Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2016 – Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/19/2016 – Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina, and Bald Bryan

Recorded 01-18-2016 – Release Date 01-19-2016

Production Number #1738

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Adam opens the show with a tease for the upcoming booking of Russell Simmons for the ACS and Take A Knee (TAK.)

Adam is back form touring upstate New York and he is now complaining in reverse order he’s talking about flying out of Newark and doesn’t believe he’s ever used that airport, he talks about the shuttle driver and the screaming match going on between him and another employee in the Marriott parking lot.

Adam talks about the shuttle driver taking off pissed, despite the black ice and dangerous conditions along with poor maneuvering vehicle with an odd shape prone to rolling over, Adam wanted to put his hand on the guy’s shoulder and tell him to leave it at the curb, funny Tokyo Drift comment.


Adam is now talking about the 6$ latte he had half full when he approached the woman taking ID’s and boarding passes before the actual line to the security checkpoint/screening area.

Adam was told by “Aunt Esther” who was manning the line to dump his coffee right there, he says he then asked if he could throw his coffee away when he got to the line, Adam shares her “Fine! Just git!” reaction despite there not even being a trashcan nearby.

Adam shares how she treated him like a stepson who needed to be bailed out of jail, Adam calls her a fucking cunt and BB gives him an “oh buddy” trying to make him be kinder to the dumb cunt who ruins people’s days, every day.


Adam shares the rant he was on about Government “secret shoppers” and the super unsatisfying conversation with Mike August regarding the rule of dumping out water bottled at security checkpoints.

Mike August insisted that it was different at every airport, Gina makes a point about August disagreeing with Adam to not throw him off, that would make Adam’s day even weirder.

Adam talks about the search for Polish food while in the Midwest and on the east coast, he talks about the paper receipt that flipped over at the parking garage and how they were ticketed even though they paid for parking.


Adam has to pay for the ticket, Adam talks about flying Virgin out there and American back.

Adam talks about the outbound trip now, Adam had a 1st class ticket and Mike had a business class ticket on American, Adam talks about the two sides of the lounge.

Adam describes the booze and chow upgrade in the 1st class lounge, Adam explains how Mike doesn’t drink and he shares their effort to sneak him into the lounge for the 21min stay they’ll be having.


Adam is sharing how the chick was on the phone as they entered and immediately got the “excuse me, you over there, you have to leave” the bitches downstairs called and warned her.

Adam is asking American how much fleecing can go on, he references The Lufthansa heist and says they cannot do that much damage in the 20min they’re in the lounge.

Adam says America is like a big beautiful Bill Cosby sweater that’s become unraveled.


Adam is now talking about his efforts to get a drink and go join his friend on the other side, the employee told him that if he would have asked she would have let him in, Adam immediately called her out and walked away as he doesn’t need a lecture, he talks about walking away from people mid-sentence.

Adam is talking about the broken homes and anger at daddy that leads to women working who don’t want to work wand hate daddy, Adam comments on the way women are connected to Daddy and how men and mommy isn’t even close when compared.

Adam is saying he didn’t need the lecture and BB pitches a new TV show idea where Adam busts in people’s homes and forces them to work.


Gina comments on how this woman made their actions personal, Adam comments on her weaving in the emotional/cathartic element.

Adam asks why we’re living in the past and what that suggests about her, making it personal.

Adam asks what the fuck is going on in this world.


BB is now talking about first class customers and how rules should be altered to allow for these kinds of situations, Adam asks what’s happening to this world and laments the lack of adults and abundance of petulant children allowing our infrastructure to collapse around us.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live read

Bad home installation systems edition


BB asks if they can “talk about” what Adam was really doing with these 3 standup dates, Adam comments on how he was doing 3 shows, hmmmm.

There might be something there that Adam isn’t ready to address yet, a live special?

Adam talks about not being nervous typically and how he’s been doing mainly live podcasts instead of standup sets and how he felt a bit naked, halfcocked as it were.


