Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2014 – Dinesh D’Souza

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/09/2014 – Dinesh D’Souza

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Guest Dinesh D’Souza

Recorded 06-08-2014 – Release Date 06-09-2014

Production Number #1341

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Adam is opening a special one on one show with Dinesh, Adam is telling him how much he agrees with him and referencing his lasts appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and he’s now bringing up the episode of “Politically Correct” he last appeared on.

It turns out Adam and Dinesh has the same “barred from Maher” status after the demise of P.I. and in spite of their years of guesting.

Dinesh is going in depth on the “are the terrorists cowards” question from P.I. that ultimately led to the end of “Politically Correct” after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.


Adam is now using termites to make his point about “not every” and Dinesh’s attempts to bring logic to Real Time and now Dinesh is making a point about stereotypes and profiling and the problem with generalizing America now has as a result of the civil rights movement.

Dinesh has a great point about insurance rates and profiling, Adam agrees and he’s now giving his take with a great hypothetical, he’s asking what would happen if young teenage girls were more likely to get in accidents, could insurance companies then charge them more than men, he bets there would be an outcry.

Adam is now plugging Dinesh’s book and the documentary, Adam watched it twice and loved it.


Dinesh is now commenting on communism and how it only works in the family structure, it doesn’t work in economic terms.

Dinesh is making a great point about capitalism being questioned and Adam is giving his take on why it’s the only thing that makes sense, solid paycheck example to prove his point.

Adam wants to know why people don’t understand this basic idea about human motivation and Dinesh has a nice follow up about a market economy and he’s using “The Bourne Identity” to make a point.


Adam is sharing what he tells his kids about being important and employment, he’s riffing about anyone born being able to work at McDonalds against an NFL quarterback analogy.

Adam is saying today’s society sucks, he was poor his entire life and now that he has money he gets treated like shit for having money, Adam tells people not to shed a tear for him but does have a legitimate gripe.

Dinesh agrees this is a new trend and he’s getting in depth on the tax brackets and how 2/3rds of all the revenue comes from 10% of the earning population of America, the bottom 50% pays nothing and half the population has representation without taxation.


Adam is sharing a bit from Dinesh’s documentary and his extreme reaction to people talking about “fair share” and he is saying he would love to pay his fair share because he would save a fortune.

Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.

Adam and Dinesh are now discussing Elizabeth Warren and her “the system is rigged” message, Adam says he hates that message because the only option is to give up and not play the game.


Dinesh is making a point about Obama demoralizing the productive people of our economy and the message that sends to people.

Adam is now giving his take on bullying, he doesn’t like everybody being a victim and he’s sharing a different mindset to avoid being thought of as a victim.

Adam is sharing how much he didn’t care for the “Hope and Change” message from Obama, Dinesh is now making a point about evolution of careers and is using farming as his example.


They’re now setting up a clip from Dinesh’s documentary “America Imagine a World Without Her” and Adam is summing up his feelings about patriotism and this country, clarifying that he’s not a flag waiving jingoistic moron.

Adam is using WWII to make a point about America as a force for good on the planet, he’s now using aliens for an analogy about the Berlin wall.

Dinesh is telling Adam about growing up middle class in India and what that means, he’s sharing how he was stunned by the abundance of the “ordinary guy” and Adam brings up the 3 TV sets in poverty and Dinesh has a nice 300lbs reply.


They’re playing the clip from the documentary.

“Thanks for letting me build this factory you Curtness” – Adam in reply to Elizabeth Warren’s crazy rant from this clip.

Dinesh is now using his daughter attending the taping to make a point about Elizabeth’s insane tirade, Adam is now saying forget whatever you feel towards her and is using “Stupid or Liar” to make a point about her rhetoric.


Adam says its pure rhetoric and Dinesh doesn’t disagree with her initial point about infrastructure, he says it’s self-evident and he’s saying she’s trying to detach effort from reward.

Adam is now giving a great “mason jar of M&Ms” analogy to make a point about wealth and success, he’s arguing against the dumb broken logic of that thinking and he’s using Steve Jobs as a prime example.

Dinesh is sharing how he used to travel to school with marbles to make a point about wealth not being finite and he’s also using Steve Jobs to make a point about creating demand.


