Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/20/2014 – Howie Mandel

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/20/2014 – Howie Mandel

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Guest Howie Mandel

Recorded 10-19-2014 – Release Date 10-20-2014

Production Number #1435

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Adam opens the show to a decent intro about fist bumps and being a ‘People-phobe” and BB plays the Marlon Wayans drop from him in character as Rodney Allen Rippy being molested.

Howie Mandel is in studio and Alison shares her lack of a honeymoon phase during the 1st 6 months of marriage, Howie mentions this is the first time meeting Alison and she mentions the “Porn Star’s sister” who filled in for her, meow!

Adam is now asking Alison if she’s wired this way and sharing his own thinking about the only potential for negative, all he can do is fuck up.


Alison has a killer deadpan explanation about finding Daniel and being married, she says that her joy has been beaten out of her by life and cites her dead dog.

Howie is making his 4th appearance on the ACS and Adam is praising him for how gracious he was in working with him on ‘Road Hard’ and now Howie is mocking him for not bringing up his talent and performance.

Adam is citing how Leno is equally gracious and how he makes it less difficult in a town where everyone makes everything nearly impossible.


Howie is sharing his take on the business and seeking opportunities, he struggled for years to get them, why turn his back now that he’s arrived where he wanted to be.

Adam is now adding David Alan Grier to the list of very good actors who are also comedians and Howie cites his 6 years on ‘St. Elsewhere’ and now I’m having visions of the “Tommy Westfall Universe”.

Adam explains Howie is great without the benefit of editing and production, he shows up great and stays great throughout the editing of the film.


Adam explains how peoples have very little room to encompass the entire being of others, they see you as something and that’s it, citing his work on ‘America’s Got talent’ and how that leads people to doubt his acting prowess.

Howie is sharing how he will be live tweeting his show on TBS ‘Deal With It’ and he explains the premise after Adam shares his experience working on it with him.

Howie plugs the next episode where a mother teaches her daughter how to put a condom on in the middle of a restaurant.

Adam is sharing the weirdness of trying to make your kids into fans of not only you and your work but the concept of your level of success relative to other people they see in movies and on TV. Now Adam explains how Howie’s show ‘America’s Got Talent’ is something they do (his kids) appreciate and implies he can exploit that show and his connection to Howie.


Adam is now explain the exposure and experience on a Late Night show relative to something like America’s got Talent where the judges are varied in their reactions, Stern and Howie “dance” for the show and audience and how Heidi Klum refuses to participate,

Adam says Heidi looked in the mirror once at 14yrs old and said “Ah Fuck It!” and explains the privilege of her beauty and what it allows her to get away with relative to her co-stars/hots on her various projects, he used to complain about her and her judging on ‘America’s Top Model’ and Howie is continuing to defend Heidi.

Adam accepts the language barriers excuse/reason and Adam is now having Howie elaborate on the filming schedule and audition processes for the show.


Adam and Howie joke about Howard Stern’s intense schedule, where he sleeps early in the evening and likes to grab dinner at 3:30pm in the city during the week.

Howie is explaining how he and Stern are polar opposites when it comes to off air needs, Howard Stern mediates and likes to be alone and calm, Howie hates being alone.

Adam is now defending Howard Stern’s talent and people’s questions about how he would behave/perform on prime time network TV.


Adam is waxing on about acting appropriate in a venue, much like him on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ “You Witch!” – Adam

Adam mixes up ABC and NBC, Howie has a brief pause and corrects him politely.

Adam has some funny “dropping” various “bombs” comedy, some weird music or clip is now laying in underneath the show audio.

Everyone notices it and comments on it, Adam rightly says that’s never happened, a YouTube clip played on the wrong computer, iPod or playlist accident?

Adam is explain that every conversation now seems to have an extra lap in it, the “did you feed her” questions about Molly.


Adam is telling them about filming his show ‘Catch a Contractor’ where a producer was checking with the camera crew about “fresh batteries” and Adam has a solid gas tank analogy.

