Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/17/2014 – Dr. Drew

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/17/2014 – Dr. Drew

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Drew

Recorded 11-16-2014 – Release Date 11-17-2014

Production Number #1455

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Adam opens the show after a great “Bum and Bummer” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam has a killer “Freak Out!” reply and welcomes Dr. Drew back to the show for another visit.

Alison asks Adam about his new ‘Take a Knee’ podcast and if the motivational stuff will now be diminished on the flagship show, Adam says he won’t ever diminish himself or do more, he says it will hopefully be this and that will be that.

Adam does have a point, Carcast, Ace on the House and The Adam and Dr. Drew Show all have their own distinct “voices” and it doesn’t affect those topics frequency or depth on the main show, Adam doesn’t talk about cars on the ACS?


Dr. Drew argues that Adam would have torn him apart for the same question, Adam does make a point about being a fool not to dip his toes into this market.

Adam is now back to his conversation with ‘Norman Lear’ for the show, he says he found it to be transcendent and is trying to relay that feeling to the gang, Alison mentions how she almost cried when he was on the ACS, wow.

Adam is asking Dr. Drew what shows to plug, he says Loveline, but also that people aren’t probably aware he does The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, implying it has low listenership when it’s on par with a show like Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend if not even higher numbers I presume, I don’t think Drew monitors that stuff, but he does always bring it up.


BB tries to make a “classic” joke, unclear if he misheard or was just trying to generate a burn and wasn’t listening but in any case don’t forget about Classic Loveline, where the magic began!

Adam has a killer Bill Simmons impression/quote about his intentions for their activities in Vegas for Jimmy Kimmel’s birthday celebration.

Adam is giving everyone the details, he starts with the airport pickup, a miniature Scion car was his cab.


Adam is now telling Drew about his “car seat math” and how he always tries to get the spot with more leg room.

Adam is now making a point about the exponential pain increase between 5’8” and 6’2” heights when it comes to transportation and seating.

Adam is now mocking the cab driver who was at full recline with Adam in pain behind him, Adam is now explaining he slid it forward and kept it full reclined.


Adam says it’s an unsafe way to drive and bad for your posture, Adam is now sharing how he was talking about the guy to his wife right behind his head.

Drew says he was behaving like a child talking about how fat someone is in front of them, Adam says if he owned a cab company he would put a pin in the recline lever/dial so his rivers couldn’t recline while on the job and he jokes about all of the implications for bead on the job activities.

Adam is now explaining how when he arrived back in L.A. and got his car, Drew interrupts and Adam goes after him, Alison tells Drew to use her as a human shield.


Adam says his valet was a dwarf, Adam is now suggesting a career change, the short guys at Valet should be cab drivers and the big guys driving your cab now go to the valet game and slide your seat all the way back.

Adam stops to tell people that the seat being all the way back is not a problem, it can’t hurt your knees like being too forward.

Adam is plugging Drew’s show.


“Everyone’s a [piece of shit” – Adam

Adam is to the point where they are about to land in McCarran, Dr. Drew is asking about their southwest flight to Vegas and the woman sitting next to them who sputtered out “Perfect!” in response to finding out that people would be sitting next to her.

Adam is now being super considerate to this entitled pile of shit, Drew suggests the dumb 24yr old has any awareness of anything outside of herself and she had a bug up her ass about Adam and his career.

Adam shares how the child like idiot woman eventually apologized for her shitty comments.


Adam is now commenting on the deplaning process, and how he pops up with his head lurched over and how you can’t really do anything until people give you some room to move.

Adam is now describing the scene and the woman’s “The Plane Landed!” proclamation, Adam says he saw her reuniting with her parents and how he dreamt of stopping to tell them “nice job!” sarcastically.

Adam asks for some respect for your elders, Drew says that’s all gone and Alison says never believe an apology from a bitch, she will just bust out some more cunty shit in a minute.


Adam pities the guy that fucks her and predicts her horrible life in front of her where she blames everyone else for their reaction to her horrific personality.

Adam says that Lynette ordered a bloody Mary on the flight back, Adam ordered a beer.

