Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/17/2014 – Marlon Wayans and Laura Ingraham

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/17/2014 – Marlon Wayans and Laura Ingraham

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Marlon Wayans and Laura Ingraham

Recorded 10-16-2014 – Release Date 10-17-2014

Production Number #1434

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Adam opens the show to an “honorary Wayans Brother” intro and BB has a strange 2012 Andrew WK tongue tied #TopDrop.

Adam is telling them about the post production work on his movie ‘Road Hard’ and Alison jokes about being recast, Adam reminds her that many people didn’t stay in the movie, but Alison did.

Adam describes the dog on the plane scene and how he’s been doing it “dry” before the sound mix was finished, he jokes about pissing his pants, and he says it’s much funnier now that the film is entering the final mix.


Adam has a great stew metaphor for working on post in a movie, he’s now bringing up Diane Farr and BB plays the Teresa and Laura Kightlinger drops about leaving the jokes to Adam.

Adam is now bringing up the 5+ female Loveline co-hosts who were forced on them by the network, Adam is describing his hesitance for the 3rd chair and how the network never admits they were wrong, they instead say “it didn’t work out” and Adam brings up the first co-host Kris McGaha.

Adam is now explaining that Alison should take this in the spirit in which it’s intended, Kris was going through a rough breakup while being tasked to give love advice on TV.


Adam is now bringing up the way men and women internalize and externalize emotions, Alison thinks she’s more like a dude that way.

This has never been discussed on air before, she was breaking up with Richard Jeni at the time, wow, and this is very involved.

Kris is amazing btw, a great person and was a solid co-host on the show.


Adam says it was never the person, it was the artificial 3rd chair that didn’t work for the format, he lists Diane Farr in the group of the “good ones” and Adam explains how he wanted to add some ADR lines for Diane during one of their scenes.

Adam says there is no substitution for sitting and living with something, BB asks about the bottom line, citing his “wall paper” analogy for life.

Adam is now asking BB to make him funny next time, Alison wisely remembers the wall paper talk and Adam explains why this is different.


Adam is now bringing up the driving/ticket scene in ‘The Hammer’ and how the 20 different cuts of the movie showed Adam swapping the seat, he instead left it off screen, for a funny reveal.

Adam is now explaining how he decided to brush his teeth and get the day rolling before telling Nate about the words he had for Diane to add to the scene, Adam got pissed at first and wanted to know why Nate didn’t tell him about her call time, Adam jokes about the 9:11/9/11 line Alison drops.

Adam is now saying it taught him to learn a lesson that he should’ve contacted him first thing when he woke up, Adam jokes about ‘Rescue Me Part 2’ and Alison wants to know if Diane can’t just do the pickup in Vegas where she’s filming something else.


Adam says you always must be punished for these things, it’s always her leaving town right then, otherwise there would be no pain for him to learn this lesson.

Adam says why go through life dwelling on the 80% you can’t control instead of working on the 20% you can.

Adam has an unlocked car door and stolen backpack metaphor for this.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read.


Dawson is now on mic telling him that Diane can do the ADR while in Vegas, he’s trying to sell him on how easy it is to find a good mic.

Adam says he sent a long email to her asking if they could get her to do this, Dawson is further explaining how to turn a hotel room into a quality studio.

Adam is going in depth on how this will bother him and could be an annoyance, along with how Diane has already done enough favors, so this might not be her top priority.


Adam is now giving an incredibly done house metaphor for his movie and how it would feel with this added dialogue and without it.

Adam is now once again bringing up Ivan Reitman’s house and the place that Oprah bought for 55 million nearby, his was a little bit better, which Adam took to mean it was worth a little bit more.

Adam cites a guy who restores 4 wheel drive vehicles as a further metaphor for attention to detail and making things perfect.


Laura Ingraham is now joining the show over the phone, she’s telling Adam about building her new house, in the DC area, and she refuses to say where on air.

She’s telling Adam about her reluctance to get involved with a build and uses her children as a reason why.

Adam says that even if she wasn’t a single mom that the dude in her life wouldn’t know how to build shit regardless, she tells Adam about being fired by MSNBC and CBS news and moving into radio in 2001.


Adam asks if there is any job equivalent to Lawyer that requires so much work that is abandoned almost immediately upon getting into it.

She’s now explaining how people will enter into law school as a failsafe when they have no other passion for a major.

Laura is steamrolling Adam a bit, he is now talking about nepotism in law, basically talking about assistant Jay without saying it, now he does name drop Jay.


Laura interrupts to clarify the absence of nepotism in her life/career choice.

She’s now going on about tipping wait staff after Adam reminisces about the old timey waitresses, Adam jokes about her being a hero and mocks her.

Adam is now bringing up the “shut up” he replied to the Arclight valet woman who was chastising the customers for not validating their tickets, he observed her laying into the 5 people in front of him, Adam is the fucking hero, shut up!


Adam is explaining about the “top down” way of managing employees and cites the employees at a post-production house working on the movie and how they catered to his every need, he made sure to tell the boss about how great of a job he’s doing.

