Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2014 – Scott Carter

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/29/2014 – Scott Carter

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Scott Carter

Recorded 10-28-2014 – Release Date 10-29-2014

Production Number #1442

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Adam opens the show to an intro, he thanks the fans for sharing it with a friend, and BB plays the “Allergic to Lameness” drop from Maria as the #TopDrop.

Adam is telling them about the comedy central ‘Politically Incorrect’ he never guested on, BB doesn’t recall and Adam gets him to briefly recall it by describing the roman pillars.

Adam is now getting filled in by Gary and Caelan giving him info on the time P.I. ran on both networks.


Adam is saying around 1999(1998) he started guesting on the show, he was on it about a dozen times a year until it stopped running, possibly with over 4 dozen appearances.

Only so many can be confirmed without having access to the production documents.

Adam is explaining how he becomes a regular on an talk show and how people react to ‘Politically Incorrect’ vs. ‘Bill O’Reilly’ and Adam explains the “one of the Bills would like you on his show” math he does for agreeing to appear on a show.


Adam is now describing how he would tape Loveline after P.I. and he’s exactly right, they did that often, Drew would guest with Adam and separately, but not as often.

BB mentions how traffic plays into every decision of a Los Angelino (yuck) and how the empty sea5ts you see at sporting events are often paid for but people didn’t want to brave the traffic.

Adam is now describing the former P.I. experience and how he became one of Bill’s favorite guests on the show, Adam says he probably did that show from 99-2002 24 times, possibly double that.


Alison is asking Adam some great follow ups and seeing if he’s going to ask Scott about his lack of appearances on ‘Real Time’ and Alison has a funny “more well-known/still well known” double reply.

Alison is bringing up the argument about the fewer guests and fewer episodes and Adam is now addressing the Q rating of the multiple repeat guests during some seasons.

Adam is sharing how a satisfying answer is always the truth, if the answer is “Bill Maher hates your fucking guts” you will not get the answer, you will get a non-answer.


Adam says that if Scott comes in here and lays out a complex explanation that is the truth, if he says almost nothing he is not telling them the full story.

Adam brings up his addressing of the #101 Production numbering, flawed numbering of Loveline the MTV Show, you start at 1 and add the reaming info to the metadata or you know write it on the fucking tape in 1996.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live read.

Adam is bringing up how his son will ask him who he’s rooting for and start joining him and going overboard.


Adam brings up his American Airlines flight as discussed on ACS #1440 with Greg Fitzsimmons, he did see Willow and Jaden Smith, and it was Will and Jada’s kids.

Adam is apologizing for not spotting Willow Smith as a girl, due to her outfit and hairstyle, they’re now looking a current photo of them, Adam even recognizes the dog, Adam took a picture of it, and Adam is a paparazzi now.

Adam is back to how he was thinking about these two kids and their travels sans parents, Adam jokes about the two kids and the dog not being able to do much up against Ramses the terrorist he just made up.


Alison asks Adam if he did eat the Salmon, he says of course he ate every fucking bite, nice job clearing that up A-Rose.

BB brings up another twitter champ, this guy didn’t alert him to Willow and Jaden’s travel schedule, he just said that Adam got the better option because the lasagna was sans meat, Adam got the only meat on the plane.

Adam explains his rule about eating everything in 1st class, his consumption math for drinking and eating his way through the price of the ticket.


Adam is now asking everyone to hold on, he’s spinning and addresses the claims of it being a “Classic” lasagna.

BB says that meat make it Lasagna, he’s wrong to agree here, I’m a lifelong unwilling vegetarian and I always request Classic Cheese Lasagna, which is different that Classic Lasagna, one has meat or a meat sauce.

Adam shares his prediction about one or both of the Smith kids being vegetarian, Adam is sharing how this news now comes back and he can never stop stereotyping ever, BB jokes about us being so close to Adam putting that behind him.


Gary is now on mic confirming Adam’s requests for him to investigate the eating habits of some famous dude’s teenage kids.

Adam says he would have ordered the Lasagna anyhoo (anyhow), he would have complained about it but ordered it still, he’s now had a lot of room cleared up in his mind, and he can sleep at night.


