Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2013 – Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/17/2013 – Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Joe Rogan, Aubrey Marcus and Matt Atchity

Recorded 09-16-2013 – Release Date 09-17-2013

Production Number #1165

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Dawson has a hilarious and true intro for the Aceman who seems to be in high spirits with his own intro for the gang, nice #TopDrop and horrible delivery from BB.

Adam is welcoming the wonderful Matt Atchity making his 9th appearance on the ACS, Adam is complimenting the site as per usual and he’s explaining how he often disagrees with certain review categories and how he uses the site to compare and contrast his own opinion.

Adam is now on a hilarious Frank Stallone riff and he’s trying to explain the misunderstanding Frank had thinking that the award was a negative thing like his own “Razzie”.


Adam is telling the gang about the new television review section of Rotten Tomatoes and he’s mocking his own default opinion that everything automatically sucks and how this might help him navigate TV.

Alison is asking Adam about “Game of Thrones” and he’s explaining he doesn’t need to watch it because of Jimmy Kimmel’s father explaining every episode to him and how much he enjoys that instead of watching.

Adam is citing the “I Claudius” series he watched in its entirety to get some side-boob and he’s using his childhood “eating grubs and eating cactus for sustenance” to his current living situation with a fire pole above a 711.


Adam is saying that he can’t stand watching any shows that make him want to “take a bath” and Matt is citing the 100% score for “Game of Thrones”.

Matt’s being very honest and explaining the new rating system for TV is still in beta, and mentioning some of the other 100% scoring series.

Adam is referencing his earlier point about adjusting your own calibration with the site and he’s now citing “The Blues Brothers” and its low score and comparing that to “Caddyshack” and it’s super inflated score.


They’re now bringing up the summer movies, Adam is excited for “Gravity” and now they’re bringing up “Rush” and Matt is explaining he is at the podcast instead of attending the premier.

Matt is bringing up “!2 Years Of Slave” and mentions Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adam has a hilarious pronunciation of the man he’s well familiar with after watching “Red Belt”, hilarious!

Adam is telling the gang about Olga now bringing the tradition of non-familial adults hitting Carolla Children to the next generation.


Adam is explaining that he’s never hit his own kids but was ok with it when Olga told her why, Natalia spit in her face, this flies in the face of Dr. Drew’s rule about only spanking to stop kids from life threatening behavior, ruh roh.

Adam and BB are trying to explain why spitting and dogs are more offensive in Latin cultures and Alison is begging for more details, hilarious “spankatorium” one liner and Adam says Lynette was ok with it too.

Adam is now bringing up how he is aware that Drew doesn’t approve of this reaction and he’s explaining his various thoughts on the matter, very interesting and refreshingly honest.


They’re now back to “Gravity” and Adam is explaining how he loves premises for film’s that seem impossible to sustain for a feature length running time.

Adam is now explaining how people with disabilities probably have a higher level of accomplishments and seem to overcompensate, he’s now referencing Erika Eleniak and her paraplegic ex from the early 90’s.

He’s connecting that to these films with novel premises and how they have to try harder as well, Matt just bought up “Le Mans” and Adam is describing it, BB is recommending “Moon” out of nowhere.


Adam is bringing up the Raiders game where once again the uprights came into play, BB has a funny dual reaction, good stuff.

Now Adam is walking them through the game film and ranting about the NFL’s refusal to address the problem, he’s now citing all the other games that also were recently effected by the flawed uprights.

Adam is bringing up how Matt’s reply is exactly in line with the elite fraternity of jackasses who reply to his solution with lasers and the idea of a top bar of some kind.


They’re now discussing football gear and pads and how indestructible they make you feel, Adam is now telling the story of the time his old neighbor sent him a crash helmet in the mail.

Adam is telling the full story and how he ultimately took a rake handle over his head after getting a neighbor jerk to hit the helmet.

They’re now discussing the jump in “Blues Brothers” score over time and Adam thinks Casino might be another movie that has gone up in score with more time to reflect, Matt’s got a nice anecdote about the younger generation encountering the reviews from when these movies were originally released.


Aubrey Marcus the CEO of and business partner to Joe Rogan is now making his ACS debut, I was actually in studio the day he came and first dropped off Adam’s precious jump rope and a sampling of other products.

Superfan Giovanni recommends the following Onnit products; Alpha Brain, New Mood, Shroomtech sport, Hemp Force Protein Powder and T Plus.

Adam is telling Aubrey how much he likes the jump rope and pure coconut extract, Adam wants to know how he got in business with Joe and Aubrey is dodging the question, saying “former deal” instead of telling them about his involvement with Joe Rogan and “The Fleshlight”.


They’re all now discussing fat and calories, the facts vs. the myth and fiction.

Aubrey is explaining how important salt is to a healthy diet and Adam is now bringing up the inspirational YouTube slideshows fans have created that pair up audio of him and Joe Rogan being funny and philosophical.

Adam is explaining how motivation and achievement are becoming a repetitive theme in his life and he gains more interest about it as time progresses.


Joe Rogan is now on the phone making his 6th appearance on the ACS, Adam is asking him about the next big UFC fight and they’re discussing this Saturday night’s John Jones fight.

Adam wants to know about weight cutting and what the athletes will actually be coming in at on fight night and Joe is explaining the healthy vs. unhealthy ways to cut weight.

Aubrey is now jumping in with the fighting/betting odds and Adam has a funny Anderson Cooper joke in reply to Rogan’s facts.


