Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2017 – Smile’n Sam Alvey

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/25/2017 – Smile’n Sam Alvey

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Smile’n Sam Alvey

Recorded 07-24-2017 – Release Date 07-25-2017

Production Number #2124

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Adam opens the show to a “his mom would hate today’s guest” intro and he welcomes Gina to the show before his own “One Dump Chump” clips from yesterday is played as today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is talking about the guest’s fight win/loss record and gets into how disappointing a draw is, Adam is now asking the gang to try and put themselves in the place of two fighter who gave it all only to have it declared a draw, Gina asks if he would rather lose than have a draw and Adam says he thinks he would.

Adam shares his love for Sam, today’s guest and his smiling which he finds charming like the new Spider-Man who is lighthearted and self-depreciating.


Adam is mocking the doom and gloom dark superhero tone of the modern DCCU, BB is sharing his limited but enthusiastic bit of knowledge about Peter Parker.

Adam is now back to the concept of tying and he says he wishes people would understand the spirit of what he’s trying to get at instead of beating him on a technicality.

Adam brings up the “down rounders” the people who always under estimate and go with the less impressive statistic or fact, always knocking 30% off of reality.


Adam uses his broken cash register analogy to explain how these people must know they do this, as they would correct themselves when they make the mistake and then not change things for the next time it comes up.

Adam is now talking about how down rounders will also round up when it negatively reflects on you, Adam asks Gary if he was around to witness this example from the last time he did Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Adam says he asked Ray about his record for most appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live, after he taped JKL he was discussing it with Ray on Ace On The House: ‘”It’s Just Hack” and Ray way overestimated his record which in turn took the wind out of Adam’s sails with the actual number.


Adam asks how he could have known Ray would overshoot the number, Adam quotes himself with “disappointers never disappoint” and he explains what he means with a punctuality example.

Adam says he saw the movie ‘Dunkirk’ as did BB as well, they both have some thoughts about the picture and tease the review later in the show as Adam explains he took Sonny to see the movie and BB tries to shame him on the rating but it’s only PG-13.

Adam explains what war movies he enjoys most, WWI he can take or leave, Vietnam is too political but WWII is the sweet spot.


Adam says he has two sweet spots in film, Quentin Tarantino movies and WWII blockbusters.


Season 2 of Leah Remini: Scientology and the AftermathMatt Fondiler tried to correct Adam on the pronunciation of her name, Adam knew he was right and waited for Matt to come back and correct it himself without shaming him Edition


Adam and BB are now talking about Dunkirk but it’s not a BaldyWood segment, wtf?

Adam enjoyed the movie but he was never really hooked, saying they didn’t drill it down when it came to the characters, he says he didn’t really care about the main protagonist and explains his main issue with the movie.

BB is now explaining he felt the told the story out of order for no reason, he cites ‘Memento’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’ as movies where the broken chronology is important for the dramatic structure of the film.


Adam says it was hard to tell the leads apart, BB argues that Tom Hardy is super famous but forgets he’s often covered with facial prosthetics in films.

BB says there is no plot to the film and overall it didn’t support the weight of the story, Adam is totally on the same page with BB and Adam comments on how little dialogue Harry Styles had.

Adam says the part that bumped him the most was when they all jumped into a beached vessel, waiting for the tide to take them to sea.


BB says that someone started shooting at the boat, the target practice scene. Adam says it’s a weird thing to be doing at wartime, he says they then had hundreds of holes to plug.

BB says compelling content was bogged down with needless details, BB asks how Sonny took to the movie, Adam says he claimed to enjoy it and comments on how people booed and hissed at the trailer for ‘An Inconvenient Truth 2’ which featured President Donald Trump.

Adam says he predicts he’ll be shot by a crazy environmentalist based on these insane reactions, Adam is now saying it’s not that farfetched and uses the “kill baby Hitler” example to prove his point.


Gina imitates the hissing Adam heard from the audience, Adam comments on the crazy old woman who screamed to get him out of there, BB comments on the insane reaction and how even recorded material results in verbal responses.

Adam says Sonny really enjoyed the freak-out at the trailer and everyone’s insane reaction, Adam is now talking about the plot of ‘Dunkirk’ and why it will rank higher than ‘Black Hawk Down’ on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s the pro American theme that makes the difference.

