Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2013 – Lou Diamond Phillips, Live from Amalfi

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/12/2013 – Lou Diamond Phillips, Live from Amalfi

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Lou Diamond Phillips, Live from Amalfi

Recorded 09-11-2013 – Release Date 09-12-2013

Production Number #1162

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Lou is making his debut appearance on the ACS and any show with Adam, including Loveline and the morning show.

BB’s replay 360 is in the shop and he’s without his drops aside from the app, Adam is now telling the gang about Sonny’s 1st Cub Scout meeting and outfit.

Alison is asking Adam about the neckerchief and neck roll and if they have any practical use, he’s got a killer reply.


Adam is now bringing up Natalia and her “Brownie” outfit and how she bragged about it, Adam is begging for the “cash register” and “slot machine” drops to help tally the total cost of these outfits.

Adam is asking about the person who sports a British accent in 2013, he’s trying to pick on people who use the fake accents for outgoing phone messages.

Adam is connecting the early phone message days to what one does with their first girlfriend, trying all positions and showering together.


Lou is now joining them on stage, Adam is asking him about the fake British accents used on outgoing messages and he’s got a solid Madonna one liner.

Adam is now mocking Mike August’s message featuring a big inhale before speaking, Lou is saying Mike’s is more egregious and has his own least favorite message.

Adam is telling Lou about seeing “La Bamba” again last night, Lou is a great sport and does the infamous yelling, Adam is actually praising him for the work and bringing up his “angry rock and roll” face.


Adam is quizzing Lou about his journey and work in films, he’s bringing up the order of release and production of “La Bamba” and “Stand and Deliver”, Lou’s telling them about his “Miami Vice” episode in between.

Adam is telling the audience about meeting Lou while taping “The Soup”, their 500th episode.

Adam is now asking Lou about the large man in “Stand and Deliver” Will Gotay, Adam met him the day one of his motorcycles was towed and had a “little man date” filled with weed and an improv show.


Alison is now telling Adam that he had the best possible hitchhiking experience one could have, BB proclaims it the hitchhiking lottery and Adam is now riffing on the worst possible hitchhiking outcome.

Adam is now bringing up the Mike August “Mastros” story regarding the steak before their steak dinner, Will is now the head chef there and Adam could’ve caught up with the man.

Adam is asking Lou about his new film, he’s explaining the connection to his old costar Edward James Olmos and his now deceased costar Jenni Rivera.


They briefly touch on the death of Jenni and get right back into the availability for the film, Adam has a hilarious question regarding Edward’s pride about his heritage.

Lou has a killer one liner telling Adam how to obtain pride, Alison’s reaction is joyous!

Lou is telling them about his birth name and his father as well as stepfather. They’re getting into WWII and Adam has a great riff about him being a “spotter”, gold!


Adam has a great exfoliation riff in character as a spotter with BB as his sniper, comedy gold!

BB is now bringing up Lou’s win of a celebrity cook off on the “Food Network” and he’s telling BB he won the first season of “Rachel vs. Guy” and how his cooking method takes a lot of time.

He’s impersonating his mother with a great “time is your enemy” line and Adam has a great “long time” callback.


Lou’s telling them about his “Lamb Lasagna” dish and involvement in the “Tribeca Grill” along with Robert Denison, complete with funny impression.

Adam is now lamenting the DJ who was pumping the jams mid meal, Adam’s going off on the spittle crossfire that took place over the loud music.

Adam is telling the rest of the anecdote, complete with him trying to ask the DJ to kindly turn it down.


Adam is calling for all white guys to be banned from DJ’ing, he’s plugging Lou’s great show “Longmire” and asking him about his glass of Mangria.


Q and Ace

BB is reading the question Paline, he’s having a bachelor party in November with a 1 thousand dollar budget and 10 guests.

Adam is now standing to give his full answer, he’s fired up! Adam’s riffing with BB about “bang for your buck” and Lou has a great drive thru strip club one liner that Adam is riffing along with nicely.

Adam has some killer one liners and is now telling Alison about the time he was a bachelor party where Ray flashed the bachelor’s dick with a flashlight mid lap/dance/thing.


Someone in the audience wants to know what Adam thinks of St. Louis and he’s launching into an anecdote.

Adam is sharing his theory regarding selling books vs. booze and the recurring profits he ran by Mike August while in St. Louis, he’s explaining how right after he said that a woman came up and bragged about sending her sister her copy of his book.

Adam and Lou are breaking out an improv scene to make an example of how easy drama is compared to comedy.


Adam is now setting up another scene for him and Lou to improv another dramatic scene and Adam is riffing about the roof of a building being used in so many films despite the real world practicality of roof access usually being locked.

Adam has a great reply to Lou’s fictional wife taking the car and the dog, comedy gold!

BB has an excellent Elliot Gould mention and Lou is telling them about being on the Screen Actors guild board with Elliot, they’re all riffing about roof access now.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on New York possibly implementing a 24hr waiting period on all tattoos, Adam is giving his thoughts and sharing his riff about the boon for the industry female and nonwhite customers are.

