Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2017 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2017 – Adam, Gina, and Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Gina, and Bryan

Recorded 09-11-2017 – Release Date 09-12-2017

Production Number #2156

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Adam opens the show “plywood over windows” intro, Adam says you always want the label side faced outward, BB jokes about building inspectors coming by to fine people during a hurricane.

Adam welcomes everyone to the show, BB has Jay Mohr’s “What are you a dumb guy” drop from when he was in character as his old teacher/coach last week.

Adam is now talking about crash helmets, he says you must be very handsome to look good in one of these automotive or motorcycle crash helmets, no visor nor facemask.


Adam says you must be a 10 to look like a 6 in one of those helmets, he’s really emphasizing how adding cutoff denim shorts with one of these helmets renders a man un-fuckable.

Gina says the female version is a “low ponytail” and she explains why she can’t pull it off, they all discuss this after witnessing Gina’s demonstration.

Gina brings up “Norm Core” and Adam jokes about it being an elite brigade of Norm Macdonald fans.


Adam is now joking about the bygone era of the sidelines of NFL games, he contrasts the olden days of dudes eating pomade and chewing on brisket, beating their wives. Compared to today where people are replenishing electrolytes in cooling chairs contoured to their body shape.

Adam says sports have come a long way over the years, he says he was watching a fight and realized in boxing the Ziploc bag is the greatest invention for the sport, they still use it to chill fighters.

Boxing hasn’t evolved the same way other sports have, Adam tells them it’s partially a throwback to the way things were always done, he’s amazed there isn’t a special ice bag for boxing.


Adam is telling them about the ice in a rubber glove used during the Tyson vs. Douglas fight in Tokyo, BB heard it was ice put in a condom, Adam says it wasn’t and goes back to the wooden stool that hasn’t changed since the word stool was invented.

Hilarious Jack Johnson and kangaroo references from Adam.


Adam has another thought about fighters and the need for interpreters, he says the problem with that is the interpreters don’t necessarily match the fighters.

Adam is talking about the Roman “Chocollatito” Gonzalez vs. Sor Rungvisai, the guy who Adam struggled pronouncing the name of on yesterday’s episode.

Adam says that Sor Rungvisai won the bout but his interpreter/translator who didn’t match his physicality and didn’t look like he ever threw a punch in his life bragging about decapitating anyone they want to match him up with.


Adam says the interpreters/translators need to start working out, getting ripped so they are as intimidating as the fighters.

Adam brings up Marlee Matlin and her male sign language interpreter Jack Jason.

Adam is further riffing about this idea and the fights, hilarious bit.


BB sent Gary the clip of Michal Rappaport in ‘True Romance’, the scene of his audition for ‘TJ Hooker’ and Adam goes into a live read after complimenting the film and saying it needs to be played more often.


Blue ApronA better way to cook, standard edition


They now play the scene from ‘True Romance’ and BB clarifies the backstory on the screenplay of this movie vs. ‘Natural Born Killers.’

BB makes a point about the joy of an R rated movie when you’re underage and they quickly reference and joke about Natalia’s kind friend who is very responsible and wouldn’t watch ‘Riverdale’ without first seeing it with her mother and also told Adam he looked very handsome with a beard, she’s the best!

Adam explains how he suggested they watch ‘The Hammer’ with the kids, BB is amazed Adam doesn’t have a DVD copy of ‘The Hammer’ and tells him it’s a fine achievement and he should.


Gary is on mic and he’s telling Adam all of the places you can find ‘The Hammer’ online, BB suggests the app Just Watch, which Gary points out is a website as well.

Adam is telling them about watching ‘The Blindside’, Sonny was going to put it on for the 17th time but Adam suggested he watch ‘The Hammer’ instead.

Adam suggested that Sonny look it up and see if his movie was higher ranked on Rotten Tomatoes, which it was as Natalia immediately checked with her phone.


Adam quotes Sonny’s “you can’t always trust that” reply to the Rotten Tomatoes score, Adam can’t imagine a world where he would watch Sandra Bullock for the 18th time over watching the movie his dad made.

Gina has a great “Hector Elizondo’s Body Double” anecdote about the one time her father appeared in a movie as a body double and she says they wore out the VHS tape, they cared that much.

Adam is making a point about being into something vs. not into it, citing his family and he jokes about Kimmel hosting, the Emmy’s, Academy Awards and Tony Awards all in the same year to finally get his family to react or care, but even that won’t do anything.

Adam says either you care or don’t care, the accomplishment level doesn’t matter.


Adam tells them about seeing another early cut of the Willy T. Ribbs documentary, saying it’s coming in nice and they’ll only shave another 5-6 minutes off of the cut before submitting it to Sundance.

Gary gets on mic and Adam reveals the title has been neutered and will now just be ‘Uppity’ instead of the original full title that BB insisted would be very important to this film and its legacy.

