Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2015 – James Deen and Lynette Carolla

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/20/2015 – James Deen and Lynette Carolla

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest James Deen and Lynette Carolla

Recorded 07-19-2015 – Release Date 07-20-2015

Production Number #1619

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Adam says he told Sonny he wouldn’t be coming on the show and he was cool with it, Adam finally says hi to the guy and shares how he heard from Brian Grazer’s people contacting him.

Adam describes his radio tour and Natalia’s jump rope completion, he had to have Matt Fondiler schedule the call before or after the tournament.

Lynette joins them and remarks how she can’t hear them, Adam mocks her and says that’s because she’s drunk.


Adam is now telling them about the mysterious number that was just a spam call for a free trip to the Bahamas.

Lynette is telling them about the jump rope completion, she shares that Adam busted out some moves, he says he had to keep it real.

Lynette is now breaking down what happened, as discussed on two of the most recent episodes of ‘For Crying Out Loud’ ‘Heads Will Fucking Roll’, ‘Go Watch Sesame Street or Something’ and Adam and Dr. Drew Show #256.


Lynette is hitting all of the beats, Adam is stopping to go over the events and Gina is offering some light commentary as well.

She’s breaking down the back and forth between the two men she had nothing to do with, Adam is asking about the part of humanity where people have a couple of cocktails and then destroy their own lives.

Lynette shares how she was kicked off the plane along with the creepy and possibly dangerous guy who caused the incident.


Adam is ranting up a storm about the society we’ve built for ourselves and how an airline customer can’t even get a minute to share their side of the story.

Adam is asking Lynette who the person is who yells at these “dumbest people you went to high school with” that are the staff who make up the “Gilded Cage of Minimum Wage” and Lynette comments on how southwest sent her a dm on twitter.

Lynette is describing the email she got in reply, Adam is interrupting to explain how if we allow people to claim they feel threatened over anything or anytime, we can’t account for those with a crushed psyche.


Lynette is now reading the email, the email is awful and Adam is now commenting on the way people heighten everything and add OMG!!! To everything.

Gina offers up a possible counter point, she shares that they let the older guy back on the plane, she didn’t say a word to the guys during the argument.

Adam says we have removed the human component to the employees of southwest, now everyone is a robot, we’ve created a society of robots unable to reason.


Adam is bringing up Howie Mandel, Adam shares how Howie moved after building a house from the ground up in Malibu, because the neighbor was such a colossal dick.

Adam says we have a society that rewards that dickhead neighbor, Adam wants to know what the fuck is this and jokes about 50 year old adults banging on your door about scented candle fumes.

BB is shocked that the law is on the side of the crazy people, Adam comments on the guy telling Howie to turn down his TV as he had to get up early to go surfing.


Adam tells Gina that dicky neighbors get shittier up the food chain and they wrap up with Lynette, nice job!

Adam comments on how excited he was when he thought his neighbor’s house was ablaze.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read

“This won’t burn” – Adam


Adam says the biggest problem is you cannot ask for 10 seconds to ask for a chance to explain yourself in today’s world, Adam is doing another lap ranting about this.

Adam tells BB it’s not on the back of their minds, they know they’re trapping you overnight and Adam comments on how you cannot build up any currency or sway with any company, he’s lamenting the death of the rewards/frequent flyer benefits of days gone by.

Adam has a deep insult for Dawson, nice reaction!

Adam is commenting on the dumbest people you went to high school with and starts ranting about them being the first line of contact and front and center all day.


Adam is crushing it with these rants, Adam is perhaps generating one of the Rant of the Year contenders for the upcoming Ace Awards in December.

No is dumb to people what spinach is to Popeye, Adam says dumb people are dumb and smart people need to tell them to drop their attitudes and bring it down a notch.

Adam wants an SAT score and IQ next to the name on the badge of TSA agents, BB and Gina are weighing in on the all-star team of idiots, Adam says he’s for dumb people and we don’t need a bunch of dreamers.


Adam comments on his son, he says he’s good at some things and needs to work harder in others, Adam is trying to recall a name to find a tape of LAPD, and Gina seems to have some of the info.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe Live Read


They’re now watching the video footage of “hands up/hands down” and the guy that was executed in the street in Gardenia, Adam asks why this isn’t racism if he’s white/Hispanic.

Adam is commenting on these idiots who murdered this guy, Adam asks where Al Sharpton is now, does he only care about cops murdering people like him, Adam thought it was about cops overstepping and violence against citizens.

Adam has a killer rant and penis one liner, Adam takes it back to Tom the caller he almost talked to about 10min ago.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he wants to know about why Ray can’t seem to overcome his own nature, Adam is sharing his take on adults being fucks up and ruining their own lives.