Adam and Alison has a smart back and forth about the age requirements for tattoos vs. drinking.

Adam and Alison are now going further in depth on tattoo options, great comedy mocking the ankle tattoos and Alison has a funny double reply mocking the pretentious text tattoos.


Alison is bringing up a recent interview with Cee Lo Green on The Howard Stern show in reply to Adam declaring anyone under 25 should be required to sit on their tattoo decision for 24hrs.

Alison has a fine point about people actually considering their skin aging with the tattoos and Adam has a great follow up point connecting it to the scourge of young people.


2nd Story is on how Cow Tipping may have started as a rural legend and may not have actually been done, Lou has a killer accent and reply and Adam jumps in with his “just the tipping” method, gold!

Alison is presenting the “if it’s not on YouTube it doesn’t exist” theory and Lou is saying it’s like Fight Club, Adam agrees with her logic and Alison references “Heathers” and Richard Gere’s ass garble.

Adam is explaining why he believes all the rumors about famous rich men, the “there’s gotta be more” quest for novelty in the bedroom and what it leads to, flawless logic!


Lou has a killer reply to Adam and Alison’s “Cindy Crawford” theory and Adam has a hilarious and immediate response to what animal he would congregate with, he’s now picking an “Ostrich” and “Emu” while remarking on their beautiful eyelashes, whoa!

BB is in the mix and helping Adam riff it out, comedy gold!

The last time Alison asked this question on episode #1081 with Dov Davidoff Adam’s reply was “Adam is now riffing about victimizing a sea anemone and has a funny twist of it trying to report him to Aquaman.”


3rd Story is on “Air Hollywood” the open fuselage and cockpit used for filming movies now offering lessons to help passengers teach their dogs to be comfortable while flying.

Adam is now on a do they have realistic TSA riff, he’s impersonating the annoying TSA agent shouting about everything that needs to be offloaded before going through security, hilarious Alanis Morisette one liner, pure hilarity.

Now Adam is losing his shit explaining this is what he foretold over a year ago and is now riffing about “cinnamon shit” the combined smell of a “Cinnabon” and a dog shitting in the airport terminal.


Adam is now referencing episode #172 with Richard Belzer from over 4 years ago where he was the only one demanding this special treatment and Lou has a nice Paris Hilton burn to close it out.


4th Story is on Elton John performing at the Emmy’s a special Liberace tribute and Lou has a great “Don’t let your son go down on me” one liner that Adam even sings in response.

Adam is asking about Liberace and his literal track record along with a great riff about Elton John finally being able to let his hair down on stage.


5th Story is a personal anecdote from Alison and Adam is “Sam I Am” in reply to her saying he doesn’t read at home or anywhere else.

Lou is complimenting Dr. Seuss and Adam is doing his classic “she’s 28 and severely impaired” reply.

Alison is telling them about waking up with her fiancé’s iPhone on her face and the time she considered self Heimlich maneuvering in order to stave of pickled eggplant death.


Adam is now calling for a reenactment, he’s a Biafra villager and she’s herself complaining about her 1st world problems, Adam’s villager woman is amazing and Alison’s deadpan is perfect.

Adam has a killer Scorpion, Camel and Doctors without borders reply, he is on fire!

“What Is a Phone!?” – Adam


I wish Adam’s character had a full time podcast, powerful indeed!


6th Story is on Richard Hatch the nude guy on Survivor Season 1, Alison is reporting he may have fathered 200 kids, 200 self entitled horrible kids.

Alison is explaining that he used sell his sperm and Adam is making it clear selling is not donating when it comes to sperm or eggs and Adam has a hilarious “I’m leaving it weather you pay for it or not” reply to the sperm bank receptionist.

Alison was not aware of the sliding scale of egg prices based on race, looks and background, Adam is now explaining it to her with some great descriptors of egg value.


Adam has a killer reply about the value of his mother’s eggs, you could pay for it with the change found in one of those old timey “change belts”, and holy shit I can’t breathe from funny!

Alison wants to know how Adam knows all of this and has a great ostrich callback while explaining that it’s common knowledge about the value, Adam is stating the base level 5k and Alison gives a telling 7500 quote, describing the time she actually looked into it a bit.

Adam has a great mail slot closer, and is even topping it with a witness watching him boning the door.


Alison is now reporting on how Richard has made it public he’s willing to meet any of his paternal children and Adam wants to know if this helps anyone in life.

He’s now quoting his conversation with the ultrasound technician regarding his twins and taking home the photos, his “how could it help” reply.

Alison is bringing up birthing videos, asking who actually watches them and Adam is pairing those with wedding videos and has a very dark description of him watching the tape while drinking from the bottle.


Adam and Lou are now doing another great dramatic improv scene, this is wonderful, nice use of “Turk” btw.

Adam has a killer “whisky face” request and Lou tops it with a callback to the evil face he makes before he launches into “La Bamba”.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is launching into a live read with BB.


Adam is giving out the plugs, Lou is as well and Adam is wrapping the show! Flawless Episode!