Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2016 – Dinesh D’Souza

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/13/2016 – Dinesh D’Souza

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dinesh D’Souza

Recorded 07-12-2016 – Release Date 07-13-2016

Production Number #1858

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Adam opens the show to an “Abercrombie and Bitch” intro form Dawson and Lynch, BB has Adam’s “Hey Man Pffft!” drop for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam has to tell you what and explains how he used his dad voice to get the kids and the dog troy listen, he jokes about the dog having 8 flip flops in his mouth and mixes up “Yakety Sax” with “Whacky Sax” and Adam says the kids will have him come out to stop Phil who wants to be chased.

Adam says the black labs just look at you like a scorned little baby, he says he silently holds the finger to shame Phil.


Adam is talking about warning the kids and the family to avoid things from happening, he shares how they put about 18k worth of synthetic lawn in and he mixes up drip edges with drip lines while talking about his distaste for sprinklers used in lawn care.

Adam wanted to see if they could get Phil to shit on the side of the house instead of on the new fake lawn, Adam says he woke up to a sting of 4 Phil poops getting marinated in sprinkler water.

Adam walked in on the kids who were watching TV as Phil was destroying a throw rug, Adam ordered the kids to clean up the poop and Natalia tried to get Adam to buy her something on “Prime Day” but she picked the wrong time to ask.


Adam talks about Natalia now splitting the chores and pet duties with Sonny who didn’t ask for the dog nor want him, BB gives some examples of using the dad voice on his dog and Gina has a hilarious impression of said voice that everyone misses.

Adam brings up his nearly decade long history with the song ‘Coward of the County’ he had brought it up on Classic LoveLine too but with Dawson and BB is dates back to the old morning show on KLSX on March 5th 2008 with Norm Macdonald which can be found online quite easily.

Well earlier in the day they taped ACS #1857 which will be airing in about two weeks, they had Larry Gatlin on for a one on one and finally asked him about the song ‘Coward of the county’ and the implication that him and his brother were rapists.


Gina says she loves the song and calls it a Tool Tune, Adam is now sharing how he discovered this lyric and the connection to the real band who toured with Kenny Rogers.

Adam is now listing off the various last names that could have been used in place of Gatlin, Dawson and BB are contributing too.


Adam is now recalling the March 10th 2008 phoner from Kenny Rogers who said something to the effect of “we we’re messing with them” while talking about the Gatlin brothers, who were touring mates and friends.

Adam says it’s country music, not rap.

Adam is setting up some clips from the conversation with Larry, they are now listening to the as of yet unaired ACS #1857 where Adam and Larry are listening to the old KLSX show with Norm MacDonald, Gina has a what as this is very confusing.


Adam has the clip of Larry talking about his mother’s reaction to the lyric and how he first heard it.

Dawson is on mic and further filling in some lyrics for the song ‘You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille’ written by the guy who wrote ‘Coward of the County’ wand was up for an award against Larry.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


They’re now listening to ‘You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille’ which Dawson insists everyone is familiar with but they just don’t know they are.

Gina is commenting on it with Adam who is going over some lyrics, Gina says she’s never heard it but loves it.


Adam has another clip of Larry Gatlin from ACS #1857 explaining how he first met the songwriter of ‘You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille’ who told him to fuck off at the Grand Olé Opry.

Adam says they have now gotten to the bottom of this and realize Roger Bowling wrote the Gatling name intuitionally.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

Support yourself for a couple bucks per day, this ain’t hey I need another catamaran




Q and Ace

1st Caller Egg man, he wants to know about telling his kids about his bank robbery history and the time he spent behind bars.

Adam asks him some follow up questions and he suggests he show them ‘Point Break’ and use the first robbery to set them up for the story.

“he ain’t raping Becky” – Adam


He brings up his Jewish faith and ethnicity and how uncommon it is for a father in his neighborhood to have served time in prison, Adam says crime is like porn is nowadays, you can’t really shame anyone.

Adam talks about the prisoners needing our respect for serving their time, he remarks on how we now all view prisoners as people who had prisons built around them while they napped on ap ark bench instead of committing crimes to get there.


Gina asks about his fear, Adam says he wouldn’t tell them for a while longer and they move on.


2nd Caller Tim he wants to restart after being laid off in April, Adam has a killer rob a bank hoke and they ask him about his gig of building boutique amps and pedals for 26$ an hour.

Adam says this is another reason he doesn’t want the minimum wage being $15 and hour as it lessens this guy’s skilled labor.

Adam says that honest and good work will keep him in demand and Adam asks about the cabinetry and he tells them about sending one of his pedals to Chris Laxamana who Gary says greatly enjoyed it.


