Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2013 – Ed O’Neill and Rorion Gracie

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/18/2013 – Ed O’Neill and Rorion Gracie

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Recorded 02-17-2013 – Release Date 02-18-2013

Production Number #1016

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Adam is opening the show to a great drop from last week; Ed O’Neill is already in studio making his ACS and possibly podcast debut, awesome!

Adam has a great anecdote about a “beautiful” moment with his dad from yesterday, to this superfan it plays as a nice counterpoint to the recent appearance of Ray on the Dr. Drew podcast episode #13.

Bald Beezy is star stuck and Ed’s being very cool about it, Adam has taken the topic off of BB and is now asking Ed about his football history and they seem to be enjoying each other. Adam has a great one liner when asking Ed about his size during his playing days.


Adam is now telling Ed his anecdote about a player not knowing who Fred Dryer is. Fred is on ACS format episodes of the podcast #170 and #450 which can be found at the official archive via the link above.

Adam and Ed are now bonding over “Hunter” Ed actually did an episode and now he’s telling the gang about the premise and his part. They’re joking about Fred’s hand size and the control room has actually fired up the episode featuring Ed.

Ed is now telling the gang how he transitioned from football to acting, Adam has some great one lines in reply to each tidbit. Ed is sharing a brief Dennis Miller anecdote and is now topping it with an even greater story about Terry Bradshaw.

Ed is going super in depth on his career path, even citing the name of the place where he bussed tables during his early days in NYC.


Ed just revealed his boxing ability played a role in getting his first real part, Adam is jumping in and they’re both digging into shadow boxing and how it’s the one thing you can’t fake.

Ed is telling Adam about his reaction to seeing “Rocky” and “On the Water Front”, Adam is jumping in again and they’re full on in now, good stuff.

Adam is telling the gang about spending part of his weekend on the range with Lynette and her brother, he’s got a great revelation about how his greatest fear is “being yelled at” he elaborates and it really seems to check out.

Adam is explaining his range of feelings and experiences while at the range and has a great observation about how people can too casually interact with firearms.

Adam is asking Ed about his relationship to the Gracie family, Adam is doing a quick recap of the early UFC events and Ed seems to be well aware, Adam seems to know quite a bit, impressive.

Adam is explaining why he thinks the UFC has been great for fighting sports; he’s citing the slump in various boxing divisions.

Bryan has a trivia nugget about John Milius and now Adam and Ed are breaking down some of his other work and bonding over other old movies as Adam tries to explain something he recalls seeing during his youth.

Adam is asking on the status of the Gracie’s who are scheduled next, he’s telling Lynch a very elaborate set of instructions to put the Gracie brother in his place when he does show up, good stuff!


Adam is quizzing Ed about his black belt in BJJ, Ed is telling him about the 16yrs of training it took and how that actually broke down over the years.

Ed is telling Adam about testing from school to school and Adam has some observations about why they’re so rare from higher end schools.

Adam is asking Ed about the UFC and he has one of the most thoughtful and interesting takes on it that I’ve ever heard.

Adam has a new show idea to compliment his “Your Dog Is Fired” reality show from last week, they’re back to the subject of guns and Adam is explaining how he understands the value of them based on their mechanical design and he’s even citing the parallels to the cars he loves.


They’ve now looped back again and are on the career of John Milius; Ed is explaining John’s connection to one of the greatest scenes in JAWS.

Adam is now riffing about the show being dedicated to maritime disasters; Alison is jumping in with follow up questions in regards to Adam’s day at the range.

Adam describes his gifted guns as a dowry from Lynette’s dad, now he’s reading the facts on the sinking of the Hood.

Adam has some amazing observations and questions about the 3 survivors of that ship and what it must have been like for them, Ed is asking some questions and Adam is giving his best recollections from old history channel reruns.


Rorion Gracie is now joining Ed and the gang in studio, he’s got a very eloquent and nicely paced history of the Gracie family and their involvement in Ju Jitsu.

