Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2013 – Lou Diamond Phillips

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/07/2013 – Lou Diamond Phillips

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lou Diamond Phillips

Recorded 11-06-2013 – Release Date 11-07-2013

Production Number #1202

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Adam is opening the show with a great guest specific intro courtesy of Lynch and Dawson, BB has a combined #TopDrop for a possible alarm clock alert/ringtone.

Adam is teasing Lou’s 2nd appearance later in the show and Vince Vaughn’s phoner from tomorrow’s episode.

Alison comments on him being neighbors with Vince and Adam is telling the gang about his latest chat with Mike Lynch on his two hour drive home from Tustin each day, he’s saying there is no larger difference in aesthetics than Tustin and Tuscany.


Adam is now explaining how celebrities sometimes might get labeled as pricks, citing his own comfort with being labeled that way with some staffers.

“The Prick Hymen Has Been Pierced” – Adam

Adam is explaining how he initially turned down the show when it was aimed to be a country wide on location show and how they came back with making it just local in response to Adam’s demands and scheduling.


Adam is describing the “shit flume” between Glendale and Orange County, Alison is explaining that was the drive she had to make each day for the show for her early tenure as News Gal and Co-Host.

Adam is further breaking down his commute for taping “To Catch a Contractor” and Alison is wisely pointing out that the drive is during rush hour bumper to bumper traffic that results in an ugly and shitty grind.

Adam is now bringing up his wife’s trip to NYC and how he predicted it was for Bruce Springsteen, his impression of their conversation and her attempts at evasion because Adam was right are hilarious!


Adam is now explaining how he’s only allowing an hour of travel time for this new show, Alison is really in the mix with some great memory getting Adam to elaborate on his schedule and how he shows up about 30-45min late.

Adam is now getting to the asshole part, he’s telling the gang about a tag covered shirt after an early am wake up and freshly soaked Sonny.

Adam is telling the gang about how the kids accidentally set off the house alarm and how the “how are you doing today?” question from the guy on location set him up for a diatribe reply.


Adam is now getting to the shirt toss element of the story.

Adam is combatting the “I made a mistake” reply from the wardrobe employee who proved Adam’s theory right about people in that profession.

Alison wants to know what someone could do to prevent having Adam go off on them.


Adam is saying the wardrobe lady is a nice person who need to get a little better at this part of her job and BB is being fair saying the only time he gets any anger from Adam is after multiple failures in the same area.

Adam is bringing up sleep deprivation and what it does to him.

Adam is bringing up the traffic jam book sessions and the phenomenal 50k words Mike Lynch already has done, BB has a joke them some honest congratulations for the guys.


Q and Ace

Adam is bringing up the observation he made about the change in daytime TV advertisements, going from different types of schools and secondary education vs. the current day lawsuit baiting and cash for possessions commercials.

Adam is now connecting the barb wire around the freeway signs of Los Angeles as the reason why everyone knows it’s a piece of shit.

Adam is bringing up beer commercials and how they’ve also evolved over time, going from the fresh from work guys to the new commercials that are aimed at cool guy parties on rooftops.


Adam is commenting on the lack of work being part of advertisement and the way beer commercials used to be aimed at people.

Hilarious “DJ Jazzy Jew” one liner from Ace about the parties in these new beer commercials.

Alison is asking Adam about the “demo” the prime marketing demographic that these commercials are chasing.


1st Caller Matt wants to know if Adam had any missed opportunities that he regrets.

Adam is now citing how he doesn’t think that way but did foresee a “Men’s network” with Jimmy Kimmel and “Reality TV” via his proclamations for “Real TV!”

Adam is joking about their attempts to even pitch “The Man Show” and how they were treated like it was almost illegal to have such a program in 1998.


Adam is explaining how it sucks to be a smart person when you get crushed by the things you predict unless you’ve found a way to capitalize off said ideas.

Adam is now bringing up his CBS and NBC sitcoms and what happened with them not getting picked up instead of the failed shows they chose instead.

Adam is now getting into the “What If” scenario and it’s suddenly a Marvel Comics premise, whoa Adam is blowing my mind and almost breaking down the way to live life.


Alison wants to know if Adam has any women he regrets not sleeping with and he’s bringing up Natasha Henstridge who he found out had a crush on him but despite having a “pencil/penis cracking moment” in response to finding out and he missed opportunity.

He’s notably not listing Jennifer Grey nor Fergie, the two other women who had interest in him and he’s citing how happily married he is and how much he loves his kids.

Adam is now bringing up the failed Jenna Elfman show that took his timeslot for the CBS pilot and mixing up the NBC shows that came in and flamed out in the NBC slot.


Adam is bringing up the idea of network execs with broken pickers, much like many of the women who become executives have in their personal lives with men, interesting.

Adam is bringing up how people sometimes have bad taste instead of a lack of taste.

Adam is now getting into a scenario with set design and decoration for a complex analogy of the process of a studio executive being hired and replacing the former retarded execs.


Adam is riffing on the idea of these new execs going back and recovering some possibly great lost pilots and Alison has a great point about some friends who had pilots during the 2007 writers’ strike that just seemed to disappear.