They’re now premiering another new Richard Banks song, this one in tribute to Gary to the tune of ‘Jet-Liner’ by the Steve Miller Band?

Adam thanks Dick and Mike Lynch, hilarious song.

Adam is now having Gary explain his white privilege for flying in 1st class, BB has a killer “seats too sticky” one liner and Gary is giving them more details.


“I like my Jizz in the same time zone” – Adam

Adam is now warning of the danger of young men going to Europe and losing the eye of the tiger by beating off in the shower too much.

Adam is now saying pud, fuck you Bryan!


Gary is back to his gory penis details, he’s telling them about their trip and Adam jokes about him being stuck to all of the blankets and pillows from his pod.

Adam is now sharing his analogy, he is telling the gang to be prepared to be disappointed.

Adam was talking to someone about his love for Lamborghinis, the subdued gentlemen’s car that turned into a hair band-mobile somewhere in the 1980’s.


Adam is explaining his career arc of the ‘Bee Gees’ being akin to the rise and fall of Lamborghini’s gentlemen roots.


Adam is now chastising Gary for not playing the Bee Gees songs in the chronological order, he’s now playing ‘I Started A Joke’ to make a point about their humble almost folksy (folk) sound that evolved into the early disco stuff people often mistake as their earliest work.

Adam is now giving an automotive example for ‘The Bee Gees’ and their evolution in music between the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Adam is explaining how Lamborghini went from a smaller and lesser known manufacturer and brand and became synonymous with hot chick posters from the 1980’s.

Adam is explaining how the car looks like shit if it has low power, but if it has the power he sees it different, he’s talking about the Lamborghini Countach and how it should be the same way with women, we should see their inner qualities that make more beautiful than any exterior angles.


BB is now bringing up the James Bond 007 movies and the evolution into crap and then back towards something more realistic, he’s wondering if it’s akin to the curve of the Lamborghini brand and Adam agrees.

Alison comments on the continued militarized look of Lamborghini cars, Adam wants to know how much of the Bee Gees and Lamborghinis changes were caused by the oodles and oodles of booger sugar.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw the movie ‘John Wick’ and has some of the obscure directing credits information, Adam is now going off on the lack of importance of there being a rule prohibiting dual credits for certain filmmaking roles.

BB compliments Dean Winters and seemingly hasn’t seen his arc on Oz that spanned nearly the entire series, guy is magic.

Adam is commenting on the trailers and the sliding and shooting he thought it would be full of, BB is now asking them about the prediction of doubting something happening that actually happened and became successful.

BB shares his history with a pre-distribution ‘Red bull’.


Adam explains the time he predicted the failure of his favorite film of 1997 ‘Boogie Nights’ during this episode of Loveline.

CLL #297 from 11/17/1996

BB brings up the dead dog plot twist, Alison has an epic “Oh Fuck” that sounds like Rob Huebel, BB is explaining how he ended up liking the movie and Adam gives his take on how cheap a move killing a dog is in a movie but how it’s also very effective.


Adam is mocking Alison for her list of puppies it is ok to stomp to death, BB finishes up his review.

Adam is now asking about Bridget Moynahan’s mouth, they’re talking about other celebrity female mouths and teeth.

They bring up Emma Stone, Adam references his appearance on the Tonight Show with her, and Adam thinks he’s thinking of Michelle Monaghan.


Adam is now doing a Smart Mouth live read, he references the salmon he on the plane with Will Smith’s kids.

Adam is now going off on how there are officially too many people, he’s bringing up an argument from the taping of The Adam and Dr. Drew #186 and #187.

They’re heading to break.


They’re back from break to a listener voicemail, a dude offering to fuck Adam if he was gay.

Adam is now riffing about starting with a BJ, Scott is making his ACS debut and Adam is bragging about his 16 Emmy nominations and asks about how many he’s won without caring about the question being impolite, slick move.

“I’ve always known him as the misogynistic Susan Lucci” – Adam on Bill Maher


Adam plugs the play and Scott announces they just got extended through the fall into December.