Adam is now doing a live read for the “Guys Choice Awards”


Adam is asking Dinesh about his origins in India and he’s talking him through his journey to America.

Adam brings up a recent Morgan Freeman interview that touched on racism and now Dinesh is making a point about the shaming of America.

Dinesh laughs his head off as an immigrant and wants to know what America should be shamed in comparison to.


Dinesh and Adam are making a point about the Indian tribes who got their land the same way the white Europeans got it, same methods, and better technology.

Adam wants to know why aren’t we (America) taking over and taking all of the oil if these wars are really about fuel.

Adam is now setting up another clip.


They’re playing a clip of the doc about a woman selling hair care products door to door in the earliest part of the 20th century.

Now she’s giving a speech about success and how she built her own path to success through hard work.

Dinesh says our history books are telling a morality tale of American oppression and anything that doesn’t fit that narrative is tossed aside.

Gary is communicating with Adam trying to find the Morgan Freeman clip that was tweeted at him.


Adam is bringing up his kids 8th birthday and how his son simply ate a bowl of whip cream and Adam added some fruit to the whip cream.

Adam says his son picked out the strawberry and ate that, he complained about the red syrup and Adam is bringing up how his wife chimed in and he had a weird visceral reaction to them proclaiming it’s “ruined” and Adam is making a point about the table turning on him.

Adam says the second his wife jumped in and said “what did you do to him” changed the narrative of the dinner, much like the narrative of life for people who are told they’re victims.


Dinesh is now bringing up the in between precarious zone of becoming an American and being an immigrant, Dinesh is now challenging multiculturalism and anti-assimilation thought processes.

Adam is explaining he’s not a cultural relativist, he doesn’t hate other people, he loves them and wants them to succeed here.

Dinesh is now making Adam’s point about immigrants voting with their feet, he’s making Adam seem even more genius than we already knew.


Adam is citing a point from Bono he actually liked from the documentary and Gary is on mic being told he’s wrong, Adam wants to know why Gary is reacting like he got the wrong clip/guy.

They’re now heading to break.


They’re back with the Morgan Freeman clip.

Adam and Dinesh are sharing their reactions to Morgan’s words and Adam wants to know about “Wealth distribution” and Dinesh is sharing how it started with FDR for widows and orphans.

Adam is explaining the plan as he hears it, he’ll sell the Mercedes, the poor guy sells his Hyundai and we both drive Camry’s.


Adam says if you take incentive away from people you’ll effect motivation and progress, Dinesh has a great point about age and achievement.

Adam is now bringing up rent control and raising the minimum wage, he’s making a great point about a person settling for an apartment and a McDonald’s career, because we made it comfortable for them.

Dinesh is making a point about capitalism and the hypocrisy of Obama critiquing CEO’s and executives using private jets.


Adam is sharing his argument with Gavin Newsome and his plan to hide behind his own rhetoric and Dinesh agrees with Adam.

Adam says the solution is not changing the outside world, it’s changing the individual.

Dinesh is sharing how other nations are now running with the American Recipe as we lose it.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Derrick, he’s a huge Dennis Miller fan and is preaching doom and gloom of America becoming Europe well past his own death.

Adam is now giving his take on Dennis Miller and his lack of hope for the United States, Dinesh is now sharing what we’ve done to the national debt in Obama’s presidency and he’s commenting on the journalists suppressing the bad news.

Dinesh is sharing why he switched from books to movies, he can get more eyes on his message and the information people often don’t get.


Adam is now doing another live read, for


Adam is asking Dinesh why he came to America for a year as a teen, he’s telling them about the rotary club and how he never left.

Adam is saying that India is kicking ass, Dinesh says the lines to get in private school are around the block, he says Indian schools do not teach critical reasoning.

Adam is sharing how if America was racist, it wouldn’t just be against black people, it would be all races, and he’s asking why Indian and Asian immigrants aren’t brought up.


Adam is now bringing up an immigrant Indian kid from his high school, Dinesh shares that the topic of racism was often talked about during his college days but couldn’t be found.

Dinesh is now once again proving Adam’s point about racism accusations being used for an individual to prove they’re not.