Adam is now asking for the top critics take on both movies, Gary reads them and shares the 69% score for ‘Black Hawk Down’ and Adam jokes about not wanting to bring this up, saying he doesn’t like to upset him seeing as how he has the medical condition, hilarious delivery.


Adam insists that BB has blocked out the score and that’s true as it was featured in The Rotten Tomatoes game previously.

Adam jokes about the review that complained about the lack of women and minorities in the cast, despite it being based on a historical event.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Joe, he says he saw the movie ‘Alive’ (1993) when he was about Sonny’s age, Adam talks about the plane crash scene much like the one featured in the pilot for ‘Lost’ where the tail section blows off and the plane keeps level, he mocks the idea of the physics of that.

Adam recommends ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ both the original and the remake, thought he seems to be arguing more for the merits of the remake that isn’t often brought up.

Joe recommends ‘Band of Brothers’ and Adam reveals he’s never seen it, he has no idea how much he would love it, it’s like a 13hr ‘Saving Private Ryan’ it’s right up his alley.

Adam says he saw ‘Alive’ in 1993, he was still at the ACME theater and saw it with some of his castmates, he says you can tell when you saw movies by whom you saw them with.


2nd Caller Terry, he wants to know if Adam thinks he would be the success he is today if he had loving and interested parents, does he give his parents any credit for his outcome and success?

BB has some excellent Jim Carolla drop work and Terry has a killer “yeah, you!” reply, impressive timing!

Adam is recalling a conversation with Matt Fondiler as they browsed some sunglass options for racing, after they did some couples shopping at Home Depot.


Adam says he bought some ray bans that were too small and narrow, he got burned and ended up looking like the lead singer of Rush, Geddy Lee.

Adam is now sharing how they were measuring the sunglasses to try and figure out the size of the lenses and frames, Adam said he paused and asked Matt if he could fathom that Adam was considered and idiot for most of his life.

Adam says he was considered a garden variety idiot, his buddy Alex would get the “you got something but don’t apply yourself” speeches that Adam would witness, hilarious thumbs down and makeshift dunce cap one liners from Adam.


BB says it was a failing of something, maybe not the system but Adam did possess some no traditional talents that should have been recognized and nurtured.

Adam wishes a pox on his mom and his dad.


3rd Caller Adam, calling from Discovery Bay. Adam suggests it’s a good name for “G’s V” and the caller drops off.

Gina asks the caller’s question and why people are required to have their home addresses on their driver’s license, Gary shares how he learned there is a loophole when he saw Zachary Levi’s P.O. Box on his license.

Adam says he has his money manager’s address on his license and then jokes about “B.O. Box” yes with a B, being a good name for “G’s V” and they move on, that one was actually hilarious!

Gary has a comment that’s straight out of a SimpliSafe live read.


Smart MouthYou don’t want your mouth to smell like wet garbage Edition


Adam is taking it back to his shopping spree with Matt at Home Depot (he pronounces it De-pot) and plays the Rhianna that was pumping in the story at 12 noon.

Adam is now threatening to chart how this music made its way into places it never belonged, Gina says it’s hard to think while this music is playing.

Adam is now listing the various music options that exist and he says he objects to this, BB has a killer one liner and Adam explains why he can’t concentrate and think while this music is going.


Adam wants to know what is going on and he says they have his permission to stop the music bed, Adam says the best thing you can be in our society is a young chick, there is no celebrity like a hot 19yr old female celebrity or even non-celebrity cocktail waitress in a room full of actual celebrities.

Adam is talking about how everything is about energy, young and chick.

Adam is saying he can’t figure out the compulsion, he then has an aha moment and says the adults are refusing to be adults, stepping aside to let the inmates steer the ship.


Adam doesn’t think Home Depot can make a choice to play what music they prefer, Adam says the only chicks who work there are the put-upon chicks forced to work a 9-5 they don’t want to be working.

Adam says if someone could choose the music for the store then they would get sued or something, Adam is wide open to this being programming meant to repel customers toward registers and get things moving.

Adam is now teasing the arrival of their upcoming guest Smile’n Sam Alvey and Gary sets up a fight he likes of Sam’s from The Ultimate Fighter season 16. Adam is proving some play by play and thanks Gary.

Adam says UFC but it sounds like USC.

They head to break


They’re back from break with a clip from the latest Take a Knee with JD Roth, talking about getting work done before play.

