Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/17/2015 – Donny Deutsch and JL Cauvin

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/17/2015 – Donny Deutsch and JL Cauvin

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Donny Deutsch and JL Cauvin

Recorded 11-16-2015 – Release Date 11-17-2015

Production Number #1704

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Adam is correcting the intro from Dawson who mentioned Jo Koy who is tomorrow’s guest, Adam talks about his preference for getting to his audience via this format.

Adam talks about the range of smoke detectors and their alarm level, Adam talks about how people get the cheapest fucking toilets and smoke detectors to check the boxes and sell the house.

Gina says “Lady Cave” when referring to Lynette’s space at the house and Adam says he gets confused and has a funny “gets real musty in there” comment that BB adds to nicely with a hedges one liner.


Adam is describing the smoke detector with the internal battery that was stuck onto the wall, Adam mocks the tiny wording on the back of the panel.

Adam mentions how you always press the button up front on the unit, the testing button and it goes off in front of you and freaks your shit out.

Adam is further describing his efforts to drown the alarm out by hiding it in a closet.


Adam tried to drown it and he put it in a sink, Adam then took both of them and tossed them out of the window as they were doing a “disgruntled employee chirp” instead of the full chirp, BB asks about the neighbors and Adam says he was concerned with that.

Adam says he was awoken at 5am by the full chirp the next morning, poor Lynette had no idea what was going on, Adam didn’t know what to do anymore.

Adam went to his stainless steel iron sink and threw them in there and smashed them, he talks about the sad “I love you” dying battery chirp emitting from them as he finished them off and their wires burst from their cases.


Adam says the non-hardwired or battery model should be illegal, you shouldn’t have to guy buy a new unit to have a working detector.


Adam is doing a Nest Live Read

Adam on the realities of carbon monoxide deaths for your family due to the heating systems in homes edition


Adam asks when Donny Deutsch is calling in, Adam praises himself for the taller goal posts that have changed the game of football in the NFL and perhaps over 200 kicks have been called properly due to his idea.

Adam is now sharing his “3 cars per cycle” light system and tells them about sitting stuck at an out of synch signal, he says humans are smart when they want to be smart and dumb when they don’t care.

Adam says that’s the problem with the government they don’t give a fuck.


BB is telling them about a guy they pulled up short before the line, Christy tried to convince BB not to honk and give him the punitive treatment.

Adam talks about the varieties of honk and transitions to the lack of conversations about traffic in Los Angeles.

Gina has a funny reaction to Adam’s “flush with a friend” one liner and he comments on how the water savings done in face of the drought and how much people complied, he says that the same could be done for traffic but nobody cares.


Adam tells them about doing the Road Hard backer dinner at Amalfi and he says they left a cone out front for him.

Adam wanted to know if the cone left out was for him, he says you couldn’t understands the guy who was working the lot.

Adam is sharing how he parked and the guy behind him was parked and he was waiting, instead of going around him, unaware that Adam was parked.


Adam rolled the window down and put his left hand out to tell him to go around.

“Go, go park or go home and kill yourself” – Adam

Gina asks if the guy was having a stroke, Adam says he then said to Nate that he goes home and someone sucks his dick, hilarious prison beating comedy from Adam who is amazed an out of it moron narcissist like that gets laid let alone blown by another human.


Adam is talking about the broken football blending in with the skin tones of most players now, Adam thinks the ball must now be changed to a bright color to make it fair.


Donny Deutsch is making his ACS debut, calling in to promote his new TV show on the USA network.

Donny is telling them about the show and how it mirrors some elements his life, Adam is asking him about his family and their advertising history.

Donny is telling them about working on the Clinton Campaign in the early 90’s.


Adam asks him about being in the business of selling something and if it’s possible for someone lacking Bill Clinton’s personality can get elected.

Donny is now offering up some of his expertise and they’re talking about the candidates for upcoming presidential election.

Adam is talking about Ross Perot and he asks if a 3rd party candidate will ever be appealing enough to get elected in this country, Donny has a strong take on this and now Adam is giving out another plug and invited him to the show next time he’s out in Los Angeles.

They wrap with him and Adam compliments him and his motor.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jose, he wants to know how often he’s recognized in public, Gina shares what she’s observed on the road with him.

Adam doesn’t internalize it and talks about knowing someone from TV and seeing them in person. Adam says he doesn’t have any people phobias and talks about his horror show of a childhood with friends like Ray and Chris.

Adam talks about having a laugh last Saturday while doing a signing and he met a guy who last saw Adam at the infamous calendar signing at a Best Buy for KROQ.


Adam is sharing the anecdote of the woman who asked him “are you as big an asshole in real life as you are on TV” and his intense “Beat It!” reply.

Gina is now sharing an anecdote, Adam talks about going through your life with very insulting questions for celebrities and people above you and how it might not work out that well for you.


2nd Caller Tim


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


He wants to know about the editing intern who was brought in to work on ‘The Hammer’ and Tim wants to know why he didn’t appreciate her honesty he clarifies he didn’t ask her and it was about the acumen she lacked, she was angry and he recognized it from his time at Loveline.

Its daddy issues, it’s angry at someone, at something.

