Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/22/2013 – Alex Borstein and Neel Chatterjee

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/22/2013 – Alex Borstein and Neel Chatterjee

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alex Borstein and Neel Chatterjee

Recorded 11-21-2013 – Release Date 11-22-2013

Production Number #1213

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Adam is opening the show with Alison and BB in studio along with Neel Chatterjee making his ACS debut in just a few, I can’t tell if he’s outside the studio or sitting off mic quietly.

Adam is teasing the appearance of Neel while he bringing up his bill for last month’s legal fees trying to get the venue for the Patent Troll lawsuit moved to more neutral ground.

Adam is sharing his “don’t ever become successful” advice for his lackey and joking about his monogramed glass with the tears of orphans he consumes to stay so youthful, great back and forth with Alison.


Adam is now bringing up Sonny catching the irony math of his “I’m hot because I don’t know it” comedy.

Adam is back to the 22k check he had to cut for October’s attorney bill and Alison’s team player reaction is very nice to hear.

Adam is pondering how much litigation is based on the bluff of “you don’t want to pay for that do you” hoping for a settlement.


Adam is now citing the “Maintenance Man” vs. KROQ settlement over his wrongful termination claims.

Alison is in agreement with Adam over the clear and obvious extortion taking place, Adam is now remarking on how we don’t even know the half of it as people don’t report on the less high profile cases that settle out of court.

Adam is now declaring his intent to fight this thing and how they intend to “shove it up everyone’s fucking ass” with a crowd sourcing plan among him and the other most popular podcasters.


Adam has a remark about this being like a feel good 80’s movie and Alison has a series of hilarious references, complete with a Jennifer Aniston nose job dig.

Adam is now spelling out the plan of how we’re going to fight these people and now let our industry be ruined in its infancy.

Adam is declaring his intent to win a victory for all and BB is now pumping in an enthusiastic music bed.

Superfan Interruption : I wonder how man of the “Cool Guy Comedy Club” members will fight alongside Adam and save their only hope at a 2nd career or will choose to let him fight alone willing to lose their only shot at longevity if it means something negative for Adam and his fans.


BB is jumping in to joke about the Texas live shows after he presumes these efforts fail, nice team player BB!

Alison has some inspirational “save podcasting” quotes and is really being a team player in way I find refreshing.

Adam is now explaining how he doesn’t know shit about these claims against him and how you don’t need to know anything as “anyone can sue anyone over anything at any time” supersedes any legal protection you try to put in place.


Adam is now asking if Neel has arrived, so we have our answer, he’s not yet in studio.

Adam is now mocking Gary and his lack of use of his thumbs for affirmative symbols, BB has a funny BJ quip and Alison is now asking Adam what hand motions are Carolla approved.

Alison is now quoting Adam’s “toot, toot” negating honk and commenting on his semi four lifestyle.


Adam is now getting to how people are always suggesting you learn a 2nd language or a musical instrument and how lip reading would be a vastly superior skill with actual business applications.

Adam is now riffing up a scenario for lip reading and how handily it would come in for many situations.

Adam is now sharing his “recorder pen” idea for leaving advice behind to find out the true motivations and thoughts of everyone you meet with.


Adam and Alison both don’t want to know and are bringing up the many physical things that could be mocked and brought up in the recordings.

Adam has an update on the Mangria website.


Neel is now joining the show for his ACS debut and giving his backstory, he’s got a great duck anecdote from Alison and she’s got a killer one liner follow up.

Adam is now asking Neel about his involvement in the actual FB case as depicted in “The Social Network” and Adam is getting the new frontier of internet legal opportunities.

BB has a cruel attempt at a joke aimed at Neel and then jokes about cutting the show to save face, Alison even remarks on BB’s poor choice at a burn.

Neel is being a good sport and has a funny Jon Lovitz comment that Adam tops with an observation on their comparative comedic chops, Adam is now telling BB to drop himself into shutting up.


Neel is getting into the “squishy words” involved with the litigation in these patent cases, great “What?!” reply from Adam.

Adam is saying that he’s now spent more on this lawsuit than his parents spent on him his whole life, Adam is asking Neel about his attorneys and BB is doing some excellent drop work now that he’s not trying to wedge a joke in, well that lasted a minute.

Adam is now getting to the nature of these patent troll cases and what their actual intentions are in filing against Adam.


Adam is asking Neel about the patent troll connecting to the east district of Texas, Neel is now giving his take on Adam’s case after being asked by Adam, he’s being professional but offering some very logical counter points to the logic behind the patent.

Neel is bringing up the 7 or 8 cases like the going on right now across the country, people with “squishy patents” and Adam is now asking Neel about investment firms and attorneys who own some of these patents, separate from Adam’s case.

