Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/20/2015 – Fee Waybill and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/20/2015 – Fee Waybill and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Fee Waybill and Matt Atchity

Recorded 08-19-2015 – Release Date 08-20-2015

Production Number #1642

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Adam is opening the show with Matt Atchity in studio, Adam talks about the Bee Gees song it’s based and hearing it earlier in the day.

Adam is now asking for some ‘The Tubes’ songs and explains how they he worked on the set decoration for one of their music videos.

Adam is sharing a “does she have her own mermaid outfit” conversation with the Tube manager and someone else.


Adam says he was driving home at 430am and got pulled over, Adam is describing the big open space they used to film the video.

Adam explains that ‘The Tubes’ are a legendary band and is now playing one of their songs to see if anyone recognizes it.

Adam talks about the song “you talk too much” and the evolution of song lyrics in rock music which eventually led to “rambling” and treated it like rock star peyote as if they were grandfathered in.


They’re now listing to the aforementioned ‘You Talk Too Much’ by Frankie Ford.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

What Adam’s mother in law would use if she was still here on earth?


Adam is sharing how he had one of those semi creative ideas in his dream that he was able to recall and isn’t as disappointing as those ideas usually are.

Adam is saying it’s a Budweiser commercial idea, he brings up the designated driver campaigns alcohol companies do.

Adam shares his “Buds, Wiser!” designated driver idea, which is damn solid!

Bryan is very complimentary and Adam shares his alternate idea.


Adam is making a point about the weird places our brains go to.

Adam says he slept in the same bed with his son every night, he talks about his son ends up creating a t shape against his hip, the kid thing.




Q and Ace

1st Caller Henry, he wants to know what it was like when Steve-O freaked out on ‘Too Late with Adam Carolla’ and Adam shares his experiences with drunken dude encounters.

Adam is describing the “you guys got any dip” fucking pussies’ story with him, August and Lynch.

BB has a great magnet moment and explains it, Adam is now back to where Steve-O “assaulted” him and Adam shares how he would have reacted had he not known him.


2nd Caller Brandon, he’s telling them about the fully sleeved nurse taking his blood, Adam is talking about his kids teacher with the nose stud, go-go boots and the kids knowing her first name.

Adam brings up the kid who told him he wasn’t supposed to be there.

Adam is envisioning the day the pilot shows up with flip flops and describes the uniformity of life when it comes to job positions.

BB asks Brandon if he has any brands, in addition to his tattoos.


Brandon is telling them about the anti-smoking commercials that came on while he was eating dinner with the family, Adam is now describing and episode of survivor where the contestants were eating bloody maggoty meat and then vomiting without censorship but the 6 inches of blonde lady butt crack was blurred out.

Adam asks him to get Lasagna tattooed on him, BB now comments on the Lasagna great magnet connection and Adam is back to Lasagna and pitches his test for if something is in need of censorship.

Adam is ranting about biggest loser commercials, he shares his funny take on boxers getting tattoos of their loved ones on their body and how their kids end up getting punched in the face.


Gina references ‘Idiocracy’


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read


3rd Caller Brandon, other Brandon.

He is bringing up Adam’s idea for standardizing shower controls for the United States, he explains how he tasked Mike Lynch with taking photos of every variant.

Adam is asking Gary if he can pull up the various examples.

Adam is talking about the “not a towel hanger” signs near the fire sprinklers that crack him up.


Adam talks about printing and faxing and how you never get the pages you need and waste ink/paper.


4th Caller Toni, she’s telling them about running a left arrow, Adam describes driving around another car and how he does it with his kids in the car now, telling them not to be lemming nor douches.

Adam says he runs red rights now too, when it’s safe, treating them like 4 way stops, Gina says she does it every morning, Dawson has his own recent anecdote.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Cast of ‘American Ultra’ edition

1st Movie ‘The Social Network’ (2010)

Adam and BB both love this movie, Adam is mixing upon how the RT system works and they all makes their guesses.

Adam shares what he said to Armie Hammer when he met him over at Jimmy Kimmel, telling him he was a big fan of his twin brother and to tell him next time he ran into him.


2nd Movie ‘Panic Room’ (2002)

Adam has added Kristen Stewart to his long list of women who would be miserable to sleep with him, Gina has some breaking news re: Kristen

They all new make their guesses.


3rd Movie ‘Take Me Home Tonight’ (2009)

They all make their guesses and BB has some background info.


