Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2014 – Shaun White and Davis Leduke

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/22/2014 – Shaun White and Davis Leduke

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Shaun White and Davis Leduke

Recorded 05-19-2014 – Release Date 05-22-2014

Production Number #1331

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Adam is opening the show with Shaun White and David Leduke making their debut on the ACS, BB has a nice #TopDrop and Adam is making a point about “Real Time” on HBO.

Adam is explaining that he agrees with Bill about a lot of things politically, dispelling any notion that Adam is republican.

Adam says that everyone in the United States acts like they’re running for student class president and it’s resulted in a nation of obese lazy people who don’t want to do anything difficult.


Adam is now playing a clip of Real Time, he’s explaining who is talking.

Adam is telling everyone to listen to Arianna Huffington and her dumb point, 16 years later and Adam is still ranting about Arianna and her dumb talking points on a Bill Maher show, Politically Incorrect before and now Real Time.

Adam explains that Arianna wants to be on the “happy side” of the issue instead of willing to judge, Adam is once again ranting against cultural relativism and “cannot judge” attitudes.


Adam loves Bill’s reply about liberals and their refusal to stand up for liberalism across the globe, Adam is now making a very eloquent point summing things up.

Adam is now bringing up another point from that episode of “Real Time” where the guest explained to Bill that it’s China and India who just want “coal, coal” technology, they don’t care about green nor clean.

Adam is sharing how his BBQ grill was left on overnight, using up enough natural gas to power a small village for a year, luckily Adam was home to notice his grill emitting heat with the lid closed.


Adam says we could all get our shit together and save money and energy, he’s making a point about talking about doing things vs. being smart and cutting our usage by 30% tomorrow by shutting off lights and using less power throughout the day.

Adam has a great point about light up billboards and all of the waste there, Alison is doing a great job backing him up and proving his point.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Will wants to know if Adam would be happier without his hyper vigilance and he’s saying he would be but then he wouldn’t be able to share the problems of the world.

Adam is asking Will about his own vigilance level and suggesting some tests he’s made up to tell if he has this.

Adam is explaining noise and light sensitivity to the gang, he’s telling them an anecdote from the track meet on Friday.

Alison is sharing what she’s heard about the possible origins of hyper vigilance, Adam agrees he probably got his by having to take care of himself from an early age.


2nd Caller Alex, he wants his take on “Men’s Only Clubs” and Adam is now making a point about women’s only gyms and saying you should be able to have any business you want, if it’s supported than it is, if it’s not than it isn’t.

Adam said there should be both, BB wants to know about the people who desperately want to be in the club for a gender they are no.

Adam is asking a point about locker rooms and the feeling of being able to let it all hang out, Alison is now sharing the traditional argument against men’s only clubs.


3rd Caller Zach wants Adam’s take on mobile “smog” checks, he isn’t familiar and says he’s for it, but for everyone but him.

Adam is now throwing it to break.


They’re back from break with Shaun and Davis making their ACS debuts, Adam is now asking Shaun about winning a guitar and getting into music.

Shaun is explaining that he forgot about his guitar sitting under his friend’s bed while he was more excited about his new car that he also won.

Adam is telling them about the Mike’s custom lemonade custom chopper that he didn’t want to ride because of the loud paintjob, Shaun’s guitar was also bright yellow.


I wonder if this is the same motorcycle Adam’s buddy Chris tried to sell me at the ShakesBeer event in 2009.


Adam is now asking Davis where he won his first microphone, Adam is wondering if they have some kind of skateboarding connection.

Adam is now joking about tennis racket air guitars, he’s asking them about the origin of the band.

Shaun is explaining his learning curve with collaboration coming from his X-Games roots and Adam is asking Shaun what’s up with snowboarding.


He’s explaining that everyone has hyped up that he was retiring and using the younger kids at the most recent Olympics to make a point as to why he might.

He’s explaining it’s just a hiatus and he’s asking if they want to hear about Sochi, he says it was the only time that the Olympics kind of lived up to the hype.

They’re now discussing the Olympian who was locked in a bathroom and tore apart the door, Adam explains it’s a hollow core door and it’s filled with cardboard.


Adam is feeling sorry for David growing up in Van Nuys and he’s telling him about his roots in north Hollywood and joking about trading in the random gunfire of gangbangers of Compton for the very boring architecture of the Valley.

Adam is recommending “Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQQ” and now they’re asking David about his eyelid tattoo, he’s telling them about the pain involved and Adam is joking about getting tattooed from a cellmate.

Adam wonders if he had to hold a spoon in there, Davis explains the artist just held it down and Davis said it felt worse because of the location, Adam is joking about an optometrist walking in on this and their probable reaction.

Adam is now doing an “STP” live read and BB is getting a kick out of the new “Yolo Man” drop from Shaun impersonating Davis in the kitchen when he first encountered him after the tattoo.


They’re now playing “Caught Inside” by “Bad Things” the band fronted by Davis and Shaun and it sounds very interesting, not what I was expecting.

Adam says it sounded great and plugs the album. Adam is quizzing Shaun on the butterflies involved in a half pipe run vs. performing live on stage.

Shaun is once again highlighting the team/group effort vibe of being in a band, driving home just how different is for him than his day job.


“Do you need to ratchet down your intensity because you’re dealing with drug addicts?” – Adam

Davis has a great reaction to Adam’s question and now he’s clarifying for Shaun about the laid back attitude of a band member to that of a guy doing runs all day on a mountain.

Davis confirms that it’s a great point and Shaun brings his professional athlete level determination and intensity to the band and inspires him to motivate himself and step things up.


Shaun I bringing up the extra work his band must do to escape the stigma of his career, Adam is agreeing with him about how the public decides what someone is able to do and transition to.

Adam is exploring the hypocrisy of this line of thinking, he’s joking about getting burned by “The Bacon Brothers” and now Shaun is explaining the bizarre Kevin Bacon connection to his band’s origin.

Shaun and Davis have a nice back and forth about his eyelid tattoo and now Shaun is bringing up how hard of a sell it was for Jared Leto to be the focal point and lead of his band, Shaun is glad to be the guitarist.


Adam is now making a point about how you can be doomed by going too far forward to the front of pulling a Linda McCartney with a tambourine standing next to Paul.

Alison says that when we get to know people as actors we assume they don’t have authenticity and depth due to their profession and a nice counter point about music which ideally comes from authenticity.

Adam explains that there isn’t an option just to have 1 job anymore, he predicts 200 careers for each of his kids and says that everyone is going “Elon Musk” on everyone’s ass.


Shaun has a funny point about global warming and the future of snowboarding, branching out with a “hot job” and now Adam is doing a live read for Personal Capital.

They’re wrapping up the show to a nice “Yolo Man” drop and some plugs.