Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2013 – Toad The Wet Sprocket and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 07/09/2013 – Toad The Wet Sprocket and David Wild

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Guest Toad the Wet Sprocket and David Wild

Recorded 07-08-2013 – Release Date 07-09-2013

Production Number #1116

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Adam is opening the show with David Wild studio for his 41st appearance, Adam’s now off on an opening explanation/riff/rant about “The Eagles” he’s breaking down his anger and attention and describing it as a form of tough love.

Adam is teasing the first appearance of “Toad the Wet Sprocket” on the podcast, Glenn Phillips was on ACS #64 (Production Number #396) but not the full band, they did guest on the ACS morning on show from KLSX(2006-2009) and played live in studio circa 2006 if I’m not mistaken, classic episode!


Adam is now explaining what a solid band “Toad” is by citing their numerous hits that are actually good and he’s now calling for him and David to gather up a list of the bands you wouldn’t know that made multiple songs you enjoy.

Adam is throwing out obscure band names out the wazoo, including many not often or ever brought up.

BB is asking Adam why Linkin Park didn’t gather more of his ire during their reign of the rock charts throughout the early 2000’s, he’s even digging deep and bringing up their music being played on Loveline while BB was still phone/call screening for the show(2002-2005).


David Wild jumps in to change the subjects, perhaps because he’s pals with the band, but Adam is also friendly with the band and same for Drew as they were solid guests on Loveline and more importantly weren’t assholes.

Adam is telling the gang about the song he loves that “Toad” will be playing, Dawson is now on mic to confirm Adam asked for “Circles” instead of “Rings” the actual song title.

Alison is now sharing an anecdote of trying to connect to someone via a hotel front desk with a specific name, BB has some nice drop work and a bizarre but fitting music bed of “Asia” for a few moments.


Adam is now on a Stefe/Steef vs. Steve riff, he’s bringing up his BeHymen word invention for the 2nd time in recent memory, and his reaction to it is quite charming.

David is bringing up the Asiana 777 crash at San Francisco, he was at the airport, man this guy doesn’t stop dropping names am I right?

This is extremely compelling, Adam is now bringing up the Egypt air flight 990 crash, which was discussed in detail on ACS #596 (Production Number #908)GSS You can get the Episode by signing up or the Official Archive.


Adam is explaining how with all the commuting power on board that the aircraft shouldn’t allow for such events, he’s citing his wife’s Audi that takes control of the breaks when approaching danger.

Adam is now on the topic of his constant chain of annoyances, he’s citing the childhood experience of listening to music alone in your room vs. his daughter following him around the house with her “profoundly annoying” music on her iPad.

Adam is now preemptively arguing against the listeners who call him Pops Carolla when he doesn’t enjoy various pop hits, he’s now having some Rihanna fired up, “Diamonds” and Adam reveals she says the word diamond 150 times during the song.


Adam is really breaking down the song, doing live commentary over it, this is amazing!

David is now sharing an anecdote of blaring “Ke$ha” music and Adam’s reaction turns robotic (Beeeep!) as he tries to relay the multiple sports bar stories of him and August and Lynch on the road from the past few years.

Alison observes that Adam’s hilarious reaction sounds like the very music he’s protesting, genius!


Adam is now playing the #1 hit from 1953 in contrast to the modern day pop hits, Adam is now going off on the harp music of the 1950’s.

BB and Alison have great reactions and Adam is proving his point oddly enough, hilarious back and forth with BB.


They’re now playing the #1 hit from 1963, Adam and BB agree it’s a bad example but Adam explains there is no repetition, he points out BB’s default “disagree” programming.

Alison seems to agree with Adam that this isn’t as bad as the current examples, Adam’s description of the lyrics and intent of the singer are hilarious.


We’re now on to the #1 hit from 1973, Adam admits it’s a piece of shit song and their opening laughter is pretty enjoyable, BB is having Adam explain what the song is.

Adam is now joking about the Vietnam vet reaction to this song by Tony Orlando, crazy hilarious twist!


They’re now onto the #1 hit of the year of the birth of the Superfan (and the idea for Loveline) 1983, “Every Breath You Take” by Sting.