Adam is talking about the way she could’ve been objective or massaged her answer, Adam says people universally enjoyed that movie.

Adam says he can tell when someone is angry and when someone wants to be there, Adam explains how he could tell when women were angry with their dads and how you become defacto dad when dealing with them.


Tim brings up the La Brea tar pits and Adam jokes about tar being a detraction, not attraction.

Adam teases the arrival of JL Cauvin and goes into a live read


Adam is doing a True Care Live Read

They head to break


They’re back from break

JL Cauvin is making his 5th appearance on the show, welcome to the 5 timers club pal!

Adam is now setting up a clip from JL’s latest video and they talk about Donald Trump impressions, he is talking about the refined version of the impression that JL does, not the shouty thing everyone else attempts.


They have a clip of his Obama impression and he talks about being very horse that day, Gina says his eyes changed while he was doing it.

Adam asks about the Obama ISIS/ISIL thing and they play more of the video with JL doing some Bernie Sanders.

Adam asks him about the impression skills and how they served him over the years, he shares his Jean-Claude Van Damme impression and Adam comments on the bizarre November 13th 2008 KLSX ACS phoner with the man promoting ‘JCVD’ and Adam says he thinks he likes him, with a puzzled inflection.

Adam gives JL a couple of plugs and they head to the news.


Gina’s News

1st Story is an update on the French strikes on ISIS, Gina has the details and they look at the fighter planes, Adam says the French aircraft are good looking.

Adam says this a fucking mess and he says this is like cancer, it spreads and eventually you gotta remove a lung and spleen.

Adam says the Muslim extremism in France spun out of control about a decade ago and talks about the open anti American protests.


Adam talks about refugees and immigrants fleeing what they fucked up and then feared, you don’t go recreate your shitty life, you get to start anew.

Adam says the Hispanic guy in his 50’s who can’t speak English working the lot at Amalfi is doing that because he wasn’t forced to learn English which would result in him having a job parents would wish for their children to have.

Adam is on a killer Ace Awards 2015 level rant about immigration and tolerance, he talks about villages and podcasts, interchanging them with invasions and JL has a funny reply.


Hilarious beach towel one liner from Adam and comments on baguette culture, what he expects from France.


2nd Story is on the rumor that Charlie Sheen will be announcing his HIV status on the Today Show, Gina has the details of the rumor and BB asks Adam if he knew about this, interesting non answer in reply.

Adam jokes about the Cosby camp using France, Ronda Rousey and this news to take the attention off of his crimes.

Adam is talking about what we’ve learned from Magic Johnson and Adam mentions Paul Vercammen former Classic Loveline guest and current CNN reported contacted Adam last week asking about this.


3rd Story is an update on the Jared Fogle case and the request for a 12yr sentence from the prosecutors.

Adam jokes about him waiting for word back from Quiznos on working for them as a spokesman, Adam is now asking for a breakdown of GB’s vs. length/amount of footage.

Adam says when you realize when you have kids what a disease pedophilia is, Adam is now making a call that 16 is not the same as 9yr olds.


Adam talks about the age of consent in different states, Adam comments on his buddy Ray banging a 17yr old when he was 19, he isn’t going to judge them that harshly.

Adam says if you got caught urinating in public and got put on a sex offenders list, he’s not interested in you and doesn’t want you on there.

Gina has some grim details and Adam riffs about free and stolen porn, Adam is now speculating on how his morbidly obese body was in response to his own childhood abuse.


Adam is saying he would be very frightened of this could just pop up in someone, he says when you have kids you cannot picture these crimes.

Adam is bringing up the type of guys who murder nursing students and says if this is what you enjoy it means you’re diseased, BB gets an nice Reasonable Doubt plug in after Gina brings up an unnamed legal podcast.

JL has a funny “Call me Jared” one liner and Adam is still taking it on a serious tone, Gary gets on mic and JL has another line that gets a “Jesus Christ” and a chuckle form the Aceman.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Life Lock


4th Story is the latest update on the true Guns and Roses reunion tour, JL has some info about the history between the band and Steven Adler, Adam thinks about all of the money they’re leaving on the table.

It sucks for the guy with the publishing rights, Adam says cosmically you owe this to the fans who made you famous and rich.

Adam asks if it’s just Slash and Axl doing the fighting, JL says they were his favorite band and seeing them live would be a bucket list item.

Adam has a killer retort.


5th Story is on the new condoms in porn ballot, Gina mentions a new documentary she watched on the amateur porn circuit and Adam says of course they’ll just relocate if forced to wear condoms in scenes.

JL has a solid Donald Trump reply as Adam gives an example of the effects of earthquakes on building in Mexico, Adam says there is a balance, California gets drunk with power and the only thing that can stop them is if people pick up and move.

Adam talks about the unregulated untaxed industry of roadside sales, Adam says instead of punishing Carson Daley and his pool contractors, doe something about the underground economy, JL has a solid line and Gina wraps the news.


Adam jokes about Gary watching porn nonstop while on a constant flight in global first class jacking off in his pod, hilarious Ace Awards 2015 material!

Adam doesn’t think you can watch all of the porn on earth, we’re good, and we don’t need new porn.

They have some more fun and wrap up the topic.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.