaters bits on the show nor the creation of “Bung Lu Su” in response to the Floaters track once Adam returned home.

Alison, Adam and BB all have some very nice things to say, so as far as WCACA’s go this is the best one could hope for when targeting an individual, thanks gang, thanks Charles!

I’ll always have hot coffees, waters for you guys, cookies for August and if I can swing it in time an “anti-scurvy” bag of fruit.


2nd Caller Nick, He doesn’t think Adam can complain about his car collection.

Adam is now saying that the happiest people on the planet have the one car that they love and cherish, it’s their baby.

Adam is citing Leno’s massive collection and how they seem to be more like items you own as opposed to “your baby” your prized possession.

Adam says that Jay Leno loves cars, but happier people love CAR, Adam is now using cats for his analogy and he’s explaining how it works, Alison is making a follow up to Adam’s Self Satisfied Sniff.


3rd Caller Trey the III, Adam predicts he must be a “The 3rd” and like usually nobody even reacts, Adam is telling him about walking through south Philly with Mike August, Trey says it’s improving despite the constant presence of trash everywhere except Chinatown.

Adam is now making a contrast of the litter vs. lack of litter, he says the trip made him feel bad for his dad for a minute until he thought better of it and let it pass.

Trey wants them to complain about “Freedom” and Adam predicts there was a professional team called the Freedom and he tells them about his uncle Ralph who was the official photographer for the state of Philadelphia.


Adam is now ranting against things that fall under the heading of freedom that are actually obnoxious and effect/bother those around you, such as putting your feet up on someone else’s chair.

Adam is now making a point about the personal freedoms he enjoys shrinking while the ones that allow you to act like an asshole with your freak flag flying everywhere you go expanding.

Adam says it should be the opposite and he’s now wrapping up the bit with a live read, they play the wrong closer and Alison has a funny reaction, Adam is going in depth on Tire Rack and jokes that he was blowing Chris Maxipada in the parking lot in reply to BB.


Alison is bringing up her different sized tires in the front and the back, she says the car manual stated that the tires were different sized.

Adam is having Gary investigate in the parking lot, too much hot tire talk.


Adam is returning from break with Marni and Kirsten making their ACS debut.

Gary is now mic with the tire sizes for everyone’s car, Adam says that BB has a better rim than Alison who has a BMW, Adam is calling Gary a bastard for only checking the tires last time.

Adam is introducing the girls with a funny “Ask momma” Freudian slip and he’s asking Marnie about being pregnant, she’s lamenting Dr. Drew’s doom and gloom about fertility.

She’s telling them about the name Noah and they’re joking about the movie, Adam is giving out their plugs.


Adam is now asking for do’s and don’ts, they say to jump in for rejection and ask for what you want, Adam wants to know about going for what you don’t want, he’s citing women who date abusive men.

They’re now telling Adam about Chris Gore and his perpetual girlfriend of the same type, they’re now giving advice on conversations with women, they say women need to feel you, you need to present a leader to the women, what?

Adam is now asking them about “Mystery” and they’re joking about pick up artists, one of the gals is sharing her experience flirting with Mystery and she’s saying he has a nice charisma and it’s almost a routine, Kristen (I think) is now saying she would never fall for it.


They’re explaining how the pick-up artists use manipulation via linguistics to trap women, Adam is asking for the “Don’ts” and they say avoid the friend zone, Alison is sharing her theory on it not existing.

Adam is bringing up the women who perpetually keep a man/satellite orbiting around them showering them with attention, Adam says he doesn’t think men have that same wiring.

Adam is now bringing up the women who go for this, Marni seems perplexed that Adam wouldn’t want that same type of relationship and attention, Adam is explaining why it makes him feel uncomfortable.


Marni is sharing how she would sample different guy friends to see if she could be intimate with them and she’s now commenting on men who settle for friend zone when they truly want to be with the other person.

Adam and is now bringing up the “guy in the bullpen” theory from Classic Loveline, he’s explaining how quickly women can move on to another partner they have someone new on deck.

Adam is saying it’s the opposite of men, who want a fuck fest between relationships, Marni is sharing her insights into men and she saying that she respects Adam’s knowledge of women.

Adam says he’s good with humans and human behavior, women sometimes fall under that heading.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on David Letterman’s retirement from “Late Night” and Alison has a funny reaction to 2015, Adam echoes the same feeling and now Marni is weighing in and Adam has a great explanation of how the late night hosts and timeslots evolve.