Adam hates the song but is forgiving it in comparison to Rihanna and her damn diamonds.

David is defending her music when you see her perform it, Adam’s got another crazy hilarious reply chambered about Rihanna’s penchant for crazy hairdos.


We’ve now hit the #1 hit song of 1993, Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” written by Dolly Parton, David Wild’s got some factoids that Adam seemed to know.

Adam is now trying to mock “these darn kids” in reply to this hit, he’s bringing up his daughter and her friend trying to annoy him with their music choices.


David is asking Adam his take on Madonna, thinking he’ll be a hater, Adam is using her as an example of someone who has got a lot done with less, he’s citing her limited range combined with her dancing talents to make up for it.

He closes it with a killer assumption about her demeanor, try not to be drinking a beverage when you hear this one, it’s that funny!


BB has now jumped in and they’ve segued off to Sonny Bono, Adam is calling him some fabulous names and the last times Mr. Bono was brought up were equally epic ACS #683(PN#1015), ACS #728(PN#1060).

BB’s reactions are priceless, David is sharing and anecdote and they’re once again in depth on a tangent topic.


We’ve hit 2003 and “In Da Club” from 50 Cent, Adam is trying to not defend it while kind of defending it, Alison, BB and David are all now in the mix.

Alison wants to know Adam’s reaction if Natalia was following him around with this song, Adam is explaining why he would be disturbed as a parent, awesome!

David is now sharing an anecdote about attending a rap concert and Adam has now somehow riffed him into a corner where he’s holding other dude’s balls, so bizarre and hilarious.


Adam is now telling the gang about a caller on the most recent Ace on the House, an Indian native living abroad in Russia.

Adam is sharing the details of the calls combined with the accent throwing him off, he’s trying to explain the bizarre block the location the call was coming from caused him.

Adam is now sharing his pondering about the class struggle in India, he’s citing some the Asian Exclusion Act lifts and how America ended up with more scientists and doctors but how that doesn’t make sense for their country of origin.


Adam is sharing the caller’s response to his very basic question and BB is now weighing in asking Adam about the facts in an attempt to shit up a point.

If BB would just see the episode of “Vice” about it (he’s been watching the show per his other podcast The Film Vault) he wouldn’t almost derail the topic.


They’re now talking about Yakov Smirnoff, David wants him to guest on the podcast for a one on one about the sociopolitical complexities of Russia.

BB has some pertinent information and now Adam is reading info about the class issues among the populace of India.


The band “Toad the Wet Sprocket” are now in studio, Adam is thanking them for their wisely chosen booze gift while riffing about what it means about him, Alison sums it up nicely.

Adam is asking the guys about their crowd funding effort to complete their latest record, Adam’s calling it the wave of the future but “not full blown Radiohead”.


They’re now playing a track off the new record live in studio and it already sounds great.

They’re wrapping the song and drinking some Mangria, Adam is telling the gang about putting the label together for the premixed “Brosé” variety of his Mangria.

Adam is going off on how he’s not allowed to mention what he fucking wants to mention on his fucking bottle, he’s calling the government the true winner with their 5 bucks per bottle take home all the while dictating your ability to sell products and give them money.


Alison is even objecting to the thinking behind them not allowing any mention of strength or alcohol content, Adam is now citing other items and industries that give you a heads up on what you’re getting into.

The guys in the band are objecting and wondering why they can’t have a strength warning, Adam is now bringing up the warnings on cigarette packs in comparison.


Adam’s now telling the gang about the past label approval attempts and what Steve his wine guy told him in advance of submitting this one, how it becomes a self-editing process and ruins the creative process.

Adam doesn’t get how in a world of Xtreme Doritos we still have these arcane laws and rules, he’s calling it almost quaint while targeting them for not making sense, and Alison totally agrees and has a fine point.


Adam is now back to the approval process and how he accidentally caught the approval board in their hypocrisy/arbitrary rulings.

Adam is now going off on the monopolies in American society and how competition is the immediate cure, he’s got an amazing point about the TSA and BB has a nice “Dime holding up a dollar” addition, the opposite of a point shit!


Adam is wrapping up a solid live read and now BB has him on a tangent about his two phone moves, the pretend hang up on another line to boost someone’s self-esteem, the power move!