Neel is sharing some frightening statistics about “super trolls” billion dollar investment companies that shakedown industry, Adam has a bunch of his hilarious one liner reactions to each bit of news along the way.


Adam is now sharing his theory on the internet and technology exceeding the grasp of society and the law, he’s got a great ecstasy analogy that makes perfect sense.

Neel is now connecting this to securities litigation lawsuits and the laws put in place to remedy them, Neel is telling Adam about the 100 of millions put towards lobbyists to win influence in Washington, Adam has an even better “WHAT?!”.

Neel is now giving his take on the patent owner suing Carolla Digital, trying to ruin all of our favorite thing, which employs many, many people.

Adam is now giving some very logical points about the time and place for actual patents and preventing the little guy from being screwed over by conglomerates and how it differentiates from extortion and shakedown.

Neel says the only way to remedy this is to implement laws to make frivolous claims result in punitive financial impact.

Adam has another great analogy and Neel is sharing the president’s “loser pays” angle for the potential laws that could be put in place to prevent future shakedowns.


Adam has another great analogy and Neel is saying he will be dead by the time the patent laws could change, Adam is not shocked at this reply and Neel is sharing how courts can choose to have you reimbursed for your attorney fees.

Neel is now explaining to Adam why transfer motions are so expensive and important, he’s sharing his own example from a case to make sense of it for the gang.

Adam is now doing a “” live read and BB has a 22k dig that Adam responds to with a telling tone.


Adam is saying that the only winners are the attorneys and he’s got a great divorce analogy, Neel is saying it’s not always true and there is some downside risk.

Neel is making Adam wildly depressed with his “sport of kings” quote, Adam is now giving a crazed pitch to the fans to buy things via the click through on the website and buy Mangria, holy shit!

Adam is now asking Neel about his experience as the attorney for fb during their early days, he’s not commenting on the case, just his own take on the transformation of the company and Mark as a man.


They’re further discussing all things Facebook and Alison is asking who brought forth the case involving EBay and the Duck.

Adam is doing a live read and now busting Gary’s balls about his lack of hand communication, Adam is asking if he’s being a dick and Alison even says no he’s not.

Adam is joking about August overselling Neel and Adam is joking about being a douche, BB is now stepping in to ironically play the hero after having the most offensive remark.


Adam is now commenting on the mix up with August about the booking with Alex for last night’s show, only to discover he booked her for the wrong night, Adam is joking about the conversation and hearing August discover the mistake.

Solid drop work and Adam is now taking the blame for last night’s show mix-up and it’s a good thing they were so cool about it yesterday.

Adam is now once again reaffirming they will be crowd sourcing a defense fund to defeat these trolls, leaving an open playing field for everyone to podcast (including all the people that bitch about Adam on their shitty podcast).


Neel is now giving his take on the odds of Adam making a trip to Texas, he gives another “you may or may not” and Neel is explaining why he would want Adam on the stand.

Adam has a hilarious rape confession and back and forth with BB as the prosecutor.

Neel is now telling the guys about the Winklevoss twins and their newfound interest in bitcoin, he’s going in depth on their recent forays into this currency.


Adam is explaining he never wants to see them as he doesn’t want to ruin his image of “Armie Hammer” from the movie.


Adam is now setting up one of the fastest turn around parody songs ever, from Mike Lynch and Rich Banks.

“Fartin up the Change room” – it’s incredible!

Everyone’s reactions are gold, Alison is defending her butt smells and Adam is affirming that they all think it did smell and she did know, just to make Alison feel bad, hilarious!


Adam is getting some plugs out for Neel and once again reaffirming the willingness to fight and he fundraising for the slush fund to battle these trolls.

BB has a great point about ESPN and major corporations with dozens of podcasts possibly jumping on board as a donor for this battle.

Adam is now explaining that he’s not jumping right into as they finished crowd funding a movie, he’s going to gather the efforts of other top podcasters like Jesse Thorn and his Maximum Fun Empire I assume.


Alex is now joining the show for her ACS debut, she has a long history with Adam first meeting him almost 20 years ago at the ACME theater, Adam was pals with her husband Doug Jackson/Jackson Douglas (don’t ask).

She guested on Loveline in Family Guy’s initial run, early 2000 with Seth MacFarlane who had a cold at the time and proceeded to recorded several drops in character that would be used still to this day, very distinctive sound on those.

She later guested July of 2004 and April of 2005, the former being the episode where Adam and Alex somehow worked Rosa Parks and Anal Sex into the same improv riff that resulted in a forced “on air” apology the next night.

Her last known appearance on with Adam was on the KLSX Adam Carolla Morning Show on September 8th of 2006, over 7 years ago.


Adam is once again reminiscing about Alex’s husband Jackson and his 3rd story shopping cart, Adam is acting surprised but Alex is right, they have had this conversation before on 2004 Loveline.

