Jeff Lynne and David Wild

Jeff Lynne and David Wild


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Show Summary

Adam opens the show with Jeff Lynne and David Wild in studio. They listen to some classic ELO tracks and discuss the process of building a song. They also talk about the origins of ELO and how Jeff made his way into the industry. Later they talk about the Traveling Wilburys; more specifically the experience of recording with Bob Dylan, and the death of Roy Orbison.

When the guys come back from the break, Adam and David marvel at just how involved Jeff is with the entire creative and production process. Lynne discusses the moment he realized he loved music, and Adam asks him what his next project will be. Then they talk about the how Jeff spends his time outside the studio, and the cross generational appeal of the song ‘Mr. Blue Sky’. As the show wraps up, Jeff talks about the new album he’s working on, and how you select which tracks go on your ‘Best Of’ compilation.
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Sara Bareilles sings ‘Stoney End’
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Producer: Mike Dawson
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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler