Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 109

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/16/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 109

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The Adam and Drew Show

Guest – Fred Stoller

Recorded 01-15-2014 – Release Date 01-16-2014

Production Number #109

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Adam and Drew are welcoming ubiquitous podcast guest Fred Stoller to the Adam and Dr. Drew show for his debut appearance after appearing on The ACS #743 (Production #1075), Dr. Drew Podcast Episodes #69 and #79 and of course Alison Rosen is your New Best Friend #211.

Fred is joined by his attorney and Adam is testing Drew to see if he has an ounce of professional broadcaster in him after 30yrs behind the microphone, nope.

Fred is teasing his lawsuit woes and getting into his early sexual experiences, he’s now telling them about his family and sharing some details of the stories he told on the aforementioned 4 episodes above, Drew has actually heard some of this before and doesn’t seem to remember.


Adam is now gaining some insight into Fred’s sister and citing his own mother who called her mother “Helen”, Adam has a hilarious one liner that everyone seems to appreciate.

Adam is getting to how calling parents by the first name is not as normal as it seems when you’re living in the environment vs. being out in the real world.

Adam is now asking Fred why his sister gets mad about him talking shit about the people she doesn’t even like, Fred has an anecdote about his mother.


Fred’s going super in depth on his family and relationships with individual members of said family, Adam is peppering some wise almost Loveline caller esque questions and Drew is in the mix a bit too.

Fred is sharing the irritating nature of his relatives, Drew has a nice anecdote about telling his kids to not let their parents define who they are, very interesting Drew!

Adam is getting into change and the almost daily “this is the way I do it” pushback he gets from people, he’s now citing a conversation he has with Olga all the time, Adam gets all “Tommy Vu” on her without realizing it “You see these homes?” “That’s my toy!”


Adam is now getting to his sons bed wetting and the old school Jewish logic behind his Grandfather’s cure for the bed wetting.

Adam is now sharing his classic story of being woke up to pee in the middle of the night, even citing the “old Jew sounds” he would make to startle Adam awake.

Adam is now sharing how he told his wife about the pee bucket solution used to train him and suggested they use this method for Sonny.


Adam is now explaining the resistance he’s been met with in response to his cure for this, Adam says it got implemented the other night after a year of “buzz off”.

“Why Not the Bucket?” – Adam, Drew has a hilarious wire trashcan joke and Adam wants to know why everyone is wired to avoid change and to push back, Fred is now interrupting to talk about his mom.

Adam is now offering his new “I should learn that other people don’t want to learn” take on life, whoa!

Drew is now taking it to a live read.


Fred is bringing up the one night stand with Kathy Griffin story he told on Drew’s show, Adam is asking about the era of Kathy.

Fred is telling them about his lawsuit filed by Kenny Kramer, Fred is explaining how Larry David learned of this man and how he’s connected to the sitcom Seinfeld.

Fred is sharing the chapter in his book that’s in questions, Fred is taking it back to 1996 and the “escape money” he had at the time.


Fred is taking it to the chapter that contains Kenny Kramer claiming defamation of character, Adam is asking Fred about the case and what he’s looking for.

Fred is sharing the details of the written manifesto he was ordered to give on Facebook and Drew along with Adam are asking follow up questions.

Adam is asking Fred about his opportunity to get the case dropped had he apologized before the deadline, Adam is commenting on Fred’s lawyer sitting up now and he’s saying it’s always about the money.


Fred is comparing what Kenny wrote to that of Dorner and his manifesto, the lawyer is now chiming in to explain the things Kenny put up on Facebook.

Adam is ordering Fred to relax and asking Dave the attorney more details, Adam is trying to gleam if this is a money grab or something else, Dave is now clarifying the order of events.

Adam is citing the crazy society that we live in that’s built around protecting the elite fighting force of the craziest citizens, he’s making some good points and has a funny Norma Rae reference.


