Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2015 – Maz Jobrani and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/28/2015 – Maz Jobrani and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Maz Jobrani and David Wild

Recorded 01-27-2015 – Release Date 01-28-2015

Production Number #1499

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Adam opens the show with a plug for the latest Take a Knee and Kristen Carney is sitting in as Newsgirl, Adam tries to recall how many ACS episodes are available in the archive, it’s #1499.

David Wild is also in studio, Adam welcomes Kristin back to the show and mentions her Ask Women podcast.

Kristin was previously a guest on ACS #1296 from last April.


Adam brings up a recent viewing of ‘Wedding Crashers’ and he’s praising it as an underrated gem and is making a case for it being a shame that that type of comedic work is ineligible for Academy Award consideration due to the type of film it is.

Adam is now setting up two clips and explains how he had to bring his wife into the room to re-watch one of the scenes as it was so funny.

They’re now playing the 1st clip.


Adam says that nobody else can do what Sacha Baron Cohen does, Will Smith can’t do Borat but Sacha can do Will’s role in something like ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ and now Adam sets up the 2nd scene.

Kristen says that’s she never seen the movie, BB praises the scenes and explains how well written they both are.

Adam once again laments that someone like Vince Vaughn can’t even be nominated for such very difficult work or what Adam says is arguably the hardest form of acting.


Adam says just because you sell a bunch of tickets or become more popular doesn’t mean the art is any less.

David is telling them about the Grammys and Adam says he feels like the jury is still out on Stevie and David teases that there will be some event that Adam will want to be there for but won’t name it.


Adam is doing a live read for All Ball Pro

Adam has a blast describing the pitch back system they use and his kids playing with it, funny reference to Tom Dempsey’s foot.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB takes it back to comedic acting and they go over ‘Bruno’.

BB saw ‘American sniper’ and he’s now giving his review

BB thinks that Anna Kendrick is a dead ringer for Chris’s real-life widow and Adam’s now giving his take on Clint Eastwood’s filmography.


Adam brings up the family in ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and says he liked ‘American Sniper’ and is now ranting about people bitching about America and the impossible standard the country is held to relative to every other country on the globe.

Adam says let American do a little flag waving every now and then and that nobody is perfect nor any country but it was still a compelling movie and story.

BB sets up a clip, Adam wants people to stop being all preachy and condescending, he says it’s a sign of the times to disapprove of a reality and tales of real things that happened.


Adam says it’s not up to you to judge something like war, just if the war movie story was told well.

David backs up Adam’s point and they close out the segment.

Adam gives his take on this movie vs. viewing ‘Birdman’ and David brings up ‘Force Majeure’ and credits the ACS with seeing it.


Adam is sharing his recent viewing of part of ‘Iron man III’ and mocks the use of Aldrich Killian as the villain’s name, saying it’s fucked out. To use Killian as a bad guys name.

Kristen is now quoting Adam, he’s paraphrasing her and himself and sharing the “Thai Food hating restaurant critic” and reveals that he loves ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and BB appropriately mocks him with a drop.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Nicole, she wants to know the best way to help her little sister who’s struggling with depression and he’s giving his standard tough love and start walking advice.

David brags about his 13,000- Fitbit tracked steps already today thanks to Adam’s advice, Adam is back to Nicole and her sister.

Nicole is telling them about her sister, they’re al weighing in on the transition from high school to college and adulthood.


Adam has super practical advice and a killer one liner about David Wild in the NBA.


Adam is doing a Lifelock live read

Adam is sharing his kid’s reaction to hubcaps after seeing the movie ‘Vacation’ and declares that Chevy Chase has never made a good movie.

Adam shares how he explained the idea of hubcaps aka little metal yarmulkes that fit on wheels to his children.


2nd Caller Matt, he wants to know if Adam would fight a bear with a sword for a million dollars. Adam says that a million is not a million, its 500k as Uncle Sam gets the first 500k.

Adam is now mocking the idea of what a million meant to him as a kid and what he would do, including what lengths he would go to get a million, funny going down on his mom one liner.

Adam says that if Matt could build a time machine he could’ve gotten much more than a dead bear, he would have even been down to commit some heinous crimes for the cash, just makes sure to pick him up when he’s still 27.


Adam says he approves of the Subaru WRX without taking the call.

Adam is now sharing the story of a time a kid sung ‘Dust In the Wind’ during his school assembly, Kristen has a killer one liner while reciting the lyrics of the song.

Adam wraps up with David and heads to break.


They’re back from break to a listener voicemail from a guy who is waiting for his signed copy of NTBM and Maz makes his ACS debut.

Adam is now getting to Maz leaving Iran and moving to Tiburon, he’s telling Adam about growing up there and Adam is sharing his love for crossing the golden gate bridge and the beauty of the bay area.

Kristen has another funny comment and Maz is now telling them about the Iranian hostage crisis and he shares how he was called a “fucking Iranian” as a child.