Adam welcomes Sam to the show for his ACS debut, Adam jokes about rooting for the white guy and then the guy with the fewest tattoos when it’s two white guys battling.

Sam shares his take on smiling and Adam teases his upcoming fight with Rashad Evans, Adam talks about how impressive Sam’s record is and how hard it is to maintain a solid win/loss ratio in MMA.


Adam is talking about longevity in MMA and how quickness fades over time, long before strength.

Adam is explaining how fighters age and how MMA is such an involved mental game, unlike Boxing it has so many more options due to the unlimited techniques that can be applied.

They talk about the legendary career of Dan Henderson who now coaches Sam, Adam is asking him about his weigh in date for his upcoming bout.


Adam is now asking for the math on and they learn he’s currently 207, he needs to be 185 in 11 days and Gina jokingly asks him “what’s your secret” before Sam explains the process.

Adam has a killer “sweat lodge” gay code joke, Adam is now asking him about cutting some water weight, what is the first move.

Same says he’s worked out twice already today, he eats about 6 times per day, lots of yogurt in place of fish and chicken.


Sam shares how he cuts water and Adam wants the game film broken down even more, he gets Sam to explain he will cut 15lbs in the next 5 days, he goes over his workout routine and meal schedule.

Sam shares that he’s drinking about 2-3 gallons per day, he explains you’re training your body to lose weight.

Adam is now asking him about the two days before the weigh in, he says it’s amazing how much weight he’ll lose all day on the Thursday prior to the weigh in, he says he loses about 2lbs every 20min when he’s in a hot bath.


Adam is asking him about the post bath process, Sam says you can cut as much weight as you need to and explains how they cut even more weight the next morning.

Adam is now asking him to pull off a power move, he says he should step on the scale and make the weight and then insist upon taking his underwear off afterwards, just to be safe.

Sam, jokes about taking his underwear off for the 2nd weigh in, Adam is now asking Sam about Rashad Evans, he has some very kind words and ranks him among his favorite fighters.


Adam is now asking about the Jon Jones rematch with Daniel Cormier, Adam is quoting himself regarding gifted athletes coupled with training, technique and determination and his prediction that Jon Jones would become his own worst enemy, he’s the only one that could defeat himself.

Adam is describing the bout between the two men and Sam is saying this is a fun matchup and they comment on how Jon is the least gifted athlete of his family and he’s the best fighter in the world.

Gary has the Vegas odds, informing Sam who earlier revealed he hadn’t yet checked that much to BB’s disbelief.


Adam is now trying to translate the odds to actual cash, Adam and Sam are going over the options Jon has ahead of him after this fight.

Adam asks who is on this card besides these two fights, BB asks if Sam has any ambition to get into broadcasting after his fighting career is over, BB says he’s not bad at talking and flatters Sam.

Gina asks about his smiling and if it means he’s the most dangerous guy at the gym, Adam is now trying to get the math on the dollar to dollar betting with the odds Gary read.


Bryan was right and the number is $39, off the top of his head, impressive!


Gina’s News

SimpliSafe – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Edition


1st Story is on the Shark Week special with Michael Phelps racing a Great White Shark, Adam says they did the math on this and jokes about the outcome.

Gary is commenting on the handicapping that was done for both the shark and Phelps, Adam says this is a very dangerous message, saying Phelps is merely a bit quicker than his competition, a lifetime in that world but still those competitors are fast swimmers.

Adam is joking about a hypothetical captain of the high school swimming team who attempts to race a shark because of this special, BB has a couple “thanks!” comments and Adam is now asking for the high school swimming record compared to Phelps Olympic gold medal winning record.


Adam jokes about Sam getting eaten by a shark, all the smiling slows him down like a whale shark and BB has a funny “just today be dour Sam” line.

BB calls back to his analyst comment/question for Sam earlier in the show.



2nd Story is on the very first female NAVY SEAL candidate, Gina asks what Adam predicts what the odds are of this woman completing the training.

Adam is fine with it, he says if a woman can do the same feats as a man than he’s for it, firefighters or soldiers, if they can do it, he’s fine with it and for it.

Adam is now sharing the sexual component and how if you get abducted by ISIS or Al Qaeda the female solider is getting raped, that adds an extra element, if a guy gets abducted it’s bad, if a woman does it’s horrific.

