Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2014 – David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/09/2014 – David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Wild

Recorded 10-07-2014 – Release Date 10-09-2014

Production Number #1428

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Adam jokes about Pat Benatar and ‘Hell if for Children’ being his go to Karaoke song with a move that accompanies it, in response to the intro from Dawson and Lynch.

BB plays the drop from the last episode, making it seem like this wasn’t recorded right after it.

Adam explains that David Wild is in studio for a photography session with his son, for the aforementioned sitcom poster to be featured in ‘Road Hard’ and Adam plugs a comedian who never seems to make it to the show, they don’t know that yet, but we do!


David the most frequent guest of their show is sharing how excited his son is for this photo-shoot and Adam explains why you need an “angry teenager” for the shoot, the sitcom math of a family.

Adam is asking David about his latest project, he’s working with Ed Begley Jr. and Adam shares his great fondness for the man, he’s actually guested on the show and Adam is now telling them about shooting a Funny or Die piece with him and some other comedians at Griffith Park.

You can hear Ed’s first appearance right here ACS #86 (feat. Ed Begley Jr.) – Remastered audio and Carolla Amazon Link applied of course, you can also hear him on Ace on the house along with his lovely and brilliant wife Rachelle Carson-Begley.


Adam is sharing how he impressed he was with Ed bicycling all the way to Griffith Park, Adam likes how Ed is not preachy about his environmentalism and social consciousness.

Adam says the 2nd part he loves about Ed, he does it because he can’t stand the waste, he riffs about the reality show with Ed and his wife, David seems unaware that Ed has done the show, he offers to extend and invite but has the tone of “I’m not sure he would do such a risqué show.”

David is now plugging the environmental media association and the raffle they’re holding, that will auction off a fuel cell vehicle, Adam jokes about it being like an e-cigarette.


Adam is now riffing about the “no you can’t smoke” policy and how everyone wants to tell everyone else what they can or can’t do, BB uses the morning after pill to make a great analogy.

Adam is now mocking these crazy people who claim that 2nd and 3rd hand smoke are deadly, Adam doesn’t need any studies, Alison brings up Bryan’s cancer and Adam now gives him hard time for shitting on his points, this time it’s his tumor doing it.

Adam is now mocking the notion of the danger of water vapor, Adam is now reading one of his favorite tweets about Vancouver banning e-cigs.


“Is it that you don’t like cigarette smoke, or you don’t like people doing something you don’t want them to do? Is it that you don’t like liberty?”

Alison is now asking about Adam’s take on e-cigs in restaurants, Adam says he doesn’t like permeating anyone else’s space, but in a world wear a restaurant has 9 dogs, an e-cig is harmless.

Adam says he would prefer you take it outside to the patio but if you’re a booth away and he can’t smell it, he doesn’t care.


BB brings up watching “The Out Of Towner’s” and the smoking on display in restaurants, Alison brings up her dad’s desire to be in the mafia after Adam says that lighting someone’s cigarette is very Mafioso.

Adam is now joking about Alison’s dad dresses, much like Gomez Adam’s or the boss character in the movie ‘My Favorite Year’ and Alison confirms he has that very suit.

She tells them about childhood vacations to Las Vegas and how her dad would always request a booth with a phone to seem important.


Alison shares the story of asking what “Orgasm” means while in a crowded elevator with her mom after seeing a live show in Vegas, not sure if she’s told it on the ACS before, she has told it on her show ARIYNBF.

David is telling them about interviewing Brian Wilson, Adam asks if ‘Pet Sounds’ is as revolutionary as everyone says, David says it’s his all-time favorite album.

David tells them that ‘God Only Knows’ is the greatest song ever recorded according to Paul McCartney and now Adam is riffing a “who’s on first” and Adam brings up rediscovering and album you once loved but hadn’t heard in over 20 years.


Adam praises the ’10,000 Maniacs’ album ‘In My Tribe’ and he says that Natalie Merchant is the leader of the pack of women who would never sleep with him, he doesn’t know why he thinks that.

David tells him that he knows Natalie and she likes him, so Adam stands a chance, David brings up the conversation about him from the ACS last week on ACS #1421 and how he knows everybody in Hollywood, David now says he knows them but doesn’t have any friends, aww!

BB now adds Mike Carano to the list of guys who seemingly know everyone without a clear delineation as to why or how, Adam struggles to recall who Mike is and BB gives barely an explanation.


David says why Natalie would like Adam and tells them about her insisting upon lifting him and how she managed to pull it off.

They’re now playing ‘What’s the Matter Here’ and Alison jokes about Suzanne Vega and the song ‘Luca’ and Adam says he loves every song on the album.

David is calling for their version of ‘Nowhere Man’ but claims it’s not easy to find online but might be on YouTube and now gives them a thumbnail sketch of the band post Natalie Merchant.


Now they’re playing the song ‘Hey Jack Kerouac’ and commenting on how great it is, Adam and David are riffing about Jack and Adam’s lack of knowledge about the man’s work.

David asks if Adam ever me this band on Loveline and he says nope, they’re now playing more songs off the album and Adam says this album didn’t blow up until like 1989 after coming out in 1987.

David is describing the band from that era, college coffeehouse weirdo that he loved meeting, describing them as down to earth without saying the cliché.


Adam is asking what Natalie is up to now besides not ever fucking him, Adam clarifies that list, the people who would least like to have sex with him, Alison brings up the Scarlett Johannsson factor.

Adam adds Rihanna to the list, BB adds Emma Stone, Adam says they hung out at the ‘Tonight Show’ and now he might have an in.

