Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2013 – James Deen

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/05/2013 – James Deen

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest James Deen

Recorded 08-04-2013 – Release Date 08-05-2013

Production Number #1135

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Adam has a very spirited intro and BB has a muted #TopDrop, BB is explaining it and now trying to get a beefed up volume version.

Adam is thanking everyone for helping sell out the Wiltern, Adam is explaining that it felt more like a rock concert than a stand up show and he’s right, the Superfan agrees and witnessed exactly what he’s describing.

Adam is now explaining how Jay was performing on his feet, Dawson is on mic to confirm the rock concert vibe of the show.


Dawson is sharing how much fun it was to be blasted through the giant stacks at the Wiltern, he’s sharing some of the technical details and they’re now discussing the show, great laughter from the booth, this is wonderful!

Adam is back to Jay and his unbelievable performance, Adam is now bringing up the weird moment of being invited to see Chicago at the Greek Theater with Mike August, but took the night off after a busy week to prepare for the Wiltern show, interesting reveal.

Adam is now complimenting Chris Maxipada for his fantastic work helping him par down his usual material to fit with Jay’s set and the Bill Simmons “Basic Cable Classics” breakdown.


Adam is now revealing how Al Pacino was on stage for a movie during the very concert Mike August was attending.

The story was relayed to Jay Mohr and he instantly dialed Al Pacino on speakerphone, Adam’s discussing how weird and it cool it was until it felt like it crossed a line and where it could have possible gone awry.

They’re now admiring the funny photo Adam and shirtless Jay took between sets, Adam is now remarking on the range of Al Pacino playing Kevorkian, Jo Paterno and Phil Spector.


Adam is explaining how he had to coach Sonny’s team this week, he doesn’t know any of the kids names and had to get everyone’s name and number on a piece of paper, great one liners from Ace.

Adam is now reading the names of the kids on his son’s basketball team, echoing the riff he did about it at the Wiltern.

Adam is now going over the list again so they can triangulate the most normal of all the children’s names.


Adam just declared that they won despite Sonny scoring 0 points and his own struggles with the bizarre names of the kids on the team.

Adam is now breaking down the kid’s abilities, dribbling and setting up picks.

Adam has a quick anecdote about his heart beaming with pride as a father after Sonny was forced to remove his friendship necklace before the game began.


Adam is now telling the gang about Lynette taking the kids out for a Mani/Pedi, BB’s incredulous reaction is priceless.

Adam is now declaring that “Manny Pedy” would be a great name for a NASCAR Driver, hilarious helmet through the windshield closer.

Adam has some more thoughts on the male customers at the salon along with Sonny’s choice of shade for his nails.


Adam is now back to the idea of preparing food for children, Adam wisely states that thinking because people are of a certain race or income level means they can’t do what you do is racist.

The same POV behind the counterpoint that destroyed Gavin Newsom’s argument when he guested and that several media outlets we’re too limited to understand.

Adam is back to the mani/Pedi topic.


Gary and Dawson are now on mic playing a clip of Dawson announcing the Q & Ace segment after the brief intermission.

Alison is now telling Adam about a writer pal of her who interviewed Adam and found it impossible to believe that Adam was “functionally illiterate”.

BB is now doing a quick funny jag mocking said reporter’s disbelief, Adam is now sharing another point that demonstrates true racism, his “dyslexia vs. fell through the cracks” based on skin color idea.


Adam is explaining how one cannot learn to read and write and how it can spiral into a secret shame, Adam is now sharing a rare story of his best friend from his ACME theater days.

He’s citing his buddies deep resistance to friendly weekend softball games between improv troops, Adam is now sharing how he was able to decipher his friend’s issue dating back to his childhood.

Alison is calling it “P.E. Trauma” and now Adam is comparing his own version of this fear, citing the time he spelled girls with a u “Gurls” and how that lead to him picking up trash and digging ditches, this is very compelling.


Hooray for BaldyWood

BB went to see “2 Guns” he had no desire to see the movie, Adam is explaining the movie a bit to Alison and describing how it looks like “nothing and a thousand things”.

Adam just informed us that Producer Gary thought the movie was awful, Adam is now reading the Rotten Tomatoes score.

Adam is now sharing how he thinks these movies come to exist, BB’s jumping in and they’re using this “mutual flattery” angle to improv how these deals are leveraged.


BB saw “Blackfish” instead and he’s now breaking down the story about this documentary and Adam is now arguing an angle to be fair to the killer whales and their limited options for murder, hilarious!

Adam would like to think the whales would choose the non-trainer if given the option of killing other people, Adam is saying there is nothing sadder than the collapsed dorsal fin.

BB is comparing this movie to “The Cove” and finishing up his review of “Blackfish”, Alison wants to know about the trainers appearing in the documentary.


Adam is now doing his riff about Schwarzenegger playing characters with distinctly American names and now a simple line of dialogue could have solved all the problems of his films and his accent.

BB is recombining “Sapphires” available to rent this Tuesday.


Adam is telling the gang about the progress on “Road Hard” and why everything over a million helps to cover the PayPal and fund anything fees.

Adam is sharing an anecdote of eating with Kevin Hench while working on the script, he’s telling the gang about a mysterious kid tossing items from the booth, and Adam is saying it would make for a nice Super Bowl commercial.

Adam is teasing the appearance of James Deen and referencing a favorite storyline of his from “Entourage” involving his Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix racing cohort Kim Coates.


They’re returning from break with Oswaldo delivering a line from “Master and Commander”.

Adam is giving his praise for the film which he’s been a fan of since it was released in theaters.

James Deen is making his ACS debut, Adam is giving a plug for “The Canyons” and asking James about working with Lindsay Lohan.