Adam is asking Scott about the length of time he spent writing this thing, he’s explaining the origins of the idea and his history with asthma.

Scott is going in depth on how his 6 days at the hospital left him with an epiphany akin to Scrooge at the end of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and now he’s segueing to how the dream eventually turns into something less exciting.


Nice ‘Flowers for Algernon’ metaphor from Scott, he’s going in depth on how he was dealing with a Jehovah’s Witness.

They’re on a tangent about ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ and Adam takes them back to the anecdote about the Jehovah’ian witness and his sales pitches each week.

Adam is now asking about Bill Maher, what we don’t know that we should know about him.


Adam is complimenting ‘Real Time’ and how good the show looks and jokes about the difficulty in saying the word “effortlessly” now Scott is sharing an on set anecdote, the “my bad” incident.

Adam compliments the stage manager Pat Whitney who worked on ‘Politically Incorrect’ and now Scott is giving a quick history for how Comedy Central was formed out of two other inferior networks.

Scott says that Pat is probably the only graduate of clown college working as a stage manager today, citing his experience working for ‘Penn and Teller’ and now Scott is describing Adam’s warehouse saying it’s akin to a treehouse.


Scott brings up the restrooms at the shop, “Gentlemen” and “Women” and Adam realizes it should’ve been ladies to match.

Adam is now asking the tough questions, why he’s never been asked to guest on ‘Real Time’ anywhere near the amount of times he was on P.I.

Adam was on for a mid-show appearance, Bill tried to frame him as a “gun guy” in front of Olivia Wilde.


Scott is thinking that Adam is hinting at wanting a return visit, Adam is refusing to bring up the theory about the feud, of Jimmy Kimmel taking over Bill’s old slot, about a year after he left the air.

Adam is still hinting about Adam being on an unofficial enemies list, Adam says he knows that Scott likes him and is asking for anything personal.

Adam is now sharing his initial theory, oh shit, he’s doing it, holy shit dude!


Adam is marginally satisfied and moving on.


Adam is bringing up the recent Ben Affleck booking and Adam’s take on Bill’s take on terrorism, he finds it commendable that he sticks up for his differing beliefs.

Adam says that you can’t agree with one party all the time without being considered a liar, Adam wants to see the umpire call his own kid out in little league once in a while.

Scott is now sharing how they structure the show to be able to change directions if it’s leaning too heavy.


Adam is now bringing up the Ben Affleck vs. Sam Harris debate and the “You’re saying all Muslims are terrorists” comments lobbed at Bill in response to his opinion.

Adam jokes that this is a “smoothie of war” hilarious!

Scott is now explaining how people have very strong opinions in their dressing room then get silent on air, some people who are quiet backstage and shine in front of the audience.


Alison is asking about said milquetoast panelists and he is giving them an example citing Orrin Hatch and his staff who wrote material for him.

Adam is bringing up how Bill Maher is seemingly not as respected as much as someone like Jon Stewart and thinks it might be due to his level of free speech and being fully honest on air.

Adam is now calling the Daily Show the Bruce Springsteen of talk shows, Jon would love that compliment, Lynette actually recovered a film recording of Jon’s first Bruce concert and gave him a DVD of it, so cool.


Adam is now referencing the abundance of Emmy’s for ‘The Daily Show’ and the absence of them for ‘Politically Incorrect’ and ‘Real Time’ and now Scott is sharing the origins of P.I. and what inspired them at the time.

Adam is bringing up the post 9/11 “Coward” controversy involving Bill and the timeline that led to the end of the show on ABC.

Scott had left the show by that time and doesn’t have the play by play but does have some interesting tidbits.


Adam is explaining how we assign personalities to corporations but they’re merely shareholders who want money.

Scott and Adam have a great series of points about GM and Detroit.


Adam is now doing a live read for Draft Kings.

Adam jokes about BB never being honest again, talking about losing, it’s bad for the advertising.

Adam plugs the 2nd shows for Portland and Seattle and says we should have Scott back in very soon, then jokes about making him wait 9 years, hilarious one liners.

Adam plugs Scott’s project.


No News For Alison, weird when this happens, good episode though.