Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 639

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/04/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 639

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 07-24-2017 – Release Date 08-04-2017

Production Number #639 – Lack Of Diversity

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Adam opens the show with a spirited intro, Dr. Drew asks about the movie ‘Dunkirk’ and Adam immediately tells him not to bother seeing it.

Adam says he talked it over with Bald Bryan on the ACS and they agreed there was no real story, no history nor anything that would motivate an audience to care about the characters in the movie.

Adam shares his experience watching the movie, calling it a “slice of life” movie that takes place during a major event, he uses ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Sideways’ to make his point, this movie was more like a Prince song according to Adam.


Listen to ACS #2124 for Adam and BB’s full review on the movie ‘Dunkirk.’

Adam explains how the movie didn’t glamorize America nor it’s participation in the war as it’s a real turn-off for critics, Adam explains the logic and reasoning behind it and how it’s seemingly uncool to be patriotic.

Adam is sharing how the movie left out almost all of the carnage, Adam explains you never saw Germany encroaching and it was a war movie without fighting, the protagonist never picked up a gun.


Adam shares how ‘Black Hawk Down’ got a lower Rotten Tomatoes score and it upset Bryan.

Drew mentions the “diversity” critique laid on the movie, unaware that women and people of color weren’t present for the true-life events, Adam shares how he would react as an editor for these bloggers and their dumb articles that are all seemingly focused on being anti-white and anti-male, often written by white people who aren’t smart enough to know basic history.


Smart MouthDrew’s standard read Edition


1st Caller Jessica, she’s 37 and calling from Philadelphia, she gives them a quick thumbnail of her marriage and the background of her and her husband, she quickly mentions she’s currently disabled due to an impending spinal surgery.

Jessica feels like she’s not getting enough attention and doesn’t want to cause a fight, Drew is focusing on her question and not bringing up the spinal surgery and the likely situation going on there.


Adam is asking why they don’t have two cars as her husband works selling cars, Adam asks if every part of life requires this much explanation, requiring reiteration and rephrasing to get someone to understand the basic question you asked them initially.

Drew says he’s learned from talking to patients that you need to be crystal clear and can’t leave room for misunderstanding, you will spin them out.

Adam asks why they don’t have a 2nd car, Jessica says her mother committed suicide and they lost all of their savings to pay for her funeral, her fathers and Father in-laws’ whom all died in close proximity of time to each other.


Adam jokes about Dr. Drew getting a fucking condo in Redondo, he then riffs that as lyrics to a ‘Sublime’ song partially inspired to Chris reacting to it on mic.

Adam says Jessica has something going on, she says it’s been ab ad couple of years and Drew immediately reads the trauma she must have had as a kid.

Drew asks her about opiates, she avoids them all because her parents were addicts and explains she only takes over the counter medicines.


Drew tells her that surgery is not the recommended treatment for this condition, for her injuries after the car accident she was in almost 20 years ago.

Jessica says she’s having difficulty walking due to pain, after initially saying the pain wasn’t the reason for her the surgery.

Drew and Adam are asking all the usual questions, Jessica says “you’re going right to weird stuff” and Adam chastises him for mishearing her say that her mom remarried when she was 16, Drew is trying to get her to be honest and asks her what she witnessed as a kid.


Adam says look no further than junkie mom who killed herself, Adam says he can hear it in her voice that she’s got stuff going on that she’s not dealing with.

Drew recommends comprehensive trauma therapy, Adam says he feels that Jessica is probably overwhelming her husband and he says it’s not her fault, the pain and negativity that comes off her is motivating feeling states, Drew steps in to assist and finish the assessment.


Adam says the people he knows that are in a good mood are attractive to him, he doesn’t want to be near nor see the bummed out and moody people he knows, even his own mother.

Adam talks about wiring and wanting to associate and spend time with non-bummers, people who are interested in living.

Adam talks about the basic “how are you doing” question and how someone’s reply to that indicates all he needs to know.

Adam talks about the stuff pouring off of her, how she overwhelms people with her past trauma.


2nd Caller Adam, he needs to lower his blood pressure, Drew asks him about the number and tells him about needing medication to remedy it, he says you can only outrace your genetics so much/so far.

Adam the caller tells them about bringing down the top number but not being able to bring down the bottom number, Drew says he will be prescribed medication for his genetic disorder, Drew says he’s doing more damage to his heart, brain and kidneys and they move on.


3rd Caller Jen, she says Adam is so fucking smart and Adam shares he was marveling at that fact this morning, how nobody his entire life celebrated his intelligence nor gave him a shot to even consider himself smart.

Adam calls Jen “ma’am” as he tries to course correct a “man” and Jen is sharing her struggle with mental health and depression, she tells them about her family background, she’s living with her mom she doesn’t get along with.

Jen says she’s invisible to men, she’s fairly positive and Adam is reacting to Gary’s “escort” note, she reveals she practices erotic massage, Adam is trying to ask her about the hand jobs and she is about to explain how she does it differently, Drew has a killer “feet” one liner.


Gary suggests it’s possible her call was dropped, she is on a cell.

They have a new incoming call that could be her, they move on to tackle Jeff’s call and will get back to Jen.


4th Caller Jeff, he wants to know how to limit consumption of alcohol when out with coworkers, he explains how he’s interning with a company that has a big drinking culture on the weekends.

Adam tells him to keep track and count the amount of bottles/glasses and keep it around a 4-beer buzz for the evening, Jeff likes the answer and they move on.

“now back to the prostitute” – Adam on caller Jen


Jen is back on the line and Adam asks her how she handles the boners/jizz, she says that she’s not someone who comes in and puts baby oil on them and leaves.

She explains she counsels men and most of her clients are getting divorced, she says she never has sex, there is touching and no oral, oral grosses her out and Adam jokes about wrapping up the call because she doesn’t like BJ’s.

Jen is adamant she’s not a prostitute, Adam asks who tips more, the guys who jack themselves off or the ones she provides the release for, Drew says this is escort behavior and not to use the “therapeutic” label as she’s not licensed.

Jen says her business has taken a hit as there are too many other women jacking off dudes, goddamn internet.


Adam says she likely won’t find happiness nor a meaningful relationship while she’s in this field of work, a Starbucks gig would be vastly superior and Drew has some recommendations for her to look up other’s accounts of trying to get out of sex work, it’s a tricky exit.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.