Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2015 – Sen. Ted Cruz, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2015 – Sen. Ted Cruz, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sen. Ted Cruz, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub and Matt Atchity

Recorded 12-16-2015 – Release Date 12-17-2015

Production Number #1725

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Adam opens the show with a plug for the upcoming live show with Paul Reiser, he welcomes Matt Atchity to the show and they’re talking about ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ right off the bat.

Adam is sharing his take on the review embargo regarding this movie in comparison to the lame comedies he’s used to prejudging.

Adam asks Matt if he’s seen the movie, he has and he says it’s very good.


Adam is explaining how he shares various “signs” of the impending societal apocalypse and cites the time he visited Natalia’s class and was told to buzz off by the turd kid, Adam jokes about resting his sack atop the kids head and mentions the teacher’s nose stud.

Adam is sharing how he tries to explain this stuff to people under 35 who work around him the bygone era of non-exposed vulvas from too short skirts, weird analogy.

Adam is talking about the beers left out after the latest taping of ‘The Watercooler’ Chris Laxamana’s show with the other producers and staff from the studio hanging out.


Chris is now on mic and he explains how he forgot to clean up and Adam says it’s not his fault, he was born too late.

Adam shares what his thing would have been, had he been born of this era.

Gina brings up entitlement, Adam says its reverse entitlement, it’s not your nor his any longer, it’s ours.


Nobody is the boss of anybody or “how you get shot by a cop” as Adam puts it, Adam is talking about the modern era of everyone shopping at ‘Old Navy’ the millionaires who dress like common douchebags observation.

Adam is now further investigating this beer and BB shares his take on freeway passing and beer drinking, as long as it doesn’t affect him, more power to you.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read with BB

Small Dawson flub edition.


Adam is on mic with Gary and he goes over their pre-show conversation and he mixes up Brendan Schaub’s name and Gary corrects him and gets an on air “you’re right.”

Adam brings up the Amazon stock issue with ‘Winning’ and he shares the movie won the 2015 Motor press award, nice!


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

1st Movie ‘Gremlins’ (1984)

Adam cites the chimney flashback scene and gives his guess along with the gang.

Adam talks about the bizarre twist in the movie and BB brings up a scene from ‘Trading Places’ and Adam compliments Jamie Lee Curtis’s breasts.

They’re now playing the infamous scene from ‘Gremlins’ as first broken down on air by Adam in December 2008 on the KLSX morning show and deconstructed on air at least 2-3 times since.


2nd Movie ‘Scrooged’ (1988)

They all guess the score, Gina’s a fan.


3rd Movie ‘Home Alone’ (1990)

Adam is sharing how believable the chaos and left behind element of the movie was, he has good recall of the flick, everyone is surprised it’s rotten.


4th Movie ‘Reindeer Games’ (2000)

Adam says this was one of the titles they came up with before the script, Gina gets a perfect guess with 25%.


5th Movie ‘Fred Claus’ (2007)

Gina takes the win and Adam jokes about anytime Bryan doesn’t win being a win for everyone else.

They head to break and wrap up with Matt.


Adam interrupts to air the future recorded interview with Ted Cruz from later this evening, Adam is now asking Ted about the campaign of Donald Trump and there is a funny “where are you calling from?” moment revealing Ted isn’t too far away.

Adam is asking him about his flat tax idea, he tells Adam it’s a great question and the connection breaks up.

Ted tells Adam the numbers are on his website and he goes over the 10% tax rate for everyone and the various taxes they would abolish to encourage higher compliance and more legitimate accounting.


The phone breaks up again, he’s driving through the hills of Los Angeles.

Adam asks who is fighting this and doesn’t want it to happen, Ted tells Adam about his referendum and idea to abolish the IRS.

Adam asks Ted what the chances are of him being able to do this if elected, he’s honest about the broken system and explains how executive power can be used to make stuff move along.