Adam comments on fuck ups having immense pride in how they approach life, Gina shares her own observations on unemployment.

Adam is now making a point about Ray, he is sharing the ‘Ace on the House’ payment story.

Adam explains the full details of what happened, Adam then cut Ray back in to his full percentage once they started getting sponsors.


Adam says that people are like dogs, they’d rather eat the same shitty food rather than anything new, Adam explains the various bad messages society sent Ray early on.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Learn to drive stick rite of passage edition


Adam plugs #LOTJ Lord of the Jungle their ongoing amazon click through campaign

Adam plugs the Tony Little ‘Take a Knee’ and comments on how Tony was able to take his limited IQ HP and make something of it, unlike Ray who might have some brain power over Tony.

They head to break


They’re back from beak with a listener voicemail.

Adam is asking James about Japanese crying as requested in the voicemail, James is making his 3rd appearance, he was last on ACS #1501 and before that he was on ACS #1135 and if you are a ‘For Crying Out Loud’ Listener then you get the extra layer of hilarious coincidence going on with the dual booking on this show.

Adam wants to know if we pass any judgement on white dudes with Asian women, he comments on the “and they listen” reply he often hears.


James has a story, he explains how an Asian girl refused to sleep with him, and he describes the bizarre Japanese porn film he starred in.

Adam is asking why the Japanese people didn’t want to sleep with the white guy or gal, he says they view us as dog people.

Adam is commenting on the people he knows that if they were ever a star they would be a huge douchebag, he is now extrapolating that to countries and comments on how The United States and Canada are both fine with remaining in status, Japan would take over the world.


Adam is now setting up a clip of Tony Little from the most recent Take a Knee

Adam is mocking the notion of white privilege with the clip of Tony’s life story.

Adam is asking James about his latest project, no Jizz this time in ‘Overkill’ and Adam asks him about the release model/plan for the movie.


Adam shares how his mom and his stepdad came by to visit and says this is the computer/internet failing him, he explains they asked him what was up with ‘Winning’ his Paul Newman doc, they did see ‘Road Hard’ and Adam explains why this sadder than if they were simply jealous and passive aggressive.


Adam is doing an Onnit Live Read


Adam is getting to the familial trigger topics, Adam says his mom is 82 and a mess, he is arguing against her beliefs regarding hidden dangers in everyday life.

His mother brought him a 6 pack of German beer and describes how she told him about their beer regulations, Adam is quoting her and mention the embalming fluid she believes is added to American beer.

Adam says he explained where his beer comes from and how he even visited the Coors factors and didn’t see any vats of formaldehyde.


Adam asks how this has served her, she uses a walker.

Adam is now riffing about her long hirsute of believing nonsense.

Adam has a killer point about the Nazi’s and Lotzi, he then riffs his way out on a tangent with him as Elliot Ness


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the shark attack during the surfing completion, Gina has the video and Adam credits the increase in shark news coinciding with ‘Shark Week’ on ‘The Great Magnet’.

They all joke about it and move on.


2nd Story is on Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain and his war hero status, Adam loves these wild comments as they amuse him.

Adam is sharing the history of John McCain and some of the greatest naval disasters of all time, Adam is now breaking down Trump’s logic.

Adam compliments John’s amazing character after Gina reminds him of his time as a prisoner of war and his brave choices.


Adam is asking for a count on his total kills, Adam reiterates his point about John owing the U.S. government a shit-ton of money.


3rd Story is on D.L. Hughley’s comments about the Caitlyn Jenner award at the ESPY’s, Adam says he agrees with the point about people doing anything they want, we don’t have to label you beautiful.

Gina asks James about his onscreen partner’s age range, James has a smart take on personal freedom and Adam is now using Lance Bass and the rumors about his sexuality to make a point about how human beings work.

Adam is now offering up another more complex analogy using the same Lance Bass theory.


4th Story is on the increased role men are playing in modern wedding planning, Adam says the only shower dudes should be attending involves removing stripper glitter.

Adam is now asking if the left wants us all to become one human being or celebrate our differences, he makes a killer point about hating assimilation of culture while demanding assimilation of gender and orientation.

James seems to be in full agreement, he even says “what Adam said!” he’s a delightful guest!

Gina wraps up the news to the new “thanks a lot your weirdo” drop from Lynette.


Adam is doing a Live Read for the Nest Smoke Detector

Gary informs Adam that the guy who came up with the Nest also designed the style of the iPhone and Adam jokes it must have been who he knew, Adam loves the way it uses a light to alert you when the batter is low instead of a chirp.

Adam is wrapping up the show and giving out the plugs, he mentions another Mangria Bar crawl with Lynette, gives out the plugs for James and his new movie project and BB plays Adam’s “The way you get the title of dumb person is by being dumb” quote.