Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2015 – James Deen and Rick Rosner

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/30/2015 – James Deen and Rick Rosner

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest James Deen and Rick Rosner

Recorded 01-29-2015 – Release Date 01-30-2015

Production Number #1501

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BB uses yesterday’s closing drop for today’s #TopDrop and Adam explains it was totally out of context, Rick Rosner is in studio and Adam recollects on their days writing together for JKL back in 2003/2004.

Adam is explaining he just arrived from Mel Brooks place, he shares the best compliment ever from Mel, and he wanted to just do 30min but ended up recording for a full hour.

Kristen is back as newsgirl and asks Adam about him trying to explain how famous he is, Adam says he doesn’t do that as it’s akin to talking someone into finding you attractive.


Gary is on mic confirming Adam’s recollection of the events with Mel, Adam asks Rick about his 199 IQ and Kristen sharers her fear that hers is pretty low.

Adam comments on his super low IQ score and his wife’s celebration, Adam says he’s like 7/16th’s tard now.

Adam asks Rick about going to High School 3 times, the last time he graduated he was 27.


Adam is asking Rick about what a day in the life of Rick is like, he comments on his daily twitter writing bit with stuff on his head.

Adam says that some of his funniest employment moments were working on the early JKL writing staff, Adam says for the first 5 years the show was always on the bubble.

Adam says he has the record for guest appearances on JKL and he did them all in the first 5 years.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Courtney, he wants Adam’s thoughts on homeschooling.

Adam is having Rick explain how he went to high school 3 times for the social component, Rick is confirming that and they joke about him just being a social mess now, he was worse before.

Adam is using school as a microcosm for life and getting around/dealing with people.

Rick has a solid point about socializing and Adam is now riffing about Nelson from ‘The Simpsons’ and BB references Jimbo Jones.


Adam jokes about Kristen blowing Mike August to get the audition for newsgirl and Adam jokes about his kid being raised by two parents with chick names, hilarious.

He’s telling them about his kid’s school closing down and jokes about tripping his son to make life a little more challenging.

Adam is now suggesting he hire a bully, a 9 year old Danny Bonaduce to stand off against his son.

Adam is loving this bully ringer idea, thanks to BB.


Adam jokes about the kid seeing you peeling off a role of 20’s and handing them to his arch nemesis.

Adam is commenting on his kids playing sports that aren’t associated with the school.


2nd Caller Donny, he’s with a woman who claims she’s never had an orgasm.

Donny wants to know if that messes with a guy’s psyche if a woman can’t reach climax, what a considerate lover.

Rick has an insightful question and Adam asks Kristen if she’s able to orgasm.


Adam is sharing what Dr. Drew would say about this, he’s explaining that some women physically cannot have an orgasm, there is another category of women who can’t do to other reasons.

Adam jokes about Rick Rosner scrambling high school girl’s brains by showing up in their in school.

Adam asks Donny if his lady has a trauma history.


Adam is now trying to be the voice of femininity and explains how women are so receptive they can enjoy sexual encounters even if they don’t climax.

Adam says that men want an orgasm, women want to be desired and he jokes about jizzing in hair as a parting gift.

“I got some poison, it’s stuck in my cock, how do I get it out” – Adam as the Id of all men

Rick has another insightful comment about the biological differences in men vs. women and why things are seemingly setup this way.


3rd Caller Corey, he says he can’t stand sweetness on meat, BB and Adam are now offering up their take on BBQ and Adam realizes this is their black caller Corey and he’s further describing the sugar on meat dilemma he faces.

Adam says that some of the best BBQ he’s ever had was done by Adam Perry Lang and Rick is agreeing with him.

Corey is now commenting on delivering flowers to women and seeing the scornful looks from the other women, Adam says he would send a bouquet to whomever sat at the end of the office in order to fuck with all of the women she works with.

Kristen has a solid addition to the idea and Adam is now riffing about the thinnest and blondest woman sitting in the back.