Adam says Lynette did the smart move and skimmed the booze off the top of her bloody Mary and Adam brought out a “traveler” mini booze bottle.


Adam was taking the drink up to his lips when the flight attendant demanded he give her back that drink, Adam is bringing up her argument that you can’t bring outside booze onto the flight.

Adam is saying she said you can’t pour it, Alison and Drew are asking about that.

Adam asked her to pretend she didn’t see it, Adam told her not to turn herself in, gold!

Alison echoes Adam’s reaction, Adam says she was bitchy from the word go and tried to pawn ‘Bud lite’ off on him instead of his preference for the low calorie ‘Miller lite’.


Adam then bargained he get one hit off of it before she take away his drink, Adam says he wasn’t being covert about it and is trying to explain her reaction to him taking a sip off of it.

Adam defied her and she basically told him to fuck off with her posture and emotional response.

Adam is now telling Drew what a Traveler is, Drew is quizzing him about the mini bottles of booze, Gary is on mic and says he brings them too in his back, it’s so much cheaper.

Adam is explaining the local laws among different states regarding alcohol sales.


Drew is now bringing up the airport incident where a “fan” demanded to buy Adam and Drew drinks at 7:22am after their live show in Las Vegas the previous night, he was actually booked on their same flight to Utah.

Drew is now sharing the response from the guy asking about Adam being an asshole.

Adam explains why it’s sad, he says it was now at the point where Adam got to “buzz off douchebag” and how they ended up seeing the same guy in Utah.


Adam is bringing up the anti-poaching picture at the SLC airport, the fan came up and pointed out the cab stand.

Drew roped him into coming back, but Adam just moved on.

Adam is now recalling the time the angry lesbian woman who started digging into Drew after a college speaking gig.


Adam is trying to recall what the angry woman was trying to take out on Dr. Drew and Adam says it’s insane to think they’re supposed to sit and hold court while being offended.

Drew brings up the van filled with prostitutes story from Classic Loveline, Adam and Dr. Drew were in NYC and Drew walked towards them to offer assistance.

Drew once again quotes the “disengage” and Adam asks where Drew would be without him, hosting a local non-syndicated radio show while practicing medicine.


Adam is now doing a live read for Blue Apron

BB has a bit of input about the ‘Jerusalem Artichoke’.


Dr. Drew plugs his own solo podcast and producer Chris Laxamana’s work on it and with the LP’s of music featured on the show.

Check out the Dr. Drew podcast with Skip and Alison from Catch a Contractor.

Adam mentions how talented Chris is and brings up a song he recorded hoping to submit it for ‘Road Hard’ but they had already filled up all of the music slots.


Adam is now figuring out what to do next, BB mentions his Baldywood segment and seeing the new Dumb and Dumber To, Adam mentions showing the original to his kids over the weekend.

Drew promotes ‘Birdman’ and his shout out/reference in the film, Adam says it must be nice to be part of the zeitgeist that way.

Adam is now asking why people can’t behave while drunk, Dr. Drew suggests ‘The Alison Rosen Booze Academy’ and Adam is now once again citing that angry fan who kept buying drinks.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jesse, she doesn’t come to the line and Dawson gets on mic to explain he double checked it all, it’s not on him this time, even though that always happens and sometimes it is something he missed.

Retroactive Jesse question, she wants to know what Kimmel usually leans over and says to the guest as the show goes into commercial breaks.

Adam says in his experience you’re hearing one of two things, either positive or “shitty audience” depending on how it went.


Drew shares Kimmel’s reaction to him joining the club of a daily television show, Adam says Jimmy has 200 people working at JKL.

Drew says they only have 11 now on his show, ‘Life changers’ had 70. Bryan has a strange “I think this might be…” comment


2nd Caller Michael, Adam wants to know why the appropriate pause when you are trying to figure out if the lines are bad.

He wants to know about Sonny trying to impress Adam with his “move the needle” actions and if he worries about pushing his kids too hard, the caller cites Dr. Drew as if his kids haven’t turned out to be wonderful robust people with bright futures.