Adam is bringing up the patent troll lawsuit against him that makes no sense and how he’s 50k deep in attorney’s fees because of this lawsuit that could’ve been filed against anyone and thousands of more appropriate people before Adam if there is such a thing.

Adam is ranting about what we’ve built, to protect these people who try to collect from the successful.

Dave is sharing about a law in California and Adam has a great “Kathy Griffin has a slap law” one liner.


Fred and Dave are sharing a hypothetical and Dave is having Fred clear something up, Adam has a funny comment about trying to help people more fucked up than Fred, gold!

Adam is giving out some plugs.


1st Caller Chris, Adam is interrupting to bring up how he’s stopped trying to change his mother, citing the Adam and Dr. Drew Show #107 example about a conversation with his sister who was concerned she’s taken so long to move to her mother’s house she inherited.

Adam wants to know if Fred has stopped asking questions much like he has, in order to escape the freak outs and accusations of judgment and personal attacks.

Adam is clarifying how he doesn’t treat her the way he would treat Drew, hilarious example of Adam trying to force Drew to move into the new house.


Adam is asking when the love of caring became a personal attack to some people, Fred is giving an example about his late father and dial up internet.

Chris is now back on the line and he’s claiming he’s like Adam and has hyper vigilance, he’s saying that it’s putting him more on edge as a single father and he’s becoming a worrier.

They’re comparing him to Fred’s mom, Drew is now rightfully saying that all callers who claim this are misinterpreting Adam, the man with ice in his veins.


Drew is clarifying Adam’s unique affect that’s much different than what Chris have, possibly the opposite.

Adam tells Chris this is what booze is for, Drew is offering up some sympathy and understanding for Chris being raised by a paranoid person.

Drew is advocating “get over it” if possible and Adam is giving the standard classical music and lifestyle change or medication and therapy combo if needed.


Drew is getting to self-regulation and feeling ok in your own skin, the function of the self and Adam wants to know how one can be taught not to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Drew is giving some super in depth in for on the regulatory system and how it comes on line in a human through interpersonal relationships.

Adam is now citing the liners producer Ann would get worked up about and how Drew would always cave and turn around to record it for them, Adam is offering up brilliant logic for his position.


Fred has a funny comment about fear at restaurants and Adam lays in a perfect joke.

Adam is now asking Fred why he wants to flee from all places, Fred is explaining why he wants to get things done and Adam is agreeing with him on a single point about efficiency.


2nd Caller Kevin and his wife are expecting twins, he wants the advice of parents of multiples, both Adam and Drew.

Kevin proves Adam’s point about medical intervention and has a killer one liner about dressing his kids up in identical Hitler outfits.

Adam is getting to the differences among his kids and how their age is almost the only similarity among them, he’s saying it’s not too different than having kids a year apart from each other.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote of having dinner with Vince Vaughn and his wife as told on The Adam Carolla Show #1231

Adam is offering up the advice he gave to Vince about his concern being the best thing possible for his kids, meaning he’ll be a fine parent as he cares more than 90% of other parents, way ahead of the curve.

Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller Stacey, she’s lost 73lbs over 5 years ago and she’s telling them how she accomplished that.

Adam is commenting on how it’s always the simple advice that works for people, not some fad diet.

Drew is bringing up his recent lunch with Tom Arnold who dropped over 70lbs and how Tom told him about what it was like growing up with food restrictions and what that did to him as an adult.


Stacey is sharing how much she loves the show and does the dreaded “my question is for Dr. Drew” thing that no true fan would ever do, a Loveline era taboo that Adam rants against.

She wants to know about people who get surgery over changing their lifestyle and he’s citing a relative who underwent the surgery, Adam cuts her off right as a dog starts to go off in the background.

Adam is now asking Drew his take and giving his own on the surgical interventions that he’s seen work for people he’s known for years, he’s citing Lisa Lampanelli and her results.


Adam has a great methadone analogy and Drew is agreeing with him, Adam is summing it all up and Drew is closing it out.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the episode, Adam has a funny delivery on the title of Fred’s book.