Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2015 – Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/29/2015 – Matt Atchity

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Guest Matt Atchity

Recorded 01-28-2015 – Release Date 01-29-2015

Production Number #1500

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Adam opens the show to a great “Backseat Delia” quote from ‘Lucretia MacEvil’ the classic ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ song Adam would sing to on Classic Loveline.

Adam welcomes Kristen Carney back to the show and Matt Atchity is in studio, Adam teases the drunken podcast from Kimmel’s that will be airing on Monday.

Adam is pre-lamenting that Lenny Kravitz and Katy Perry will be doing a rendition of ‘American Woman’ during the Super Bowl halftime show.


Adam is making a point about the song lyrics being anti-American and how it spits in the face of all of the other American celebration elements of the Super Bowl.

Adam is now having Matt Atchity read the lyrics, Kristen reminds him as he is creating dead air, Matt is now reading the lyrics and BB calls this the worst episode of Def Poetry Jam ever produced.

Adam says he was sitting in the edit bay working on the trailer for ‘Road Hard’ and shares what a bitch it is to construct a trailer, BB is now praising the first trailer for ‘American Sniper’ and demands more studios just simply release an out of context scene.


Adam jokes about shooting a kid in his trailer, good stuff.

Adam is back to the process and explains that trailer houses whack up what you request and it ends with you redoing all of the work of the company you hired to cut a proper trailer.

Adam explains that he is on a show that will be airing on the military network, he explains his busy day and it sounds harrowing.


Adam is mocking his wife’s future lamentations about her busy day, Matt is telling Adam to create a mobile edit bay.

Adam says he chose to go first tonight as he wanted to get his bit out of the way to then clear out, Adam is mocking how comedian’s treat 15min, instead delivering 38min on average.

BB asks Adam about his hat, he wants his thoughts on it.


Adam is now sharing his thoughts about BB using sunblock instead of ball caps, Adam is now sharing his realization that BB thinks he doesn’t look particularly good in a ball cap.

Adam is now having him tilt the hat back, hilarious riffing about being in the game.

Kristen compliments BB’s look with the ball cap.


Adam is now adding sunblock to the list of things that will eventually be seen as bad for humans, he jokes about the irony of sun block causing cancer.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Abraham, he references Pablo Francisco and Abraham tells them about his intentions to show up for “try outs” for the T.V. show ‘The Voice’ and BB chimes in trying to shit on Adam’s point.

Adam jokes about opting out of every miss universe pageant, using Abraham’s logic and he wants to know about using his money to audition vs. paying bills.

Abraham is now busting out some ‘American Woman’ poetry slam, BB calls this the best call they’ve ever had and Adam jokes about not having to tell the cast that he can play the bongos.


Abraham tells them about sending in a song for Matt Fondiler and Gary shakes his head through the glass telling Adam that it didn’t make the cut, are they sure as they seem to like him on air…

Abraham tells Adam he always makes him feel better about suffering in mediocrity and Adam jokes about the name Keith having low expectations vs. something like Abraham.

Kristen has a female version about the name ‘Bella’ and Adam brings up a poor girl from his childhood named ‘Ella’ and how some people look back on abusing/bullying other kids and feel sympathy for what their careless words probably elicited in the other person.


Adam comments on how most bullying is not that mean spirited, people are just fucking around and don’t have animosity, but it’s almost impossible to see that when you’re the target of the abuse and mockery.


2nd Caller Ben, he’s a huge fan and mentions the Amazon click through link.

Ben is telling them about his career and time spent with the Navy as a SEAL.

He wants Adam’s take on his few options available, he tells them about turf management and what a limited field that is that’s full of trained professionals.

Adam asks him if he’s that married to sod and can’t give it up, BB offers up a synthetic turf angle for a different career in a similar field.


Adam is now asking Ben about the ranking for American gold courses, Adam jokes about the guy who doesn’t replace his divot while golfing.

Adam is now asking Kristen how hot this talk makes her, she shares her assumption that he’s into personal grooming.

Adam shares his belief about those who are super skilled always having career opportunities, BB shares his amazement about the grass present in Las Vegas, and he asks him if he would consider a move to Vegas.


Ben is now giving his take on the people who kick their shoes and socks off in public, he tells them about an audience member who put their feet on the stage during Nick Offerman’s comedy special.

Adam forgets that Greg Fitzsimmons told him about this happening to him and how he almost smashed the guy’s foot for doing it.


Adam is doing a live read for Radioactive Media


3rd Caller Nathan, he shares the “it’s 3pm do you know where your children are” bumper sticker he saw, Adam is now on a tangent about the “primered van of life” that never comes around.

Adam says that the real dangers are never commented on, the tires on your kid’s friend’s parent’s car are more likely to be a danger than some “stranger” and Kristen has a funny one liner about it.

Adam brings up the “end senior abuse” bumper stickers and how they do nothing more than remind those who beat the elderly to further beat them.


Kristen brings up the “coexist” bumper stickers and Adam riffs about his car having a “ram” button for just those situations.

Hilarious Cat Stevens attacking someone with his guitar ‘El Kabong” style from Ace.