Adam is now lamenting the 3rd grade homework, Drew says it’s not a lot, it’s some.


Adam is now asking why homework is important, Drew says 4th grade is where it really starts to hit the road.

Drew is now bringing up the competition across the globe and what Adam’s kids are facing.

Drew brings up a project that his son Jordan had due when he was much younger, he thought he could do it in the morning before school.


Drew says it’s a little different kind of bad parenting, Adam talks about the play action he did with Sonny over the weekend.

Drew brings up the game he’s taking Lynette and the kids to over the weekend and asks if Adam will be in town to join them.

They now play Lynette’s Instagram video of the play action.


Adam doesn’t like to talk about himself but they goad him into it, Adam says he has a skill of being able to hear what people say and then execute what they said.

Adam is describing how others do the exact opposite and uses a football analogy for how other people don’t have a plan and don’t execute, he credits football for giving him the ability to coach himself into following a plan and instructions.

Adam is explaining how that skill has served it him he thinks better than homework has, he asks Drew if the imparting of this to his son doesn’t have some deeper value.


Drew says its social learning, it’s different than other learning and that requires a different kind of deductive reasoning/reading based education.


3rd Caller Thomas, he says hi to everyone and jokes along with the “Holla!” drop, he wants advice on meeting someone new after ending a 5yr relationship.

BB shares some old Loveline advice about not getting married until your older than 30, Adam and Drew agree there’s never been a better time to date and tell him that’s what he’ll be doing.


Adam does a live read


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ and explains the cast, BB mocks the appearance of Kathleen Turner in the movie, as if she’s not who she used to be because she got older and gained weight.

Adam is explaining why he showed his kids ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and how they love the work of Jim Carrey.

Adam brings up seeing an early screening of Dumb and Dumber while working for the KROQ morning show in 1994.


BB cites seeing ‘There’s something about Mary’ in theaters when it came out and rolling laughter, Adam asks if it was in a Magic Johnson theater.

Adam says a fan asked him to tell BB to take it easy.

BB says he loves the original, he still hasn’t said a fucking thing about the movie.


BB is talking about how movies could suck in hypothetical terms, but not delving into it.

BB says Matt Atchity walked out of the movie, Adam asks how you can fuck this up, and it can be peppered with old jokes and still function.

Now BB says the actors looked so tired and old, he says the setups and jokes all fall flat.


Adam has a funny “did you like it or didn’t you like it” and now Dr. Drew interrupts to recommend ‘Birdman’ and BB joins him.

Adam recommends ‘Undefeated’ and BB tells people to see this other movies and doesn’t give his letter grade.

BB wraps the segment.

Alison asks what Drew meant by “one take” and BB explains the illusion they utilized for the movie’s narrative.


Adam watched a “nice Hitler documentary” about G.I.’s put into death camps, Adam explains the goals of the Nazis, to work people to death or put them in an oven.

Adam explains this soldiers were American G.I.’s and the krafty Germans who were monitoring dog tags to find out who the Jews were.

Drew brings up ISIS as the modern NAZI movement and now Adam is saying instead of bombing Germany again, his new policy is that Germany must intervene and stop ISIL.


Adam is bringing up his grandfather’s family and the ghettos for Jews in WWII as told to him by his step grandfather Lotzi.

Adam is now asking the gang to imagine being in the shoes of Lotzi during the buildup of World War II, he differentiates this from Japanese interment due to the whole murder part.


Adam brings up the insanity of these actions and asks how pissed you would be forever because of this experience.

Adam is now once again getting to this idea and how to pitch this to Germany, Adam says they’ll close one holocaust museum for each sleeper cell they take out.

Adam is saying it would go a long way towards their diplomatic profile and dealing with other countries.


Adam is now adding Poland to the list for rolling over too easily, Adam is citing the South American countries that did some housing for war criminals too.

Adam is further riffing out his “Global Tab” idea and now Drew is making a point about 19 years being the difference between WWII and Adam’s birth and Loveline on MTV happening 19 (18) years ago.


Alison’s News

Adam announces that Bill Simmons will be joining them live on stage for their upcoming show in Anaheim.


