Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2014 – Shaun White and Alex Borstein

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/03/2014 – Shaun White and Alex Borstein

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Shaun White and Alex Borstein

Recorded 12-02-2014 – Release Date 12-03-2014

Production Number #1466

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Adam opens the show to a decent intro with Shaun in studio making his triumphant return, BB of course plays the “YOLO Man!” #TopDrop, this is Shaun’s 2nd appearance on the show, his first appearance was on ACS #1331 from May of this year.

Adam is plugging Shaun’s upcoming event right up top, Shaun is telling them about his hosting duties and now realizes the “YOLO Man!” drop is him, was it unclear 45 seconds ago when BB explained it?

Shaun has some poetic waxing’s about what his relationship with snowboarding and skating and now Adam has some insightful observations about the athleticism and talent required to Snowboard, especially compared to some sports that require less from their players.


Shaun gets what he’s saying about wanting the respect his work and talent deserves, Adam jokes about the difficulty in cross country skiing and how he can only take 8 minutes of it and other laborious seeming winter sports Olympic events.

Shaun is telling them about the possibility where the big air jump might be the qualifying event for an upcoming Olympics.

Adam asks him how long a traditional snowboard half pipe runs, he only knows it in “hits” meaning when he can get air and pull off a trick, 6 times.

Adam jokes about this being pot code, Adam brings up a Tony Hawk event that Shaun was actually a part of and he explains the differences between that and his tour events.


Adam is now riffing about ‘Red Bull’ sponsoring all extreme/action sports and going for the nuttiest events possible to get their branding behind.

Shaun brings up the revolution of GoPro cameras and Shaun jokes about a guy filming his wife’s delivery while sporting a GoPro camera, Shaun shares how he had a lukewarm reaction to that information.

Alison has a killer one liner, Adam tells BB about seeing “someone’s” sonogram, and BB asks further and assumes Adam means in the building, someone sent it in?


Shaun calls it “action” sports subtly correcting the use of extreme, every industry has their thing.

Shaun is telling them about his dad snowboarding with him and his origins with Burton Snowboards, they’re still his sponsor today.

He’s been sponsored since 7, Adam is complimenting Shaun’s headspace and compares it to his first time on air with Shaun on Feb. 17th 2006, and BB recalls he was fresh from the Olympic Games.


Adam is now attempting to land this elaborate compliment that sounds like a Complisult, Adam jokes about Shaun being the first talented redheaded athlete since Bill Walton.

BB and Adam are now schooling Shaun on Bill’s career and history, very funny encapsulation of the man and his cool legacy.

They’re now observing Bill at the height of his crazy red hair days, BB asks if you’re required to have crazy hair as a famous redhead.

“I don’t think it sits down, you can’t tame a redhead” – Adam on the mighty red-haired folk living among us.


Adam is now asking Shaun about his flight to China after this show, he asks who the craziest fans are for action sports, he says South American fans and moms, and he’s got two explanations that are pretty solid.

Alison has a killer reference to Roberto Durán and the discussion about him on the last episode, Adam is now bringing up Ayrton Senna and has an observation about fame and the country of your birth celebrating too much for you.

Shaun brings up countries with statues to guys who came in 3rd at the Olympics, Adam jokes about the suck sundae with suck sauce of his life being from Los Angeles as there is no such thing as a “local boy makes good.”


Adam talks about people being hometown heroes just by escaping Joliet Illinois, Adam is now back to Ayrton Senna and Shaun tells them about getting a slow clap at JFK after returning from the Olympic Games.

Adam asks him if he’s going to retire, Adam thanks Gary and mocks him calling him a dick, Shaun says he’s not and Adam got the opposite info it seems.

Adam is now clarifying Shaun’s point about the confusion surrounding his career, Adam says he’ll at least get commentator jobs for the rest of his life regardless of his career or personal life.


Adam is bringing up the woman who was winning two Olympics ago and did some hot-dogging that resulted in her losing the gold medal.


Shaun gives the story of what happened, it was Lindsey Jacobellis and he explains how she tried to lie about it afterwards saying it was part of what snowboarders do.

Shaun shares experiencing something similar when he took his “victory lap” after winning with his initial run, Adam asks if her story is ultimately better as he still remembers her, the gold medalist is forgotten and they’re watching the video.

Shaun has his business tuque on, Adam gives him something to chew on while he does this live read.