Adam is making a practical point about tire wear and tear and parents not being truly educated for the problems at hand and potential dangers for their kids.

Matt has a killer “gun in the pool” one liner and Adam takes it to Marco Polo aka Adam Carolla, his pool game (now).


4th Caller Jason, he wants to know about Adam and Jimmy at Snoop Dogg’s house, the famous ‘Man Show’ segment.

Adam is explaining how they decided to actually get stoned and Adam is explaining Snoops love for chicken and how Jimmy ate all of the muffins he brought for Snoop.

Adam tells them about Jimmy punching a guy in the stomach during a ‘Man Show’ taping, an unruly audience member and BB shares the story of being punched in the nose by his wife.

Adam says for a guy who can’t fight Jimmy is surprisingly into starting fights with other guys.


Adam is doing a Shari’s Berries live read


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Extreme Weather Movies

1st Movie ‘The Day after Tomorrow’ (2004)

Adam says he likes those kinds of movies and says they should give these types of pictures a little bit of love just for the effects work, hilarious story criticisms for firework shows one liner form Ace.

Adam says critics are snobs with these types of movies.


2nd Movie ‘The Perfect Storm’ (2000)

BB is the most surprised he’s ever been at the low 47 score for the film.

Matt is explaining how Wolfgang Peterson gets graded on a curve based on his previous work being of such high caliber.

BB shares his experience seeing the movie with some co-workers who were angry about the ending and Adam marvels at those type of people making their way through life.


3rd Movie ‘2012’ (2009)

Adam brings up John Cusack’s license in the movie and how it made him insanely young.

Matt asks how Adam haters this movie and likes ‘Day after Tomorrow’ and hates this movie, he comments on the democracy of the arks in the movie, he says that those who paid for it should have access, not the impoverished masses who will only create more problems in the new world.

Adam jokes about Mitt Romney and the One Percenters, his new favorite band, he jokes about them playing his wedding.

Adam is dead nuts on with 39 yet still can’t let go the idea of Cusack being born in 1979.


4th Movie ‘Twister’ (1996)

Adam brings up the bad guys driving the black SUV’s and he gives it a generous 51.


5th Movie ‘Sharknado’ (2013)

Adam reveals he’s been asked to be in Sharknado 3, Matt wants to know how he could answer anything other than yes, Adam says there are scheduling issues to be ironed out.

Everyone is shocked by the score when Matt reveals it.

BB made a big comeback.

Adam took 1st, BB in 2nd and Kristen in 3rd.


Adam is doing a Square space live read


The News – With Kristen Carney

1st Story is on the “Beast Mode’ logo fine being leveled at Marshawn Lynch and Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t give a fuck.

BB says he loves the attention and only brings about more inquiry and attention by refusing to talk to the press.

Adam calls Marshawn Lynch a thug, he doesn’t like that his son looks up to him as he’s a fan of the Seahawks, and he says he does like Russell Wilson.


Adam is commenting on Marshawn lynch bringing him down, he’s trying to enjoy the spirit of the game and BB further explains how he arrived at the point where he refuses to speak to the press.

Adam loves the NFL fining the players, they’re now playing a clip of Marshawn refusing to speak to the press.

Adam is now bringing up the decree to participate in media day and jokes about Marshawn saying “red rum” over and over, Adam hopes the Seahawks lose and says he doesn’t like the tatted up thug image in sports, he doesn’t think it’s going to make anyone into anything or do anything, much like video games don’t make people commit violent acts.

Adam just wishes they had something better to look up to, he wants it to be about the joy of the game and comments on Marshawn Lynch wanting to get his logo out there.


2nd Story is on a potential cure for peanut allergies, Kristen has the details and Adam is now joking about the overweight guys at peanut butter processing facilities being forced to work in the “chunky” department, hilarious very short improv riff with BB.

Adam is commenting on the southwest peanuts, making the move from plain to honey roasted and Kristen tells them about getting hot coffee dumped on her by a flight attendant.

Adam shares how Mike August has a dark beer dumped onto his lap, BB asks about Beer smelling so bad after it’s consumed or left out, Adam says it’s more about past memories of bad nights and getting sick.

Mike is now on mic sharing the details of his pants being ruined by a beer midflight.


3rd Story is on the latest ISIS beheading video and the threats to Obama, Adam is now joking about them threatening Biden first.

Adam is riffing about what he would do if he was the publicity for ISIS.

BB is now playing an ISIS fighter and Adam is the publicity, funny Quiznos one liner.


4th Story is on a UK department store that is now switching to a non-gender specific clothing business model, Adam is now commenting on how nothing is foisted on kids, they come out of the womb being the way they are.

Adam brings up the pink vs. blue car seat and pull-ups incidents with his kids, Adam is not sure why there is this movement trying to remove the differences between the genders, he says his kids would be fucked with two of him or two of his wife.

Adam doesn’t know what is so evolved in the idea of merging genders and flattening out differences.

Kristen tries to wrap the news again, this time the drop cuts her off like yesterday’s intro.


Adam is now doing a live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

BB uses Adam’s stranger danger rant to source his new drop, Adam declaring that the street lights are almost on and he’s hasn’t yet…