James is now telling Adam why he doesn’t want to talk about working with her anymore after being used by the press to write negative things about Lindsay.

Adam is now asking James about the “Teen Mom” sex tape and how he got involved.

James is demystifying his own anatomy and sharing the “people over 30 are icky” that assisted in him getting the job, he’s now sharing how the marketing scheme was formulated and why he doesn’t agree with it.


Adam is now sharing how there is a fair amount of borderline despicable acts in the entertainment industry and how you can be the bad guy just for being honest about what happened.

James is sharing how his career was threatened before the film was released and how quickly that changed once it was released.

James is now sharing his experience with “Teen Mom”, from the testing process to the actual filming.


Adam is pondering how the anal scene was added to the mix and James seems to have no idea, calling it just another day at his office, inside of a butthole?

James is telling Adam about his totaled car, the 2010 GTR. Adam is giving the history of the car and its skyline origins.

Adam has a hilarious “butt fucked the car” one liner, Adam is comparing these supercars to the X Games and even Porn, making a larger point about the need for more and faster to elicit excitement from humans.


Adam has a great one liner about “Teen Mom” and her kid, with a great boom mic topper.

James was offered another sex tape but turned it down after the drama involved in this experience, James is being polite and won’t reveal who the next person will be.

Alison is wants to know about the offers made by VIVID and other companies for any women involved in controversy or getting exposure in the press, she’s explaining how Adam assumes some are just promotional attempts and aren’t sincere.


Adam is asking James about his career ambitions, he’s very honest about his prospects while explaining how he got involved in “The Canyons”.

Adam has a killer Robert Mitchum one liner while joking about James Deen not being his real name.

James and Adam agree his job is not a real job, hilarious runaways and BJ comedy.


Adam is now remarking on the ubiquity of porn among young women, James agrees and doesn’t think there won’t be a single person without nude images somewhere online.

Adam’s got a funny twist about next generation computers making naked images even if you don’t want them, he’s really going off with airport security images and riffing with James about a visit to her doctor.

Adam and Alison are remarking on James working every day, funny one liner from Ace as the news theme fires up.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the Venice boardwalk vehicular manslaughter that took place Saturday night.

Alison is reading the details surround the death and the suspect, Adam is now commenting on how the car can be every bit the weapon a gun can be, excellent point.

Adam is now remarking on the swimming pool vs. secured firearm annual death toll.

Adam’s now onto the responsibility of pedestrians, describing witnessing people texting and stopping in the middle of the street to wait for the other lane of traffic to pass.


2nd Story is on Raven Simone coming out as a Lesbian, Adam is now trying to figure out “That’s So Raven” and Alison is taking it back to her earlier work on the “Cosby Show”.

Adam just mixed up Tia and Tamara with Raven Simone, some listeners might cry foul but this is a mix-up Superfan Gio has heard on 5 different podcasts, even from PFT himself on a recent show, not unique to Adam, but Adam did make it funny.

Adam is now remarking on “The Real” and how Telepictures has really shit the bed with their latest slew of programming.


Alison agrees that the show is terrible and now Alison is reading the quote from Raven about her sexuality, James is weighing in and Adam wants to know if she had a reason for coming out now.

Alison has some more details and Adam is now declaring he doesn’t care about anyone being lesbian or gay while mentioning how human beings are bumped by gaslighting, he’s using a lost keys scenario to craft a fine analogy.

Adam is now further waxing poetic on the constant calibration among human beings trying to figure out the accuracy of our perceptions, Adam has a killer quote that he even tells BB to capture.


Adam has another quote from his grand pappy and he’s summing up his awesome Lance Bass/Lost Keys metaphor.


3rd Story is on California considering providing condoms for prisoners, Alison’s quoting someone from the local government.

Adam is explaining how he used to be into the clean needle exchange style of thinking, he’s now citing how that actually can start to lead to the dismantling of society, and he’s using a basic respect analogy involving children in school.

Great “Anally Penetrating a Mother” back and forth with James and Adam, Adam seems to still support the idea of clean needles but doesn’t like the other things that become acceptable in tow.


Adam is now asking why we can’t hire more guards or discourage rape, James is making a funny point about prison rapists not necessarily going for protection and now Adam is riffing his new sitcom idea “Anal Rapist with a heart of gold”.

So Adam is now of two minds about this and has come around to giving them condoms, very thoughtful points from the Aceman while ebbing towards the most humane choice.

Adam is now commenting on the gay population of society committing far less crime than everyone else.


Adam and James are now riffing on prison cells and now they’re riffing about Nic Cage movies, gold!

Adam is back to the big pipes running through prison cells, often utilized for chin ups and inverted crunches, Adam is now predicting that as his biggest disappointment upon being incarcerated.

Adam is now citing the Silver Lake real estate boom enabled by the influx of gay neighbors who raised the property value by being such upstanding citizens.


Alison is even now commenting on Adam coming around with “yeah give them the condoms” and he’s now predicting a new methodology for “tossers” attacking guards as discussed on Classic Loveline in 2005.

James has a great idea that Adam agrees with and now Adam is joking about conjugal visit trailer clean up duty as the worst job at the prison.

James is suggesting the prisoners be released to clean up porn theaters, Adam is now riffing about trying to beat off with a convict outside the booth. BB is now jumping in on the riff but he’s taken it back to the trailers, he’s misunderstanding and Adam is cluing him during the riff, wow!


Adam is now asking James about porn theaters with video/live show booths, Adam thinks it’s now the domain of the gay populace but works it through with James to be comforted we still live in a society with creeps.

Adam, BB and James are joking about Ken Burns and Adam has a great transition into his live read.


Adam is thanking us fans for crossing 1 million on Fund Anything, he’s giving the appropriate plugs and wrapping the show.