Gina asks what’s the difference and Adam says the men might be kept and traded but he thinks a woman would be horrifically violated.


BB says he doesn’t think ‘G.I. Jane’ will age well, but he teases it and Adam says the title along with him simultaneously, he explains why and Gary says he’s finding data that suggests the high school records are all faster than Michael Phelps Gold Medal wins.

Gary agrees it seems weird and gives some examples, BB says another movie that won’t age well, he cites the scene from ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ where he takes his socks off won’t seem out of the norm and everyone else will seem angry and mean.

BB asks if the pool size makes a difference, Gary says it’s the 100-meter distance based race.

Adam has a killer Doogie Howser reference as they move on.


3rd Story is on the weeds for weed program in Maine, Adam says he hates that Los Angeles is so trashy and has these giant weeds popping up around the freeway.

Adam says it’s very ugly and asks if there isn’t someone in charge of that, Gina says there are a lot of tents among the weeds.

Gary is now sharing some new facts he’s learning about the distances and Adam jokes about the hypothetical kid swimming star he mentioned earlier and how he needn’t shave any time off his best lap, he could beat the shark back to the boat.


Adam is amazed at the information they’ve got and BB predicts a tweet storm correcting them tomorrow, Adam is now saying he would love to see a special where Michael Phelps must try to swim across an Olympic sized swimming pool with them all around his neck.

Adam would love to see him dragged to Davy Jones’ locker as BB points out he’d die ironically by the very medals he won for his swimming ability.

Adam shares the twist of him having to give each medal he drops to the dentist that shot Cecil The Lion, he jokes about the women in the stands crying and losing their shit over the lion killer getting these medals.


Adam is now riffing with Sam about Phelps and swimming with the medals, he tells them about training with weighted wraps to strengthen your punches and arms.


4th Story is on the death of Cecil The Lion’s son Xanda, by another trophy hunter and Adam jokes about it being a dental hygienist.

Gina has the details on the lion and the guy who killed it and its brother.

Adam says they can eliminate hunting when they develop an economy, Adam is now mentioning how the outrage for dead lions has petered out now that it’s #3.


Adam says we do a thing where we decide to all jump on a cause or outrage topic du jour, BB asks if there was some egregious post or photo that led to the Cecil controversy.

Adam says he doesn’t like the idea of hunting and wouldn’t want to hang out with the dentist, but he would rather focus on the atrocities with women and kids across the globe before this, work from big issue to smaller issues.


5th Story is on Madonna successfully blocking the sale of her 20yr old underwear, Adam jokes about Matt needing to get his deposit back.

Adam jokes about this being the first “non-cleaning deposit” he’s ever put down, Gina has all of the details and explains the owner is an ex-boyfriend of Madonna fresh from prison.

BB has a great new drop of Gina quoting Peter, the panty seller.


Adam says he thinks he’s heard about this, Gary cites the shady auction house and they comment on the love letter and the panties.

Adam says he loves it when douchebag guys say things like “hey I can’t wear them, I got to sell them” and Sam comments on the idea of this guy stashing the panties for 20 years.

Adam has a killer Kurt Russell one liner, holy shit!


Adam is now asking about these panties, Adam predicts they would sell for 10k and BB thinks 20k is the starting bid.

Adam explains reserves in auctions, he explains why and how they need them.

Adam explains how auction houses will make deals if someone comes close to a reserve, taking the owner and the bidder backstage, taking cuts to their percentage to make things go down.


Adam jokes about panties and panty auctions, he jokes about Sam taking his underwear off for fun during the weigh in.

Sam gives his guess and Adam jokes about the value of Steve McQueen’s property, Adam jokes about the essence of the panties being Madonna’s property.

Gina reveals the opening bid and Adam says he can sniff the value out of a steakhouse or new car, Adam has a good sniffer for value.


BB pitches the show “Auction Sniffer” to Spike and Adam jokes about sniffing hampers, BB debuts the new drop of Gina that she didn’t want to be made, not bad.

Gian wraps the news.


Life LockThieves could sell your information on the dark web Edition


Adam is now giving out the closing plugs and focuses on the master class on podcasting, her plugs UFC Fight Night 114 and wraps up the show with a great drop from BB, Adam asking if they could believe he was considered an idiot.

Great episode!