Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2013 – Roy Wood, Jr. and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 12/17/2013 – Roy Wood, Jr. and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Roy Wood, Jr. and Jo Koy

Recorded 12-16-2013 – Release Date 12-17-2013

Production Number #1228

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Adam is opening the show live from the studio with Alison and BB live in studio, BB has a #TopDrop from Pat O’Brien and he’s already saying it might make drop of the year from a guest, I don’t think he checked every episode.

Adam is sharing about his weekend after he quickly welcomes Jo back to the show for another one of his weekly visits.

Adam is asking Jo about getting roped into charity events and he’s sharing his own experience with the recent hosting he did, Adam says he always agrees to charity gigs when his schedule is clear.


Adam is trying to explain that he doesn’t feel he should have to explain why he’s supporting a charity even if he doesn’t give to the cause every year or know much about it.

Jo is explaining how he now writes checks instead of doing standup in banquet halls for these charity gigs.

Adam is explaining how he was scheduled out the ass and was met with a “huh!” from Lynette in response to him being unable to attend a school function for Natalia.


Adam is explaining his TV show schedule combined with the charity hosting, Adam is now arguing with Jo/Lynette about his schedule.

Adam is explaining that it doesn’t matter, all that matters is he won’t be attending the show for his daughter, Adam says that’s what makes women better parents, it’s a feeling thing.

Adam is clarifying that Lynette wasn’t directly giving him shit, Jo says its indirect shit giving and Alison is in the mix helping Adam flesh this out.


Adam is making a point about Lynette being able to record every moment with her phone that he can later watch on a 60 inch TV with Natalia.

Adam has a hilarious date/hand job analogy for the worst possible news about missing a live event or life milestone in the era of the smartphone and 1080p video recording.

Adam is explaining the details of the charity even and the lack of cards as Jo predicted, he’s telling them about the opening pledge of allegiance and the “throat peterrence” aka threat deterrence.


Adam is saying that when you write things for people to read you must write things for other people to read, not in your own chicken scratch you use for note taking at the supermarket, Adam is taking a step back from the mic to scream this.

Jo Koy is offering up his own funny take on Mike fucking up the notes as he didn’t know the guy’s name or title.

Adam is sharing how he had to bring the guy on stage without being able to read his title, Jo is having Adam explain what happened.


Dawson is now on mic to explain what actually happened, Jo is realizing that Mike August wrote this for Adam and getting the complete angle of Adam’s rant about this.

Adam is sharing his “less is more” rule for notes, funny one liner about the guy he was bringing to stage making R. Lee Emery look like Justin Beeber.

Chris is now on mic to explain this guy’s comments about the host and his red wine consumption, Adam is quoting the bitchy tone from “1st speaker”.


Alison and Jo have amazing reactions to this, Chris is saying he hasn’t felt that awkward in some time and was just standing next to Adam.

Adam is explaining that he doesn’t really care that the guy was chastising him and being a rude little pig, Adam says he didn’t mind it all, BB has a funny “counting your money” joke.

Adam is mocking that idea and the gas burnt, Adam says he did mind the procession of guys apologizing to Adam for the comments from the jerk who had to settle Adam’s hash.


Adam is trying to explain how he reacts to this, he says god bless the kind souls who want to make him feel better but his own wiring doesn’t allow him to appreciate this.

Chris is on mic with a funny description of Adam’s rebuttal and their joking about the guys opening reel of footage celebrating his many murders across the globe.

Adam is getting back to the event and saying that Costner’s band was very good, Adam is pulling out a NAVY seals paddle/oar him and Kevin were gifted.


Adam is saying that the oar is the best and coolest item that would have resided in the Carolla house had it been there, BB wants to know how Ray would have found a fecal and explosive way to destroy it.

Jo is telling Adam how the oar will never have as much meaning as it could because of the shitty marine who had to chastise him and attempt to ruin the mood of the room.

Dawson is now mic and he’s confirming Adam’s jokes about the bravery he employed to face the cold weather in LA Canada.


Adam is explaining his pain threshold theory, the one about hitting your metal bed frame with your little toe and how it’s no different than hot shrapnel aside from the psychological component.

