Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2013 – Pamela Adlon and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2013 – Pamela Adlon and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Pamela Adlon and David Wild

Recorded 02-26-2013 – Release Date 02-27-2013

Production Number #1023

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Adam is opening the show with a funny quip from David Wild; he almost touches on Adam being the Vicar of Christ. BB plays yesterday’s choice drop.

Adam has a funny observation about casting Pamela Adlon for two of his television pilots; he’s now referencing an interview with a “crunchy” reporter from Denver.

The guy was throwing out super obvious and lazy quetions for his hackneyed piece with predetermined conclusions that Adam could see a mile away, they got into a ridiculous argument over the McDonald’s menu.

Apparently the reporter even claimed to not own a computer when he was challenged on the topic, Adam then looked it up and of course proved himself correct, why do people even try, wasting Adam’s precious minutes.


Alison wants to clarify what the guy meant by “Fat shaming” and how Adam really feels about it, Adam is making some reasonable points and this Superfan sees both sides of it, he’s got a great point about “Woodstock” and credits a fan from twitter for it.

Adam sings for a quick beat and its gold, he’s now back to how this reporter wouldn’t stop harping on him with the right wing views bullshit.

Adam is now elaborating on his views that were never right wing, and how society came around to making him seem that way. He’s now crediting me for finding a clip from 12/22/1996 with Guest “Suicide Machines” and Dr. Bruce filling in.

All credit on this one is forwarded to the Kato to my Green Hornet, the Silver Surfer to My Galactus, the one and only Adam Dristle AKA Unclepenny. Unclepenny on Twitter.


Superfan Scoop

So Adam hits me up via email, asks for a clip basically showcasing his same viewpoints that he’s always had, I told him sure thing boss then jumped into a monumental needle in a haystack like adventure.

I’ve long argued that Adam hasn’t changed, not that he hasn’t evolved but that the things he advocates are based in logic and therefore don’t change based on whims, lifestyle or time.

I began to listen from the year 2000 downwards while Adam D. began from 1995 up, after at least 72hrs of listening for each of us and a handful of not quite right shorter clips he stumbled across this perfect gem that captured almost exactly what Ace seemed to be asking for.

We came through for our favorite dude, our radio dad and nothing beats that feeling.

And now back to the show


Adam is now setting up his life at the time and how he was living in an apartment with a roommate and still giving the same take on politics and society.

Adam is now playing the clip with some funny debate between Bald Bryan and himself about the higher pitched voice, some of it is the tape age and the transfer. Some of it is Adam himself as we’ve now heard digital perfect versions from 96 and it’s still higher.

Adam and Bryan are reminiscing about it being 96 and pre Anderson, Adam refers to the great Engineer Mike Dooley with great affection in his voice, nice pull BB!


Alison is now asking Adam to clarify what happened with his contract negotiations with Dr. Drew, Adam refers to their absences and for the record Adam has 63 and Drew has 111, those figures are averaged off of the full years we do have.

Adam Carolla was on Loveline for a total of 2615 episodes, including best of’s (we include them because they featured new content in the bumper segments).

Adam is explaining the rest of the contract negotiations and quoting the conversation with James Baby Doll Dixon about finally correcting his retroactive payment for the last year of loveline before he started his KLSX morning show.

Adam is now quoting the rarely touched on “yelling” he did at Drew off air in response to the contract dealings.


David Wild now has an amazing question for Adam about his KLSX morning show and if he thinks it would have changed the dynamic if he had been broadcast in every market across America.

Adam is now correcting the record to explain how the KLSX morning show was actually very successful and the blame for its demise lays more in the hands of the people meters and the ratings systems.

Adam is correct, the show ran for over 3 years and more than 700 episodes, it’s the forerunner for this program and it was podcasted since January 2006. Adam Carolla’s first official podcast was the KLSX ACS in January 2006 with over 7700 segmented mp3 files.

When that radio station switched formats he started a new podcast that was a mostly one on one format for the first 332 episodes then morphed back into the radio show format as it exists today.


Music Monday

David Wild picks “Solar Storms” by Josh Doyle and Adam picks the ending to two songs, the first he says was inspired by the Academy Awards, he’s now having them play “Goldfinger” and he’s riffing on how into gold the villain of the movie and protagonist of the song is.

Adam’s 2nd pick is the original “American Woman” he’s got a great in character reply as a woman to the singer, Dawson is now weighing in with some classic rock DJ insider info, nice!

Adam is now riffing on Lenny Kravitz in reply to David Wild, David’s now telling an anecdote about Lenny. Adam is now digging into the era where Lenny and Lisa Bonet were deep in their “deep soulful love” phase.


They’re all discussing Pamela Adlon who’s joining the show in a few, Bryan is telling the gang how he(really?) had to track down the last time Pamela was on the show for his book, it actually required that episode and a couple more.
Bryan has now set Adam up for the story of how he found out about his cancer and his meeting the next day with Dionne the line producer on his CBS sitcom.

