Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2013 – Dov Davidoff Live from The Irvine Improv

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 05/17/2013 – Dov Davidoff Live from The Irvine Improv

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dov Davidoff Live from the Irvine Improv

Recorded 05-16-2013 – Release Date 05-17-2013

Production Number #1081

Show Page

Adam is opening the show to a great Classic Loveline DAG #TopDrop, Adam is welcoming everyone including Dov to the stage.

Dov is making his 5th ACS appearance, his 4th live stage show, I was actually at the Hollywood Improv for his very first episode.

Adam is now being reminded of the Irvine meadows and the time Jimmy farted up a commuter shuttle, Adam is going into full detail, do not miss this!


Alison wants to know if Dave Dameshek was involved in this story due to his distaste for fart humor and Adam is explaining that Dave’s reasoning against it, is the very reason it’s funny.

Adam is explaining how Dane Cook was the only comedian he can think of who doesn’t find farts funny, Adam is listing all the quirks and eccentricities he can allow for in a person but not that.

Adam is going into full detail about the offending “scissor fart” and Dane’s reaction.


Adam is back to Jimmy’s legendary story, one so legendary it has a 2nd and 3rd ending which I won’t spoil. Alison just invented a new childhood danger and syndrome.

Adam is describing the reactions of the various passengers and it sounds like a “Journey” parody song, Adam is citing the air freshener can that was pulled during this story and during another fart journey while at 35k feet.

Dov has now helped Adam stumble on a “Dueling” riff and Alison has some nice comments as well.


Alison is sharing an observation about a motorist she witnessed randomly flipping off other drivers and she’s sharing her own reaction, Dov’s got some insight too.

Adam is now riffing on the people who have offensive bumper stickers and super negative imagery on their cars, Dov has a funny anecdote and Adam is now taking credit.

Dov is sharing another recent anecdote of love that prevented him from reacting to angry motorists.


Adam is asking Dov about his recent love and he’s challenging him on the phrase “a little bit desperate” and Dov is sharing some details of the failed relationship.

They’re now riffing about Dov’s failed relationships and Adam has a hilarious reply to what his last thoughts would be if he were to die like the victim in the Jodi Arias case.

They’re now discussing the Arturo Gatti death and BB is now weighing in with a nice question about people dying with incredulous thoughts.

Adam now has a new twist on the concept of “72 Virgins” and the limitations it implies, good stuff.


Q and Ace

1st question from Caesar, Adam is joking about the pressure his name implies and he wants to know what Adam thinks about his 13yr old son listening to the podcast.

Very interesting question, Adam is explaining you have to ask yourself when a kid becomes old enough to hear the truth, I started listening to Adam at the same age and I have to agree.

Adam is sharing an anecdote between him and Sonny and riffing about his previous reply in regards to a choice for profession, Adam is now riffing on Aquaman and his powers, hilarious impression of what grouper fish must sound like and the difficulties among the variety of fish.


2nd question from Art, he wants to know if it’s harder to be a carpenter or a comedian, Adam is explaining the pay discrepancy that keeps him working in comedy.

Dov has a funny comment on the margin of error allowed for each gig, Adam’s got a nice riff in reply.

Adam is now riffing about the marble at his home, BB has a nice callback to the time he provided his pickup for moving another marble slab and now Adam is giving tips on buying and installing stone.

“The Mangria Leaves Me Vulnerable and Weak” – Adam in reply to Alison momentarily gaslighting him


Adam just announced the winner of the Krave Jerky promotion and Dov has a comment about the winner’s last name that now has them on a riff about the gay phone app “Grindr”.

Now Adam has transitioned to the process of trying on and buying shoes and what it means when the employee comes back with several boxes instead of one.

Adam is lamenting the “Pair of Despair” that exits within the new shoebox you put your old shoes in that you forget about then rediscover only to be letdown by.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on David Beckham’s retirement from Soccer and Adam is asking about him being paid to enhance the sport’s popularity in the states.

Adam wants to know what he did while employed by L.A and Adam has a funny riff about the rest of the world being used as an example against his arguments.

Dov just brought up the “Mr. Hands” case and Adam is going along with it. Alison wants to know what animals they would have sex with, Adam is now riffing about victimizing a sea anemone and has a funny twist of it trying to report him to Aquaman.


2nd story is on the emergency landing for an American Airlines flight due to an unruly singing passenger and Adam is asking if there is any reason to land a plane due to a passenger since the installation of cabin security measures.

Adam is now explaining his “dude maintain” tactics he would employ to get this passenger to calm down.

They’re now playing video of the passenger being escorted off the plane while still singing and Adam has a killer one liner about who sounds better.

They’re going in depth on flying and denied boarding procedures, Adam is bringing up cruise ship disasters and the crappy compensation in return.


3rd story is on the DSM V, Dov is riffing about the aforementioned chick he was seeing and Adam is jumping in.

Alison is elaborating on the story and Dov is now riffing and Adam is steering it back to the topic of not everything being a disorder.


4th story is on black market Disneyland guides, Alison is listing the nature of the scam and Dov is calling the VIP escort the theme park version of “Bottle Service”.

Adam is explaining the reasoning for why his family hired the VIP service and the cost breakdown.

Adam is sharing the weird feeling of bypassing the regular folks in line and Dov has a funny comment about not liking him even though he wasn’t there.

Adam is explaining the lunch rush he made the family endure in order to maximize the dollar value of their VIP escort.


Alison is explaining how the scam works in further detail and Adam is claiming most people in wheelchairs don’t require them unlike in his youth when people had pinned clothing if they were in a wheelchair.

Adam is riffing on the guys who propel themselves with their feet while seated in a wheelchair, Adam is connecting this behavior to all of society and it’s narcissistic decay.

Adam is telling people not to suggest avoiding crowds by visiting Disneyland on Super bowl Sunday, hilarious analogous suggestion from Ace.


Adam and Dov are riffing about being gay and Dov is defending the “born this way” argument and Adam of course agrees.

Adam’s got a great visual of David Bowie behind Kim Kardashian and Adam is further joking about attraction and sexual orientation.

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.