Adam is explaining he has been to some MMA fights, he’s citing an “Affliction/M1” event I think.

Adam is now breaking down the flying knee attempted by Andrei Arlovski and Adam’s got a crazy description comparing it to the Columbia or Challenger space shuttle explosion.

Joe is explaining how Toronto does big business for the UFC, home to George St. Pierre and Joe just referenced the man.


Adam and Joe are bringing up the Hilton boxing brothers and Donny Leland. Joe is explaining his 0 prep and Adam now loves him more than ever.

Joe is giving Adam his take on the most recent season of the Ultimate Fighter and Adam is bringing up how Ronda Rousey crying was a great example of the sensitivity and ferocity of the female fighters.

Joe is saying that video is terrifying and Adam is bringing up her mom who would attempt sneak attempt arm bars on her throughout her youth, Adam is now comparing it to the Jon Favreau character in “Four Christmases”.


Alison is being a great host trying to plug Joe’s SyFy channel TV show and Joe is saying he’s never watched the video Adam enjoyed and Joe is sharing his “be the hero of your own movie”.

Aubrey is now explaining the challenge they’ll be holding for the staff, Chris Laxamana, Mike August and Caelan Biehn.

Adam has a great analogy about his old cars and how they need to move to explain how humans are disconnected from their physicality and Aubrey is saying the very same thing.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the latest mass shooting in DC, Alison is reading the details regarding the shooter and his past gun convictions.

Aubrey has a key question and they’re now all discussing guns and gun safety, Adam has a great point about the gun chamber and how they can be loaded without someone knowing it, how it’s a flawed design.

Alison now has them all discussing the death of Brandon Lee and Adam has a great tampon reply, comedy gold!


Adam is now bringing up the death of Jon-Erik Hexum and he’s describing how the concussive blast alone can cause damage and now BB is bringing up the band member from Chicago who died with a gun.

Adam just referenced the knife game aka “Mumblety-peg” after Alison’ hilarious and calm delivery giving her take on Russian roulette.

They’re all weighing in on the latest tragedy and Aubrey is giving his take, viewing humanity as a large heard.


They’re now discussing the fear of a nuclear holocaust and Aubrey fears Aliens, Adam has a killer reply and he’s going in depth on the Russian nuclear warheads fixated on the united states and Adam wants to know why their hasn’t been any mistakes.

Alison calls it the “I didn’t think it was loaded” version of nuclear war, hilarious button dusting comedy from her to boot.


2nd Story is about the flooding in Colorado and Aubrey is immediately sad for the hemp crop as someone who needs it for his supplements and is forced to import it from Canada at great expense and limited quantity.

Adam is now doing an improv scene with BB about the dual nature of water, how it’s required to live and how it can also easily kill people, comedy gold!

Adam has a great Stalagmite one liner and BB is now clarifying to him that he is correct in his assumptions about the terminology, Stalactites “Hang on Tightly” Stalagmites “Burst from the Ground because they’re Mighty”.


Adam is now on a hilarious batman/James Bond riff about the elaborate death plans of super villains and how they always need to split before seeing their mortal enemies die.

Adam’s doing a crazy hilarious “Dollar Shave Club” Live read with the almost equally funny BB.


3rd Story is on the end of Miley Cyrus’ engagement and Adam is sharing his protests against the “super tan, not fat, not old = hot” theorem in Hollywood.

They’re all now talking about spray tanning and what it means, smells like and Alison is sharing some anecdotes, Adam has a killer “her right side didn’t tip as well” one liner than everyone seems to ignore.

Adam is sharing Drew’s shared theory of genetic diversity, the Grey Race argument and Alison is referencing the perfect colored butt, the caramel color Adam has talked about before on Episodes #1016, #1023 and #1096.


Adam is now riffing about forced breeding, citing Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren as his greatest missed opportunity for his new global citizens.

Adam’s genetic “raise the bar” argument, where amazing genetic hands should be forced to breed with other specimens.


4th Story is on Pia Zadora and her court ordered anger management counseling, Adam is asking Alison about the previous news story that resulted in this ruling.

They’re all discussing the idea of screaming at someone to go to bed while spraying them cold water, Alison is asking Adam about Pia’s nature on the show and Gary is chiming in with some comedy.

Adam is using his own destruction of the double stroller in his driveway to explain how people can overreact and lose control, he’s telling the story in full now.


Adam has a killer “Forrest Gump” reference to explain his cathartic experience, nice reaction from BB too!


5th Story is on the new weekend update anchor team or the upcoming season of SNL, Adam is asking the age old question of whether we need both a Cesilie and Cecile name for women.

Adam is singing the praises of SNL while explaining how difficult sketch writing is, he’s now completing the list of recent cast departures.


6th Story is on the former host of “Wild Recon” being charged for selling two dessert monitor lizards without a permit and Aubrey just revealed that’s actually his friend.

Alison is reading the details of the story and the possible consequences for the man.

Adam is now pitching “Plenty of time for backup” to describe the officers answering ads on Craigslist.


Adam is now mocking the lack of exclusivity of the endangered species list and riffing about how much better a life would be living with a cool dude as opposed to the Iranian dessert.

Alison is joining him in this riff, hilarious jokes about the types of guys who own these lizards, comedy gold A-Rose!

They’re now riffing about the animals like pandas that get rub downs and custom porn, I love Adam and Alison riffing about the POV of various animals, always funny!


Aubrey has a reveal about Beaver musk/pelt and how all animals respond to it, Adam is now doing a live read and BB is joining him.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping the show