Adam is bringing up the Irish immigrants and the hidden history of America’s past, Dinesh is now bringing up the Irish indentured servants that immigrated.


2nd Caller Andrew, he wants Dinesh’s opinion about the prisoner trade in the news, the case of Bowe Bergdahl.

Dinesh is now giving his take, he’s using Jimmy Carter to make a point and using Obama to counter that point about the terrorists being viewed as “Freedom Fighters” battling American Oppression.

Adam wants to know what’s in it for Obama, Dinesh is now bringing up the Evil Empire of Russia and he’s using his own words to make a point about the President’s POV and worldview.


Adam is bringing up the recent appearance of Dinesh on Real Time.

Adam is now doing a “You didn’t build that yourself” live read for E-Voice.

Hilarious “S&M dungeon” comment.


Adam is now telling Dinesh about his family taking the most from the government also hating the government the most.

Adam is bringing up his grandma’s former communist affiliation and his mother’s preaching about Russia and the hypocrisy there, Adam is bringing up Harry Hay and human rights.

Adam says he learned that nobody loves communism, these people are angry and they’re rebelling against this system.


Dinesh agrees that these people are living in fantasy, he’s using how the left averts their gaze in response to honor killings and other things that don’t fit their fictional fantasy narrative.

Dinesh says radical Islam’s are the most illiberal force in the world and Adam is getting to how the left in this country has now turned on Israel and how bizarre that is to him.

Dinesh is in agreement with Adam and he thinks that Israel is taking our heat for us, they’re little Satan in the eyes of the radicals.


Adam is now bringing up Dr. Drew’s decades of quoting Alexis de Tocqueville and how his words were also used in Dinesh’s movie.

They’re now playing a clip.

Adam didn’t ever think about the part “masters become lazy as they count on slave labor” and he’s talking to Dinesh about that.


Dinesh is sharing a great bit of logic from a former slave who would “transfer” master’s goods from a good bowl to his belly, great logic.

Adam is taking it back to the self-flogging among Americans, he says he’s sick of pretending that we’re the troublemakers of the planet and he says this documentary is sweet relief for people who are also sick of hearing this bullshit.

Adam says it’s nice that it comes from a guy with brown eyes and brown skin who came to this country, he’s using Mitt Romney as a counterpoint and says he likes to run towards the fight.


Dinesh says the shaming of America is a prelude to the shakedown of America and he’s bringing up his rule for arguing and Dinesh is right, just like Adam is when he argues.

Dinesh says the intellectual class is motivated by envy and he’s getting at the hatred these intellectuals have for entrepreneurs, as Drew says Envy is evil.

Adam is bringing up how she (Elizabeth Warren) worked her way up and that’s what troubles Adam, Dinesh brings up how she once tried to claim to be a Cherokee and is playing the shame game up and down.


Adam is saying it’s a form of grandiosity, it’s a way to pat yourself on the back without seeming like you’re bragging, “look what I overcame to get here” and he’s right.

Dinesh says it’s a form of connect masquerading as humility, Adam says “I’m a female, I’m a minority” is the real world example of “I’m playing a on a bad ankle.”


Adam is now doing a live read for I-Grill, a Bluetooth grilling thermometer, a new sponsor.

“You can monitor your meat from 150ft away” – Adam

Adam is talking to Dinesh about Elizabeth Warren and her Cherokee history, wow!


3rd Caller Matt, he wants to know about guests on the podcast and if he’s experienced anyone not guesting due to the perceived public image of Adam.

Adam says he doesn’t know and never thought of himself as political nor conservative but now it’s being thrown on him like a shitty blanket.

Dinesh is explaining how he never thought about politics and how he had conservatives thrown on him, he’s making some great points about inherent truths.


Dinesh sums up American foreign policy into a perfect sound bite, Adam is now sharing how he built his own pirate ship and he’s telling Dinesh about how he was treated like shit in school.

Adam says the roads suck, his school suck and he’s citing the last time he called the cops they didn’t show up when the drunk driver crashed into his house.


Adam says god bless, then clarifies he’s an atheist and he’s plugging the upcoming live shows.

Adam is plugging Dinesh’s book and documentary, killer guest!

They’re wrapping up the show.