Alison is giving her take and theory on the alternate psychological component of such a simple move that leads to such extreme pain.

Adam is sharing the man’s experience with a “2 Mississippi” between a ball injury and the signal of pain, Alison says she would like to know what it feels like even asks for an explanation, Adam is now doing a live read.


Adam just addressed Jo as Bung Lao Su, he’s now in character and Adam is sharing his thought process trying to come up with some songs for Bung to jump in on.

Adam is riffing with Bung about Mexico and Los Angeles, Adam is now playing some “Malo” for Bung to join in on.

Bung is singing away and has some fun with “familiar”, Adam is right in step and they’re having a great misunderstanding riff.


Adam is busting out some “War” with “The Cisco Kid” I do believe, Bung is going off and riffing some on lyrics to the tune.

Adam is doing a live read and bringing up the death of Tom Laughlin aka “Billy Jack” and Alison has it in her news, Adam is bringing up how “Billy Jack” captured the early 70’s and kind of ruined his childhood.

This is a classic Loveline and KLSX ACS riff from Carolla, Adam is explaining the 3 year period where everything native American was the coolest.


Adam and Jo are now riffing about “Kung Fu” and Cain’s tendency to get mixed up in trouble in each now town he visits.

Jo is in character as “Kung Fu” instead of Cain and Adam is doing a great improv with him, they’re now back to breaking down the show.

Hilarious “Chinaman” use from Adam imitating the racist stereotypes Cain would encounter in each town.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB is giving his review for American Hustle, BB is asking him if he’s seen it on a screener copy.

Adam is now giving his theory on these screens and how there may be some pilfering between him and his mail handlers as he never gets the movies he wants to see.

Adam is on a funny riff about the boring talkie/radio play options he’s given instead of the A list films.


BB is addressing this being nominated in a comedy category for the Golden Globes.

BB is breaking down the plot and explaining the premise of the F.B.I. sting featured in the film.

BB is addressing the recent backlash for the film and calling it very good, he’s complimenting the allusions to the work of Scorsese and Alison has an interesting question about the critiques.


BB is bringing up the gambling odds on best actor and Adam is sharing how he was just on a trek down memory lane about his Christoph Waltz pick that he was talked out of by Nick Santora.

BB is giving it a recommendation.

Adam is launching into a live read, wrapping up with Jo and heading to break after a great Nelson Mandela stamp quote, gold!



Roy Wood is now making his ACS debut.

Adam is explaining his work on Crank Yankers, though they never made it to air.

Roy and Adam are discussing different methods for these calls, touching on the “touchtone terrorist” method in contrast to Crank Yankers and Roy’s method on his old radio show.


Adam is sharing what he found incredible about calling different locations, NYC vs. Alaska.

Adam is bringing up the Kevin Nealon call to Barrel Alaska, the most northern point on the map, BB is helping Adam flesh it out with memories of the bit and the call.

Adam and Roy are now touching on racism in the black community and the old world mentality vs. the youth of today.


Roy is telling them about his recent trek to Israel and how it has affected him much like a white person being exposed to a civil rights film.

Adam is sharing his experience with “Roots” watching it live on TV and how he actually wanted to be black after the movie, that’s a new reveal.

Adam is explaining his relationship to this Jewish buddies from “Hebrew Heights” and how they contrasted against his immediate peer group in the valley.


Roy wants to know if white people also get the same treatment about being intelligent that occurs in some black urban environments.

Adam is sharing about showing his parents his report card and the only time he was privy to one was when Adam got a D in P.E.

Roy is telling Adam about his college credit card fraud and eventual bust.


Adam wants to know how Tommy Hilfiger became a black clothing icon, Roy is sharing the controversy from his comments about the success.

Roy is summing up Tommy’s feelings with a hilarious off the cuff quote from Tommy’s POV.

Adam and Roy are riffing about the changes in the most popular black hip hop influenced clothing lines.


Adam is telling Roy about shopping with Bishop Don Magic Juan and quoting the green/gold rule of life the man taught him.

Roy is taking it back to his arrest, Alison is now asking for him to clarify the relationship to the store employee that then led to his eventual arrest.