Adam is bringing up his heart condition from 14yrs ago.


2nd Story Is on the most recent Fort Hood shooting, she’s giving all the known details and evidence so far as reported in the media.

Adam is asking why he had to buy a gun if he’s in the military, thinking that Uncle Sam should be providing it for the people in military service.

Adam is joking about “Galore” no longer being used in the future much like it was used in advertising, he’s saying it’s for places that sell patio furniture and party stores.

Adam has a killer “Caviar Galore” bond girl riff, that ends with “… smells weird”


Adam is now joking about the local TV ads of the 1980s where the salesman would face the camera and say he screwed up and ordered too much stock, almost pleading with people to save his ass.

Alison is asking if they feel like they adequately use all of their furniture in their home and Adam is saying you need to pee in your yard to make it worth owning a home, BB is now chiming in that he does this in his backyard all the time, often looking for excuses to go outside so he can pee while he’s out.

Adam has a great series of responses, joking about it confusing BB’s dog and Adam says once in a while go into the room in your house you never use and enjoy yourself.


Alison is sharing her difficulties in making “me time” workout, despite her best intentions and fantasies of sitting a on her porch enjoying a cup of coffee, she’s now lamenting taking baths for relaxation and Adam is telling them about his grandma and her love for bathing.

Adam is telling them about his mom giving his grandma the bathtub neck pillow Christmas gift that Adam actually stopped and admired for being so thoughtful, a durable good in the Carolla home(s).

Adam is now telling the gals about his sink peeing methods much to their surprise and he’s sharing his favorite outdoor pee, the one where you just emerge from a car trapped in a traffic jam.


Adam is now doing a live read for “Lettuce”




3rd Story Is on a buzz feed story showing men trying to apply makeup for their partners who take too long when getting ready.

Adam is saying he couldn’t do it, but he would like his wife be able to cut his hair, he’s bringing up his extra abilities he brings to the marriage and how great it is for her, like hanging a door.

Adam says he if he could remove his own head he could cut his own hair, Adam asks wouldn’t you like if upon marriage there was a contract between the partners.


Adam shares that he had to steal Lynette’s sewing machine to have his guy Rob sew some shit for him, Marni is saying that she would like to cut her husband’s hair but he refuses to allow her, Adam wants to know what’s up?

Alison is now quizzing Marni about cutting her own hair, she’s sharing her flight of fancy about cutting all of her friend’s hair before even attempting it after researching it on the internet, and BB has a killer one liner.

Adam is now getting back to the base skills that both partners could bring to the marriage, he’s giving some examples, Adam has a phone book reference that Marni objects to and BB plays an old timey sound clip.


Adam is telling Marni he is not particular about his haircut, she’s telling him to try it with his wife and he says there has been more than one attempt, it’s just not happening and Adam jokes about hanging doors and demanding to be blown simultaneously in a funny contrast to his skills not needing to be “Sexed up.”

Adam says “hey douche how about put the fucking flatware in the dishwasher” while asking about why everything needs to be made fun for everyone, he’s listing all of the things he does that he has no option in, he does these tasks because he must.

Adam wants to know why everyone needs to be coddled and supported in their efforts in all tasks, Marni is almost total agreement about partners supporting each other at home.

Adam is once again bragging about “American Model Cuts” his usual barber where he tips 100% leaving them a cool 20$ and him feeling like a huge tipper.


Adam is now doing a live read for Hulu Plus, Adam is joking about Shark Tank and a “transport system for Jerky” BB is now in the mix riffing with him about it.


4th Story Is on the decline of soda sales in the United States, she’s coughing a bit while delivering the story and does a good job of staying in the game.

Adam wants to know why everyone is so fat now if Soda is declining in sales, Alison says that energy drinks and vitamin waters might be the culprit as those sales have increased.

Adam is now saying you should avoid all colored tasty beverages when Alison asks for practical advice and Adam says that if Root Beer wasn’t bad for you, he would drink it all day.


If it was just like water, he would down like 3 Dr. Pepper’s per day and as much artisanal root beer from Trader Joes that he could find.

They’re now discussing cream soda, can vs. bottles and Adam praises the IBC cream soda, Marni shares an anecdote and Alison closes the news to a new drop.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.