Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2014 – Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 04/23/2014 – Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub

Recorded 04-20-2014 – Release Date 04-23-2014

Production Number #1309

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Adam is opening the 3rd recording of the day with Bryan and Brendan in studio, Adam recognizes Brendon from his UFC work and his stint on “The Ultimate Fighter.”

They’re talking about the current heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, Brendan’s next opponent Mark Hunt and Junior Dos Santos, Adam is explaining the origins of the UFC and the argument it finally settled.

Adam says you’re talking about the one dude you would want to back you up in an alley, Brendan is praising boxing and contrasting it against the UFC PPV numbers.


Alison is silent and Brendan is laughing, he’s mocking her asking if she ate too many Cadbury eggs and is having a blood sugar crash, Alison has a great prone joke, and Adam follows it up with a “we can have her” one liner and a killer closer.

Brendan is praising Cain but saying you want a bigger personality in a heavyweight, Adam is talking about his time with Cain doing the Celebrity Grand Prix a few years back.

Adam jokes about Cain’s driving and “reptile speed” completely still and then kill mode, hilarious quips and one liners from Adam and great back up from Bryan, good stuff.


Adam is explaining how he always thinks of guys walking to the cage and how it motivates him to overcome his opposition to an early call time.

Brendan is giving Adam his expertise and sharing what he’s seen backstage, Adam says the worst gig on earth besides “straight male fluffer on a gay porn set” is the backup fighters scheduled in case the main card ends early.

Adam has an Olympic Garden/Olympic Arena mix-up and BB steps in to straighten him out.


Adam wants to know how Brendan is able to maintain his cardio in the cage and not go off like a “piccolo Pete” and he’s giving his advice he shared with his lawyer clients trying to learn to box at “Bodies in Motion” back in the day.

Brendan is explaining how a fight day is no different than what he does every single day, he’s contrasting it to his football days.

Adam is asking Brendan about his origins in jujitsu, Adam has a great sand/oyster/pearl analogy to describe Bryan Callen’s role on his podcast with Brendan.


Alison is asking him what the worst part of losing is and seems to be surprised the physical pain isn’t much of a factor.

Adam is explaining how certain blows to the head can lead to strange symptoms, he’s citing the back of the head punch and electricity in your toes feeling, Bryan Callen chimes in and says that’s brain damage.

Brendan is sharing some anecdotes of absorbing kicks in the cage, Adam is now asking him about the gloves and the heavyweight division.


Adam is now doing a live read.


Brendan is telling Adam about the gloves used in the UFC, they’re explaining the differences between the boxing gloves and going into why MMA is safer than boxing.

Adam is sharing the story of seeing Rowdy Roddy Piper choke out Cousin Sal in front of John Popper, Adam and Brendan are bonding over their distaste for fat guys who lose weight.

Adam says you then need to find a new fat friend, Bryan Callen calls himself the funny greyhound and is doing his “I’m so ripped” riff he does on all of his podcasts and podcast appearances.


Bryan Callen and Brendan are telling Adam about Ronda Rousey and what she’s like in person, Adam is sharing the stories he’s heard about her mom trying to arm bar her in the house.

They’re now discussing raising children, Adam says he would like to raise his kids like they did 50yrs ago, hilarious “most rice has maggots in it!” and Adam is now explaining how Pop Warner made him tough.

Bryan Callen is waxing poetic on taking the lumps of life and Adam is sharing his love for “Friday Night Tikes” and Brendan loves it too, they’re describing it to Alison.


Adam is telling them about watching the show with his son and asking him if he would like to try playing football, he said maybe he’ll start at 10 or 11 and Adam explained to him why he might not want to wait.

Brendan said his kids will have no choice, Adam is telling them about sort of teaching his son how to box but who would he punch?

Adam explains that Sonny told him that he would get kicked out of school even if he hit a kid back in retaliation for hitting him first.


Adam has a killer John Pinette joke and now Bryan is sharing an anecdote of his kid hitting him with a whiffle ball bat.

Adam is telling them about his golden gloves days, Bryan is sharing how he was told by Kelly Carter, Adam’s trainer that he hits very hard.

Adam is being modest on the 2006 ACS he bested many professional boxer and UFC fighters punching power, once requiring Chuck Liddell 3 attempts to best his 643lb punch.


Adam is now telling the “put Cheryl on” palm springs fight story, he’s going in depth and explaining all the details, one of the best tellings.

He’s even going into detail into the terrain and the punch combinations, this is great.

Bryan has a great couple one liners about Cheryl, he’s now telling them about an incident at the Foxwoods Casino.

He’s telling them about a Scottish guy who came up to him drunk and started threatening him, he’s explaining how the guy started threatening to break his jaw, he made a loud noise and ran away.


Adam is telling them about talking to Jimmy’s band leader’s dad, Cleto Sr. and how they discussed his wife’s torn meniscus over Easter.

Adam explains he used his “Terry Mosier Street Fight” story to explain to her that she has nothing to worry about.

Bryan just shared a great “I could fight 6 of you” line Brendan replied to him with.


Adam is now doing a live read.

They’re going to break.


They’re back from break and Brendan is telling how he doesn’t promote fighting outside of the cage, instead of telling his “fought 5 guys” story as promised.

Adam is now saying that Brendan’s “I was much smaller” late bloomer reply is the male equivalent to the model lie about being the tomboy overlooked by all men.

Adam is now citing a recent article he was tweeted about the truth when it comes to bullying, it’s popular, jock and alpha on alpha bullying, not guys trying to pick on “nerds” only.


