Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2014 – Peter Mehlman and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/30/2014 – Peter Mehlman and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Peter Mehlman and Jo Koy

Recorded 09-29-2014 – Release Date 09-30-2014

Production Number #1421

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Adam is opening the show to a George Clooney wedding/’Ocean’s 13’ termed joke from Dawson and Lynch.

BB plays the James Gandolfini impression from yesterday’s show courtesy of Robert Patrick, he tells in studio guest Jo Koy to prep his vocal chords, he’s going to be singing the ‘Taboo II’ theme song.

Adam shares he went to his dentist today for a cleaning, he then tangents off into the pictures people send him of available jelly packets at their table. He explains the non-flavor of ‘Mixed berry’ and what a cop out it is, Jo has a personal revelation about that very topic, realizing it for the first time.


Adam is now ranting about jelly, he is sharing his frustration with the variety pack element of life, he uses bagels as his example for how people eventually succumb to eating what they don’t like that much, like Halloween candy.

“Anything with a streetcar on it, I’m eating” – Adam on the locally made San Francisco jerky he had on set, Adam is now ranting about the need for trail mix in every craft service table setup, joking about security at Costco making you leave with a tub of the shit.

Adam is now lamenting the idiots on set and at work who dictate shitty flavors, Adam is back to the tooth cleaning and the hummus paste (pumice) used, he’s breaking down the scene and sharing the hygienists questions about his flossing habits.


Adam is now asking how far the bullshit goes and didn’t lie to the hygienist about his flossing, Alison asks a follow up question and Adam is now joking about the mood ring the hygienists wear that dispenses the pumice.

Adam says it was cherry flavored and he requested mint, he was met with “some people like it” reply, Adam is now explaining how she said they have mint and Adam says that when you see gray around the temples start with the fucking mint.

Adam is explaining her “there’s only a couple of mint left” follow up reply which proves his logic, clearly everyone prefers the mint, that’s why they’re fucking sold out and have a drawer filled with Cherry.


Alison wants to know who she’s saving it for and I want to know what other fucking gods of comedy are coming through her chair, save the cherry for every other moron, lady douche!

Adam is now joking about Pina Colada minus the booze with sand in place of said missing booze, Adam ordered her to get the mint out and mocks her staying the course

Adam is now asking who likes the blueberry bagels, Adam asks why have that flavor and expectation, why should someone expect their favorite flavor when they go in for a medical procedure.


Adam is now joking about shitty bagels and bad cherry flavor, he’s threatening to dump trail mix on the people he casts out of society for their bad taste and preference of crappy flavors and food.

Adam and Alison are mocking the white “bird turds” in trail mix and just killing it.

Adam is now lamenting why she tried to dump that nasty cherry shit off on him, the adult man, he now brings up the uncomfortable 22min of this procedure and how there is nothing enjoyable to take from the experience. He jokes about the Dixie cup rinse at the end of the producer after Aliso suggests that’s the best part.


Adam says the best you can do is have familiarity, use the same flavor of mint that people use at home while caring for their teeth.

Adam does a self-satisfied sniff and Jo just realizes that’s a recurring bit they do, this long?

Adam explains the poor bathroom etiquette at the dentist office and how poorly they are running their bathroom and office. Alison thought this rant was heading towards the bathroom key being attached to a toothbrush, Adam said he would enjoy that and they continue to have a discussion about all of this.


Adam is doing a live read for Blinds Galore


Adam is now sharing the reaction to the Elliot Gould bit from yesterday’s show, someone sent a tweet where they ask Elliot about his recent appearance on Adam’s show, they now play that radio show clip of Elliot discussing his appearance on the show.

Elliot now calls Adam mean spirited, the radio show host accurately reiterates Adam’s reply.

Adam is now joking about raping pre-teens and Jo is doing his impression of Elliot, he’s killing it but talking too much.


Adam is now asking Alison what he could’ve said that offended Elliot so much, BB is now playing the drops to have Adam accurately show Jo how Elliot was engaging, or not engaging while on stage.


