Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/24/2015 – Dinesh D’Souza and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/24/2015 – Dinesh D’Souza and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dinesh D’Souza and Matt Atchity

Recorded 11-23-2015 – Release Date 11-24-2015

Production Number #1710

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Adam opens the show with a standard Get It On Intro and BB plays Adam saying the title of yesterdays’ guest’s TV show ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam talks about his movie playing on velocity and how it’s like hearing your song on the radio, it makes it real and a collective experience.

Adam is asking about early Oscar buzz and Matt says it’s a little early, he shares some of his early nomination predictions.


They’re talking about the movie ‘Concussion’ and Adam compares it to ‘The Insider’ and is now trying to conjure the name of a guy who was criticizing the NFL and talking about this head trauma a decade before it hit the public conisousness.

Matt sasy the movie is really powerful, BB shares that Matt loves football but can’t name a player on his favorite team ‘The Chiefs’ and they are back to the topic of head trauma and the NFL and Adam comments on the technical feedback.

Adam compares it to boxing and that world, what would Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his uncles be doing without these opportunities, working an average job waiting to die?


Matt talks about the movie and Adam talks about the first team to remove their jersey sleeves to show off their guns among the lineman, which used to be the position of a different physicality.

Adam and Matt are talking about boxing, MMA and bareknuckle fights and Adam explains why the UFC is safer than boxing.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read

Curtains are the dreadlocks of the home, Adam talks about how curtains hold in smells.


Adam asks Matt about more movies he enjoys and he praises ‘The Night Before’ as the launch into the game, Adam says “not anymore” about Matt being shlubby.

Adam misses the shaved in head part sported by black guys.


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Sylvester Stallone Movies

Adam jokes about Native Americans approaching Stallone to tell him that they eat every part of the buffalo but they don’t fuck it when it’s done, mocking his rehashing of his various famous properties from the past.


1st Movie ‘Rocky II’ (1979)

Adam comments on the confusing dual punch/slip ending and they all weigh in.


2nd Movie ‘Cobra’ (1986)

Adam jokes about the movie the main character’s last name Cobretti, he jokes about sideswiping cars in a custom mercury and how being a car guy prevents you from wanting to sideswipe other motorists not encourage that behavior.

They all make their guesses.


3rd Movie ‘Cliffhanger’ (1993)

Adam saw it in the theater, he recalls the plot of the film’s heist and mocks the “you killed her” stance that Stallone’s buddy takes regarding the opening death of the film.

Adam is wise with his 68% guess, just one point off.

Matt declares that Adam is on fire this game.


4th Movie ‘Judge Dredd’ (1995)

BB compliments the remake, Adam mixes this movie up with ‘Demolition Man’ and they all make their guesses.


5th Movie ‘Rocky Balboa’ (2006)

Adam shares hit take on the movie, it was Sylvester having an endless conversation about nothing with an unattractive middle aged woman in a van.

Hilarious wording from Ace.

Gary reads the scores.

Adam gives out the plugs for Matt


Adam is commenting on a favorited tweet about the 100 best comedy scripts of all time, he comments on the lack of Albert Brooks movies while Vacation is on the list.

Gina talks about the #3 spot for Groundhog Day and Adam mocks ‘Little Miss Sunshine’.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam is talking about his funny Mike August story of the week, he is telling them about doing his motivational speech at ‘Flip Fest’ and shares the story of Mike August and the merch.

Adam explains how they planned the day and how August brought a sack of merch despite Adam’s uncertainty they could even sell it.

Adam talks about the day’s events and how they couldn’t ask people to leave to go buy Adam’s merch, there were speakers scheduled for 2hrs+ after Adam was done.


Adam is commenting on trying to think linearly and shares his confusion with his wife and arrival/start times.

Adam is going after the confusion with his kids and their friends, he talks about his son’s friend having an asthma attack during a sleep over and his daughter wanting to come home early during hers.

Adam talks about kids and “a lot of adults” and shares what it’s like asking kids to quiet down and chill out, like when they’re playing early on a weekend and the household is still asleep.


Adam has another example and Gina says it’s like drunk girls brunch and she has some funny impressions, Adam is asking Matt about his kid and the sleepover situations.

Matt gets real and talks about being a stepdad, very honest insight into his world.

Adam says he wishes he had Matt as a stepdad.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Donald, he wants to know how he can get other people to adopt the “achievement day” alternative to birthdays for adults.

Adam says he doesn’t like celebrating things that everyone else celebrates, he would like the rest of the world to embrace his idea.