Adam talks about his insane day of travel before the live show, he says that James Babydoll Dixon has never been at a good show he’s done, now even Boston House of Blues 2010?

Adam is talking about Bill O’Reilly showed up at the event too, Adam is sharing his fear of upsetting Bill or Babydoll smoking in the theater.

Adam says it all went great but he wasn’t looking for that level of pressure and worry, Adam talks about the trip out to deep Newton Massachusetts.


Gina asks if Adam saw Bill laughing mid show, he says no but then saw him standup at the end, he was right up front and gave him a thumbs up.

Adam talks about forgetting whole chunks of his set and working out the kinks.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw the movie ‘Sicario’ he shares the details of this movie and the two previous movies made by the director, Adam jokes about this being a bad era of movies for people trying to recall tittles, he jokes about Sicario and The Revenant.

BB is talking about how brilliant Benicio del Toro is as an actor and in this film, he sets up a scene with Josh Brolin, Adam says he loves Josh.

BB talks about the several white knuckle scenes in the movie, he is really heavily praising the film and telling people to turn off their phones and focus on it, Gina agrees and Adam is asking why this movie didn’t get more awards attention.


Gina brings up Room after they close out the segment and BB comments on it as well, Adam is now having Gary tell Matt to print out his email, he brings up an email Pete Brock sent him.

Adam is sharing the whiz kid background of Pete and his love for crazy emails, Adam is sharing how he was reading this whole email while waiting on the flight getting ready to take off.

Adam is having Gary put it up on the screen and he comments on the surprise ending, Adam says Gina can read it and Adam will read the end.


Adam says he’s talked about this subject before and BB might remember the surprise answer, Gina is now reading the epic email.

Measure Twice Cut Once, a precautionary tale.

Adam interrupts to explain who Dick Rutan is, Gina skips ahead and finishes the tale of the fate of Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. aka John Denver.

BB has a funny one liner putting himself in the role of a flight attendant, Gina is on page two of the email.


Gina has excellent pronunciation, speed and clarity and Adam talks about reading this entire thing.

Gina finishes the letter and marvels at the surprise twist.

Adam comments on the plane and the accident, BB calls back his flight attendant character.


Adam is talking about the real names of various celebrities, Dawson gets on mic and they mixup Elton John and Reginald Denny’s names.


Q and Ace

1st Caller David, he’s got a “holla” for BB and he asks Adam if he gambles while in Vegas, Adam says no and it sucks, he doesn’t have anything against it but he’s unlucky and can’t win.

Adam says the last time he gambled was socially with Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal while in Las Vegas, Adam talks about the catch 22 of winning enough to make it count and losing enough to make it sting.

Adam is further commenting on his theory about luck and hustle, he wants his kids to out hustle everyone and wow the people behind the desk, never let it come down to that coin toss element.

Adam comments on the “but it’s me” element of the Powerball and even John Denver before his fateful final flight.


Adam talks about looking into the future and uses a police pursuit and not pulling over to make a point, Adam say he doesn’t like the concept of the lottery and he comments on the prediction he had about Christoph Waltz winning an academy award.

BB talks about walking around a Casino once to get a feel for the place, like a proper pilot checking all of the levers and settings.

Gina talks about BB teaching her some card games and gambling with him in Vegas.


Adam is talking about slots and the people who are into “0 skill games” and he brings up the depression he felts while walking through the Circus Circus lobby.

Gina comments on the sad look of most people you see sitting at slot machines.


2nd Caller Chad, he’s calling form Washington D.C. and talks about his buddy tweeting Adam to ask him if he knew he was even doing the show, he did not.

Adam explains how and why he didn’t know about the show; he shares how they to change the date so he could go drive Paul Newman’s car for the hill climb.

Chad asks if Adam will be coming to D.C. and Adam says he’s going to Europe, so f… then they change gears and Adam is telling the gang about his policy regarding bringing the gang along for live shows.


Adam is saying he wants to work out the economics of it, he thinks there might be a way to do this and make it economically feasible.