Alison remembers Anna Hathaway, she would never stop throwing up, like the people who can’t stop hiccupping, Adam says she would need to find a giant loofa the size of Niagara Falls, plant it there and then slide down it multiple time, ass/tits and vagine each time.


Adam closes it out saying he was sitting in his backyard having a beer and decided to become reacquainted with music he lost touch with, he says he loves Natalie Merchant and the band ’10,000 Maniacs’ and BB compliments them and their sound, like early “fun” R.E.M.

They’re now playing ‘My Sister Rose’ and David calls her “Amish hot” and says Alison is also hot in that way.
Adam explains why he Yoko Ono bothers him, not the same reasons everyone else hates her, and Adam and David joke about Adam being a racist.

Adam is now bringing up the clip of Bill Burr discussing Yoko Ono getting on stage with John Lennon and Chuck Berry and Chuck Berry’s reaction to her whaling.

Adam is breaking down the scene/clip and sharing his reaction which echoes Bill Burr’s rant and now they’re going to play the Bill Burr version of the clip where a fan blended the podcast with the footage.


They’re going in depth on Yoko and all offering up their opinion and David is telling them about her popularity among some European artists.

David made Adam a mixtape too! But his is full of John Lennon, yikes, mine was filled with John Hiatt’s newer stuff.

David brings up the Yoko Ono song that Judd Apatow used in ‘This is 40’.


Adam is doing an E-Voice live read.

They’re now heading to break with an “Adam and Eve” commercial and suddenly its 2009 podcasting again, definitely not a fluke, this is at least the 2nd show with this.


They’re back from break.


Q and Ace

1st Caller – Steve, he says they don’t know what’s in e-cigarettes but they’re banning them, they know what’s in regular cigarettes but instead they just put up graphic warning and pictures of cancerous organs.

Adam is now lamenting them outlawing water vapor.

Steve brings up the Classic Loveline archive online, he is seemingly unaware of the Classic Loveline feed, is the other archive.


Adam is now talking about the event episodes, Columbine and 9/11 and BB is now listing off a possible OJ verdict episode, that’s not online.

Steve says the dynamic is what he listens for and says he subscribed to the Adam and Drew show podcast, he wants to know why Adam doesn’t come back and guest host on Loveline.

Adam says at first Adam was trying to have respect for Stryker and now Mike, he comes on as a guest, he explains his sensitivity in disrupting the apple cart.


Adam is now going further in-depth on how he didn’t have to keep doing Loveline about 2 years in and it was actually difficult schedule wise but he loved Drew, the dynamic and the show so much he kept doing it.

Adam is now mocking his former program directors who used to tell him to roll more calls and how he refused to take their notes.

Adam is now using Stern as an example of someone who can break the format, he says normally you get fired for breaking the radio format/formulaic(s).


Adam is now getting to the speed of the format being an apology for not having an engaging host, Adam is doing an example of it right now.


2nd Caller – Jerry, he wants to give Adam a glimmer of hope and Adam rolls right through him radio style


3rd Caller – Chris, he has a question that’s a little political so it might take a minute and Adam is rolling through the call and Chris loves it.

Adam jokes about a band member of ‘Poco’ coming in studio and he skips over Chris’s question if anyone has ever been able to change Adam’s take on something politically.

Clearly he doesn’t know about the time Adam talked about legalizing weed with former L.A. Times editor Shelby Coffey III.


Alison is now asking if this is also a smokescreen for new listeners so they never tune in during the middle of something they don’t understand.

“if you spend 21min on 1 call, a lot can go wrong, but it you power though 25 calls in 20min not so much can go wrong” – Adam

Adam and BB are now making some counter points to the people who are married to the format, Adam says the format is the star of radio and the performers are interchangeable.


Adam talks about being banned from being on the air with Jimmy Kimmel at the same time, Adam still doesn’t know why.

David gets Adam to list the 3 heavy hitter comedians that Jack Silver wanted banned from the KLSX ACS, Adam is now mocking Jack Silver and his take on Joel McHale coming in every Friday, the best part of the show in 2007.


4th Caller – Jack and Adam interrupts and steamrolls through, unclear what this guy said, maybe he was playing along with the bit?

Adam is now bringing up the super long form calls they would take on Loveline during the classic Adam Carolla era.

Adam is now mocking a radio show he heard on KROQ and the “hey man that’s cold blooded” reply they had chambered as they rolled through the calls, the marginal talents who get to be on air but aren’t trusted as they could be exposed at any time if they talk too long.


Adam is now talking about his own sitcom after David brings up the new series ‘Mulaney’ and how Mike Lynch would kill the jokes on Adam’s writing staff and was vastly superior to the old pros like Eddie Gorodetsky.

Adam is now making a point about how the networks wouldn’t hire Lynch as he didn’t have the experience they required despite being smarter and funnier than anyone else on staff.

David is now telling Adam about how much he likes Eddie Gorodetsky and Adam agrees, he likes him, David tells them about Eddie trying to get him hired at ‘Big Bang Theory’ and how he turned it down.


Adam is now bringing up the network execs who can’t compose a joke but need their input to be heard so they can seem like they are doing some kind of work and deserve a paycheck even though they don’t.

David brings up the opening intro jokes and Adam says that Lynch write them all still, David loves them.

Adam is now mocking the notion of needing to “like” characters on T.V. while citing Archie Bunker and now Alison brings up the unsinkability of the characters on ‘Seinfeld.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live read.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, David plugs an episode of ‘Rock Solid’ with him talking about Neil Diamond, Pat Francis is a hilarious dude, the host of Rock Solid, too bad he hates Adam Carolla based on nothing, sigh.

David Wild killed it, man he’s so good on air, this was one of his finest appearances too!