Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 269

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/03/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 269

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 09-01-2015 – Release Date 09-03-2015

Production Number #269 – Starfish

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, Drew is telling Adam and the gang about his rough sleep last night, he was kept up all night by some shitty coffee.

Adam explains his “sad wiring” and how it’s pointed out to him often that he only observes and comments on the negative in life.

Adam compares himself to a pool skimmer, everyone wants to know why he’s “picking” on the leaves while trying to clean things up.


Adam is explaining that he was a little short to Olga the other day and heard from her about it, Adam is sharing the details of the events that led to this as discussed last week on the ACS.

Adam is now getting to how he likes to get off the phone quickly, a single goodbye will suffice and Matt Fondiler is on air confirming the difficulty in getting these radio hosts to let Adam go with their extended goodbyes, Adam says he hangs up on like 90% of them as he has no other option.

Adam says he’s realized his desire for brevity and seamless transitions is deemed as being too short by others and he now must adjust his tone as not to offend others, the “showing your work” of conversation.


Adam is talking about winding down after the years of lawsuits and movie productions, Adam tells Drew he’s looking good today and gets a funny reaction.

Adam says people should always realize the source of the information, Adam says it’s a tradeoff that he can build your house but also might be short on the phone when hanging up.

Adam says the guy who can build the house and can throw a punch is not often the guy who is sensitive on the phone, but why not put in the extra effort and be all three, wow.


Drew is now asking Adam how he came to this awareness and now says the worst thing you can do is live looking over your shoulder, worrying.

Adam says if he ever got a letter from the IRS he wouldn’t even blink, he would presume a clerical issue as he is so honest and professional.


Drew is doing a Live Read for eHarmony

Drew plugs his most recent episode DDP #190 and Gary has a clip of himself reading the Starfish parable on the ACS, Adam has a funny bit of wordplay about the term parable.

This Starfish topic was first discussed on ACS #1648.

Adam explains how terrible the story was and is breaking it down, Adam shares how the guy from his kid’s school swapped the gender of the child.


Adam jokes about his son finding it incredible humorous that he would be one of the starfish consumed by a bird.

Adam is talking about bad motif of seafood restaurants, the driftwood and shells, Adam talks about all of the other chachkies and gift shop item made out of shells.

Drew is sharing how he remembers the living starfish and shoreline of his youth, Adam is now giving his sea experience.


Adam talks about latching onto people who had access to things, he brings up Jenny whose father owned 55 McDonalds franchises and explains how he would get free breakfast platters thanks to her signing for the bill.

Adam is trying to recall the details of the life of Vince, explaining the phone call he had with a defensive Jim Carolla from his hospital bed a few years back.

Adam talks about Vince and Pat living in an apartment for such a long time in Santa Monica.


Adam says both of his parents’ dreams would be to live in Tiburon, he says called his mom to ask her how she’s doing with the heat wave in Los Angeles, Adam comments on his mom making it to the grave without central air.

Adam explains how he would spend the full day on the beach with his dad and Vince, no food nor drinks, just all day sitting in the sun, drinking fountain your only option and a trek away.

Adam talks about his dad and his passion for walking.


Drew launches into a True Car Live Read

Drew asks about the trip to London that Adam will be taking next week, the first time he’s been to Europe in a decade and will mark his first ever European live show.


1st Caller Ian, he wants some Top 5 examples and Drew asks him to clarify.

Ian is telling them about his job and Adam is talking about how time passes differently between delivery jobs vs. office gigs.

Ian is further describing his workday, Ian is now asking his question in great detail and explains the scenario before getting to the point.


Ian is asking about the Entitlement generation and the effects of the self-esteem movement, Adam jokes about Kanye at the VMA’s and says society fucked up royally by embracing this movement.

Adam asks Gary his body weight, 210, wow trim!

Adam is talking about people over hydrating and obesity, Drew is now quoting the Kanye speech at the VMA’s and now Adam is working up a skipper of an aircraft carrier analogy.

Adam is making a point about people having roles and expertise, how each person is necessary to accomplish big and difficult tasks, you wouldn’t want anarchy.


Drew and Adam are now referencing CLL #547 – 11-03-1997 – Monday Night Show – Guest Chumbawamba and their anarchism argument from that episode nearly 20 years ago.

Adam is talking about the insanity of your airplane pilot telling you he was certified, Adam is back to the broken logic of the self-esteem movement.

Adam is sharing how he is in the process of moving with Lynette and how it’s as hectic of a time someone could have, Adam explains all of the texts she gets from other parents about activities, Adam says he told her to tell them for the next two weeks to let them know they are unable to participate.


Adam comments on his wife’s trip “glamping” and moves into a live read.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read

Adam is explaining he was in his kitchen one day watching ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!’ with his kids and he is now playing the clip as he mocks the lyrics and the intent.

Adam is explaining he loves the part where everyone else knows you are the coolest, Adam says the coolest are working for ‘Family Guy’ not this show.

Adam says what these guys do with this shit is dangerous, Adam wants to give out some plugs and he’s yelling a bit with Gary and Drew chiming in.


Adam wants him to put up the other plugs for the live shows, Adam tells him now to listen to Mike August, and if he does to talk to him first before listening.

Adam is now wrapping up the episode.