Adam closes out the topic unsure of what he did to offend the man, he did nothing but anytime anyone wants to explain why they didn’t do well on the show they call Adam a racist or say his fans are ‘Carollatards’ or some other hateful shit and then somehow walk away like their shit doesn’t stink when they are the ones who shit the bed.

Adam is now singing the ‘Taboo II’ theme song to Jo Koy and explaining the nature of the film and the soundtrack, he’s not filling in any of the details of finally meeting the composer and his mom who sang the vocals and did the moaning sounds.

Adam is now playing the producer and Bung Lu Su is trying out, giving his own rendition of the song.


“Yes I do Bitch!” – Bung responding to the original lyrics and vocals.

Adam is now telling Jo about how the movie is about full on incest, the whole family.

“No I just see pubes… like Santa Claus stuck his tongue out” – Adam looking at Bung’s genitals at his request/behest, some hilarious mispronunciation riffing going on.


Adam is now having Bung do another lap on the song, he’s nailing the lyrics this time.

Adam now wraps up with Bung and is asking Jo about his upcoming live dates, he plugs them and tells people to check out his website to keep tabs on him.

Adam thanks Saint Archer for sending beers over, he also thanks Vending One for the vending machine.

Adam is now heading to break, this early? Why so long for Robert Patrick who fans have waited 18 years to hear on air? You’re killing me smalls!


They’re back from break

A listener voicemail about donating soccer balls to foreign kids via airdrops, thanks for shitting on my argument for Carolla fans being pigeonholed as morons.

Peter jokes about the caller and topic when he tells Adam about his new book, Peter now says the caller really thinks his idea is good, Adam thinks its worse, he thinks Adam is going to like the idea.

Adam is now asking Peter about Marjorie Gross and working with her on ‘Seinfeld’ and shares a funny anecdote about joking about chemotherapy with her, citing a funny ‘Ke-mo sah-bee’ joke and Adam recalls working on her house.


Adam was unaware of her sexual identity and shares his observations about her love for ice hockey and his reaction to finding out the details of a writer’s room.

BB credits her with creating “Shrinkage” but Peter steps in and says he was the one who came up with it, Peter tells them about the funeral and Madonna showing up.

Adam jokes about Madonna getting alerted and flying out anytime a lesbian dies, Adam is now asking how certain non-industry people who aren’t particularly good looking.

Adam cites David Wild and Peter praises that choice, Adam is now clarifying his statement that these people are usually some kind of writer and have talent.


Adam now adds Jordan Rubin to the list and Peter adds Ron Zimmerman, Adam says the key is not committing to a major, do some standup, some other stuff.

Adam says that Sandra Bernhard was the progenitor of this, Alison says restaurateurs are this way and Adam now adds Morgan Murphy to the list and everyone agrees.

Non-celebrities who hang out with celebrities, Alison cites Kelly Oxford and Peter says the trend is dying down, Adam is now explaining he’s not taking this down a negative path, he thinks these people are all great he just wants to know how they know so many celebrities.


Adam is now saying that James Franco seems to be the hub for all of these people but Adam has never met him, despite lending him his car for a photo shoot.

BB adds Jensen Karp to the list, he does the dude’s podcast one time …

Adam is taking it back to Ron Zimmerman and his action figures, along with his Stern appearance, Adam reveals he used to work on Ron’s home too, he was the carpenter to the stars who knew all the stars as it were.


BB tries to add Adam to the list of these guys who know celebs and he explains he never got invited to the parties, that’s the difference.

Peter is now sharing how people knew Ron and of Ron, but the celebrity friend to the stars isn’t so clear.

Adam says he dated Cher and talk about his look, Adam is telling them about starting with Katey Sagal and got on the weird celebrity handyman list, he says he was a cunt hair away from working on Scott Baio’s place.

Adam credits the circle of assistants who hire for these jobs in reply to Alison and he credits his honest work, and lack of interest in stealing or raiding panty drawers of course.