Adam is telling fans to watch the trailer for ‘Unfinished Business’ for this unusual live read campaign they’ve been doing.


Shaun is answering Adam’s question, what is this new move he’s been doing?

Shaun is telling them about creating most of the tricks he does while in the half pipe, Alison asks him about how he comes up with tricks and what he’s best known for.

Shaun is telling them about a trick he’s famous for after consuming a steak called the ‘tomahawk’ and they’re now watching video of it.


Shaun is explaining the evolution of that trick and Adam is now telling him his business, he’s telling him a 3rd option to satisfy the crowd, shotgun a beer with a slide straight down the middle of the pipe, Shaun sees the wisdom of it.

Adam is right, he is saying it will eventually become his thing and BB suggests sponsorship from a local brand/brewery.


Q and Ace

Adam reiterates that he’s serious about his chug a beer move.

1st Caller John, he found out that his wife has been having an emotional affair with a guy from her work, he clarifies what that means.

Adam wants to know how he knows that was it that it ended with texting.

Adam is now reacting to him finding her private conversation Facebook, Adam says you can’t do that stuff anymore and he has his private conversations in walk in freezers.

John has a question about a “midnup” mid-nuptials agreement, Alison has an interesting insight about how this seems, BB is very practical and probably correct on this one.


Adam is now reversing the circumstances, he’s right!

Alison has a great tampon addition, and an even funnier Facebook variant for the company idea in this hypothetical reversal of fortunes, Alison is now clarifying her “feels wrong” take and has a nice follow up.

Adam says he should float it in the therapists office, Adam and BB think that if this was reversed Alison would have a different take, she agrees but says that’s different.


Adam agrees it is different and says it’s an equivalent violation, Adam asks Shaun about his eventual marriage and asks him about drawing a prenup up now, like it’s something his accountant has had sitting around.

Adam says “front load the nup, font the nup!” and Shaun has a nice reply, Adam agrees with Alison but adds the caveat of the whole reason we’re having this conversation is because of the emotional affair discovery, the whole reason!

Adam is further riffing the nup and Adam is now joking about Shaun’s flight and brings up the range of private jets, he’s now asking preemptively for someone to hit up Shaun’s people for some free tickets to his event, to take the kids.

They head to break.


They’re back form break with a Rich Banks holiday themed song about Bryan.

Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read


Alex Borstein is back to the show, Adam plugs her show ‘Getting On’ and now Adam shares his ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ special event theory about how constant availability may not always be a good thing.

Adam is joking with her about her Jewish heritage, somewhat reminiscent of her WEDNESDAY, JULY 28, 2004 Classic Loveline where things went a bit further regarding Rosa Parks.

This is actually Alex’s 3rd appearance on the ACS, her 2nd in studio visit she was on for ACS #259 Haiti Benefit (feat. Sarah Silverman, Seth Green, Clare Grant, Dr. Drew, Seth MacFarlane, Jeffrey Ross & Alex Borstein) and ACS #1213 from just over a year ago.


Adam is saying if you make your living by not going to a regular conventional job you’ve made it, telling Alex she’s very talented and successful.

She says she’s scared and Adam says that’s the propellant but one must have a motor to burn it.

Adam is citing his conversations with Sarah Silverman about buying a condo, sharing how he would give her a bit of a reality as a pep talk, maybe he was the one who finally convinced her to by her condo/apartment?


Alex is taking it back to her early life in Chicago and telling Adam about her mom, Adam brings up his late step grandfather Lotzi, Adam is asking her about her family’s move out west.

Adam is now asking her about her parent’s demeanor, she thinks the silent treatment was worse than mild physical abuse, Adam agrees and would’ve preferred some calories burnt on his ass.

Adam is asking Alex about her temperamental youth, Adam once again brings up her telling him to fuck off in his own apartment, Adam is trying to clarify that she’s always been the person that will tell you to fuck off, not someone corrupted by fame.


Adam is once again telling the story about his apartment with Courtland Cox, Adam wraps up the story and Alex recalls it may have been a situation where Adam wanted her to move so he could access drink mixing ingredients.

For more tales of Courtland, makes sure to check out ACS #157 (feat. Courtland Cox & Ralph Garman)

Adam is now commenting on how it must feel for someone like Seth MacFarlane to respect and trust you the way he seems to for Alex.


