Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2012 – Jeff Lynne

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/30/2012 – Jeff Lynne

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 11-19-2012 – Release Date 11-30-2012

Adam is opening the show with Jeff and David in studio for a special one on two. Adam just thanked David for bringing Jeff on the show; David is now giving a quick recap of how he met Jeff.

Jeff is telling the guys how difficult it is for even him to keep track of all of his work, Adam is now commenting on the clinking ice from Jeff’s Mangria.

Adam is now telling Jeff about a movie trailer he thinks he saw; David and Jeff think it might have been a TV commercial for one of his albums.

David is now asking Jeff about re-recording all of his classic songs with new technology; Jeff is now explaining his inspiration for doing it.


The control room has fired up some “Mr. Blue Sky” to show the differences in recording; Adam is doing some live commentary and riffing on purchasing best of compilations with variant recordings.

Adam is now asking Jeff how the process begins for a project like this


The control room has now fired up Adam’s ELO song pick “Rockaria”, Adam is now telling the guys an anecdote about getting mad at a woman for not knowing this song existed.

Adam’s on a quick riff about people who don’t know of the song that shares their name.

David just had the control room fire up “Don’t Bring Me Down” and he’s having Jeff explain how “Bruce” ended up as a lyric in the new recordings.

The control room just fired up “Free Falling” as Jeff is explaining how he helped Tom Petty create the song, Adam is now asking Jeff how the power dynamic of ELO functioned.


Adam is now having Jeff give his journey, Jeff is telling Adam and David about his first guitar and his early musical influences.

David has now steered Jeff to telling them about his time working on music with “The Beatles” and how it all came to be. Adam just got a great one liner in on David for jumping the story ahead, hilarious!

Jeff is now telling the guys about how he went from a fan of a local band to their lead guitarist.

David just had the control room fire up the new version of “Do Ya”; Adam is doing live commentary explaining the differences in the recordings.

David is now asking Jeff about working with Bob Dylan, he wants to know if they had any disagreements over recording techniques and equipment. Jeff is now sharing an anecdote about Bob.

Adam wants to know what Roy Orbison was like; Jeff is now telling Adam about Roy’s love of “Monty Python” and private serenade requests. They’re going in depth on Roy Orbison.


They’re back from break and Adam is asking Jeff about what playing with ELO was like, he wants to know how many musicians and what types were in the band.

Jeff is explaining how he and the original musicians went their separate ways over 25 years ago, David is now jumping in to explain what he claims Jeff is far too humble to say.

Adam is now telling Jeff and David about Jimmy Kimmel cutting cassette tape at KROQ back in the 90’s.

Adam is now giving his take on modern filmmaking and digital editing, he’s wondering if it’s affected music the same way its changed filmmaking.


Adam is asking Jeff if he as any bizarre hobbies and how he spends his time, Jeff is being a good sport and explaining he just likes to make music. Adam is asking Jeff about the nature vs. nurture argument when it comes to his musical abilities.

Jeff is now explaining how Adam is correct and that his father did in part inspire the fusion of classical music and rock that ELO is known for.

Adam wants to know if Jeff has a passion projects on the horizon, he’s on a funny riff and now David and Jeff are mocking him for using a goofy phrasing, Adam has a series of hilarious replies mocking David, good stuff.


Adam is now sharing with the guys about seeing the rock and roll hall of fame inductions from 6 months back; he saw a Laura Nyro tribute done by Sara Bareilles. David seems to love Laura and Sara; the control room has the clip fired up.

Adam is now asking Jeff about where he spends his time, Jeff seems to really enjoy the ACS and for the 2nd time has now volunteered to come back, Adam is telling Jeff how flattered he by that.

Adam is now sharing his theory on men mellowing out over time with the declining testosterone and of how the women he knows seem to spin out with age.

Jeff is explaining how much he appreciates the people who enjoy his music and want to ask him questions about it or simply be kind to him.

Adam is explaining how ELO was always a mystery to him, unlike most famous bands where you know their full backstory after limited exposure.

Adam is now asking Jeff about new music, he’s got another album scheduled for next year and now Adam’s asking Jeff about how selecting songs for a best of compilation works.

Adam is now doing a live read and wrapping the show with some singing, hilarious!