Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2015 – Chris Parnell

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/28/2015 – Chris Parnell

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Chris Parnell

Recorded 08-27-2015 – Release Date 08-28-2015

Production Number #1648

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro about his mom’s biorhythm wheel, BB doesn’t have any Parnell drops but has something from a Will Ferrell sketch that he was also in.

Adam has some updates, Adam explains it was parent teacher night at the school last night.

Adam is describing how longwinded while genuine and heartfelt the speakers were, he was sitting there with his production mind and wanted to edit things to move faster.


Adam is talking about people going in for a follow up question after asking one, Adam says he will risk it regarding the bonus question you ask after the class clears out.

BB brings up the sensitivity training and how they tried to expedite it by not asking questions nor participating.

Adam is explaining his stance on the way you can extend those meetings, by going off into roleplaying and Adam says anyone can sue whether they were harassed or not, it’s a waste of time and moot.


Adam tells them to remind him to tell them about the starfish and takes it back to the speech, “some are new to the community, others have just moved here” Adam gets it and is now recreating his experience at this conference.

My God!

Adam is crushing this, it’s so monotonous and draining, yikes.

Adam says it’s a really good school, the teachers are great and he gets it, they have to go through the orientation.


Adam is now sharing the ‘Him/Her’ confusion as discussed on the most recent Adam and Dr. Drew Show, ADS #267 – Him and Her.

Adam is now sharing the huge donations and contributions for nothing gifts, Adam would want a few points shaved off the Asian kids GPA’s and added to his kids or a first in line pass for the drop off line.

Adam says he would also “donate” for a get out of jail free card so he could skip the next one of these, Adam is now sharing the mix-up.


Adam is going over the back and forth and the mix-up with the teacher, Adam shares Lynette’s reaction and how she explained that she meant the male and female teachers, not children.

“We’d both be buttfucking the same mop” – Adam on him and his wife being on the SEAL team sent after Bin Laden.

BB and Gina are in the mix and now Adam is sharing the starfish story, Adam is bringing up the time out to have a small argument he took with his wife.


Adam is sharing the itinerary mix-up, how Lynette took one and then gave him a pile and then came at him for being clueless and not being aware of things she was handed.

Adam is back to the starfish story, but first a live read.


Adam is doing an Live Read

“Kick it bitch!” – Adam


Adam is telling the starfish story, he’s hitting it beat by beat.

Adam jokes about the statistics of the story and how his kids would be the starfish set to die on the beach, Adam tells them about Sonny’s hilarious reaction to that comment.

Adam is explaining he was trying to breakdown the story later on and it’s not quite what the teacher thought it was, Adam says the teacher is a mensch and he couldn’t be happier with his kids school and teachers, he begs someone not to break this down and make it seem differently.


Adam is now joking about consumable temporary avatars that his son will be intimate with and then subside on in the near future.

Adam is sharing an anecdote from a lunch with Nate Adams and his old film school buddies, they were talking about their professor who was in charge of alternative film and enjoyed John Waters and Yoko Ono, Adam is mocking the notion of someone’s parents’ spending money on that program.

Adam would rather his kids bust their ass for one year in the work force before going to college, they’ll be dying for it after taking out trash for a year.


Adam is now finding out about ‘The Star Thrower’ and Adam wants to know the parable of the story, Gary says it’s exactly the story Adam told.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Gary is now reading the story in the original gender pronouns not the ones changed by the teacher, Gina shares the Jewish origins of the parable and how it was possibly borrowed for this story.

Gina has a Japanese gardener update, she tells them about the man bowing to her car, funny Mazda reply from Adam.


#LOTJ Lord of The Jungle

Winner Carl, he bought a portable propane heater, Adam asks him to give a shout out for the strip club he works at.

Adam asks how many of the girls are claiming to be college students but are really just single moms dancing, Adam is now asking if you need a minimum wage when you walk out with 60 per hour in tips, Adam asks why we must pay you.

Adam is bringing up the waitresses who make 50+ per hour in tips they should be giving back to the kitty, 25-30 should be the max wage.


Adam is back to Carl, he tells him not to take the 3 Mississippi between replies, and Adam is now having Gina play Onyx and is recreating the scheduling process between Carl and the dancers who must blow him, hilarious zipper drop work from BB, topped with a funny mouthy bitch one liner.

Adam sets up a stripper DJ bit, BB plays the music and Adam does a quick riff.

Adam wouldn’t mind his son doing a year managing a strip club, he wouldn’t have minded it for himself either.


Adam is sharing his theory on the evolution of the Japanese among Los Angeles culture over a short period of time, Adam has some gardener stuff to tease, and he says to put it on the burner for the next episode.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Shelby, he wants to know about building a “Trump Wall” between The United States and Mexico, Adam is sharing some initial engineering ideas.

