Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 195

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 195

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 11-25-2014 – Release Date 11-30-2014

Production Number #195 – By Example

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Adam opens the show with a plug for Take a Knee and once again mistakenly says there are 1500 episodes, he’s counting best of re-airings some of which aired 5 times.

#1463 episodes, that’s the official production number, it took hundreds of hours to re-organize the archive and it’s still not complete, we do have the numbers perfect though.

Adam is waxing poetic about bringing his kids along to experience what mommy and daddy do to make money, his go-to about bringing them to the Cinco De Mangria event.


Adam is bringing up Habitat for Humanity with Drew again, Drew has a point about teaching kids to learn by example.

Adam is again harping on his point about kids seeing their parents do the work, he references guys he knows who saw their dads up to nefarious things pretty early.

Drew brings up the ‘WhatIDoNow’ drop of himself and asks why it’s so funny, Adam is uncertain Chris can summon it.


1st Caller Wilmer, again…

Adam is now mocking him for calling an audible regarding his original question, Wilmer is now bringing up the oral sex/car washing comment from Adam where he stopped to explain the joke.

Wilmer is now asking if they find themselves explaining jokes more due to the culture.


Drew is sharing his own anecdote about this, Adam answers his questions and has a Daisy Dukes analogy.

Adam brings up trying to catch air in his dad’s car after getting his license.

Adam brings up the photo-shoot done yesterday and the reference his wife made to the TV show ‘Homeland’ and he explains why she’s upset with him for not wanting to hear about a show he will never watch.

Adam shares the anecdote about getting his eyebrows waxed to make it look like he was perpetually interested.


Adam explains that Lynette made a ‘Homeland’ reference in front of the crew of the photo-shoot and he uses their non-reaction to explain the fragmented attention spans combined with too much content being available.

Chris plays the drop, Adam is now saying that Drew suffers from the same thing women and kids suffer from where they expect you to know the references they make.

Adam explains how he prefaces before sharing stories about stuff he’s done in case people aren’t aware of it.


Adam says people are distracted and tuned out and they’re not hearing the joke, Drew just shot sputum on Adam’s carpet and he instructs Chris Maxipada to bring in a moistened towel to pick it up.

Adam explains the tune out mode people go into when attempting to multitask, Drew is cleaning up his lung butter.

Wilmer brings up how people seem to get upset by “data” (facts) and Adam explains his take on how family and education can solve everything, you can oversimplify it and uses exercise and diet to make his point.


Adam has a great “well” series of replies mocking his straw man in his argument example.

Drew is now sharing some evidence about women in films, Adam says there are plethora of leading women roles, Drew is now bringing up the data being skewed on speaking roles in films, and he cites war scenes with multiple speaking roles for unnamed soldiers.

Adam has a Tyler Perry example for women casting more women in their projects and now they’re commenting on the idea of the government stepping in.


Adam once again brings up the 45min long form interview that was never aired by NPR, Drew is just as curious and suspect about it not being released as Adam.


2nd Caller Danielle, she’s a 4th year medical student and brings up the challenge of dating while waiting to find out where he residency will take place.

Adam says he spoke with a very lovely young woman about this, turns out it was this same gal.

She’s now quoting some of Drew’s wisdom, she brings up the training she’s been trained to ask about the first age someone has smoked a cigarette.


Adam brings up how extra attractive Danielle is because of her brain, in addition to her personality and beauty, Adam has a funny “massive girthy cock” analogy he needs Drew to help him do some scene work.

Adam explains how her answer was of course what you expect, Adam brings up how everyone has an excuse about the challenges of dating.

Drew wants an example of her challenges of dating men, she brings up how other young professional men are not able to follow her to wherever her residency takes her.


Adam brings up her first world problem of needing a guy who is substantial, she asks if she should just have fun and hook up while waiting to move.

Adam jokes about Dawson swooping in like a Condor if she had mentioned her single/mingle status, the guy she was with was her date, she shares what a huge fan she is of the show.

Adam is now asking her how the guy was with the show, he wants someone’s take who is not a fan and she has some insight about it.


Adam says if it was standup he wouldn’t be asking, he brings up some early reactions to the live podcasts where people didn’t know what they were showing up for.

Adam is sharing how attracted he is to intelligent women, he shares how he’s just looking for the opposite of his mom and is grossed out by the idea of trying to marry his mother, the old adage.

Adam mocks the notion of the breadwinner and men earning less than women, Gary says BB seems pretty fucking happy about things and Adam confirms it.


Adam says that if Lynette made 100% of the money she would lord it over him way more than he does it for her, Adam says society wouldn’t stand for it if it was the other way around.

Adam says most women he knows who do make all the money have some resentment about their man at home chilling, Adam doesn’t think their spouses would express it as leisurely if they made 100% of the money.

They are using Danielle as an example.


3rd Caller Jose, he wants to know about renting in a good neighborhood vs. owning a poor neighborhood.

Drew says it’s always better to own.

Adam is now suing the Gene Simmons lemonade stand discussion from the last episode to make his point about money in the bank and earning off other earnings.

Adam is now using his mom as an example about a patio and gazebo not being the path to his mother’s happiness, he says to start charging her for her house and it would be good for her, she would find her path to where she truly will be happy and content.


4th Caller Mike, he wants to know about the “girl on the plane” from the Las Vegas flight story recently told on the ACS, Adam is now describing the scene to Drew and the audience.

See ACS #1455 for the initial discussion of this colossal cunt.

Drew is bringing up the football game he took Lynette and the kids too, Adam has only kind words about Drew’s sons and how they impressed his wife along with a secondhand Natalia anecdote.


Adam is breaking down the narcissism of this monster from the flight and how wounded she is going to be throughout life, Adam brings up Terra Don’t Call Me Tara goddammit and references his “Emotional Chiropractor” work on the staff at Westwood One and Loveline.

Adam now brings up how everyone at Loveline has “flat lined” and Drew compliments Anderson’s recent surge in filmmaking and engineering work that’s only increased since ADS #9 of this podcast, funny how that worked out.

Adam is back to the attempts to correct the behaviors of the Loveline staff and wraps up the show.