Adam is now asking Peter about his book, this time in earnest and Adam is now trying to sum up the premise of this town he’s discussing, related to his book.

Adam tells Gary to feel free to lose the picture of Cher and Ron anytime he feels like it, Peter is now further describing the plot of the book.

Adam has a killer one liner and finishes up the premise, sounds pretty good.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings


Alison’s News

1st Story Alison reports about the new “Yes Means Yes” campaign and explains the details, she defines the nonverbal yes symbols.

Adam is now begging for traffic light synchronization and improvements.

Peter laments Jews missing out on driving on Saturday’s when the roads are so much easier to navigate, Adam is now riffing some kind of exchange day for religions that prohibit certain activities during certain times.

Alison now explain the training this new law will entail and she brings up her days in college, the broad definition of rape and consent issues they pressed, she now cites the super grabby aggressive men who were not the norm, they were the few and far between but she wants to know what their deal is?


Adam is now bringing up that small, small group and says he’s tired of being lumped in with every abuser and rapist who are men, Adam now asks what it would be like if they made this a smaller group and how offended we would be.

Adam is now saying that society can’t teach people jack shit, if we could, we would have a utopia, only your parents can do that, he says love and respect for your mother and borderline fear of dad will make you a good citizen and he brings up the “end senior abuse” bumper sticker, who are they for?

Adam is now riffing about Alison’s question about how he approached women in his younger days, he says it was a long “real estate negotiation” and brings up his blue collar friends from the valley and cites some situations where his friends, male and female all had some drunken encounters they might have regretted but didn’t go down as rape.


Adam, says we don’t have to worry about Dr. Drew’s two sons and how they don’t need to be coached up, Adam is using a dry cement/brain analogy and says it’s like “jacking off into a ceiling fan” and now says they really just need the freeway sped up.

Adam now contrasts that to his own upbringing and he asks BB at his time in college and he has some killer replies, gold!

BB explains that Alison and BB’s time at college was at the height of the 90’s AIDS and sexual assault drama and fear mongering.


Alison now further explains the creepy encounters that felt like they could get very serious and even scarier real quick, Adam is now bringing up dudes on the street who get home safe after escaping street thugs, it’/s akin to that if you get away untouched.

Alison agrees and gets Adam to agree with her point.


2nd Story Is on the survey of the rudest drivers, Adam says he likes rude and Alison cites the extra slow drivers in Idaho, she explains they don’t really have a downtown there.

She says California is only medium rude, Adam like’s reckless honkers and speeders, she now lists the criteria, and he only dislikes two things on there.

Adam is now citing NYC cab drivers and why they haul ass out there vs. how they hide in the right lane form cops here.

Adam references ‘Taxi’ with Queen Latifah and calls it a great movie in response to Peter’s points about the passengers in each city.


3rd Story Is on the increased sales of Coca Cola with the personalized name labels, Adam asks who cares and she explains the increase in sales compared to the past decade.

Adam is now asking Gary to find a picture of a can, he is now seeing the examples and says he’s seen the generalized ones.

Peter says “Ice Box” and Alison says she drank one with someone else’s name the other day, BB says he debated which style of cans to get, “BFF” or “Pal” and Peter says he saw an Alisen Rosen can but didn’t bring it nor buy it.


4th Story Is on Coca Cola pledging to reduce calories in soda by 20% in the next decade and Adam is now riffing about these proclamations in the media and anyone possibly remembering and following up on it 10 years from now, BB is in the mix.

Alison is now sharing the specific wording and how they aren’t changing any formulas, just recommending smaller servings, so basically shrinking their own cans most likely.

Adam is now asking about the “yes means yes” campaign and BB is playing the drop of Alison as she talks, over and over to a very bizarre effect, she seems to dig it.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a Pella windows live read.

Adam plugs Peter’s book and he thanks him for having him out to the deep, deep valley…

Adam wraps the show to a new unfortunate drop of Adam from the Elliot Gould recreation, yikes, also hilarious!