Adam observes that the subject matter, a lost modern-day Jackie Robinson story is perfect for today’s climate but doesn’t remark on how losing the full title is pulling the artistic and thematic punch.


Adam is now asking the gang about a situation he’s dealing with, Randy the guy that Jay Mohr is unknowingly channeling with Randy Warwick.

Adam tells them about Randy spilling a container of fruit salad and not fully cleaning it up, Adam had to clean it and then spotted Randy and told him to keep things clean and carry a plate as not to spill, he assured Adam he would be careful.

Adam is now telling people to live close to where they work, it’s a huge factor in life, also get used to eating your cheeseburger as it comes, don’t special order it, don’t perform surgery on your food.


Adam is now talking about not being able to work out the special orders among a full group of guys, just eat it!

BB says taking it apart causes it to lose some of the magic, BB tells people to visit ‘The Apple Pan’ and Adam is now saying he wants to look into the psyche of everyone that needs to modify their burger, he doesn’t trust it.

Adam is breaking down the story of how Randy was doing surgery on his burger, he asks Dawson to weigh in as someone who was banished from a football Sunday gathering, Adam says for bringing the wrong kind of cheese, but that’s not quite accurate.

Dawson was banned from Kimmel’s football Sunday, for asking for the incorrect cheese on his calzone and for not being aware it was a “bye week” for his team the ‘Chargers.’


Adam says right after the discussion, it took Randy about 41 minutes to pull out his tomato and pickle slices, coated in mayo/ketchup on the bare mahogany table.

Adam is pissed, he tells Dawson he will make the decision as he knows the sting, Dawson can deliver the banishment too.


Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez The biggest legitimate fight in a long time Edition


Adam looked to his left to see the burger guts laid out flat, Gary asks if they were on top of each other, not even that.

Adam shares Randy’s excuse for the veggies sliding out and him not cleaning it up, BB thinks we’re dealing with an insane person, he won’t suffer from a one-week banishment.

Adam is now talking about dogs, saying they’re like insane three-year old’s and they snap into focus when you take that food away, Dawson asks about the time between the “keep it clean” conversation vs. Randy’s mess being left on the bare wood.


Adam is saying he’s not like Jimmy Kimmel at all when it comes to cleaning up after strangers, he needs people to be invested in their own space and treat the space he’s providing with respect.

Adam is talking about his experience last week, he thinks it was roughly an hour and Dawson asks if there was booze involved, Dawson is now saying that a week ban is in store just for the offense, another week for lying to Adam about the tomatoes and pickles falling out, unless he can tell him which week is the “bye week” for the Chargers.

Adam is now back to how Dawson got banished from Kimmel’s football Sunday back in the KLSX days, Dawson is now sharing his mix of Jack and Mozzarella cheese preference, he can’t stand ricotta.


Gina asks how Dawson was informed he was no longer welcome, Dawson explains it was on air on the KLSX ACS and he shares his follow up email, Dawson quotes some of it “we’re you there, did you send a stupid twin in” and Dawson shares his love for Stromboli.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Justin, he has a crazy friend and he needs the gang to help him out. Justin tells them about his friend who has bought into a crazy bill of goods regarding a guy in Ohio who channels an alien, named Krion or Chrion.

Adam tells him to cut the guy loose and explains how he’s tried to augment people’s lives and help them help themselves but nobody has achieved any real measure of anything in life, they just can’t apply what Adam says or refuse to even try.

Adam is now of the mindset that most people slap most helping hands, they will take your cash and free food and Adam closes it with an “aliens named after spray paint” one liner.


Adam teases the Rotten Tomatoes Game and says he has a bone to pick with John Wick 2, he brings up various cinematic drawbridge vehicular mistakes.

Adam is now having them play a clip of John Leguizamo from ‘John Wick 2’ where he says the driveshaft is broken, Adam says the car cannot move if it’s “totally destroyed” and he suggests other things they could say, anything but the driveshaft is destroyed.

Adam jokes about actors not knowing anything about anything ever, Adam tells them what a stuntman told him about how they get that verbiage on the fly from people who know about cars.


Gina brings up the insurance commercial with the “torque ratios” line and Adam jokes about the rest of the read “you even named him Brad, then you drove him off of a cliff.”

Adam brings up the insurance commercials where the mom has a kid who can’t handle the lug wrench but then cuts to other kids dealing with a flat tire as well.

Dawson is on mic and he’s calling the kids pussies for not being able to change a tire, they tease the commercial.


LifeLockMajor credit reporting bureau security breach and criminals are lazy Edition

Adam is breaking down the commercial, he talks about the race of the “son” and he asks about the reenactment, it’s a Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial. This is a different version than the one he saw, they now setup that advertisement and Adam gives a preamble before they let it play.