Adam and compliments the employees at ‘In and out burger’ and BB compliments ‘Trader joes’ and Laura praises the staff at ‘Chick Fil A’.

Adam and Laura lament the TSA at LAX airport and she’s now telling them about a veterans benefit, she’s telling them about a WWII vet she met after a screening of ‘The Fury’ and how soldiers didn’t often stick their heads out of the tank.


Adam is asking her about the movie, she says it’s great and Adam says he loves WWII movies, and comments her conversation about men not being men, Adam jokes about standing up to cunty Arclight valets.

Adam is now bringing up how Matt Fondiler is 30 and can’t drive a stick, he says it’s scary.

Laura is telling them about donating a car to charity in 2005, a 1985 911 Cabriolet.


Adam is telling her about the skyrocketing value of everything Porsche and jokes about her taking the car back from the imaginary orphanage.

Adam is now wrapping up with Laura and imagining if LAX security was managed by Trader Joes staff, Adam is now making a point about how they should treat passengers like their employers.

Adam says when you remove competition and natural predators things get relaxed and lazy, Adam is using a bank of a river in the Serengeti and the gazelles carefully getting a sip of water and backing up vs. the Crocodiles sunning themselves spread out on the banks.


Adam says that Larry Bird needed Magic Johnson pushing on him a little bit, Adam is basically describing capitalism and human nature all as one thing, very insightful observation.

Adam says the people at Trader Joes are happier than the staff at LAX, you would think the opposite, total freedom and job security makes you complacent and resentful, much like the family member who you’ve done the most for hating you the most.

Adam says don’t do anything for everyone, get a fucking job at Trader Joes and shut your fucking mouth.


Q and Ace

1st Caller John, he offers to replace Matt Fondiler and Adam jokes about him being stuck to the couch and having a pee bucket, Gary gets on mic with a killer one liner, wow!

He wants Adam’s take on the more rally inspired 6 cylinder engines, the inline vs. v configuration, Adam is now explaining how the engine in his Paul Newman car is great but a bit squirrely to drive.

Adam is saying you should appreciate all cars, he doesn’t get the guys who are “just” into certain types or models, like men who only like one kind of women, Alison has an insightful Asian chick comment.

Adam has a wicked movie analogy.


2nd Caller Andrew, he says he’s been a huge fan for 14 years, he wants to know more about the secret room that his father in law was asking Adam to install in his house.

Adam is now sharing how he fantasizes about a napping room, he describes an isolation tank and BB calls him on it.

“You’d beat off in their so fast” – Alison on Adam’s hypothetical nap room.


Adam explains he did build one such room at his old house, he says you don’t need to go full Jodie Foster and how he made a walk in closet into his own safe room.

Adam is explaining how he put a cell phone in the secured room and told his wife to use the cellphone to call 911 and how it became tricky when the kids entered into the mix, he explains that her running to rescue them would be bad for all of them.

She needs to lock herself in the room to protect them and save them, BB and Adam joke about the type of criminals who would/could break in.


Adam said he also put a weapon in there too, he says it was not much work to make it reinforced and use NRP hinges.

A 200$ retrofit that a handyman could complete, BB laments his walk in closet that wouldn’t work for this type of modification.


3rd Caller Mike, Alison has to pee, Mike wants to know about the internet videos showing cops pulling people over only to be antagonized by them.

Adam jokes that he said antagonize like ‘Pete the Puma’ and Adam jokes about the lump humor of a bygone era.

Adam is unsure where this is leading and laments the “you’re not the boss of me” attitudes among most people.


Adam says it seems like everyone is an asshole and now films themselves being an asshole, Adam says the best way to deal with cops is like dealing with a beehive, yes sir and no sir is the most expedient way to get through the encounter.

Adam says 89% of the time being respectful will get out of an unpleasant encounter, he says to think of them like a guy in his underpants with a gun, Adam asks how you would treat that human being and to follow that instinct.


They’re heading to break


They’re back from break

Marlon Wayans is making his ACS debut and possibly his first interview with Adam unless he has a lost Loveline episode from the “Wayans Brothers” WB sitcom era.

Solid ‘What Not to Watch’ intro from Dawson and Lynch.

Adam plugs Marlon’s upcoming gigs, they’re talking about the Wilbur Theater and Marlon shares his love for David Alan Grier who was recently playing the Wilbur.


Adam is now bringing up the “Funniest guy you know” question and how it doesn’t work that way, Tim Allen has made way more than anyone else, but DAG is funnier.

Adam is telling them about how it’s not about the horse power your putting out, it’s how much makes it to the wheels, he references Josh Gardner and Marlon has a funny one liner saying that Adam gloms onto, gold!

Marlon is breaking down the comedy within his own family, Adam is asking if Keenan is the smartest one when it comes to business and Marlon is praising Keenan’s looks and new paleo lifestyle, sharing how he’s getting more ripped with age.