Chad brings up mentors and Adam’s father and his limited role in his life, he shares how his dad would react to finding out about the Hill Climb and says he thinks about telling Matt Fondiler more than his own father.

Gina asks about his dad and his strange nature, Adam brings up the ‘Carollo’ story and thinks he was broken by his neighborhood, family and surroundings.

Chad brings up the Phil Hendrie episode and the way Adam spoke about him, Adam is sharing how used to be across the street from Colfax Elementary.

Adam tells them about Cliff aka Cuzzi, he was a janitor who worked at the elementary school, he was little guy and was a cool dude who played basketball with them, just having fun and not molesting anybody.


BB forgets Adam has told this story before, Cliff’s brother was in ‘The Knack’ and asks Gary to read the names of the various original members.

Cliff Averre, must be the name.


Adam is doing a Children’s Hospital Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of Glenn Frey and Adam clarifiers his feelings about ‘The Eagles’ and his criticism for untalented artists vs. artists he doesn’t like the work of.

BB brings up the documentary about the band, Adam is telling Dawson to name Don Henley but it was another guy in the band who fought tooth and nail with Glenn.


2nd Story is on the democratic debate; Gina asks if they found Cliff if they’d have him on the show.

Gina sets up the clip, it’s now playing correctly.

Bernie Sanders is responding to the campaign question about Hillary and her husband’s infidelity.

Adam says this is worse for her, it’s better she’s arguing with Trump or someone calling names, Adam has a funny “of course he’s a serial rapist” comments from the POV of Sanders, sand impression.

Adam talks about why dismissive replies are worse in some ways than accusatory ones.


Adam asks what is so wrong with being honest about a relationship being an arrangement, a deal.

Adam explains how Hillary has limited options for attacking back and the possible reality of her helping make some of her husband’s infidelities go away, for the agreement/franchise, their family business.

Adam says he loves Bernie Sanders; he disagrees with everyone he says but loves the shit out of him.

Gina shares how someone told her their fear of voting for Bernie and Adam is now commenting on how people in the middle east respond to fear.

Adam says they hate us anyway, having a Jewish president can’t do anything worse, he says the only deciding factor would be if he’s weak or strong when it comes to defense.


Adam would love it if it would come down to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.


3rd Story is on a Taco Bell exec suing an Uber driver for posting a video of him assaulting said driver.

Gina has the details and Adam comments on the way everything is put up for everyone’s amusement and judgement does everything need to be shared.

BB says he needs to be shamed, Adam agrees and BB is now commenting on the probable history of this guy and Adam talks about him being a black out drunk and shares the details of the guy’s he grew up knowing who had this.


Gina has a great “rolling blank tape” reply and Adam is now giving a thumbnail sketch of a friend who got drunk and blacked out at a sorority.

Gina asks who told this driver to put the video up, Adam is commenting on visiting Babydoll Dixon and talking about gun laws.

Adam is sharing how he wants two-part consent for videos to be shared, porn or otherwise.


Adam and Gina talks about revenge porn and Gina brings up the woman who said horrible vile comments to the woman working the impound lot, Britt McHenry.


Adam and BB are doing a Draft Kings Live Read


4th Story is on Cinnamon Nicole who setup a ‘Go Fund Me’ page after spending her entire savings on lottery tickets, she reads the description of the page.

Adam thinks perhaps her mother was the agent working at the security checkpoint.

Adam now asking the gang about the airport water bottle story and Mike August’s reply, where does that stand on the list of super confusing incompetent statements from Mike.

BB and Gina both weigh in.

Adam talks about how fucked up Newark airport is, he comments on the penciled in piece of paper they use for the security line, he reflexively put the paper in the tray and forgot to show it to the TSA employee.


Adam responds to Gina’s yarmulke question, calling back his earlier riff about the condescending announcements telling travelers to remove their hats.


Adam is now doing a Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Adam brings up the Adam Carolla Watch, Mike August loves it and Adam jokes about giving a sales tally tomorrow.