“reel it in Tiger Mom!” – Adam

Adam talks about the “cat’s paw” device, essentially a crowbar in the trunk of his car, Adam is mixing up the same mop top haircuts that both boys are sporting, BB says Adam does drink a lot and Adam defends his position, the ad is confusing.


2nd Caller Bob, he doesn’t like Adam’s mother and has never liked her. He has a similar background to Adam and goes on to say he doesn’t like Ray, he’s confused and conflated the events of Ray putting his penis in his own mother’s friend Kathy’s ear.

Bob thought it was Adam’s mom’s friend but Adam’s mom had no friends, Bob now thinks it he put his dick in Adam’s mom’s ear, Adam is telling Bob to stop and BB tells him to put down the French fry, Adam jokes about never wanting Bob on a jury if he’s ever on trial for something.

Bob wants to get a ticket for the cruise ship to attempt to kick Ray in the nuts, Adam says his problem with this is that he finds Ray doing that to be hilarious, he thought it was hilarious at 16, still at 36 and still today.


Adam explains his threshold for assault and threats and how his line is much further than most, Adam is now quoting Ray’s mom who also witnessed the event.

Adam is now going super in depth breaking down the penis based assault on Cathy or Kathy’s ear.

Gina says she loves Ray but this is beyond inappropriate, Adam says this was a 3 out of 4, this didn’t even cross the line to get a “whoa buddy” warning.


3rd Caller Nick, he’s writing to update them on Hurricane Irma. He called last week and was asked to report back on the situation.

Adam is asking him about the progress and if the storm is now finished, Gina brings up the people without power throughout the state.

Adam asks Nick if he told him to get in his car and drive to Los Angeles today, could he, do it?

Nick doesn’t think he could get through the interstate, slightly misunderstanding the question.


Adam is asking more about infrastructure and flooding.


Adam is now sharing his thoughts on what he wants for his new house, solar power and batteries are the solution.

Adam brings up the electrical grid and wishes we got the word out about solar power and encouraged it, Adam talks about how he tried to get solar installed but he was told they require an external power shutoff outside of the gate to the property.

Adam says in order to get the cutoff switch he would have had to dig a trench for 200+ feet that no other municipality required outside of Los Angeles, Adam says the city just runs rampant with rules and will regulate everything to the point of being unusable.


Adam says someone would then be able to shut off your power outside your home, also eliminating any benefit of having your own power source and backup supply.

BB brings up the lack of earthquake preparedness day, Gina confirms they do have one and everybody ignores it, it’s called “The Great Shakeup” and Adam jokes about being confused, he just didn’t smoke that day.


SimpliSafeClean, easy, simple peel and stick Edition


Gina has the details on ‘The Great Shakeup’ which is coming up in October, they head to break.


Good Sports

Dave brings up fantasy sports, Adam explains he doesn’t like it as it feels like work without reward, the reward is invisible and weightless, but he does like the gambling element.

Adam doesn’t want to play fantasy sports the way he doesn’t want to play ‘Stratego’ he has a mortgage.

Adam suggests bringing Sonny in as he loves fantasy sports, Adam talks about using classic songs in movies, citing ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ and the reflective glory one can receive from the correct song choice.


Dave is telling them about the Fantasy League and the “Kick Out” rule, Adam talks about the devastation of being kicked out and how epic it actually is to witness.

Adam sets up the sigh of relief one experiences when it was cut down to just 2 people competing to stay in the league.


Dave says the funniest version of the draft was when Jon Hamm was racing over from the set of ‘Mad Men’ only to be kicked out of the league by the bald attorney in the group Elliot.

Dave shares how he got tangled up in voting Sal out of the league, Dave says Simmons always comes in with the lamest approach, claiming to be eager to get out of the league, using reverse psychology to discourage people from banishing him.

Gary is setting up the video of the banishment, Dave is ranting up a storm about the events that transpired that year, the “by committee” year.


Dave explains how Sal reacted when he was brought back in the league the year after, they’re playing the video and Adam is narrating along with Dameshek.

This was the year with the giant Survivor like puzzle, Adam says it was brilliant and he doesn’t know how anyone is going to outdo is, Dameshek mocks himself for being so involved and Adam jokes about how if this was a hundred years earlier Dave would’ve been forced into challenging Sal to a duel.

They tease the banishment for this year, it will be discussed tomorrow.

Dave name drops Kyle from the KLSX ACS, very cool.


They’re back from break with a solid ‘Definitely Not a Jew’

Gary tells the gang about the upcoming ‘Tommy John’ listener call promotion


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Steve Bannon’s first ever TV interview, Gina says it was pretty interesting and Adam agrees.

The video isn’t working and BB tells Gina to do an impression, which she almost does before mocking the notion of dropping so many octaves.

Adam says Charlie Rose showed up to get him, not to interview him.