Adam is bringing up the “Mr. Birchum” pilot that nobody else will pick up after fox passed on it, Adam has a nice Natasha Henstridge BJ analogy.

BB and Alison are jumping in and Adam is fleshing out the analogy, hilarious!


2nd Caller Corey is calling to ask about the gang’s favorite guests, they have some mutual love for DAG, Jay Mohr and Jo Koy.

BB is saying kind things about Larry Miller and his first appearance on the KLSX show and has a kind almost eulogy for the late, great Robert Schimmel and describes what might be the final encounter anyone on staff had with the man.

To hear his last episodes on air from the ACP days, you can purchase the DVD sets via the show page link above or you can subscribe to the archive there as well.


Dawson’s windows based computer is still freezing but now finally catches up when Adam asks if they need a new computer and they’re playing a Japanese 80’s boy band that covered “Tighten Up” and is coincidentally similar to what Jo Koy did on the show.

The gang are all remarking on how crazy unbelievable this coincidence is, Great Magnet bless the kind fan who knew about this and contacted Adam.

They’re now playing some of Jo Koy doing his riff over the song, this great!


Adam is now bringing up the Great Magnet, wow.

Adam is bringing up how people accuse of someone ripping them off and BB is bringing up the duality of the longshot status for them to have spontaneously recreated something so similar.


Lou Diamond Phillips is now joining them for his 2nd appearance after a killer debut live from Amalfi.

Adam is now asking Lou about his website and he’s explaining it’s a kind gal from the UK that runs an unofficial fan site for him, Adam is also plugging his twitter account.

Lou is enjoying some Mangria and is dieting for a film he can’t talk about, Lou is getting into how they (the studios) don’t want you to talk about a movie and then do.


BB guesses it’s “Expendables 3” and there is a clear reaction and funny Stallone impression from Lou.

Adam is now bringing up how the pressure to be funny on a shoot doing “Man Show” bit compares to filming the reality show “To Catch a Contractor”.

Adam, Lou and BB are riffing on the dialogue in dramatic cop shows based off their on stage riff during Lou’s last appearance.


They’re now doing a funny improv involving a courtroom stenographer and a judge’s robe.

They’re now riffing on the “Cobra” movie poster and Adam is asking about the high tech prison movie with Stallone and Schwarzenegger and the upcoming “Rocky meets Raging Bull” movie.

Adam is bringing up Alec Baldwin again, earlier in the show as a great a guest and now citing the 2008 DWTS era phone call Adam had with him about what a great excuse it would be to lose weight.


Adam is asking if with some actors the concept of being paid to get into shape is a motivator for some roles or due to location/vacation opportunities much like Michael Cain on the set of Jaws IV.

Lou is telling Adam about his kid’s school where he used to encounter Alec and his weight loss seemed to be cyclical.

Lou is telling Adam about how he first met Robert DeNiro, Adam and Alison don’t recall him telling it and nor do I, but I do recall some mention of DeNiro.


Adam is now asking Lou about the film festival and the bellboy disguise used to intercept DeNiro, Adam is saying he loves professionals who are wildly unprofessional.

Lou was at the film festival screening “La Bamba” and left a hand written note and invitation for Robert to attend a screening along with a high grade bottle of champagne.

Lou was 25 years old and had never opened a bottle of champagne in his life and had run out of French, Alison reminds Lou that Adam has no idea what he’s saying and Adam has a killer reply about his mom.


Lou is telling him about running into Robert and explaining the stunt to him and Adam gets Lou to reveal if Robert actually saw the movie.

Adam and Alison are doing a live read.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new dinosaur discovered by paleontologists, Adam doesn’t want to hear about it unless it’s giant.

Alison is explains it’s a big one and describes it with some quotes and Adam is getting a definition of the term tyrant when it comes to this species.

Adam is now asking what Mormons think about this being discovered in their backyard, they’re talking about the satanic role of dinosaur bones according to some faiths.


Adam is now bringing up “Liar, Liar” the Jim Carrey film from 1997 and is mocking the premise of the magic in the film, he’s working some body swapping into the mix.

Adam is now bringing up how he’s totally on board with the bogus science in “Jurassic Park” as it made enough sense and seemed possible.

BB is citing “Groundhog Day” and “Defending Your Life” as movies that don’t explain the magic in them and Adam is making a distinction between the films while explaining he prefers no reason than a flimsy one.


Alison is admitting to finally seeing the “Matrix” and Lou is explaining that he refused to see it initially because he turned it down, the original offer was for one of the supporting roles and won’t reveal it despite saying the actor was in three of the films.

Adam has a hilarious John Candy in “La Bamba” joke and Lou is playing along flawlessly.

Alison is bringing up the part of the “Matrix” that didn’t make sense to her and now I can’t help but wonder what it was, Alison is saying Adam might enjoy it.


2nd Story is on Justin Bieber being caught spraying graffiti on a wall in Brazil

Alison is reading the quotes and describing how the police want to question him.

Adam is now saying its not official graffiti, he’s describing more of a “Trojan War” style scenario.


Alison is reeling over her shaming from BB over her pronunciation and moving on.