Bryan is weighing in and filling in some of the details, Adam is explaining how he hooked Bryan up with a job after the radio show and why he was allowed to bring Bryan aboard.

Adam is now telling the guys about telling Dr. Drew about Bryan’s condition, he’s explaining Drew’s reaction to Lynette’s best friend Jennifer’s cancer diagnosis, he’s actually starting to choke up again, wow this is compelling.

Now everyone is laughing as the story takes a turn, Adam is explaining the Danny Thomas connection to Dionne and finishing up the story.

I never thought Adam could tell a new or more compelling version of this story; this might now be my favorite telling, pathos to the level of almost tears and gut busting hilarity!


Pamela is now making her 2nd appearance on the ACS, she was also on episode 200 of the ACS and you can find that episode in the official archive via the show link above.

Adam is now remarking on Pamela’s career and her work on “Californication” and how time seems to be passing faster because of cable television seasons.

Pamela is now referencing how far back she goes with Adam; she’s referencing her long lost 1996 Loveline promoting “King of the Hill” that will soon possibly be released by The Classic Loveline Podcast from

Pamela seems to vividly remember the appearance and has great fondness for their history, this is great.

Adam is now coercing Pamela into telling her story about Danny Thomas from the CBS pilot, Adam is getting into very specific detail despite his earlier claims to the contrary.

Adam is losing his shit and bringing up long lost details, this is also now my favorite version of this story, this is turning out to be a very awesome and very 2009’ish type of show.


Pamela is explaining how she’s attempting to change her life this year by saying yes to everything socially, she’s telling an anecdote and Adam is chiming in with some appreciation for the racial component.

Alison referenced Adam’s theory on Brazilian ass color, Adam is now explaining it to Pamela and they’re all checking out a photo of said type of ass.

Pamela is finishing the story and explaining the ironic twist of her story that resulted in the woman rolling around laughing, Pamela is now citing the marches in Washington D.C. of her youth.


Adam is now riffing on Jesse Jackson Jr. and Pamela has a great reply about a “rider”.

Pamela is going in depth on her trips to march with Jesse Jackson; Adam has a great reaction and ponders why super religious guys are always trying to get laid.

Adam is now reading the list of items purchased by Jesse Jackson Jr. with campaign funds, this is gold!



Relationship Calls

1st caller Bruce, Adam wants to know why Minnesota is so good to him and his career. Adam is citing the crazy level of Mangria sales to that state and Bruce confirms it with his recent purchase.

Bruce’s wife isn’t interested in sex after giving birth, Pamela has some immediate advice and Adam has some practical advice in the form of a question to the girls.

Bruce is getting a super in depth back and forth call, this is reminiscent of Classic Loveline and the Adam and Drew show.

Adam is now riffing on how someone is going to die in an ice fishing accident while happening to be drinking Mangria. Adam is now explaining ice fishing to Alison and Pamela.

They’re all going in depth on ice fishing and Pamela has a run of funny comments to close it out.


2nd Caller Connor, he can’t manage to keep his relationships alive longer than a year, he wants to know if that’s normal for his age or if he’s doing something wrong.

Adam has a hilarious reply right off the bat. Connor has a loveline-esque history and Adam is remarking on the shitty consolation that every victimizer was once a victim themself.

Adam has a crazy hilarious reply to Connor’s military provided therapy, whoa that was gold.

Adam is giving some great and helpful advice and Pamela has some caring words that pack a lot of weight, Adam is getting heavy on how one can overachieve in response to starting life with a handicap.

Adam is asking Pamela about therapy and now telling the gang about a call from an episode of “The Adam and Drew Show” recorded earlier in the day.


Alison’s News

Adam is doing a live read.

Her top story is about “The Onion” and the controversial tweet sent during the Academy Awards, Alison is reading the details and reactions.

Adam is now weighing in and Alison is remarking how Adam has called his daughter the very term Alison was told Adam would never say and Adam’s reply is amazing.

Alison is going off, this is great and now Adam is following up his take on this.

Alison is asking Pamela her take on the C word and now Adam is calling it back to “sticks and stones” to counterbalance the modern reaction in society.


Adam is now having Pamela set up a story from the CBS pilot; he’s filling in some details and getting her back to the beginning of it.

Adam is now posing all kinds of great questions about how he was supposed to emote to a dwarf that’s older than him about his little league games, hilarious reactions from Ace.

Adam is now explaining the greatest moment of his life, the ever rotating series of moments. Adam is now explaining the rest of the story and Pamela is remarking on the magical skills and speed of Gary and the rest of the podcast crew.

Adam is telling 3 stories at once and covering the casting process for his younger son from practically every angle, this episode proved to be a very in depth breakdown of the 2009 CBS sitcom pilot “Ace In The Hole”.

Adam is now going off on the note process from executives while working on pilots, Pamela is now mixed up with Adam’s TV pilots and they’re straightening it out after Alison wraps the news.


Adam is doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.