Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2015 – Dr. Drew and Jeff Hilliard

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 08/03/2015 – Dr. Drew and Jeff Hilliard

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dr. Drew and Jeff Hilliard

Recorded 08-02-2015 – Release Date 08-03-2015

Production Number #1629

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Adam opens the show to the “Human Disaster” label intro, Dr. Drew is in studio and his “WhatIDoNow?” drop is played as the #TopDrop.

Adam explains the quote and where it comes from, he asks what they would do if he was a human disaster and he killed himself because of this stuff.

Adam is saying his belongings and status alone have him a million miles away from that label, Drew plugs the Adam and Dr. Drew show and his own podcast.


Adam doesn’t like abusive language and things like this when it leads people in a certain way, Adam is telling Drew about doing ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and how he’s given a long sheet of horrible things people have said about him.

Adam explains this is a slightly shorter show, he brings up his peanut dust theory on how pulling those from flights can’t possibly remove the dust enough to protect your child.

Drew fully agrees, Adam says then it really comes down to keeping your child from consuming a peanut, and that’s your responsibility.


Drew brings up how lack of exposure can lead to peanut allergies per recent findings, Adam is talking about the Special Olympics.

Adam talks about the giant calves found on these gents who seem built to squat weight, he talks about their often compact form.

Adam talks about how perhaps having less mental faculties could benefit repetitive workouts and Adam asks if squatting should be removed from the Special Olympics.

Adam wants someone to crackdown on this.


Adam is having everyone write down their guess for the Special Olympics vs. body building squat max weight records.

Adam mentions the 611 vs. 1260 numbers Gary came up with and BB points out that his comments to Gina were incorrect.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore Live Read


Dr. Drew plugs his podcast and bails, Jeff Hilliard is joining them for his ACS debut, he’s a jumpsuit based comedian apparently.

Adam is trying to get him to talk into the mic after explaining the Evil Knievel banner he has hanging up that came from the Man Show set.

Jeff is walking them through his jumpsuit origins, he tells them about getting into comedy in 2000 and his jumpsuit lifestyle, Adam is talking about Jack LaLanne and his efforts to revolutionize the jumpsuit life.


Gina references the jumpsuits in ‘Cannonball Run’ and they’re all going over notable jumpsuits in cinema/pop culture history. Adam and Gina are trying to conjure the names of the two gals from the movie.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Tom, he wants to know how long Adam thinks he would last with Ronda Rousey in the cage, Adam says he’s too old and that when he could punch he could punch hard and cites his bygone era of speed and agility.

A realistic and slightly sad admission for a former star athlete, Gina and BB are talking about the UFC and women’s MMA, Adam thinks they do jump in a little early for female fights and thinks perhaps a female ref might not to do that, he does think it’s the right call every time though.


2nd Caller Nick, he was watching an old Stern rerun from the 2006-2009 KLSX ACS era, or as he claims a 3 month old episode discussing the numbers Adam talks about getting in Las Vegas.

Adam explains that Vegas took time off from Stern for Adam, the program director told Adam that Adam was number #1 and Stern never was.

Adam is talking about not taking these things personally, he explains it to Nick and tries to make it clear this is the past, he says he gets along nicely with Stern.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Adam is now getting his gift of a dragon themed jumpsuit, Gina asks if it’s flame retardant implying he could race in it, clever.

Adam is now having Gary play the ‘Man Show’ bit with Adam and Jack LaLanne.

Adam says it’s funny how you end up spending like 8hrs with these people when filming a comedy bit at their homes.


3rd Caller Kelly is housesitting for her neighbor and caught the neighbor’s 18yr old daughter sneaking out, Adam asks what the details are of this and asks what the question is.

Kelly explains how she confronted her about sneaking out, Adam asks her what kind of car she drives, a Saturn that Adam jokes about and says could use a coat of carnauba wax and how she could further blackmail the young woman into free labor.

Adam asks more info and Kelly explains how the mother wanted to know everything that went on, Adam says tell mom. Adam says he would sit-down with the 18yr old and ask them to tell them why it’s ok, he explains how she could talk to her and guide her away from ruining her life.

Gina says that there is a selfish angle to consider as well, Adam is now reading the stats about the now defunct Saturn car company and Kelly takes the mocking quite well, she’s used to it.


Adam is now ranting about Junior College and how it only encourages delinquency and now brings up when he was a catholic big brother.

Adam is telling the story of giving his calling card to his little bro Nate and what ended up happening with his lengthy calls and extremely high bill, Adam’s phone was shut off due to the excessive charges.

Adam talks about having to pay your bills in person and the line of losers you see at these places, Adam says you can’t really save people from themselves.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on James Woods going after a twitter troll who accused him of drug addiction, Adam says he doesn’t like the lawsuit part but he does see the logic in this.

Gina asks if Adam and Mark talked further about the things lobbed at him including the term racist, Adam says that Mark thinks the racist label is the only one that might be actionable.

Adam is playing a video of ‘Runaway Train’ mashed up with clips of various celebrities now missing from media and pop culture.


Adam talks about the 2006 Michael Richards incident.


2nd Story is skipped, Cecil the Lion update.


3rd Story is on the awkward interview with Cara Delevingne, Adam is talking about her being the bridge to bisexuality for many women, due to her look.

Gina plays the clip of the shitty interview.

Adam blames the anchors, the chicks, not Cara.

Gina has them play some more of the interview, BB blames the shitty questions and Adam is talking about how hot blondes don’t dance, he says Gina dances.


Adam talks about Pamela Anderson showing up late for MTV Loveline and how nobody said shit to her about it, Adam says fat dudes with Jewfros are always ready to Dance.

Gina has a comment about not being blonde, hot or thin, Adam wasn’t saying that, he was complimenting her for actually engaging, I think 99% of the audience is attracted to Gina.

Adam is talking about Michelle Rodriguez and how men would want the details about Cara’s time with her if they were the next dude in her life.


Adam is plugging Jerrod Carmichael’s new show


Adam gives out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

This is the first show recorded on Sunday August 2nd.