Maz shares an interesting story about Jimmy Fallon marrying the sister of the guy who tormented him by calling him a “fucking Iranian” and Adam is about to tell Maz about the Dr. Demento parody song set to the tune of ‘My Sharona’ and Adam is now breaking down the plot of ‘Not Without My Daughter’ and Maz is explaining how it impacted him.

Maz is telling them about the women who no longer wanted to speak to Persian men causing them to lie and say they were Italian.

BB is now explaining the Dr. Demento song ‘Ayatollah’ and Adam is doing some light commentary, BB brings up Steve Dhal and Adam comments on Steve.


Adam jokes about Dr. Demento shaping his political views, hilarious.

Adam is now asking Maz how he got into standup, he shares his early inspiration of Eddie Murphy, and Adam says he wishes he has immigrant parents, someone who actually cared about what he amounted to in life.

Adam is now riffing about first generation parents and their hopes and ambitions for their children to progress past them.


Adam is further riffing about the Italian heritage lie, hilarious grey pube one liner.

Adam mocks the idea of pursuing one profession in order to have it to fall back on before pursuing a comedy career.

Adam is mocking Italian horn necklaces and references the movie ‘A Bronx Tale’ and Gary finally pulls up a picture of one and Adam explains the use of the Italian Horn medallion among single men in the 1970’s.


Adam is doing a Pro Flowers live read


The News – Kristen Carney

1st Story is on the less than impressive Juno storm for the east coast, Adam is now commenting on how people buy into the news media portrayal of these storms and events.

BB is explaining how they retire names after storms, Adam jokes about Katrina and the Waves, he comments on her backup band being the waves and that being the same thing that flooded and damaged New Orleans.


2nd Story is on the all but confirmed ‘Beetlejuice 2’ feature film

Adam brings up the ‘Triplets’ movie that’s long been in development, Gary informs Adam that the 3rd brother is set to be Eddie Murphy.


3rd Story is on Waze being accused of allowing “cop stalking’ and Kristen explains how the murdered who killed two cops in NYC used the app to find them.

Adam is saying they need to call it what it is, this isn’t about safety, and it’s about people evading traffic stops and the cop’s method of extracting money from citizens.

BB has a safety belt in school busses idea for increasing safety, Adam is now ranting about the cops trying to “ring us up” (bitch) and further rants about the cops lying.


Adam has a counter point about what if someone is in need of a cop, Adam is further commenting on the rebellion among citizens to keep cops from robbing them in addition to what they already pay in taxes to pay salary.

Maz is bringing up the Uber assault cases and Adam brings up the movie ‘Taxi Driver’ and explains there will always be bad people in every profession, citing dentists molesting patients and makes a joke about it only happing to him twice.

Adam once again tells them to bring back the policeman’s ball.


4th Story is on American’s showering more than the less of the world, Adam is commenting on chicks acting grossed out on TV after finding out someone doesn’t shower every day.

Adam is now breaking down his shower method to Maz, Kristen asks him if it changes on his busy/boxing days.

Adam says his deodorant use is hit or miss and only uses Cologne if he’s heading to the barber and hasn’t showered recently.

Adam jokes about showering with other kids, not his own, nice setup from Maz.


Adam says it’s not all sexual and not all the kids are handicapped, that he showers with.

Adam is explaining that his son was showering his hair for too long and he asks BB about his showering method, Adam asks BB about wearing a ball cap so he doesn’t have to slather his head in sunscreen.

BB pledges to wear a hat a day for the next week, Maz is sharing his own appreciation for hats.

Adam does a Radioactive Media live read


5th Story is semi-interesting to Kristen, she’s telling them about a screening process to tell if an elderly person is going to die within 30 days, allowing them to decide if it’s a waste of effort and money to treat patients who are near death anyway.

Kristen shares her take on this not sounding like an exact science, they riff about Keith Richards and Adam says that none of this works out if we never have a proper dialogue about this stuff.

Adam is now describing the way they should have these conversations, he makes a point about limited resources and mocks the “no” default reply from everyone who refuses to make the hard choices and actually do the math.


Adam is now mocking the guy with the bible who brings up the slippery slope argument and says that in that point of the argument people give up and do “to each is own” thing instead of shouting down the slippery slope assholes.

Maz is making a point about families deciding, hilarious Iranian atheist riff from Ace.

Adam says that people aren’t supposed to live to 95, he mocks the idea of science extending life, killer pig heart valve point.


Adam is now taking a relative look at human lifespans, he’s using the historical statistic of humans dying at 40 and contrasting that to future people living till 180.

Adam jokes about the lack of old guys dying while fucking their hot young mistresses and he shares his coin operated life support system idea to Maz and Kristen.

Adam has Kristen wrap up the news, silently.


Adam is now doing a live read

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, I hope Maz comes back again soon he was solid.

BB plays a drop of Adam describing the Italian horn medallion as the closing drop.