Bryan is sharing an anecdote about meeting Richie “Incognito” at the Playboy Mansion and seeing him slam another man.

Brendan says that’s a vibe that people put out, that gets them in street fights.

Brendan is now sharing how fought five guys in San Diego, he’s going into full detail about his 4 right hands and the last guy who faked a hit to avoid the trauma.


Brendan is explaining that people like to share their fighting stories with him, he’s not into it and wants to just chill when outside of the cage.

Adam is explaining how he met another Swedish guy and asked him about their “John Doe” and was told once again they don’t even have such a thing.

He’s explaining how he was told about the blinker “thank you” done in Sweden, one left, one right.


Adam is explaining that ever since he started racing he drives like a pussycat, he doesn’t want to get tickets or risk dangerous things on the road.

Adam says it’s out of his system, he doesn’t need to do it, much like a fighter who only fights in the cage.

Adam is asking Brendan if he would fight for free, he says he loves it and Adam has a great joke asking if he should tell Dana White that he’ll work for free.


Bryan is explaining how he reacted to Brendan’s last fight and screamed “This is your house!” so loud that Joe Rogan has to turn around and ask him to cool it.

Adam is asking Brendan about his broadcasting with Kenny Florian, he says that Brendan is a great talker, especially for a heavyweight.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Bryan once again praises Mike Dawson and Brendan does too, they both are now riffing about it and Bryan is doing an impression.


Alison’s News

1st Story She’s telling them about a study that states blood sugar accounts for hostility and aggression interpersonally, she’s giving them the details of the voodoo dolls used in the test.

Adam is now joking about working at that facility, he’s saying it would be fun to work in the pediatric cancer ward and sarcastically asking the other doctors about their voodoo blood sugar research.

BB is now asking Brendan about his calorie intake per day when training, he says 5000 per day when in training camp.


Adam is now saying it’s partially physical “I would call you a cunt if I didn’t have this taffy in my mouth” and that chewing prevents you from swearing at your spouse.

Adam is explaining how being tired and hungry makes you crabby and shitty.


2nd Story Is on the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel, Brendan loves the movie and everyone is giving him odd looks, Bryan is now mocking his love of Cadbury eggs and bunnies, he’s incredulous that everyone doesn’t like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Adam is now joking about movies featuring men dressed up as women being hit on by rich CEO’s in movie plots, he’s mocking the trope of someone getting the hots for the man in drag.

Adam is now bringing up Al Pacino being hot for Adam Sandler in “Jack and Jill” and Adam mocks Brendan saying that movie is underrated, Adam says it’s got a 7% on RT and deserves a 10%.


Adam is explaining why Naked and Afraid is too much for him as a TV show, Adam has a killer fire ants on his taint one liner.

Bryan is now asking Adam what he would bring if alone in the desert, he’s joking about the guys who answer “magic wand” to these hypothetical questions.

Adam says he would just bring booze, he’s probably not going to make it, he now says a water bottle or a lighter and 3rd an Australian girl who knows what she’s doing.


Bryan is saying how weird it is that they have two strangers naked with each other, Brendan is going in depth on how they film the show and selectively blur genitals.

Alison is back to the story and she’s sharing the details, Robin Williams is returning and Alison has a killer “at least your have standards” reply after a funny genuine reaction.


3rd Story Is on the renewal for “Catch a Contractor” he’s talking about Cort a mutual friend with Bryan and he’s explaining why an hour-long episode is actually easier to do.

Adam says he has mixed feelings about any success in his life, he’s telling them about his agent and the Complisult about not having a hit show in a decade.

Bryan and Brendan are talking up Adam nicely, wow!


Adam is explaining that he doesn’t care about TV, everyone else does and that appearing on it is good for all of your other businesses, Adam is making a point about “Skinny Girl” and Real Housewives creating the marketplace.

Alison is telling him about how he gets recognized all the time, she wants to know if it’s different now with “Catch a Contractor” and he’s telling them about Jon Favreau telling him what a fan he was of the show.

Adam is sharing his swamp/actor analogy, explaining that you’re working when you’re pretending.


Adam is explaining how small the bathroom was in one of the episodes, he’s explaining how he told his kids and wife that they were in Catalina Zip lining while he was in a bathroom in South Central.

Bryan is getting existential, Brendan is making a point about success being the motivation.

Adam is now sharing how his dad is not involved in his career or life, BB has a killer Loveline Tapes joke, nice!


Adam is explaining who his dad is to the guys, he’s sharing how he sat him down and showed him the Paul Newman documentary and finally got a “wow man if you never do another thing that will be enough” and how he’s never heard it.

Adam calls him “The Great Doesn’t Give a Shiti” riffing on the Great Santini, Bryan is sharing his father’s praise for his standup at age 43 and how powerful it was to hear it from him.

Adam says that making a movie leaves a mark, unlike TV, music and podcasting, Bryan wants to know if Newman is one of his heroes, he says no, he just loves his obsession with racing.


Bryan wants to know if Adam has any heroes, he says he never thinks of that but says when you see Paul Newman in the doc you will react in a way that you want your kids to see.

Adam is explaining his life philosophy and how it progressed through his racing career, he started with the small cars and was very humble.

Adam says he was a prime example of internalizing instead of externalizing, he’s sharing the story of Willie T. Ribbs and how Paul got him sponsored.


They’re all now debating and discussing if professional drivers are athletes, Brendan is adamant that they are not, Bryan is arguing that they are.

Adam has a great do a bunch of coke and beat off one liner, Adam says “some of them are athletes” and Alison wraps the news to a great new drop from Ace.


Adam is now doing a live read for Legal Zoom

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.