Howie says it’s hard to think and listen at the same time and uses the gum analogy, Adam has a funnier “blow a/blowing Seal” variant on that.

Adam is talking about his wife’s fear coasting to a stop while asking about Molly, hilarious scream reply.


Howie is explain how he notices how people often have varied reactions to his performances, he says you can’t hit a metaphorical bullseye with everyone and really can’t control how your material, words and actions might land.

Adam is now riffing a fake pre-interview for a late night show, specifically ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ Adam is playing the same dude he always plays, the producer.
Once again Howie references ‘St. Elsewhere’ and the Tommy Westfall universe is once again integrated into the show without him mentioning it.

Howie is explaining how he used to do the glove on the head bit and explains how it was not anything special, mocking himself, Adam says he likes the bit.

Adam is now admiring how successful he was as Howie shares a specific anecdote of his material and that closer not going over with someone in his past.


Alison remarks on how many people don’t have a sense of humor, Adam says the people who have the least sense of it are the ones who declare how great theirs is.

Howie is sharing the history of his talk show appearances and connection to the ‘Joan Rivers Show’, he’s explaining how Chris Rock was Eddie Murphy’s protégé and how he did the final ‘Joan Rivers Show’ and failed on his opening joke, he then jumps for his closing bit after 25 seconds into his act.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings live read, smooth transition Ace.


They’re now looking at the picture of Chris on his first T.V. appearance and Adam is sharing his love for Joan with Howie, they both agree she could’ve and would’ve kept going and they both discuss her documentary and Joan’s inability to settle and stop working.

BB is asking Adam about the idea of guesting on late night TV and how he’s expected to do well, so he can only fail.

Adam is not going to change his thinking and says he feels a sense of satisfaction and gratitude, Howie says he disagrees with BB’s analogy to professional sports.


Howie and Adam are doing a great job of articulating the lack of importance of any single appearance and how you need to keep winning to keep playing.

Adam is now bringing up his racing and Howie asks Alison if she’s sick, more sneezing off mic?

She assures him she’s not, I can vouch for her dude, she’s sneezes at other people talking for some reason, read the other sidebars for proof.


Adam is asking Howie about his career options and ability to generate work, he says can’t sit and write, he doesn’t have an office, desk or chair, he just wanders around his office, he says he literally can’t sit.

BB continues to joke about being an author with Howie.


Q and Ace and Howie

1st Caller Gonzo he wants to know about Howie’s proposed show with ‘Ronnie the Limo Driver’ a variant on ‘Bar Rescue’ for strip clubs.

Howie is explaining how he grew up around a club, his dad owned one with stripper including ‘Princess Snowball’ and his horrific take your son work days, which were probably many days, explains a bit of the germ thing…

Adam says that Ronnie is the exact same guy one and off air.


2nd Caller Joe, he is telling Adam about a woman he was seeing who broke up with him as he arrived in her city to start a new life together with her.

Adam is asking Joe about his plan, he says just wants to smoke pot and eat ice cream on the beach, Howie asks about that specificity.

Adam wants to know how Adam soldiers on and gets it done, BB plays the “You’re a homo” drop.


“You’re essentially Superman with a Kryptonite Suppository” – Adam on men at age 26

Howie tells him about living in the now and highlights the positive stuff he has going for him, Adam brings up internet porn after how brings up internet dating.

Adam is explaining how he would cry himself to sleep with a Playboy in his day, now at 25 with a computer you’re done, you got it.


BB says the guy you need to worry about is the guy who never goes through this, Howie is sharing how this is nothing new and everyone goes through it, Alison is chiming and contributing nicely.


Adam is now doing a live read for Onnit, he praises the hemp protein bar and Alpha Brain, he’s right it works.

Adam is now mocking dyes multivitamins and how they seem counterintuitive to health and how declares his love for and of Buffalo meat, he seems emphatic about buying this stuff and Adam offers him to try one of the bars before he leaves.