4th Movie ‘Carlito’s Way’ (1993)

They all make their guesses and try to remember how the movie was received, Adam recalls Sean Penn and his character.


5th Movie ‘Lake Placid’ (1999)

Gary has the scores and they wrap up the game.


Adam is doing a Nature Box Live Read

Adam says the favorite was the blueberry almonds they brought by.

Adam is going to break.


They’re back from break with Fee Waybill making his ACS debut, Adam is trying figure out what genre they belong to.

Adam is telling him about being present for their video filming, Fee is explaining how originally they wanted to go with a ‘Freaks’ motif and how what they used was the alternative option.

Adam jokes about painting a 9 foot ballsack as punishment, Fee is in the mix and explaining what was going on at the time of that video.


Adam is giving out a plug for the band and their website, Adam is commenting on how the band evolved and asking about the scene they first emerged from.

Adam asks Fee about the San Francisco scene in the 1970’s and 1980’s the drug fueled weird that didn’t begin in the last decade as it’s easy to forget.

Fee tells them about coming from Arizona and moved to San Francisco, Fee’s telling them about making platform shoes out of tomato cans for one of their shows.


Adam is now arguing in defense of the manufactures of the cans, telling him that was not the manufactures intent, of course they failed as shoes.

Fee talks about the modern era or digital enhancement and the bygone era of payola, Adam says it’s cheating to use these digital tools.

Adam says having your hair capped, your hair fake, it’s cheating and it takes away from the people who actually have talent and skill.


Fee has a Dave Grohl Anecdote and Adam shares his dislike for sampling, for P. Diddy taking the riff from Led Zeppelin, Adam is asking him about how much theatricality goes into their performances.

He explains how he fell off a stage and broke his leg while swinging a chainsaw.

Adam is sharing his idea about someone lighting up the stages to help prevent injury to the artists.


Dawson is now asking Fee about an obscure reference from one of their albums, Fee explains the origins of it and how it was a sample.


Adam is doing a Mazda Live Read

Adam is talking about the perfect storm of out of it motorists, he describes how a woman pulled up behind him and just say their paused, she honked at him in his own drive way.

Adam pulled up and got out of the way, she had the wrong address and yet she was so sure she had the right place.


Adam is now describing his efforts to do a radio interview with a guy blocking his driveway, Adam asks him if he could move, he was just day dreaming and out of it.

Gina says it feels like aggressive passiveness not passive aggression.

Fee has a funny comment about Prius drivers, Adam likes seeing dogs and horses heads while driving, and Dawson is now playing the clip from one of their records.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the Jared Fogle case, Gina has all of the details of his plea deal.

Adam jokes about him landing on his feet, Adam has a funny Rodney Allen Rippy who he has brought up a few other times on ACS #1434 and ACS #1435 and ADS #147.

Adam jokes about Dawson looking like he’s been molesting kids all day, so he can’t molest kids but guys like Jared can sneakily do it due to their squeaky clean images and Dawson has a cool band name idea.


Gina has more of the details, she has an interesting take on his probably guilt due to his quick plea deal, Fee weighs in a bit and they move on.


2nd Story is an update on the Ashley Madison hack, she has the details of the information that’s been leaked and how you can now search the database.

Gary has an update on Josh Duggar and his involvement with the service.

Adam is joking about having Matt do foreplay for him in addition to setting up an account for him, hilarious riff.


Adam is talking about how you would explain the modern era to JFK, bullets to the head still very real, sleeping around and getting away with extramarital affairs not so much.


3rd Story is on the new ability to yelp your TSA experience, Adam is talking about the inconsistencies of TSA, he says McDonalds has the same menu globally, not really, not even in all of America, Hawaii serves spam, Poi/taro and coconut pies.

Adam is making a larger point about the airport security, Fee has an example of flying and seeing only dark skinned people subjected to secondary screening.

Fee is telling them about getting busted for smuggling one gram of weed and how that arrest from 1968 came up during the TSA interview for him to get pre-check status.


4th Story is on the FDA approval for a new female Viagra, Adam is joking about the placebo effect.

Fee brings up the side effects, Gina addresses the brain wiring issues and Adam explains how it’s not offensive it’s going to the source.

Adam is talking about how it’s purely a realistic aim for reaching the same goal, Gina has more details and wraps the news.


Adam is doing a ‘Rick and Morty’ Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, BB plays the drop of Adam saying ‘Mr. Poopy Butthole’ and they close things out.