Adam is talking about ratcheting up ones achievement day and BB asks Donald about his day, he tells them about being a JAG officer and Adam jokes about the ARMY/NAVY/USMC feuds and jokes about it being like mopar guys who hate Chevy, hilarious one liners from BB and Adam.

Matt has a funny “Calvin peeing on Calvin” one liner and Gina tells them about paying off her debt.


Adam is now mocking Gina for her “getting back to 0” accomplishment in life, Adam says he’s with her and just teasing and they head to break.


They’re back form break with Dinesh who last came into the studio for ACS #1341, this is his 2nd appearance on the show.

Adam is asking him about his new book and his recent time with the incarcerated, including said gang members mentioned in the book title.

Dinesh is talking about his prison sentence and how he was nervous about the system and Adam asks him about his misconceptions about the criminals.


Dinesh talks about his privileged life in America and the guys he met living at “the elemental level” of being only concerned with eating, fucking and primitive/basic needs.

Dinesh is talking about the corruption in India and what this country afforded him, Adam is talking about the poverty and corruption in Mexico vs. Bombay and Dinesh talks about the quality of the immigrant being linked to the distance travelled to get to a new home location.

They’re leaving out the Asian exclusion act that funneled only immigrants of certain status and professions into the country, helping to contribute to the stereotypes and reality of the abundance of Indian medical and science professionals.


Adam and Dinesh are talking about gun violence and the presidency, Dinesh is talking about Jimmy Carter and talks about the local level corruption of various state governments and he’s now talking about Hillary Clinton and her alleged exploitation of impoverished nations.

Dinesh has a factual and honest argument bringing up the money Hillary obtained from her actions while serving as secretary of state.

Adam is recalling the Martha Stewart case and show she was jailed for lying and not the initial insider trading.


Adam wants to know if people keep scratching around that The Clintons will regret going down this path again, he shares his personal views of Bill and Hillary and their motivation.

Adam asks him who will get elected it not Hillary, Dinesh thinks an indictment will bring her down and he cites what happened to Rick Perry.

Adam says the Clintons are almost Kardashian in the way they overcome any drama or accusations and keep succeeding.


Dinesh thinks Hillary gets away with more due to her party and its affiliation to the Hollywood community, Adam asks him about Donald Trump and Gina asks him about Bernie Sanders and his latest theory on global warming and terrorism.

Adam and Dinesh talk about Bernie and him believing in his truth as he knows it vs. someone fake like Hillary.

Adam gives out a plug and moves onto a live read.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is a new report saying that more Mexican immigrants are leaving the US than coming in, Adam says this is like a bizarre apocalyptic signs from a movie.

Adam and Gina asks Dinesh about this report and he talks about his own immigration to this country.

Adam says people just go to where the jobs are and BB has a funny one liner.


2nd Story is on the new VIP terminal at LAX, Adam is clarifying it’s not just for celebrities, it’s for anyone with 1500 to spend on using it.

Dinesh is talking about the illusion of Obama helping young people with their own future earnings and national debt, interesting bit of factual data and flawless logic.

Adam talks about how he will spend 500k on a car but he won’t pay for 1st class tickets, he’s fine with spend ing money but only on things that aren’t wasteful.


Adam is sharing a funny moment he had with Olga, she was going to make a run to Zankou chicken and he was hesitant to let her buy him some chicken just for his own enjoyment, he ultimately did but told her he was very uncomfortable with it.

Adam says don’t worry he’s also a dick in many other areas.



3rd Story is on a steakhouse offering a 45k dinner that comes with a 2 carat diamond ring, Gina has the press release details and Adam shares his policy on hiding jewels in food to skyrocket the price.

Adam has a funny 10k hot pocket sitting the glove compartment of one of his Lamborghinis one liner.

Adam critiques the 45k price point and says 50k is better, he thinks you get more sales at that price, the rarified air.


4th Story is on a 14yr old girl in Portland who has chosen a Wallabee as her therapy animal and Gina shares her own take on this being animal abuse.

BB thinks MoMo is used as a slur and everyone else is unfamiliar with the work of Joey Diaz it seems, Adam talks about Momo tires and Adam talks about his own fear of flying that he pushed through and overcame without the assistance of a wallaby.

Dinesh has a good point about constituencies that can’t talk back and Adam talks about people putting all of their hopes and prayers into animals and they don’t know it.


Adam say the only good part of this story is when someone slips and falls in the shit and then gambles/bets on what species it was with his roommate.

Gina wraps the news.

Adam brings up Wallabee shoes.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Adam learns that Wallabee shoes are made out of beeswax leather and he gives out the closing plugs, BB wraps the show with the Adam’s buffalo joke.