They are now playing the clip of Steve defending his resignation, Gina comments on his pulsating jaw and Adam jokes about Steve having gills.

Adam doesn’t know if it’s a lying pissed or a sign of anger, it doesn’t take one of those nutty chicks who reads posture and analyzes people for tells.

BB asks who has the better job, that woman or the woman who makes up the foot charts with all of the various pressure points.


Adam jokes about adjusting the game film and having him come in to analyze the woman analyzing the body language of Patrick Dempsey, saying that woman is lying about him lying, hilarious!

Gina mentions someone she knows who shit their pants in response to a foot rub.

Adam concedes that there is something to acupuncture.


2nd Story is on Jim Carrey’s latest red-carpet antics, Adam declares he’s becoming unhinged and they talk about Gary Busey and his mental health. BB brings up his head injury.

Gina plays the clip from Harper’s Bazaar’s ICONS party, with Jim Carrey mocking the notion of that very event existing, Adam says a few of the tells of insanity are losing weight as you age as a man.

Normal dudes are supposed to pack on a few pounds, ala Dean Cain growing his dad bod.


Adam now lists the possible reasons a man might lose weight as he gets older, by getting into various nutty activities and devoting themselves to preserving their own longevity.

BB has his theory about Jim never being taken seriously as an actor, Adam brings up Dennis Quaid and his physique in response to Gina’s question about the Randy Quaid sanity scale to compare Jim against.

Adam is talking about showbusiness and how one can approach it, either desperate to stay afloat or feeling like an all-star who can take long absences and then come back to Hollywood, it only leads to nutty behavior and spinning out.


Humans need to be fighting for their spot, for their position, without that motivation people don’t end up doing well, BB shares his contractual obligation theory.

Adam says he hates all of these “Icon” events, he says it’s just jacking off into a ceiling fan, he brings up the transition that he just thought of, but he teases it for a live read.


LegalZoomA lot of fine print, if you find yourself needing legal help pray it can be found at LZ Edition


Adam is back to his transition point, he’s making a point about celebrity and how people are before and after success and fame.

Adam is sharing the notoriety, cash and accolades that all unfold for celebrities and how they then pursue a spiritual solution after exhausting all other possible life experiences and extravagances.

True spirituality is not having to tell anyone about your spirituality, without having to shame others nor inform them of your path to enlightenment.


Adam says he thinks Jim is in the “making the rounds” phase of his celebrity ladder/transition.


3rd Story is on Miss Texas Margana Wood and her comments about President Trump and his comments about Charlottesville.

Gina has the details and sets up the clip.

Adam jokes about Morganna ‘The Kissing Bandit’ and Adam interrupts the clip to mock the idea of them asking something so heavy during this pageant, can’t we just have the fluff of life, a quaint little vestige of the past that doesn’t turn political nor get bogged down in murders during protests.


Adam is now having them play the rest of the clip of Margana Wood, Adam groans in displeasure, Adam hates that everyone has to preface everything with “there is no room in this country for the Klan or white supremacists” and then he transitions into a ‘Green Grocer’ commercial, hilarious!

Adam says we’re killing ourselves bending over backwards bringing up the Klan and prefacing all of our comments with how we don’t support them, lots of free press for the Klan.

Hilarious family dinner example from Adam and closing line from BB.


4th Story is on Black Lab’s and how they’re fond of their food and tend to become overweight.

Gina shares the details from a Yahoo news study about Labradors and how they’re naturally and genetically inclined to be obsessed with food.

Adam says he would rather enjoy his life and eat what he wants and live a shorter life, or at least he would have to think about it.


Adam talks about how all he ever wanted was a big dog as a kid and never got one, he witnessed Sonny loving and kissing Phil last night and he loves that Phil still outweighs Sonny. BB laughs as if he’s mocking Sonny.

Adam says it’s awesome to have a giant dog and the insane satisfaction of his kids and the dog using each other as furniture and laying on each other.

Adam says maybe he is just making up for a childhood that was raped and stripped away from him.

Gina closes the news.


Adam is telling them about the flaw in the design of the leash he uses for Phil that has a satchel with poop baggies, but the bag is not transparent and Adam went walking without any bags.

Adam says it’s bad juju, he needs to go back and pick up the dook before someone steps in it, Adam is making a note to himself to go pick up Phil’s shit.

Adam recalls it was a big house, on the front side of the fence, a temporary dook placement.


True CarSave an average of over 3k MSRP Edition


Adam plugs his upcoming live shows in the Midwest, as well as some other live dates including for the ACS.

Adam is plugging Spike’s Car Radio Podcast, BB closes the show out with Adam saying “all take anyone, I’m a monster in the ring, you line them up, I’ll decapitate them” from when he was talking about the in-ring translators/interpreters after boxing matches.