BB has another great use of Chris’s “Your Suck” drop and Adam asks about Tim’s wife the hairdresser, Tim says his last wife was just a whore and he has nothing he’s dying to do.

BB once again hits him with the drop of Chris telling him that he sucks.

Adam says that Matt Atchity ain’t there and the Rotten Tomatoes game can wait until tomorrow with Vinny Tortorich.


Adam is doing a Castrol Live Read


They head to break

They’re back from break with Dinesh D’Souza retuning to the show for his 3rd appearance.

Dinesh was previously on ACS #1710 and ACS #1341 before it.


Adam talks about being raised a democrat and cites an anecdote about his grandmother commenting on John Wayne’s politics and how she wanted the “putz” off the stage at an Academy Awards ceremony.

Dinesh talks about his take on democracy and mentions planation life.


Dinesh talks about the groups that the democrats supposedly focus on and are protecting and how things never seem to improve for them.

Adam says that trickle down never works and handouts aren’t healthy, Adam asks how Dinesh went to prison.

Dinesh talks about his case and how unusual everything was, he used the phrase “hammer and tongs” much like Adam used at the top of the show while describing Phil eating the throw rug.


Dinesh is telling them about another guy like himself who donated to the democrats and did no prison time, very similar circumstances but Dinesh ended up in prison.

Adam is talking about movement abuses and how humans use power to show preferential retreatment, Dinesh considers himself one of the stupidest criminals when it comes to jurisprudence.

Dinesh talks about trying to make lemonade out of lemons with this situation, similar to BB’s joke about lemons from the live episode, odd!


Adam is talking about locking up Dinesh and what a waste of funds that was, BB asks him about the target he has on his back for the documentary he made about Obama, Adam says yeah he just said that.


Dinesh shares his complaints about selective prosecution and selective justice.

Dinesh tells them about a conversation with Alan Dershowitz where he learned this type of contribution is very common and Adam talks about rich dudes with money trying to hang onto it via college tuition scams and Dinesh shares what he learned while behind bars.

He says he was too pointy headed and wasn’t aware of how humans are truly motivated, he says criminals see how humans are truly drive and unstrained it well.


Adam is now setting up an interview with Bill Clinton sitting down with Steve Kroft asking them about their relationship and used the term “arrangement” which Bill erupted to in response.

Adam says the clip right before it was the denial about the sexual encounter with Monica Lewinski, Adam is commenting on Bill’s sociopathy and Dinesh is finishing his sentences as the describes the interview.

Adam comments on his weird upbringing and how Bill must’ve learned his tricks early and often and learned how to play and manipulate people.


Dinesh is talking about the presumed arrangement between Bill and Hillary, he shares his take on their dynamic and why Hillary would stay with him and how she’s not necessarily the damsel in distress, but a full partner in whatever it they are trying to do.

Dinesh realized that Hillary clearly saw her potential role to be a beard of sorts to cover up Bill’s affairs.

Gary has a clip of then Governor Clinton defending his marriage while being interviewed on ‘60 Minutes’ and Adam talks about the insane sociopathy at play in the clip. Gary gets on mic to give some context for the era of the clip, Adam mixed it up and though they were in the white house but this was from before Bill’s first term as president he was still Governor Clinton at the time.


Adam talks about Bill’s style of argument and taking the offence, way back in 1992 and Steve Kroft clearly knew about their arrangement 24 years ago.

Dinesh talks about the FBI giving Hillary a pass and makes a point about the country never having a person who could engage in these types of transactions on a global level.

Adam talks about the Christopher Darden interview and how the lawyers talk to the jurors after a case and a ruling, he says they always tell you something insane and the lawyers end up incensed by the idiots who sat on the jury and made the wrong decisions.


Dinesh talks about reaching someone’s heart as well as mind and Gina chimes asking about the level of government where corruption happens, regardless of party or politics.


Dinesh thinks the democratic are the party of putting their hands in the troughs of cash, he talks about slavery and stolen labor and the rackets created by the democratic party after the end of slavery.

Adam would like hear the plutonium clip and he says he has the same feeling about lending his family money and how it always leads to someone calling you an asshole after never paying you back.

Adam wants the government to be smaller and the plan to shrink it is the best possible.


Adam talks about Bill’s shocking background and his horrific childhood, he references stuff only told to him by Dr. Drew who read Bill’s book.

Dinesh talks about the history of lying from Bill and Hillary, he cites a specific ridiculous anecdote.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam asks Dinesh to relay the plutonium deal story, Dinesh is going over all of the details and how the Clinton’s are taking 30% commissions on global deals.