Corey asks Adam about his guilty pleasure songs, he cites some ‘Ween’ and ‘Barbie Girl’ by Aqua.

Adam is now sharing his guilty pleasure movies and jokes about “this is my baby” being the first indicator that the car will be destroyed in a movie.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Rick is telling them about “Hoeflin’s Titan Test” and how he started thinking about it while posing as a nude model for art students.

He explains that he needed something to think about as the poses get painful after 30min.

Adam is now asking him about the nude modeling process, he’s asking how bummed out the dudes were when he would disrobe.


Rick is telling them about “egg in a nest” shrinkage while posing, Adam asks about grabbing his junk.

BB asks about his wedding ring, he says he assumes it’s ironic and finds out that Rick has been happily married for 24 years.


4th Caller Matthew, calling from Australia.

He’s asking Adam if he’s aware of the support he’s got in Australia, he’s asking him much like Herbert from Australia before to come to Australia and perform.

Adam jokes that August says they can’t go as Southwest doesn’t fly there.


Adam is commenting on the “you gotta go” vs. “Don’t bother” travel tips he’s gets form people, they unanimously agree you gotta go to Australia.

Adam jokes about seeing ‘Finding Nemo’ and being pretty well versed in how things go down in Australia.

Matthew is asking him about swearing on the field during sporting events, he comments on Tom Brady shouting fuck and some old timey Tommy Lasorda rants.


Adam says he doesn’t mind the swearing and he swears in front of his kids, he treats fuck like Europeans do with wine and their kids.


Adam is doing a smart mouth live read

3 rules for being a dude edition

Adam brings up Rick’s tattoo and insane 2nd toe, he says it’s the James Deen of toes.


Adam is now having him remove his shoe and now Kristen is commenting on the girth of Rick’s toe.

Adam is now going to throw a level on his right toe and he’s going to use the tape measure to challenge anyone to beat the distance between Rick’s toes.

Adam is describing his own toes, Adam is having him spread them out and he tells them it’s over 3 inches.


Now they’re playing the exchange between Tommy Lasorda and a pitcher, Adam is doing some live commentary.

Adam is now asking Gary to bring his level, tape measure and clarifying which level he needs.

Adam is now explaining how he is going to do this process, Gary is off mic and helping Adam.


Adam says it’s only 2 1/4th and he’s way off, it looks more dramatic.

Adam is now curious about his own foot and his 2nd toe distance, Adam tells BB to worship his foot, calling him a bitch in the process, gold!

Adam is wrapping up with the great Rick Rosner, hopefully he comes back on again soon.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with James Deen making his return appearance on the podcast, he was first on ACS #1135 in 2013 and his work has been discussed many times on Adam’s wife show For Crying Out Loud.

Adam talks to James about the AVN’s and he’s telling them about no longer being allowed on stage to accept due to his nerves.

Adam is commenting on everyone at the award show being beaked out of their minds on cocaine, James says there is less coke than he thinks floating around the world of porn.


James shares how he doesn’t like the light on his face but doesn’t mind it on his ballsack while making adult films.

Adam is joking about the amount of the thanking the lord and says they should thank their stepdads for ensuring they made it into a career in porn.

James asks why he was instructed in having anal “the keister” during his “Teen Mom” sex tape, James shares the details of the filming with BB and Adam asks if James gets a “rump bump.”


James brings up Adam’s “star, star” description of James, Adam is trying to explain to James why he has to ask these questions.

James is explaining how an actual porn shoot goes down, Adam is obsessed with the anal decision and James says her wasn’t part of the creative process and just showed up to film.

He explains how he works as an independent contractor as do most of the performers in the adult industry.


Adam jokes about throwing out the low anal bid in response to Kristen’s one liner and BB jokes about Adam’s argument for equal pay in porn.

Adam is now explaining how he would enema a gal, then insert a butt plug that is sealed, like UFC and boxers wraps/gloves to ensure they haven’t been tampered with.


