Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 306

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/04/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 306

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-02-2016 – Release Date 02-04-2016

Production Number #306 – Basketball Jones

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Drew opens the show with Adam’s standard intro, Adam is on the heels of the intro, pulling his car in right now.

Drew talks about the Iowa Caucuses, he wants to know about Adam’s take and Gary brings up the republican frontrunners, not even addressing the democratic candidates.

Adam enters the studio and tells Drew about having Ted Cruz on the ACS, Adam says that Drew is the best dinner guest one could have, he praising him for being interested in topics and ideas and helping further explore them.


Adam apologizes for his voice and admits he did get a cold, Adam brings up this guy talking vs. that guy talking and being able to tell who is worthwhile.

Adam is telling Drew about talking to Cliff Averre, his childhood mentor a grade school custodian ad they spoke to on air on the ACS #1744 after first being discussed on ACS #1738


Adam is talking to Drew about his relationship with Cliff in grade (elementary) school, he is getting Adam to lose his patience, Adam is asking about the streets outside his mom’s place and trying to google earth it.

Adam calls Drew an idiot and Drew clarifies if he just played with Adam and Ray or all of the kids.

Gary is now “enhancing” and they’re seeing Adam’s mom’s house and its proximity to the basketball court at Colfax elementary school.

Adam talks about playing hours of basketball with this guy and shares what Phil told him about the trees surrounding the court. Adam says picture a 24yr old Cat Stevens.


Adam is describing the scene of how they first met and Drew asks if he was one of those 70’s guys trying to dole out “life lessons” and Adam recalls him bringing back peaches for them to all enjoy.

Adam is referencing talking to him last week on the ACS.

Adam is talking about how Cliff felt that he was more mature than his peers, Adam and Drew agree that comes from being on his own and being parentalized, that’s not good, no it’s not!

Adam is getting to the carpet cleaning world and explains that Lackey Nick could even start a carpet cleaning business and discusses the difference between his years of doing it and what Cliff is doing.


Adam and Drew are talking about ‘The Knack’ and how it didn’t exist when they were hanging with Cliff, Adam tells Drew he never asked Cliff about his level of business, he doesn’t want to know about that stuff, hilarious boyfriend came in his eye one liner from Ace while making an analogy.

Drew wants to know how this came up on the show, Drew says this is perhaps not a mentor and he explains how one sustained relationship with an available adult is the key factor in someone growing up healthy when coming from a broken home like Adam.

Adam says he wasn’t a Jimmy Kimmel, he wasn’t a Shelby Coffey, they talk about Shelby after mentioning him, Adam brags about his achievements since training him in boxing while Shelby was working for the L.A. Times.


Gary gets on mic to help explains how they tracked Cliff Averre, Chris gets on mic and finishes explaining how they got the name.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Olga a day late and a dollar short with the parmesan cheese packet when they made some delicious meatballs, Olga needs to modify her packet setting aside method.


Adam is now getting to an ‘In and Out’ conversation he’s had with his wife multiple times, she makes a run and he always wants something from there, but she never presumes and buys extra just in case.

Adam is coughing and losing it, due to his cold.

Adam says that ‘In and Out’ is free when it comes to his tax bracket, Adam says error on the side of whatever. Adam tips the Taco Bell guy.


Adam is sharing how everyone had decided on ‘In and Out’ and his wife did buy Adam a burger but Sonny was hungry and he ate half of Adam’s burger too.

Adam is telling Drew how Phil aka Philly Cheesesteak is doing and explains he jumped and head butted him awake in bed and says he needs a trainer, talking about the differences between male and female dogs.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Drew is dressed fancy today edition


1st Caller Bret, he brings up Politically Correct and why Adam hasn’t been on Real Time, Drew explains the schedule issue and how they had 5 nights to fill vs. 1 per week.

Adam and Drew have both only done the show one time, Adam doesn’t bring up the old insider theories as to why he was never on the show sooner, Drew compliments Bill and recalls the first time they guested on P.I. in the 1990’s.

Adam talks about the dud panels on Real Time, it’s not like late night TV, you don’t need an A-lister like The Tonight Show.


Adam says he agrees with Drew and is not a conspiracy theorist, he doesn’t mention Bill calling him a “gun guy” in front of Olivia Wilde.

Adam is now getting to the theory that comedians like being the funniest person in the room, Bill does know that Adam can take over and run the comedy for an episode.

Adam counters Drew’s comments about Louis CK appearing on the show, Adam gives the example of David Letterman and his tactics, what if you could have Jon Stewart follow you instead of Craig Kilborn and what would that do re: contract negotiations.


Drew brings up Charlie Sheen’s doctor on Real Time and his claims of withholding cures for diseases, Adam is countering his claims and Adam has a killer Mexican car bomb riff, hand to god.

All cars in Mexico come with car bombs free, installed.

Adam is commenting on his crazy hair and how when he would bring his hair around so you could see his giant comb over.


Drew agrees and is now explaining how vaccines have evolved over time.

Adam wants to know about Bernie Sanders and the single payer system he proposes.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Bet DSI

Adam wants a nanny cam on fans watching the game with money riding on it vs. those without any cash in the game.


Drew is now explaining how the system would work as Bernie proposes, Drew talks about bureaucracy and how it’s a move towards totalitarianism.

Drew says everyone will see physician extenders and they both compliment Bernie Sanders and his take on tax loopholes and Adam is asking about a human flaw.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read

No car bombs from True Car Edition


Adam is getting to the huge flaw of humans, we assign personalities to everything, Drew says anthropomorphize inanimate objects and items.

Adam is riffing about companies selling us a personality that we happily buy into, hilarious “teamed that chick at Coachella” comment while Adam talks to the soulless company who is making money in China.

There is no right thing for corporations, they are monoliths and Adam says they’ll never do anything but follow the trail of cash, lowing the tax rate equals bringing jobs back over here.


Adam is doing a Live Read for an ab Toning Belt called Slender Tone

Adam wrestling with Phil, who’s getting quite aggressive, bit through Adam’s hand.

Adam’s kids thought he was Iron Man edition


Adam is giving out the live show plugs and mentions the El Portal theater he used to go to as a kid.

Drew gives out his plugs and they wrap up the show.