Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 11/05/2014 – Adam, Alison and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison and Bryan

Recorded 11-04-2014 – Release Date 11-05-2014

Production Number #1447

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Adam opens the show with some excitement for BB’s movie review for ‘Nightcrawler’ which he adds a “the” to and gets corrected by BB, Adam argues it’s just a stylized way of speaking.

BB plays the recent out of context drop from Adam talking about the Mackenzie Phillips admission on Oprah with Patrick Warburton from episode #1445.

Adam is now bringing up the mouths of the Monahan/Moynihan’s and another actress Ruth Wilson, Alison immediately knows what he’s talking about and he’s further delving into his confusion and settling the mystery of ACS #1442.


Alison is sharing an anecdote about watching ‘The Affair’ with Ruth Wilson, Alison and Adam observe she looks like a ‘Simpsons’ character that you want to fuck. BB references Martha Plimpton’s mouth shape.

Alison is now bringing up the movie ‘He Said She Said’ vs. the T.V. series ‘The Affair’ and why she likes both, due to the he said/she said element.

Adam is now bringing up his attempt to watch ‘The Lone Ranger’ and meeting Armie Hammer while guesting on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Adam describes how the “I just wanted to say hi” entourage encounter can go badly ala the Chris Tucker attempt Adam has brought up before.

Adam shares what a cool nice guy Armie was and Adam explains his super confusing joke about his character in ‘The Social Network’ and Adam is now explaining how men and women have a different scale for grading attraction “The Anniston Factor” and how men want women to aim higher.

Adam says we lose respect for women who are into spindly Johnny Depp types the same way Alison describes losing respect for me who are into the Pamela Anderson aesthetic.


Adam and BB explain how men were raised to believe that the most physically impressive man was the most desirable, Adam says he jumps in on the movie just hoping for something to happen.

BB cites the tremendous chase sequences that open and close the movie filled with 2hrs of boring.

Adam explains how he now has the ‘Road Hard’ “Fuck You Hollywood” placards printed up, Adam says they have 412 mistakenly printed ones.


Adam suggests that this is it, Alison comments on the funny and ironic representation of everything he hates, BB wants to know what company fucked this up.

His name is misspelled in one place and there is a troll hunter stamp on them instead of the movie themed one.

Adam shares that these printers are nice guys and fans of the show, no need to have them print up more.


Adam is telling the gang about his plain salad, lettuce and veggies with balsamic vinegar.

Adam is describing his venture into the cupboard for balsamic vinegar, Adam is lamenting the blood orange variant and syrupy kind that BB says is good on everything but salads.

Adam finds the wild blueberry balsamic vinegar, Adam is now ranting about balsamic being its own flavor, and Adam is mocking the people who would want fruit in their balsamic vinegar.

Alison has a funny pancake joke, she has to clarify with BB who gets excited as he likes eating goofy dumb shit.


Adam is arguing why he’s tried of this being an option, because people fuck up and give you the wrong thing instead of the original flavor.

BB says while he’s down with flavor mixing he agrees with Adam’s point.

Adam is further describing his rummaging for the true balsamic vinegar, Adam is lamenting this family having an abundance of the stuff they like to eat.


BB asks what happened to Adam’s salad, he says he blew a snot rocket on it and stormed away.

BB says this is how Mangria was birthed, at some point Olga chimed in and offered to run to the store to get some balsamic vinegar, he explains his reluctance in letting her do that, beat by beat.

Lynette explains the vinegar was a gift, which alleviated some of his frustration, he’s now convinced that these novelty food items are only for giving as gifts and people would never buy them for personal use.


Adam is now doing a live read for Both Barrels Wine.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Josh, he tells them about getting a college degree and following Adam’s advice to ride the coattails of a successful businessman, he’s poised to own his own business by 32.

Adam is now explaining his newfound thinking on the concept of doing business just for the sake of doing business, there is a part of business that doesn’t involve the product or a sale.

Adam explains the sociological experiment of trying to develop a business and think of what others might enjoy, Adam has a great Uber analogy.


Adam is now citing Kirk Cameron and his crappy movies and the Irvine ‘Cars and Coffee’ gatherings, the idea of viral marketing among smaller communities, Kirk going after churchgoers and Adam hypothetically going after rich dudes who like cars and coffee.

Adam gives him a god bless you and wraps up his thoughts on doing business.