Adam is interrupting his two moves to cite the people who don’t understand “I’ll call you back” and start listing all the reasons they need you to, while you’re trying to get them off the line.

Adam is now on the dual nature of the cell phone, instead of getting to the “hey you butt dial me on the time” phone move, he’s now talking about the people who seem out and about on a phone call and interrupt him, as cell calls aren’t treated as real calls.


Adam is telling the gang about the old school phone receiver he saw plugged into a guy’s cell phone and how it probably prevents people from interrupting you.

BB wants to know when the international phone call hand signal will no longer work, Adam has a funny follow up about the roll down the window move being worse, a bit that’s even funnier on stage with Adam’s physicality.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Asiana flight 214, she’s bringing up the death toll and Adam is sharing how his atheist in a perpetual bad mood heart was touched by the two young girls who died and how they “probably would’ve made the planet better” has they not died.

Alison is explaining how one of the girls may have been killed by an emergency vehicle and not from the accident.

Adam is now asking what the fuck is up with the modern news media and their quest to fill time with little regard for the truth.


One of the band members is filling in some details off mic and David has a point about the AM radio he listened to on the drive home.

Alison is now bringing up the wrong message of “how to survive a place crash” that’s been perpetuated in response to this accident.

Adam totally agrees with her point, he’s now bringing up how he was told of a barefoot videographer who was a passenger, they’re touching on all of Adam’s hot button flight stuff.


Alison is now reading the official statements on the likely cause of the accident, Adam seems familiar with “stall speed” and now Adam is riffing with BB about the pilot trying to get another chance with the company, hilarious!

Glenn is on mic sharing a point from “Outliers” about Korean pilots being the most likely to crash due their societal structure and Adam is making note of how there is a connection to everything, he loves this type of stuff.


2nd story is on Randy Travis being admitted to the hospital for Viral Cardio Myopathy.

Alison is asking David if he knows what’s up with Randy, he’s now citing his multiple run in’s with the law over the past few years.

Great “big heart” joke from someone that even Adam scoffs away. Alison is doubting the medical reasoning for his admission to the hospital and Adam has a great point about mortality.


3rd story is on the judge at the Zimmerman trial ruling that they can show that Treyvon Martin had marijuana in his system the night of his murder.

Adam has a great “stuck in traffic thinking racist thoughts” description of what he does in his off time, he’s now making a point about all the people he knows who smoke pot and become docile in comparison to the black youth who do and still engage in street violence.

Alison is getting Adam to go in depth on his thought about this case, he’s got a very insightful description of the grey area that it falls in and the “combination of shit” that sometimes ends tragically, genius!


Adam is telling the gang about discussing Jim Carrey and the recent controversy surrounding him and his stance on guns while guesting on Bill O’Reilly’s show.

Adam is using Jim’s stance against the gun owners to prove that there aren’t that dangerous seeing as how nobody has acted out with violence against him for his words.

Glenn is now back on mic talking about Zimmerman taking his courses on “stand your ground” and the concept of giving yourself a free pass for murder while putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations.


4th story is on Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, Alison has a cute comment joking about her mom’s pronunciation.

Adam doesn’t like that there is a Wimbledon and Wembley stadium, it confuses him and he has a funny stables/staples joke.

BB jumps in to share that there is also a Wembley Arena to ultra-confuse him, nice assist BB!


Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is doing a live read.

Dawson is now on mic telling Adam about his 5min argument going to bat for him with Randy about the song for which Adam gave Dawson the wrong title.

Adam is explaining how he tried to pick something that is more of a deep cut but may have stumped the band, hilarious “what rhymes with circle” one liner from Ace.


They’re now doing an impromptu song switch “Walk on the Ocean” or as Adam calls it “Walk on the Sea” and Glenn has some nice praise/inquiry for Alison’s podcast theme music, this rendition might sound better than the morning show even, nice work gang!

Adam is doing a live read, plugging the band and their crowd sourcing for the latest album.

He’s got a closing plug for his own “Road Hard” Fund Anything campaign, Come on people get in while the getting’s good! Up to over 370k already.

Adam is wrapping the show.