Adam is now referencing Katie the TGIF gal who Adam used to get free ribs off finally ended up cleaning the place after becoming so disgusted with Jackson’s apartment.

Adam is now riffing about his 7 foot PVC bong and Alex is joking about his arms growing to evolve enough to allow him to light it, which is very similar to a riff Adam has in #Classic Loveline Episode #124.


Adam is asking Alex about her new Showtime series and its dark premise, he’s asking her how she got the role and she’s breaking it down.

Adam is now discussing the funicular that Jackson built at their Seattle home, Alex is now joking about Adam and her husband getting high and jacking off over the thing.

Adam is bringing up Seth MacFarlane and his massive success, he’s referencing Family Guy and asking about the live shows, Alex is now explaining how they all started as a result of her getting booked at “Comix” the now closed NYC comedy club.


Adam has a hilarious herpes one liner and an even funnier riff about the guy who books Carnegie hall being in his audience but not having a reaction, he just leaves unlike for Seth.

Adam is saying if you were going to nominate someone for most creative person on the planet he might be the perfect candidate, he’s now listing his amazing skillset.

Alex is now trying to talk Seth down to ego boost Adam but it’s not satisfying, Alex is now sharing Seth’s 2nd hand horse riding experience “A Million Ways to die in the West” his new movie.


Alex was at the table read and was blown away with how funny Seth was, Adam is now mocking the idea of someone who assumes Seth is incapable of acting after he can do all the things surrounding acting.

Alex revealed she’s in the new movie and her breasts make an appearance, which as a Ms. Swan fan that’s oddly intriguing.

Adam is now once again bringing up the time Alex got in his face during his ACME house party, Alex is being super diplomatic and they’re referencing Adam’s old roommate Courtland Cox.


Alex is fessing up to being a tiny bit of a cunt, Adam is not disagreeing and asking why she was able to get nicer with success like Jay Mohr, Adam and Alex are now talking about her growing into her cunt.

“Cunfidence to Confidence” – The Title of Alex’s news book

Adam is doing a live read and predicting that BB will win the million dollar grand final (E!).


Adam is now getting to all the voices that Alex does on Family Guy, she’s busting out some Tricia Takanawa and Bab’s PewterSchmidt, she’s sharing how she no longer write on staff and how that used to play a role into her getting voices on the show.

She’s now sharing her littler person voice that is insanely great, Adam is bringing ups his classic observation on Seth and his changing patterns for recording Family Guy VO.

Adam is getting into his “I want full fucking Peter” instructions for Seth to step it up while playing off him for VO sessions when he’s there to record with him.


Adam is making his famous observation on Family Guy Season 1, with Death played by Norm MacDonald and the FloJo joke, Adam brought this up 13 years ago to Alex.

Adam is referencing “Ye Old Abortion Clinic” and Alex is telling him about the latest Meg gag from the most recent episode “The Abortion Stance” joke.

Adam is now getting to how Family Guy came out swinging year 1 and once you become the family guy you get to keep doing those jokes, he’s got a Howard Stern analogy.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jordan is telling Adam about his buddy who teaches “PHY (FI) Ed.” Online, he’s trying to crack jokes but Adam is being very sensible about things being outsourced to the internet.

Adam’s got a sex analogy and Alison is challenging him and he’s referencing cam models and online porn.

Adam is asking Jordan about his life in the fast lane and complimenting Minnesota for being such a strong state for the show.


2nd Caller Sabrina, she wants to know if they’ll do a live podcast in Alabama.

Adam is now telling her to go outside and to drop a nickel for August to hear it, she’s playing along nicely.

Adam is saying August hears nickels like a Shark tastes/smells blood in the ocean, Alison is referencing the caller with an accent from last night’s show and contrasting their voices.


Adam is asking her about life in Alabama vs. living out west and Adam has a hilarious riff about missile defense for missile defense workers, Sabrina doesn’t quote get his comedic angle.

Adam is now mocking her “beaver fan” status and has a nice personal life joke.

Adam is now commenting on the snobbery of Los Angeles and the judgment that’s passed on every other state.


Alison has a nice comment for the caller from last night from Alabama, he did seem delightful.


3rd Caller Robert, Adam has a funny back and forth with over the beavers and the ducks, great phrasing from both Adam and Robert, nice reactions from Alison and BB.

Robert wants a name for Adam’s fan base, he’s citing his other favorite broadcaster Jim Rome and his “clones” he wants Ace nation for Adam’s fans.

Adam is now explaining how it always makes him feel weird, he’s about to get into the Rick Dees DeesGrees thing he always mocks.


BB is now playing the Metallica Tom Leykis intro music and Adam is addressing his one minion just as he did on Classic Loveline #124 wow another connection to that episode, GREAT MAGNET!