Hooray for Baldywood – Nightcrawler

Adam remembers he’s wearing his expensive watch, BB is now explaining the background of the movie and references the director who started out as a Hollywood screenwriter.

BB lists ‘Freejack’ ‘Real Steel’ ‘The Bourne Legacy’ and ‘Two for the Money’.

Adam laments the plot of ‘Freejack’ and BB is now going into the plot for ‘Nightcrawler’ the movie he saw for this edition of Baldywood.


BB plays a clip of Jake Gyllenhaal meeting Renee Russo in the movie that sets up the rest of the movie.

BB says he’ll never forget Jake’s character in the movie and says he could be up for a best actor Academy Award.

BB compliments the writing and directing, he says that every character has a complex backstory and feels real, no clichés despite some film tropes being explored.


BB is asking for their take on Jake Gyllenhaal and have some more balsamic comedy, BB is praising Jake’s abilities and Adam says he is able to convey things without speaking in a way few other actors can.

BB gives it an A.


Adam is doing a live read for Reverie Bed.

BB plays the Alison ‘Noooo’ drop instead of Adam’s noise mocking Lynette whining about her forehead being cold, Adam is now riffing about forehead piercings and the seeming lack of pain receptors in forehead flesh.

Adam, Alison and BB are all commenting on how violently you can attack a forehead pimple and how little pain you feel in return, which Adam observes is what leaves you walking around like a Cyclops the rest of the day.

Adam shares his thought about “The Nightcrawler” his comment from the opening of the show, BB remarks he should have brought it up during the review, not understanding when Adam was talking about.


Adam brings up how OJ would’ve been captured in HD video had he been fleeing Nicole’s home on the night of the double murder.

BB presents the idea that some rich guys on the street might have had a security camera on their front gate showing the white bronco driving to her home.

Adam is now riffing about the DNA and Bruno Magli shoes and how if this was an episode of ‘Colombo’ or ‘Monk’ would’ve been the smoking gun.


BB is now bringing up how OJ got off and what a legal travesty that was, Adam jokes that essentially the LAPD tried to frame a black guy, who happened to be guilty.

Alison asks Adam about his reaction to the verdict. Adam tells them about a group email and Adam now uses Ray and Chris and their class cutting plans to piss no each other which would always lead to Adam getting pissed on instead.

Adam was sent a group email about some old video showing the OJ verdict, Adam says that Babydoll Dixon and Cousin Sal were also in this email chain with Daniel Kellison and Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam says he didn’t want stand on the sidelines and not chime in, so he says he remembered being at the courthouse in character as Mr. Birchum.

Babydoll then replied mocking radio and that idea for a bit, it was Jimmy Kimmel’s idea and BB knows it, BB is enjoying himself watching the dominos fall in the email chain.

Alison proclaims Adam being innocent, Adam says all cousin Sal does is write shitty emails fanning the flames and making it worse.


Adam explains his reaction to the black people celebrating OJ’s victory, Adam says that nobody should be on your team, just your family and neighbors to an extent.

Adam has an NFL team analogy, he’s further explaining his point about latching your horse onto outside forces/groups.

BB jokes about this being a lame Birchum segment and Alison is now giving her take on the miscarriage of justice that seemed to be on display.


Alison asks if Adam was surprised that OJ got off, Adam jokes about the way he tried to put the glove on in the courtroom, like the guy misusing an item in an infomercial for “Glove-Fit” a new product he just made up.

Adam is commenting on the rubber glove beneath the bloody glove and how Marcia Clark and Darden shouldn’t have allowed him to wear it.

Adam brings up the mouthpiece rule in boxing and MMA fighting, Adam brings up the death of Dan Goossen and a crazy fight from one of his fighters.


2nd Caller Zoltan, he brings up the hypothetical about one’s daughter working at a strip club vs. appearing on the billboard for one.

Zoltan has a 3rd option, a sullen teenager on an anti-abortion billboard vs. your teen daughter having one.

Adam is trying to discern who the girl is in the advertisement, Zoltan clarifies it.


Adam is now sharing that when people pass strip club billboards they assume that woman is the captain of the strippers, if they passed the abortion one they might not assume what the model is representing.

BB brings up guys on AIDS testing billboards, Adam is trying to recall a black actor who appears on AIDS billboards, and Adam is saying to think T.V. and law practice from 10 years ago.