1st Story Is on the latest beheading video released by ISIS, she confirms it was him and how the video shows the aftermath of the beheading.

Adam is now mocking the surface of mars background and jokes about their green screen techniques.

Adam is telling Gary not to show him anything, Alison explains how this video has editing techniques, hilarious ‘iMovie’ joke from A-Rose.


Adam says he’s now at the point where he’s ready to wash his hands with the all of it, much like Ray and Chris and their bathroom poop attacks.

Adam is saying it’s your job as a nation to stop your hate groups from terrorist actions, Adam says he thinks there are enough people who live among them who are complicit in their crimes and actions.

Adam says a group couldn’t go on a beheading spree here, they let the lunatics take over the asylum because they’re with them, Alison says “With them enough” to clarify Adam’s point and message.


Drew is predicting an ISIS attack stateside and Alison has a shocked reaction to his assumptions, Adam is now further going in depth with Drew about this.

Adam says the huge problem we have is that if enough people in a region of land think the same thing it’s going to be hard to stop them, the problem is we think they think like we do but they’re just not interested in healthy lifestyles, they want to live in apocalyptic conditions.

Adam says he would like the rest of the world to jump in on this, everyone looks at us and waits for us to make a move.


Alison shares it’s now 5 beheadings from ISIS, Drew makes a point about torture and BB takes it back to Drew’s earlier point about the complacency among the world’s populace when it comes to their vile acts.

Adam once again wishes the country where this stuff is happening to intervene and stop this, Adam says he would be a scared coward if everyone on his street was a white supremacist saying “Dr. Drew’s got some Jew blood in him let’s go get him” he would pick up his pitchfork.

Adam says that if it’s only one house on the block he would tell all the neighbors to gather up against these racist monsters.

Adam sums up his thoughts on this subject.


2nd Story Is on Al Roker’s ‘Guinness World Record’ for a 34hrs weathercast, Alison comments on how horse his voice is and shares how he kept his mic on while taking a piss and jokes about a “live  stream’ and now Adam is mocking that world record.

Adam thinks super long fingernails is a more practical world record, they’re all weighing in on fat vs. thin Al Roker and Al Sharpton, Adam says that Al Sharpton looks like James Brown shouting the word “eagle” and Alison has a Laura Flynn Boyle comment she immediately regrets based on Drew’s reaction.


3rd Story Is on the ‘Cake Boss’ DUI, Alison shares the details and Drew says he was driving a lime green Lamborghini, it was actually a yellow corvette, only thing in common was that it was a sports car of some kind.

Drew brings up the idea of driving that drunk around NYC, Adam is now joking about our retarded societal rules that make us react with “if you’re going to drive that you deserve it” and now Adam is commenting on the hypothetical drinking and driving done by his buddy Daniel.

Adam says he drives a Volvo Wagon, Adam is now bringing up how cops are car guys and will sometimes pull over very nice cars just because they can to check them out.


Drew brings up the Michael Che incident and how he just tweeted them asking what he does next, Adam is now commenting on their discussion from ADS #191.

Drew says free speech is under assault and once again brings up Alexis de Tocqueville and is quoting the tweet, he misunderstands its Michael actually asking what he did now, what the latest controversy was, and not what his next move should be.

Michael corrected Dr. Drew on twitter, everyone is now weighing in and Dr. Drew brings up the comments saying if Adam Carolla is defending you that you must be in the wrong.


Drew mentions the birth canal to prison pipeline idea they riffed on during a recent Adam and Dr. Drew Show.

Drew is once again bringing up the “WhatIDoNow” tweet reply, Adam is back to the notion of being “vanilla” in comedy.

Adam is addressing the idea of this outrage that comments and actions are influencing other things and people, Drew is now sharing how he’s interested in roundtable dialog.

Adam has a killer ‘Crip” joke and wraps up the conversation.


Adam is now doing a Draft Kings Live read.

Adam suggests a new ESPN 4 show called ‘Garbage Time” that he cohosts with BB and he even gives him top billing.


BB keeps playing the drop of Dr. Drew quoting Michael Che’s tweet.

Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.