Ted agrees with Adam that the founding fathers would never stop throwing up if they were taken to read the modern tax code.

Ted talks about the Washington cartel and the various lobbying groups that profit off the complex tax code, Ted is talking to Adam about micro-aggressions and responds to Adam’s questions about the country turning weak, into pussies.

Ted is talking about the notion of erasing history because it offends our ears, Ted is a solid speaker when able to talk uninterrupted, and he’s got some great points regardless of your political affiliations, interesting.


Adam asks Ted about the vice president talk and he’s not interested, either way, wow!

Adam is asking Ted about the national fervor of electing someone of a race or gender never yet elected to the position of POTUS.

Ted is now going in depth on the Obama/Clinton policies that he thinks are failing the American people, he’s got some interesting points about the condescension he feels form Hillary.


Adam is asking Ted about his hobbies, he loves movies and mentions some classics, he’s telling Adam about his love of ‘Scarface’ and basketball, awesome.


They return from break and Adam explains the Mike August Christmas song to them, the borrowed his brother in law’s shoes lyric specifically.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen are returning to the show, they last guested together on ACS #1309 from April of 2014, Brendan politely refused to let Adam hold the focus mits for him, and then kinda shit-talked him for trying on his podcast, Adam is completely unaware of this of course.

Brendan wasn’t familiar with Adam’s boxing history nor his explosive knockout power that exceeds even Chuck Liddell who required a running/jump to throw at the same level as Ace, perhaps if he has listened he might have learned a quick tip or combo that would’ve helped before what proved to be his final fight.

A lot has happened since then and with his retirement I’m hoping he is able to let loose and enjoy the show, he “wasn’t that impressed” last time and openly talked about not returning to the show, he’s retconned the story on air when asked by his listeners, he blames a former news lady for the show’s awkward vibe.


Adam plugs their podcast ‘The Fighter and the Kid’ and Adam brings up Brendan’s past romantic relationship with Ronda Rousey, he’s reluctant to talk about it after the blowback for innocuous and honest/kind comments on his podcast.

Brendan drops a “Honeydick” the word he got from the movie ‘The Interview’ and Adam jokes about a fictional breakfast cereal, hilarious riff with the guys.

Adam and Brandon are talking about Ronda, her persona, not touching gloves and trying to knockout the boxer with her standup instead of leaning towards her epic strengths.


Adam is talking about the timing between Ronda’s two last fights, Adam is talking about bracket racing and how it makes things fun.

Adam is now pitching a bracket system for the Special Olympics, in reply to Brendan name dropping the events, hilarious idea.

Adam is joking about people competing against the special Olympians and adds a gambling angle.


Adam is asking Brendan about Connor McGregor and they talk about the upcoming possible bouts for the man.

Adam is talking about his love for Roy Nelson and asks Brendan about his retirement and how it wasn’t “lucrative” for him to keep fighting, 100k+ down to 10k for sponsorships.

Bryan asks Adam about his empire and Adam jokes about still not being able to afford a white human slave, holy shit.


Adam is talking about money and the lack of happiness that it provides, Adam says the best metaphor is a parking ticket and he explains how it ruined his life at one point and now doesn’t move the needle.

Bryan shares a bit of wisdom and gets mocked by Adam and Brendan, Adam is explaining his “rich guys eat lint” theory where Chris Maxipada who eats lint and Leonardo DiCaprio who doesn’t both drive a Prius, the same Mark Cuban in cargo shorts theory he referenced earlier.

Adam is talking about the bygone era of being a celebrity or being able to bribe people, he comments on the end of good old fashioned American bribery and how that took all the perks away from being rich.


Bryan is telling Adam about his friend trying to build a house in Malibu and how he’s held up regardless of his wealth, Bryan is telling them about getting a Tesla and the after show interaction where a fan marveled that he drove a Passat, the same depressing car the fan was driving, he let him down.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read


Adam asks Brendan about life with Ronda, he craftily segues and says some kind things while affirming she could be ready for a rematch by UFC 200.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Bill Cosby’s lawsuit against the women accusing him of rape, Adam asks if people don’t kill themselves anymore, the Japanese honorable death in face of dishonor trope.