Adam describes a mixed razor wire/chain link curved apparatus that can be spooled and unspooled, Adam has a funny Canada line.


2nd Caller Ron, he wants to know if Adam has seen the new Norm Macdonald commercials, Adam says he heard that Chris Parnell does a Mark Geragos impression.

Ron wants to know about cycling through SNL characters for commercials, Gina has the details.


3rd Caller Jeff, he wants to know if Adam has ever met Jim Rome, Adam has done the show several times and he’s even guested hosted before, he then clarifies he didn’t guest host that show, he’s thinking of Tilden or Prager. He might have guest hosted Jim’s show too, I think he did.

BB has a red light anecdote.


4th Caller Ethan, he’s a big fan and has some interesting feedback about what he’s learned from Adam and says working for free has worked like a charm for him.

Adam talks about victims and how victimizers only victimize, stop beating the victim drum.

Adam is sharing how Ray and Chris would pants dudes in front of girls, cock and balls swinging out and Nate Adams is sharing how they would do it to their buddies while growing up.


Adam has an impassioned we weren’t victims’ speech and explains how they viewed such behavior, they head to break.


Chris Parnell is making his 3rd appearance on the show, he was first on ACS #279 Guest Hosted (feat. Aisha Tyler, Adam Reed & Chris Parnell) and then returned after the format flipped a few months later on ACS #388 available via the archive, both in 2010. It’s been 5 years since he’s been on the show.

They returned from break with a listener voicemail, Adam welcomes Chris Parnell to the show and plugs his new movie.

Adam is asking him about the end of ’30 Rock’ and he explains it felt like the right time to wrap it up.


Adam is asking him about his various gigs, he mentions the new ‘Peabody and Sherman’ show for Netflix, Adam recalls it and asks for the Mark Geragos impression that Chris apparently does.

Adam is asking him about living in Los Angeles vs. NYC.

Adam is riffing a nice “sweet potatoes/yams” theory and says both cities are nice if you have money, Adam is describing the insane rise in costs of NYC real estate, Adam asks if anyone didn’t do the island math.


Adam is now asking Chris about buying places in NYC, he tells Adam about selling off some properties, Adam asks him how much VO work he does compared to writing, he’s explaining how just wants to hang out with his family and Adam is talking about the VO facilities and the free food spreads they have.

Adam jokes about Norm Macdonald as the new Subway pitchman.


Gina’s News

Adam is doing a legal zoom live read

Probate sounds gross edition

1st Story is on Josh Duggar’s rehab for sex and porn addiction, Adam jokes about going by the name James over Jim Bob.

Gina has all of the details and is now contrasting his wife’s complaints about Adam and the teacher’s conference mix-up or his shoes being left out against josh’s wife.


2nd Story is on FBI raid of RentBoy

BB has a funny moment and now Adam is riffing up a storm about topless maids, Gina has some insight and explains they only pay 15$ an hour.

Adam likes the guys who are going proactive and suing Ashley Madison for the leaked information about them.


3rd Story is on a failed Tow Truck escape attempt, Gina has the details and now Adam is commenting on the video and the woman narrating the events, hilarious “no shit bitch!” line.

Adam likes the cut of this guy’s jib and shares the details of driving off a tow truck, Adam talks about the experience of driving home, shutting your garage and standing alone waiting while looking out your window.

Adam is back to the story and fleshing it out some more after doing a short version initially, Adam is describing the ridiculous conversation with the idiot truck driver.


Adam is back to the details and explains he was never turned in nor got in trouble.


Adam is doing a Live Read

“For the birds” – Adam getting blue


4th Story is on the first child to receive a double hand transplant, Gina has the details and Adam riffs a movie “The Devil’s Hands” while BB lays in a jungle sound bed.

Adam is describing the opening scene and Chris contributes nicely along with Gina.

They all ask for more details, Adam asks where the kid’s hands came from and ponders if you can use full size lumberjack hands.


Adam asks about the kids they’re burying without hands, Adam jokes about Jim Gaffigan’s white kid’s hands, Adam it didn’t have to be a black kid right, right?

Adam is now sharing the details of ‘Gay Eye’ and asks Gary to set it up.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Seat Geek


Adam is now setting up ‘Gay Eye’ and explains the history of Michael Narren with Adam and Loveline, he leaves out some of the details of how Narren stayed in the mix with the network.

Adam is leaving out the part where I brought him over to the podcast, with the podcast DVD sets and how much leg work Narren did for that ‘Family Guy’ interview which led to him working there for several years now, Adam comments on always seeing him when he shows up to record VO work for the show.

Adam is now playing ‘Gay Eye’ which you can see via the show page link above, it’s never been viewable outside of a live show, so this is very rare!


Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Adam has a funny closing fake plug for Chris.