Adam is riffing up a storm as the faceless and nameless DJ doing the horrible intro, 50k watt flamethrower of truth, this is gold!

Adam is now the new sheriff and wants the ladies to pull out the boobies and get knocked up in the kitchen, hilarious funicular callback.


BB pulls the music bed and cuts Adam short, Adam is now back to the Rick Dees thing.

BB suggest Carolla Tards, which is really not cool. Alison steps in and says that term was not one of endearment, thanks Alison!

SUPERFAN INTERRUPTION: Marc Maron takes credit for coining the term BB referenced, I then explained to him in person at the Carolla Digital Studio that the people he was dealing with online weren’t even Carolla listeners but just using him as a shell comedian to make Marc feel bad, Marc never used the term again after that conversation in 2010.


4th Caller Rick wants to know what would be appropriate for a Xmas gift for a gal he’s been seeing since August.

Alex says if he needs to call a show to find out that means it’s too late and it’s probably over, he should break up.

Adam is now doing another riff as “The Vicar of Truth” and calls Alex “Boring-Stein”.

Rick has a hilarious one liner comment that’s almost on the level of the kid with the Indian ball sack from classic loveline, good stuff.


Alison is now clarifying Rick’s question and asking him how much she’s into him.

Rick reveals his gal has no TV and Alison has a comment about what kind you can get for 200 bucks, a quite nice one that would fit a smaller NYC apartment nicely.

Adam is mocking him for dating a gal without TV and Alex is explaining how they finally caved and got cable after a 13yr hiatus.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Charlie Manson’s impending nuptials and his bride to be.

Alison is reading the news report and the quotes from “Star”, Adam is now ranting about the death penalty and how Charlie should have been grandfathered in.

Great input from Alison and Alex, now Adam is riffing about a “heaven reel” of someone’s life, being held as an infant and then becoming the most heinous monsters in human history.


Adam is now further riffing this new idea about a great show revolving around footage of mothers holding babies and then having their identity flash across the lower screen once betting has concluded.

Alison has a great title as they wrap up the riff.


2nd story is on a Brooklyn bar raising its drinking age to 25.

Alex has some light comedy mocking the new plan in Brooklyn.

Adam is now addressing that Alex is reading his first book “In 50 Years We’ll All be Chicks” and citing his theory on finding out what kind of drunk your kids are, he’s now reciting the bit, gold!


3rd Story is on Jose Canseco tweeting about being pulled over while transporting fainting goats.

Adam has a hilarious joke mocking Jose’s tweet excuses, Alex has a nice follow up and this is suddenly very “GoatFucker-esque” for us Loveline fans.

Adam is now commenting on Jose and his physical build, BB is commenting on how he was his childhood MLB hero and Adam thinks it makes sense.


Adam is now calling for a picture of Chris Arreola, Adam is now getting them to come up with a more accurate flabby photo of the man.

Alex is commenting on his face and Adam is still calling for a better picture.

Adam is now asking how good it can possibly make someone feel to outsmart a goat with such a small brain, Alex is giving her take and Adam is clarifying that the fainting goats are bought for power/dominance reasons.


Alex now has a callback citing “The Fainting Goats” as a possible name for Adam’s fan base, Alison is now mocking Chris Arreola’s perky breasts and Alex has a telling laugh.

Adam is now going off on Horchata and how it’s good despite it not sounding good, Alex is giving her take on Horchata and flan.

Alex loves snails and bone marrow but can’t eat flan, Adam is explaining that’s a Jewish delicacy and Alex is curious what he means.


Alex has a Sandy Koufax one liner in defense of Jewish super athletes and is now telling Adam about her Jewish brothers who liked to ride motorcycles and Adam is genuinely shocked and thanking her for the point shitting.

Adam is now remarking on the bizarre odds of a Jewish guest with two biker brothers, hilarious “express himself on the grill of a Buick” one liner from Ace.

Adam is now explaining all the crazy organs and parts Jewish people are into, the parts of the cow that the goyim doesn’t want.


Adam has a great analogy of someone risking their life on a jobsite still being unwilling to consume a tongue sandwich.

Adam is now citing is late grandfather’s greatest lament (besides Adam’s mom) was the inability to obtain stuffed goose liver in California.

Adam is now asking for anyone to name a gentile they know who is into cod or gefilte fish, BB has a funny callback to his earlier point shitting that everyone seems to appreciate.


Alison is now wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read, Alex is now joining the live read in character and Adam is mocking her husband his old friend Doug Jackson/Jackson Douglas.

Adam is plugging their upcoming live shows and pleading for the fans to help out with the patent trolls.

They’re all discussing Kevin Costner and his band as Adam wraps up the plug for the live event he’s hosting with Kevin.


BB closes it with Adam’s excellent out of context rape confession from earlier in the show with Neel.