Alex brings up Patrick Stewart and how Seth does whatever he wants, Alex has a great anecdote about the first studio move for the ‘Family Guy’ staff.

This might be Seth’s all-time greatest interview ACS #17 (feat. Seth Macfarlane).

Adam tells them what he said to his late friend Philip the Juggler before he passed away.


Adam is now asking her how she first started working Seth, they guested on Classic Loveline in 2000 and told this story, she’s telling them about the Fox and Mad TV origins of their relationship.

Alex is now doing some Mrs. Swan sound-alike for Adam, explaining how Hungarians can sound.


2nd Caller Kathleen, she has a son who wants to play football

She’s explaining how she’s already getting crap from relatives about the possible danger, Adam has a Shaun White explanation for how any endeavor has a downside but things did work out pretty good for him.

Alex and Adam have some wisdom for her, Alex comments on the narcissism of assuming injury due to longevity in the sport, Adam now explains his dislocated shoulder injury story from his Pop Warner days and why age/weight often has nothing to do with injuries in that sport.


Adam is going through the details of what made his 4 days of a dislocated shoulder so horrific for him at a little boy, he’s walking them through the injury and the speed bumps in the parking lot that affected him while strapped down in the ambulance.

Alex and Alison are asking why they didn’t give him any thing for managing his pain, he explains they tried to reset his shoulder, it didn’t reset and they had to tape his arm to him, sending him to an orthopedic surgeon, Alison is having Adam elaborate on what Adam means by “take a shot”.

Adam thanks him mother for being very holistic and refusing to let them put a pin in his shoulder, Alison is commenting on how interesting it is in particular for Adam’s mother to be so aware, Adam has a funny WebMD joke.


Adam now cites his parents taking a stand about him returning to football and how told them to fuck themselves and kept playing, the one good side of not having parents that love you.

Alex has a funny reply and some quick anecdotes of her own.


Adam is now doing a Reverie bed live read, complete with creepy noise.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on the ST. Louis police’s reaction to the players raising their hands in support of Michael Brown and protest of the situation in Ferguson.

Adam is now giving his take about them not being able to inject those politics into the game, Alex has a funny reply about Adam sharing his opinions with an audience.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t want people doing “their own thing” while performing for a team, he doesn’t want individualism nor flair.


Adam is now joking about the white players on another team standing with the Ferguson Police and doing air gun hand moves, holy shit!

Ace Awards 2014 material!

This went underappreciated, this was a funny analogous example of how this doesn’t work.

Adam says the best move you can do is nothing, he’s now citing Bill Simmons suspension from ESPN as discussed on the next Adam and Dr. Drew show, about how Roger Goodell and company now look like they’re for spousal abuse, Alison corrects Adam on Roger’s name, wow!


BB has a Barbara Streisand anecdote, Alison is now telling them about a record shop that was selling Bruce Springsteen bootlegs and how a lawsuit was somehow involved.

Adam asks Alex about ‘Ted 2’ and she explains why she’s not in the sequel.


2nd Story is on Bill Cosby tendering his resignation from Temple University, Adam asks about him resigning from something he’s not really doing anyway.

Alison has a great point about the behavior of humans who are guilty vs. those who aren’t, Adam is now giving his adamant I’m innocent stance and demands for a lie detector test, he now presents a funny hypothetical scenario where he roofied Alex in his apartment kitchen, gold!

Alex has a killer “they have phones” reply to the idea of Adam being contacted by his Junior College, Adam jokes about them only having carrier pigeons and now Alex (?) is doing a pigeon noise.


Adam explains how an innocent Bill Cosby would be reacting to this, Alex brings up Sandusky and Adam is now riffing about his reaction and jokes that there isn’t a dimmer switch on pedophilia, BB has a funny reply and bouillon cubes are somehow now in the riff.

Alex gives her take on the amount of women to come forward.


3rd Story is on Black Friday weekend sales taking a dip, Adam has a killer “black everything” reply mocking her for the lack of white news and jokes about her ex-boyfriend (guy she dated a couple time) the discreet Nazi.

Adam is citing the idea of a post-thanksgiving shopping event at 4am being his worst possible nightmare after eating the night before.

Alex comments on the backed up waste and Alison has some facts about why the sales were down.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Lifelock live read

Adam has a great riff about people no longer stealing TV’s even though they’re now super lightweight, he’s joking about them stealing them when they weight a ton and were very awkward to lift.


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.