This is the origin story of BJJ, this is an epic podcast that I never thought would happen on the ACS, at least not first, nice score Aceman!

Adam is telling Rorion about his first experience becoming aware of the Gracie’s during the early UFC’s and now he’s asking Rorion about Ronda Rousey and her infamous arm bar technique.

Rorion is explaining his school’s new online teaching portal and how his son came up with it.

Adam has some funny merch ideas for Rorion, Bryan has a shocking counter point argument and now Adam is on a riff about Mike Tyson needing bodyguards.


Rorion is explaining how their online program works and Ed is vouching for its efficacy, Adam has a funny joke about the price of his life.

Adam is sharing his new step past “fuck you money”, hilarious Joe Rogan reference, both Ed and Adam love the guy.

Adam has a funny and inspired Go to Meeting live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is another update on the Dorner case, she has the cause of the death and now Adam is lamenting it and explaining how it’s the opposite of the Somali pirate situation.

Alison has a great observation about cameras, Adam is picking up on it and describes exactly what I had in my mind’s eye, and Adam is telling her about the real world applications that already exist.

Adam is working his Attack Crows into this story and now he’s got amazing quotes about cabins and Alison has a hilarious “Cabin in the Woods” reference.

Adam just invented a “Cabin Lobby” to handle and address how cabins are portrayed in the media, I prefer “Cabin Board” and now Adam is riffing on the fireplace/space ratio in cabins, gold!


2nd story is on the Meteor exploding over Russia; Adam has an observation about their land mass and is making a point about them being disproportionally targeted by rocks from space.

Alison is reading the stats on the explosion and the rock itself, the control room is firing up pictures of the crater from the last major hit Russia took in 1908, nice info Aceman!

Adam is sharing his feelings for the victims of Hiroshima whenever anyone compares an explosion to the equivalent of it. Alison is asking Ed and Rorion to weigh in and Rorion bows out with a hilarious self-deprecating joke.


3rd story is about a nurse who is suing the hospital she works after a man gave instructions that no black people were to touch his newborn.

Adam is now explaining why he should sue the hospital; he’s citing the pink and blue striped beanies that confused him.

Adam is asking Alison what she thinks about this case; Adam has a hilarious observation about hospitals and comes up with a solution for Klan members.

Adam is working out his thoughts on this case, he doesn’t like the lawsuit but he also doesn’t like the guy who pulled this crap.

Adam’s on a crazy riff about there not being any black storks and how racist that is, BB and Alison jump in with some good one liners.


BB has a question for Rorion about Brazil and their love of parades and now Adam is on a tangent about ass color.

Adam is arguing that Brazilian skin color is best suited for exposed butt cheeks; he’s citing how he came up with the idea while on the internet.

Alison has a funny question about trying to obtain that shade of skin for her butt cheeks, Ed quietly agrees and Rorion is vocal, nice.


4th story is on a lawsuit against another new app that is designed to measure dongs.

Adam is now asking Ed if he knows how the penis should be measured, Ed’s initial deadpan reply is killer and now that Adam has fleshed out the idea Ed seems to be kind of pleased with it.

Adam is calling for someone to sue Chubby Checker for fucking out the word twist, in reference to the name of this app.

Alison is asking Rorion about the most painful BJJ moves and now they’re all discussing choking people out, Adam is citing the Rowdy Roddy Popper anecdote from Kimmel’s house.

Ed just brought up the time Hulk Hogan choked out Richard Belzer live on stage, Adam is citing the time John Stossel got his ears boxed by a wrestler and now Adam is offering up some advice for hosts as the control room plays the clip of Belzer going out.


Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is doing a live read for Tax Resolution Center, he’s working in the story of his payment plan to the IRS for his back taxes when he was in his late 20’s.

Adam is explaining he recently told the story in front of Dr. Drew and he’s describing Drew’s very telling reaction.

Adam is wrapping the show with some plugs and a funny back and forth with Ed.