Alison has a funny reaction to Howie’s declaration and explains it to him.


Alison’s News.

Howie digs into the buffalo meat and loves it, Adam is also laughing now and brings up the time Howie got his buzz on for Cinco De Mangria as he plugs the new Mangria formulas.

ACS #1071

Howie loves that meat, man.


1st Story is on Bono’s glaucoma and use of glasses, Adam says that all the cool guys needed glasses due to eyesight problems, BB mocks Adam’s hilarious list.

Adam says he’s turned the corner on Bono, Howie wants to understand the controversy of him and the band giving out their album for free, Adam is mocking the current state of our culture where people are just waiting to react and be upset.

Adam references a snow globe full of retarded people, once again getting the Tommy Westfall Universe into the show, holy shit this is weird.


Adam is asking how much power you want to give other people over you, Howie’s phone goes off and Adam jokes about it being Joe Rogan because of his connection to Onnit and their excellent products.

Alison and Howie learn that for the first time and Howie asking Adam about his passion relative to his attitude about the person “backing their car down the driveway of life” and how things aren’t being directed at him.

Howie says we all have or little triggers and Adam explains that people need to stop internalizing everything while stilling be outraged or upset.


Howie is sharing his lack of fear of Ebola and Alison wants to know his triggers he alluded to, he changes the subject and has a killer Ebola joke.

Adam is now backing Alison up and asking him again, he says “Space Invaders” and Adam thinks he means the arcade game, he has a funny reaction and shares some actual ones after clarifying his statement.

Adam is now joking about Howie having a handshake glory hole where Howie can protect himself from his fans and their germs.


Howie shares his old process for meet and greets, where he would hide under a table in the dark and totally leave them with a bizarre impression of him.


2nd Story is on the riot at a pumpkin festival, hilarious ICP reference from Alison, she explains what seems to have happened and quotes some participants.

Adam is sharing his love for ‘Punkin Chunkin’ and Alison has a nice use of “Trebuchet” and they have to explain what it is to Howie, I wonder if she ever played ‘Age of Empires’ maybe she’d enjoy real time strategy video games over platformers.

Adam is going super in depth on the various pumpkin launchers and he says it’s one of the great things about this country, it’s doing fucked up stuff just to say we’re doing it, the thing that’s great is also what’s fucked up the “just because we can” element.


Adam is now riffing about showing this to ISIS as BB personifies the organization and asks follow up questions.

Adam is explaining how too much PSI and getting Greedy results in an exploding pumpkin “Pie” and Howie is further explaining how America has only one mode in some cases, Adam is back to the breeding of the pumpkins.

Alison cites all of the Instagram pictures she’s seeing of people at Pumpkin Patches and doing the holiday stuff, Howie brings up the people he knows who were in the riot.


3rd Story is on the 4k $ toothbrush, Alison brings up rapper ‘2 Chainz’ and unknowingly comes up with a new bit, nice catch BB ‘Real or Fake Rapper/Rap Name’ and Ace would lose every time.

Howie riffs about the town name of ‘Sultan’ and now Adam is explaining how you’ll always sell more of these at 4k than 41.00, it makes it seem special and Adam is further riffing about Mr. Chainz.

Alison closes the news to her “Soul mate” drop from earlier, Alison says this show is doing her marriage so much damage.


Adam explains that Lynette has finally stopped listening to the show, it wasn’t making her happy nor money, so she’s taking an indefinite break.

Adam is dancing around how it might not be in Daniel’s best interest to keep listening while it’s supportive and kind, Howie is riffing about how Alison is unable to share her joy about her marriage.

Alison has some killer reactions, this is so good!


Adam is doing Live Read.


Adam is back to how you don’t always want to see how the hotdog is made and BB jokes about Alison’s “impeding divorce” simultaneously with Adam, killer!

Alison has another awesome objection and reaction, hilarious delivery, she’s so funny!

Adam is now wrapping up the show and plugging Howie’s projects, BB plays Howie’s pants/constant boner drop.