Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/04/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 278

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 10/04/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 278

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-29-2015 – Release Date 10-04-2015

Production Number #278 – Pledge of Allegiance

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Adam opens the show with the standard intro, he thanks the fans for the supporting the show and telling their friends.

Drew has some leftover Stern topics, he brings up Adam touring Air Force One and being unimpressed, Reagan’s Air Force One.

Adam talks about seeing the Batmobile with Jimmy Kimmel in disbelief to how shitty it was in person, never meet your heroes nor see the Batmobile up close, Adam’s rule of life.


Adam is further talking about how shitty the Bat Mobile looks in person, Adam is blaming the 1970’s for why that plane was so bad.

Drew wants to know how things could be so bad in such recent history, Gary has the details on the aircraft and Drew asks if it’s a 747 and grafted on a hump in his mind.

Adam is back to the 1970’s and trying to figure out why everyone was bad then, Adam is now arguing that we’re far more weak and pussy now in society, everybody is a soft piece of shit.


Adam uses Dodgeball for a metaphor for life, he’s bringing up the bully who was assaulted a seeing impaired classmate and was stopped with a single punch and how that was reacted to today vs. how it would’ve been in the 1970’s or prior.

Adam is talking about the United States and how The Korean War and Vietnam further dwindled the success and confidence post WWII.

Adam is mocking bogus statistic regarding the nuclear bombs used in Japan and he argues some realistic points, the bombs saved millions etc.


Adam is talking about the crying Indians, smoke stacks, dead fish in rivers and other imagery synonymous with the 1970’s.

Adam says it’s the children of the next generation who led to this, Drew connects that to the modern PC police.

Adam is talking about beating the drum of self-hatred and how that leads to a general depression for everyone much like the decade of 1970-1980.


Adam comments about marveling at a building in NYC and feeling like he was witnessing greatness, he is now arguing for how architecture reveals more about what people feel about themselves than they realize.

Grand beauty and gargoyles equal high self-esteem.


Drew is now doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read

Funny voice Drew edition, Let me clear my throat!


Drew wants to know about Adam’s story he told on The Howard Stern show of attending the benefit at the Reagan Library, a Night for the Troops.

Adam comments on the “intense” number of weekends he’s spent away from his kids over the past 5 years.

Adam says he wanted to do what was the right thing at the “One Night for The Love of Our Country” event.


Adam is talking about the pledge of allegiance being sprung on him last minute, Drew and Adam marvel at how ill-prepared these events often are.

Adam talks about the Color Guard and how their timing through him off, he was trying to jump in and wait for the right moment.

Adam talks about putting the glass of wine over his heart.

This was covered first on ACS #1228


Adam explains the most uncomfortable part for him was the veterans coming up to tell Adam that the guy who went off on him doesn’t speak for them.

Adam doesn’t want sympathy.

Adam talks about his wife never bringing him soup in bed while sick, he doesn’t get tended to.

Drew recalls the one time Adam was in bed moaning and Lynette was heading to Vegas with her friends that afternoon.


Adam talks about crawling down the stairs by himself to get Gatorade or soup, Drew says he gets that sick at least once a year.

Drew is bringing up Howard Stern’s frustration with Adam getting to the point of his story, when he told that aforementioned story on his show.

Adam has a “Halle Berry slapped Dr. Drew at the airport” example for how Howard Stern is a pro and must address a topic.


Drew brings up Robin sniping Adam for hanging out with Kevin Costner, Adam says on the 3rd lap it starts to get insulting and is very fair with how much Robin knows about him.

Adam is talking about Howard’s schedule and how after the first time he did the Howard Stern show he was offered the permanent “Jackie seat” on the show.

Adam explains that Howard was unaware of his career and various jobs, due to his schedule and interests that conflicted with Adam’s show times.

Adam says he did Letterman way before he did Stern, 2 years.


1st Caller Tim, his wife cheated on him 7 months into their marriage.

Drew is now asking some tough questions to try and figure out the motivation for the cheating, Adam talks about living a one bedroom apartment with a partner, trying to deal with life on a daily basis and how unfair it is to compare the interest of some stranger who wants to fuck you vs. the person who loves you.

Drew shares the “Butterflies not Lightning Bolts” rule of thumb for seeking out a partner, he gives credit to the quote to one of his Dr. Drew Podcast guests Jill Vermeire.


2nd Caller Clarence, he wants to be the black correspondent for the show, he mentions DAG and they joke around about him and his Asian ex-wife.

Adam is now on a jag about diversity and the melting pot vs. communities and identifying as a race or culture over and explains the reasoning for Mike August’s name change.

Adam explains he didn’t want to waste his life explaining how to spell his name every time he went to dinner or made a booking or met someone knew etc.


Drew is now suggesting an accessible history for African people, talking about his African assistant and Adam weighs in saying Drew is tip toeing around the idea of “appreciating what you have here” and Clarence suggests Mother Fucker as a universal slur.

Adam says Clarence is officially in, hand on a stack of doobies.


Adam is giving out the plugs “making mirth bitch!” – Adam