Adam is asking what Bill’s wife is thinking in all of this, Adam wants to know what is going on behind the scenes with Camilla and Bill or Anthony Weiner and his wife after his dick pic press conference.

Bryan is talking about sociopaths and sexual compulsion, he has some data about pedophiles and Brendan asks if Bill is still doing Standup.


Adam shares his take on pedophiles like kids more than straight adults like other straight adults, you gotta love it, and it can’t be a hobby.

Bryan shares some data about serial killers and now Gina is sharing the legal definition of insanity when it comes to court cases.

Adam asks what was worse for Bill’s legacy, the endorsement of new coke or all of the rape.


2nd Story is on Lamar Odom’s hospital drama and Gina has all of the details, Adam comments on Lamar’s father and his short sleeve shirt and shorts combo outfit.


Gary has an update on the amazon stock for ‘Winning’ and Adam is now explaining the drama to the guys, Brendan keeps trying to harp on the streaming, asking who exactly still buys these DVDs.

Adam is going over some of the details with Matt D’andria and he tells Brendan about the car guys who are fans of this stuff are still in the DVD era.

Bryan is asking Adam about Paul Newman and his racing, Brendan tells him he can just see the movie.


Adam does a True Car Live Read

Lamenting why your DVD isn’t selling edition


3rd Story is on Bowe Bergdahl and his charges, Adam says good and Gina plugs Serial season 2.

Adam is now giving his take on staying out of someone’s yard instead of asking if it was ok that they got shot through the throat with a harpoon, stay out of the yard and you don’t have to ask if it’s right or wrong.

Adam is now riffing about berets and has a killer comment about the sad turned over fin of killer whales and references ‘Blackfish’.

Hilarious beret comedy, one of the most inspired riffs in a long time.

Adam Carolla “That beret was meant to swim in the open sea not sit on top of deserter’s heads.”


4th Story is on the upcoming trial for Amber Heard regarding her dogs and the immigration scandal from earlier in the year.

Adam has a funny “not gay” riff and Gina has all of the details.

They take it back to the previous story and what Bowe claims he was doing when he deserted his post.


Adam riffs about maroon berets to tip of everyone that women are menstruating, Bryan has a gross and hilarious delivery of pussies, which will soon be a drop in heavy rotation.

Adam jokes about wearing the red beret 6 times a year, having a “me” day.

Bryan compliments Adam and quotes himself praising Adam being the best improv artist on earth and perhaps the funniest man off the cuff, somebody has to be the best, why not Adam.


Brendan says that Bryan said the same thing to Dr. Drew last night on Loveline, nice assist Big Brown!


Adam is doing a Live Read for Dollar shave club


5th Story is on some of the nuttiest products licensed by the latest Star Wars movie, Adam hates the fast food promos tie-ins and how these movies permeate society.

Adam says a band could never do this, “Hey this is Green Day for Pizza Hut” and Brendan comments on the ’30 for 30’ on lightsabers.

Adam asks about commons mix-ups ‘Star Trek’ vs. ‘Star Track’, ‘Obi Wan Kenobi’ vs. ‘Obi One’ and ‘Life Savers’ vs. ‘Light Sabers’ and Brendan reveals he also mixed those up too, funny riff with Adam.


Adam is joking about donning the raspberry beret and he says one in a while the terrorists are right as they all riff on uniquely attired rollerbladers.

Gina wraps the news and BB plays the drop of Bryan, over and over.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Zip Recruiter

My Pussy’s bleeding – Bryan


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show to a very funny drop from Brendan, this was a vastly superior outing for both gents, and I can’t wait until they come back, hilarious and perfect penultimate episode of the year!