Adam has a funny “JUBU” question and Roy is summing up the story.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the death of Tom Laughlin as mentioned earlier in the show.

Alison has some facts about the man, Adam is breaking down his filmography as “Billy Jack” and Alison is reading some facts about the original film that featured the Billy character.


2nd Story is on the death or Peter O’Toole, Adam is asking if everyone has felt like he’s been 81 since 1981, perpetually an old man.

Adam is explaining how on the fence he was about Peter’s mortal status and citing the other gents who make his list of celebrities he doesn’t know if they’re alive or dead.

They’re talking about the “Family Feud” hosts and citing past host Ray Combs who was actually a Classic Loveline staple before Adam’s tenure on the program.


BB is sharing about the long list of non-dead celebrities he was looking up online.

Adam is joking about Shirley Temple sharing a knowing nod with Arnold Palmer, both famous for all time do to their eponymous beverages.

Alison just noticed Adam’s watch and he’s sharing how he noticed it in an advertisement and his initial “too bad I don’t buy watches” reaction much like his resistance to getting a dog before he was 31.


Adam is sharing how he decided to buy the watch, how it was a milestone of not thinking like a poor person, oddly enough there is a “comedian” who sports the same watch and doesn’t care for Ace.

Adam is explaining his frustration with the watch and its wind up system that prevents him from being able to use it on the rare occasions his wardrobe calls for a watch.

Adam has a funny joke about the guy who breaks in his shoes getting a 2nd gig while citing his own humility.


Adam is sharing the journey of the watch to NYC when he was filming “The Apprentice” and his return home.

Adam is explaining how he discovered the watch stashed in a pair of brown shoes from his NYC trip.

“I could fit right in, I don’t like tying shoes or telling time” – Adam on joining the black community.


Adam is now joking about trying to find a new “Wrist jiggler” for winding his 6 thousand dollar watch.

They’re all now joking about the term and BB wants to know about hiding expensive things in shoes, citing the ring he bought for Christie.

Adam is explaining his goal to make people assume he’s not someone they want to get up close on, he’s sharing a psychological question about the purchase of a fake Rolex getting you murdered.


Roy is explaining how to this day people still steal sneakers off others, very 1980s.

Adam is doing a live read and bringing up the time his dad opened a sweater for Christmas and announced he was going to return it.


3rd Story Is on Beyoncé’s surprise release of her 5th album

Alison is reading the stats and explaining the concept of a “visual album”, she’s sharing her twitter feed reactions to the albums launch.

Alison is quoting someone’s sappy effusive praising tweet for the album.


Adam is asking about her beauty and Alison immediately rejects it, Adam is now explaining as a society if she is inflated in status do to her aesthetics.

Adam is bringing up the human eye’s aim for perfection and how that might result in who we exalt as celebrities.

“It’s why Bryan is in love with Dolph Lungren” – Adam.


Alison is bringing up punk and Adam is calling the punk wave as a response to the pop era from before and the pop era of today is a response to the gritty punk scenes of yore.

Adam is now mocking “she has it all” and how people worship others until the envy kicks in and makes them tear those people down.

Alison is now in agreement with Adam about something more going on than just the quality of Beyoncé’s music.


Adam has a great George Clooney analogy to make his point about lamenting the lives of others.

Adam, Alison and Roy are bringing up the methods that Jay Z undergoes to keep things under wraps.

Adam is sharing his first meeting with Destiny’s Child along with Dr. Drew and their 2000 Loveline visit.


Alison says that Beyoncé is Adam’s “perfect butt shade” and she’s now wrapping the news.

Adam has a great Tilda Swinton contrast for the butt shade theory, Alison has a touching and hilarious reveal that she might possess that very kind of butt, blue?

Adam is bringing up his theory on guys with great arms and how all their sleeves start to vanish, great Bruce Springsteen on HGH reference.


Adam is doing a live read and working BB and Roy into the mix.

Adam is wrapping up the show with the standard plugs and promos, Roy is plugging his CD and work on “Sullivan and Sons” with the great Vince Vaughn producing and the Carolla adjacent Caleb Bacon writing.

BB has a nice closing drop, but his news closer was superior and Dawson is doing the final plugs.