Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 107

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/09/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show – 107

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-08-2014 – Release Date 01-09-2014

Production Number #107

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Adam is opening the show in studio with Drew, lamenting his experience with the polar vortex and getting stuck in NYC.

Adam is mocking the idea of talking about the weather and how it’s a synonym for nothing to talk about.

Drew is driving the point home about the extreme weather and Adam has a very calm insight into how weather changes every so often, Adam and Drew are bringing up climate change and global warming arguments.


Adam is clarifying his point, he’s not saying that humans aren’t changing the climate nor is he saying that the weather isn’t changing, Adam is just asking for the practical impact data and he’s using secondhand smoke vs. firsthand knife or bullet to make his point.

Adam is going off about the scourge of black mold from about 10yrs ago, Adam is joking that mold is old and predates most life on earth, Drew agrees with him and they’re riffing the idea out.

Adam wants to know why in 2002 it suddenly became an issue; Drew has some interesting factoids about peanut allergies and peanut consumption as the solution.


Adam is now riffing out all the people who would be dead from secondhand smoke and the hysteria about it, Adam is bringing up his argument he had with the Calabasas mayor in 2006.

Adam is now talking to Chris Laxamana and Adam is joking about grinding Gavin Newsom into a fine powder on air, followed up with some other hilarious comments, gold!

Adam is now explaining why people like his arguing abilities, Adam is tapping into his intergalactic logic of right and wrong and why that makes arguing so simple for him.


GSS Note, Gary contacted me while on vacation for this clip, I didn’t have all my resources and got a vague description but before I could even reply 12min later the boys found it themselves, I’m very proud!

Adam is explaining to Drew how the clip is watermarked by time because of the Dana Reeve cancer diagnosis and untimely death in 2006.

Adam is now asking about her age and the odds of 18 months spent in a cabaret causing her cancer, Drew is now arguing against the concept that the only way to get lung cancer is via smoking.


Adam is now bringing up the argument and the things he said to counter the Mayor’s attempt at making a correlation between smoking and adolescent asthma.

Drew is telling Adam about his holidays and spending time in Europe with his family and how his kids were mystified by the adult responsibilities allowed to citizens in many European countries.

Adam is bringing up his observations about life in Paris, the lack of automated door closers in hotels being one of things he appreciated most.


Adam is telling Drew about his recent trek to Pasadena and his “road sodas” along with the encounter with the surly chick doing security as discussed on the Adam Carolla show on Tuesday.

Adam is now going after spurious arguments, he’s citing his car insurance company and his difficulty in getting an additional car insured despite his years of not filing claims and signing checks.

Adam is bringing up what Daniel Kellison told him and how Adam insisted upon getting that service, Adam is giving a thumbnail version of this rarely told story.


“Not the cunt with the Camry who’s just getting comp and collision” – Adam on the other customers who don’t need the “gold card” privileges.

Adam is getting to the rarest part of the story, the one he never shares, the best part of having money “F Me Money” and why he didn’t care that his accountant said it was going to cost more money.

“And I said fuck Adam, fuck him with a hot piece of rebar rolled in hot sand” – Adam on fucking himself by punishing others with F Me Money.


Adam is bringing up the WB affiliate in Chicago that were asking for Adam and Drew to do the “Dubba, Dubba, Dubba WB!” promo campaign that Adam protested mid explanation.

Adam is wondering how long the campaign lasted, it was less than a year for sure, they abandoned it as quick as possible after their months of “foolish pride”.

Adam is explaining how he likes to fuck with Chris; they’re all discussing Adam crowding Chris at the coffee maker.


Drew is launching into a live read with a screwed up head on him, he’s citing the jet lag as why he can’t form a thought. Adam has a great argument for protection against identity theft and he’s citing the modern conveniences that open one up for risks.

Adam is asking Drew about Prague and the things he noticed over there, Drew is telling him about culture, identity and language surviving so much throughout time.


1st Caller Brian, he’s telling Adam that he has expectations for his friends and family, he’s citing his sister’s inability to make a budget.

Drew is rightfully asking him why he concerns himself with other people’s choices; Adam is explaining that they’re not interested.

Adam says he used to do this, he used to treat his mom like he does other people he cares about; he’s citing her drywall swatches and months of indecision.


Adam is now bringing up the responses from his mom when he tried to help her, he’s saying it worked out and he now has stopped engaging her about such things, hilarious examples of what she lobbed at him in response.

Adam is now bringing up how his grandma waited too long to die and the joke is on everyone else; his mom is now too old to move from her 1200 square foot house to the 1400 square foot house three blocks away.

Adam is explaining that moving is a big deal to his parents; he’s got a great squat example to prove how relative some things are.


Drew is joining Adam in marveling at these people who are so ineffective and can’t get through life; Adam is sharing his conversation with his sister about their mom’s inability to move homes.

Adam is explaining that he asked her if she hadn’t learned her lesson by now about their mother and her inability to do anything and how any attempt to help is met with resentment.

Adam is explaining that is diminishes a relationship if you can’t give someone a simple critique without worrying about sending them into an emotional tailspin.


Adam is waxing poetic on the distances between what people want and actually need; he’s making a lot of sense and addressing how requests for action are then misconstrued into a personal attack.

Adam is sharing the story of he told on the ACS this week, of taking his kids to the park and encountering the father who straightened his son out, as discussed on Tuesday’s ACS.

Drew agrees with the logic the father presented to his son and Drew gets a “Thank You!” shout from Adam. “The Refs of Life” – Adam


Adam is now launching into a live read and Drew is taking the reins.

Adam is back to addressing Brian and giving him some advice, he’s telling him the people he can and cannot change in life.

Adam is now getting into changing your wife, he’s bringing up the idea of changing a man and the hypocrisy of not being able to do the same to your wife, a bad habit is a bad habit.


The guys found the clip of Adam speaking with the Calabasas Mayor, utilizing my recordings and my master guest list I presume.

They’re now playing the clip of the interview.

Adam and Drew are now addressing the mayors concerns and Adam is sticking on “the number 1 preventable cause of death” Drew wants to know what he’s up to now.


They’re playing the clip again of Barry the mayor asking why anyone should listen to Adam over biased individuals who are trying to make a name for themselves, Drew is addressing this too.

Drew’s laughter over the clips adds quite a bit to the conversation from 2006.

Adam is now bringing up the article on secondhand smoke that found it to be a non-issue, Drew is offering some insight and Adam is bringing up the recent tweet he got about Mayor Garcetti addressing the graduating class of the LAFD.


Adam is now bringing up his excellent counter point about LAX TSA and their lack of diversity.

Adam is bringing up the “woeful piece of shit” article about the state of Los Angles and its economy.

Adam is once again forgetting about Caroline Paul and her Loveline appearance, Adam is on a great Gary example and has another point about “Michelle Vick” a woman capable of playing in the NFL.


They have some quick praise for Garcetti taking care of the freeway signs, Adam is giving out the plugs and they’re wrapping up the show.