Dinesh says the Russian government bought a bunch of uranium interests in the united states and the precarious situation that puts this country in.

Gina asks about people finding out about this and Adam asks who’s got time, Adam says he likes Bernie Sanders because you got what you got, Dinesh talks about Bernie and his “Rip Van Sanders” label he has for him.


Adam talks about Bernie possibly being the first real shot for a 3rd party candidate, maybe he created a path for a 3rd party candidate in the next 4-8 years.

Gina has another question and she wants to know how we ended up with the two most hated candidates possible for this upcoming election.

Dinesh is explaining why the republicans went with Trump and why the democrats went with Hillary, it reminds Adam of radio programmers who make decisions based on reps, hours logged and history rather than talent.


Adam sis asking Dinesh about his background, he talks about coming to America after being born in India, he saw a ladder of opportunity here.

Dinesh takes it back to the democrats and what he disagrees with.


Adam is talking about the poverty he saw on Vice where kids would live in train stations huffing model glue, Adam talks about being from North American and how Indians most Americans know are successful.

Dinesh talks about the growing middle class in India and how it’s changing the country.

He says Indians want to be America circa 1950 and he talks about the Chinese people and how their road towards capitalism possibly influenced India.

Adam says that Vice piece if troubling and the most depressing thing you could ever see.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Loretta Lynch’s quote about refusing to answer any more questions about Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation.

Adam is talking about the path of evidence and history in response to Gina telling Adam about Loretta meeting with Bill Clinton before Hillary was let off the hook.

Dinesh is now sharing his opinion on the signals Obama was sending about Hillary and how he felt about her possible indictment.


Adam talks about choosing writers for a bit and how eventually you stop calling on the guy who complains the most.

Dinesh talks about power and Adam brings up how difficult it is for him to get into Canada, he presumes it’s about their feelings about Americans.

Adam compares their airport security to the security in Europe, he brings up how Mexico is the complete opposite of Canada as well, they kind of need us so they are cool about customs.


Adam is describing the first time he was punished for traveling to Canada, he says the guy pulled out his itinerary, it was a mean large “dykey” woman and he forgets that detail.

Adam says being held up in that situation is why he doesn’t like people having power, they will be willing ruin your day to fuck you over based on whims.

Dinesh shares how community service works and he says it gives ordinary people power over big tough scary guys.


2nd Story is on Bernie Sanders endorsement for Hillary Clinton, Adam says the guy with the “Nope” sign is smart and Gina goes over the details of the speech.

Gina sets up a clip of Bernie pledging his support, Adam asks about the mixed feelings he must have and Dinesh thinks so and gives some examples of why.

Dinesh talks about Obamacare and how insurance companies jumped on board to the plan, Adam says Bernie would look at it like hooking up with Stalin to beat Hitler.


Gina asks about what position Bernie would be up for in Hillary’s cabinet, VP?

Dinesh doesn’t thin he gets an actual appointment, Dinesh doesn’t think VP picks matter this election and has no idea about whom might be selected.

Ada masks if Mitt Romney would beat Hillary if he was the nominee this time.


Dinesh says people are tired of the same old guys and gives an example of how people react to Ronal Reagan who played a war hero vs. George Bush who was one.


3rd Story is on Chief Brown’s comments after the Dallas shooting, where he even offered jobs to angry protestors to help them better their own communities and stop the very thing they’re protesting while getting paid.

Adam talks about the PTSD we give to young black kids, in these broken down neighborhoods, fearing violence and police interactions.

Cops are now drug, marriage and childhood counselors, they are supposed to be stopping bank robberies not trying to help repair the psyche of young black men damaged by an absentee father and physically abusive mother.


Adam talks about cops training and how crazy guys can’t be helped, that starts at home and you need to intervene sooner, their families and communities do.


Dinesh talks about the hardest people to help and Adam says we need better families, Gina has more information and comments on the memorial service held for the fallen officers.

Gina says Chief David Brown got up and spoke, Adam talks about him resembling Mike Singletary.

Gina shares how David recited some Stevie Wonder for the families of the fallen officers, Adam wonders if this isn’t some kind of macabre springboard for him.


Gina wraps the news to a new drop BB pulled of Dinesh saying ‘Hillary’s My Girl!”


Adam is now doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Some Dartmouth thugs ripped of the Harvard friends of the inventor edition


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show, he says the cruise is filling up really fast and they close things out with Dinesh plugging his documentary.

BB closes the show to a “Pilgrim, catch you screwing a goat” drop.