Adam is asking how important Keenan was for Marlon and his comedy career, he says extremely and explaining why.

Marlon explains how they would have followed Keenan regardless of where he went, citing the oldest brother who is dead who descended into drugs and died.

Marlon is paying tribute to his late brother Dwayne/Duane and sharing some thoughts on drug addiction and crack.


Adam is asking Marlon about asses and black men, what’s the connection and he mocks white guys how like tiny asses.

Adam is sharing his theory about not having enough cock to deal with that hip hop ass, Marlon says he needs the extra space, Adam is fully spelling out his theory, the “grab your base of the dick and still have enough to use as a weapon” theory.

Marlon is sharing his theory on women using oral sex to test if they want to fuck a guy, Marlon is joking about making shapes in big asses like ass angles or some shit.


Adam is now asking him about the black stereotype about black men and big asses on women, Marlon is now listing some of his white buddies and how he feels about white models and their frames.

“I don’t want to put my dick in you and see it” – Marlon

Adam is now explaining that the white guys are on their way out in the NFL, Marlon says black men will out felony the white guys and the only people left will be white players.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings live read.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on a 17 year Old’s who parent was arrested for him bringing a gun to school, Adam shares his appreciation for a story out of Japan where a guy killed someone and his father committed suicide out of shame.

Alison explains that to Marlon and they riff for a minute.

“I like the Japanese because they kill themselves” – Adam

They’re now reacting to the Will Rogers high school and how the percentage of students who go there who know who Will was.


Adam explains the Amelia Earhart separate school attached to his high school, where his sister went.

Marlon says it sounds like the cast of ‘Stand and Deliver’ and BB references ‘Dangerous Minds’ and Adam brings up the connection to yesterday’s show.

Marlon shares his lamentations about not being part of the ‘Breakfast Club’ and now Adam is lamenting about being picked up hitchhiking by the large dude from the movie ‘Stand and Deliver’ and recalls this discussion was during his Carcast podcast.


Marlon is now sharing a story of driving with Quentin Tarantino and his driving skills, Adam jokes about him being the wheel man and 2nd story man.

BB brings up ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and tells him about his performance, saying it was one of the best dramatic performances by a comedic actor ever done.

“We all have fucking tears” – Marlon on comedy vs. Drama


Marlon shares his experience in comedy, how he gets a high after performing and Adam says he wants to kill himself.

Alison now cites a reality show that Marlon put together where Standups went up against YouTube/Vine comedians.

Marlon shares that the comedians are the better writers, Adam is citing the Malcom Gladwell rule of 10k hours and how there is no replacement for time logged on stage.


Marlon shares why he got into standup so late, he thought he was going to be comedic actor of the family and he praises how the “audience in your head” helps him craft better material and bits.

Marlon references Rodney Allen Rippy and Adam explains who he is in pop culture history, Adam jokes about being a racist and being offended by Bryan’s question about the man/boy.

Marlon is trying to timestamp Rodney’s afro and explains the logic behind it.


“Someone would have called if something happened to Rodney, they know how I feel” – Adam

Adam jokes about him running for Mayor of Compton and how they don’t have a physical office, you just keep running until you escape the city.

Marlon once again shares his “fuck girls with little hands” approach to dating and Adam connects that to avoiding the large ass, Marlon says they’ve found common ground and are now connected.


They’re now playing the clip of Rodney’s ‘Jumbo Jack’ commercial.


Adam is doing a live read


2nd Story Is on the white house rejecting an Ebola travel ban, Alison is explaining the reasoning behind the rejection and BB has a powerful sniff worthy point about travel between American and Africa and the historical context.

Adam says he’s not worried about the Ebola thing and Marlon shares his son’s concerns about it, Adam is asking him to think about how they grew up and the lack of concern for germs.

Marlon says AIDS fucked it all up and now Adam is once again arguing against the Purell obsession among people and avoiding germs.


Adam is mocking Marlon’s meal of seaweed and other foods that looked like extruded poop, Adam mixes up Rodney’s name and they joke about him being molested.

Marlon is praising his probiotic lifestyle and shares he’s 42, holy shit he looks like he’s 25.


3rd Story Is on the 25 million donated by Mark Zuckerberg towards Ebola, Adam is now saying we shouldn’t put “for him” after the story, Alison explains we want the pound of flesh, Adam says it’s how chicks roll, it’s not about the cost, it’s about how much it hurt.

Adam is mocking the reaction to 25 million being given when the amount donated combined by everyone we know is 0.

Marlon jokes about Ebola payouts, Adam says don’t make the proclamations about changing the world, people will just end up mocking you.


Adam is now critiquing the idea of taking a group and asking what they’ve done for the world based on their profession.

Adam says 25 million is 25 million and Alison wraps the news.

BB is playing some drops from Marlon who doesn’t recall what he said literally 5min ago, wow!


Adam is now doing a live read for E-Voice.

They all joke around as they wrap up the show, Solid episode, Marlon should come back ASAP!