BB is naming black dudes up a storm.


Adam is now commenting on the fight he referenced earlier, you can see it via the show page link above.

Adam explains the concept of Blacsimile to Alison once again, he’s still trying to figure out this actor, saying he looks like Wayne Brady and does HIV awareness ads.

Adam tells the guys to just find the as he won’t know the guy by name, Alison comments on a guy on ‘The Affair’ who is a black version of Vincent D’Onofrio.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is on the Adrian Peterson plea deal and reads his quotes, Adam is now commenting on his fall from grace and the unknown things nobody was looking for until recently.

Adam is bringing up the kids with 6 women, he cites that as being more indicative of character over his return to the NFL after suffering what could’ve been a career ending knee energy.

Adam is now saying you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a cause, where other causes then piggyback on your cause.


Adam is now explaining how the Ray Rice thing completely exasperated the Peterson controversy instead of overshadowing it, Alison has some tough questions about child abuse and the classes meant to train Adrian not to abuse his kids.

Adam says he’ll stop, stopping is stopping, even if they don’t emotionally change as long as their behavior is curbed we’re ok.

Adam has a good bank robbing analogy and jokes about Adrian getting into drowning and smothering.


2nd Story Is on a man who was killed by a falling tape measure on a job site, Adam is explaining how hard hats are seemingly useless but it’s for just these kinds of events, the one event where a hardhat matters most.

Adam has now decided it might just be Wayne Brady and now Adam jokes about anyone saying they are going to start and HIV campaign that’s got to go viral, good stuff.

Adam explains the sheetrock/drywall relationship like that off Kleenex and tissue.

Adam is explaining how much weight a large tape measure actually has, Alison and Adam comment on how badly that guy must feel about dropping it.


Adam is doing a live read for Draft Kings.


3rd Story is on the 45th anniversary of ‘Sesame Street’ it premiered on November 10th 1969, Alison explains what’s changed on the street since season one.

Adam is joking about hitching his childhood wagon to the show ‘Zoom’ and he’s referencing the theme song, nobody knows the reference and everyone is forgetting ‘Boomerang’ as well.

Adam is now getting the gang to recount their history with the show and children’s programming, BB has a cute anecdote and Alison is reciting more of the differences on the show, including the less active human characters.


They’re now playing the theme song from the 1990’s version of ‘Zoom’ instead of the original that Adam was into, Adam is mocking the theme song lyrics.

They’re now watching the original show’s intro and the audio quality is actually better than the 90’s version.

Alison asks him what would happen on the show, Adam only recalls staring at it when he was 8 and nothing happened, Adam is continuing to mock the theme song.


Alison is now bringing up the way kids would put on little shows for their family they came up with 5min before, Adam has no frame of reference for this and jokes about eating from his friends’ homes instead of having a family.

Adam is now going off on ‘Dora the Explorer’ and ‘Caillou’ and the hacks who create children’s programming, he’s got some killer lines including one about paying Olga to undo all of the damage caused by these shows.

Adam is now referencing the good stuff for kids like ‘Finding Nemo’ which he enjoys on the same level they do, Alison blames ‘Barney the Dinosaur’ for the pandering programming of today.


Adam brings up the ‘New Zoo Review’ and Alison has a killer ‘Cherry Poppin’ Daddies” reference in reply, gold!


Adam is now doing a Maxxima Style live read.

They’re now watching the ‘New Zoo Review’ intro and it sound atrocious.

Adam mocks the smart owl.

Adam is now further commenting on the psychedelic aesthetic of 1970’s children’s programming, Adam has a killer series of one liners.

Adam brings up the time Alan Kirschenbaum offered him the chance to meet Sid and Marty Krofft and why he refused, Adam says that Sherwood Schwartz is the live action version of these hacks.


Adam is mocking the culture of television and the way we allowed these hacks to have such successes in the 1970’s, Adam has a great white guys in the NBA analogy.


4th Story is on a new Starbucks app that allows you to skip the wait in line, with a correct spelling of your name.

Adam plugs the live show in Oregon and Adam asks about how the app works, Adam explains the low-fat latte vs. original one and the exchange he had with Dennis Prager about treating himself, to enjoy living.

Alison wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a Hulu Plus live read.

Adam is now reading the caloric content of the various whole fat, low fat and nonfat lattes.

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.