Adam asks James if he ever had a connection with a gal and he’s explaining his “dented cans” view of human beings and their trauma.

Adam is now commenting on the box set James is releasing, he tells them about fucking someone who was wearing a mask of his face.

James says he put all of his movies together into one definitive set.

Adam wants to know how much the average gal can fetch for a scene in today’s market.


Adam is doing a Me Undies live read


James is telling Adam about the adult film pay rate, he once again explains the pre-negotiated rates.

James says its whackadoo now and Adam says that was the name of a monkey sidekick and tells Gary to look it up.

Adam is now commenting on the little brown snowflakes that are porn actors and actresses, he shares the “this will live forever” element of porn in 2015.


James tells them that they do discuss the permanency of porn with new performers, the studios do.

Adam declares it was ‘The Jim Stafford Show’ but Gary can’t confirm if that was the monkey’s name or not.


The News – With Kristen Carney

BB must find ‘Spiders and Snakes’ by Jim Stafford

1st Story is on the latest “deflate gate” wrinkle, Adam explains he’s such a bad dad as he told his son that he was rooting for ‘The Patriots’ because they cheated.

Adam says there was no morality nor lesson to be taught to his kids.

James is trying to take the ball talk to his area of expertise, Adam is commenting on the Patriots crushing the Colts and even if they gave 10 points back it wouldn’t matter.

Kristen is sharing the ‘A Few Good Men’ comparison to Belichick and Tom Brady.

BB references the late great JT Walsh and Adam is now bringing up the reputation of the Patriots for cheating and that why it’s an allowable discussion.


BB is ranting about tapes being destroyed, Adam is now asking what good the internet is for if we can’t find out the name of pet monkeys on Saturday morning kids shows of the 1970s.

Adam is bringing up how sports make rules and players, teams and racers then find ways to bend and break those rules without getting caught or in trouble.

Adam says it’s the patriot’s rich history of cheating that leads to people getting upset and scrutinizing their behavior.


2nd Story is on the fire alarm pranks at the Glendale hotel where the Patriots are staying, Adam shares Kristen’s dislike with for the team.


Adam is doing a life lock live read and Kristen is joining him


3rd Story is on Marshawn Lynch once again being under the spotlight of the media, Adam is defending Marshawn’s world class education (sarcastically) and now Kristen is quoting Maryshawn’s comments about his family and their opinions being the only ones that matter to him.

Adam is commenting on him wearing his logo and selling out his hats online, Adam is asking BB about fining him for the hat or refusing to allow him to enter with that logo.

Adam is now commenting on Bob McAllister and he says that’s ‘Wonderama’ and now he’s saying if he can find it online Gary is going to be in trouble, Gary tells him to make sure to thank the fan who alerts him to it, whoa!

“You can’t read and read at the same time” – BB mocking Adam


Adam now asks if there aren’t two lynch’s further apart than Carolla Digital’s own Mike Lynch and the Seahawks Marshawn Lynch.

BB is now arguing with Adam about how they’ll find the proper fine for Marshawn, Adam is calling for a “full league lookdown” and mentions a relative of Suge Knight, BB suggests Suge do it himself.


4th Story is on the Lindsay Lohan super bowl commercial, she’s representing Esurance, Adam is asking what is going on with car insurance and asks how much they’re making.

James has an interesting angle about this being a mafia like business, Adam comments on people not wanting to report accidents as it will raise their premiums, he praises their scam business model.

Adam jokes that porn actors should call themselves “lay people” and Adam says that something goes on with insurance that nobody is talking about, some scam element.

Kristen wraps the news, it’s now becoming funny according to Adam.


Adam is doing a live read for Tri-Calm anti-itch cream.

Adam gives out the plugs and mentions the early release of the Mel Brooks Take a Knee.

Kristen praises the cover of ‘President Me’ nice reference and BB plays the drop of James Deen talking about the literal shit all male porn actors face in the line of duty.