Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/10/2012 – Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 09/10/2012 – Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, and David Wild

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Recorded 09/09/2012 – Release Date 09/10/2012

Adam is welcoming Michael back to the show, most fans probably remember his amazing first appearance on air with Adam from 03/23/2011 last year, if you missed that episode make sure to sign up for the archive where you can hear it and nearly 900 other episodes for a mere 7.99 annually. What you might not know is Jennifer actually was on Loveline with Adam back in January of 1997 and January of 2001, so both guests have an on air history with Adam.

Adam is starting the show with David Wild in studio, Bryan’s drops lead Adam to bring up “Mangria” which he just announced that you can now pre order on the website, the gang all seem to have a bit of a buzz from sampling the product. Bryan is now explaining that he attended the “Stand Up To Cancer” event, how he got invited and all the people he ran into while there. David Wild is explaining his involvement in the benefit and the phone bank they use.

Adam is now recounting the time he was the “most pissed” at Dr. Drew back in the loveline days, he’s describing the “Favored Nations” deal they always had and the drama that unfolded that ultimately lead to him accepting the KLSX morning show offer in his final year.

Adam seems to be setting up the story of when Brad Delson, Mike Shinoda & Doug Robb guested on Loveline on January 5th 2005 to solicit support for their charity dealing with the 2004 Indonesian Tsunami. Adam had to donate but Drew who was being paid 3 times as much at the time was conveniently out of town getting paid more money to do a side gig and never donated. Adam is mixing up Hurricane Katrina relief with the  Tsunami.

Adam is now saying that Drew made the quote “You don’t know where that money is going” after he returned that week, but he’s mixing up the events again. Bryan just stepped in and clarified it for Adam that Drew actually said that to David and Melissa Roos, who donated 15k to guest on loveline on 02/23/2005.

Adam just name dropped Tom Burbine who was the other guest that donated 15k, Tom an astrophysicist donated his entire salary for a summer of teaching to guest and also named an asteroid after Adam and another after Drew, a true loveline Legend!

Adam is now explaining how he demanded his remaining Loveline salary be paid to him before he would start his morning show in 2006, he’s recounting James “Babydoll” Dixon’s reaction to this request. David is now recounting Mel Gibson hanging out with him at a past stand up to cancer benefit.

Adam is now setting up a clip from Dennis Prager breaking down the DNC, explaining he emphatically agrees with Dennis in this clip. Adam is now on a rant about this and further explaining his point, saying that while there is always corruption and he sees both sides of the argument the math doesn’t add up.


Music Monday with David Wild, Davis is explaining the motivation behind his song choice, dropping some names along the way. David picks Stevie Wonder’s “love’s in need of love today” he’s now breaking it down and explaining the 9/11 special/telethon he wrote for. Adam and David are discussing blind musicians and if Stevie’s inability to see has enhanced his musical talents.

Adam has Bryan play his 1st pick, Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” the original version from 1982 which he enjoys, now he has Bryan fire up the version from 1987, the remake. The gang are all confused as to which version is which, Bryan is actually playing a different iteration, now they’re finally playing the 1987 version that Adam hates. Alison has some great one liners and Adam is losing it with Bryan correcting him for the 5th time.

David has a funny David Coverdale joke and they’re wrapping the segment with a Go to Meeting live read where Adam jokes about giving the ipad to Alison, now he’s recounting the time “Boogerman” tried to strangle Jimmy Kimmel on air back in their old KROQ days, great live read.


Adam welcomes Michael and Jennifer to the show, asking them about what they shot their new film with, Michael is explaining they used the RED camera and shot during the day for the entire film but then augmented it in post production. Adam is asking about how they did it and giving some examples of his own. Michael is going super in depth on the production, Jennifer just revealed she actually stripped at a real club before playing her character, Bryan fires up some “Cherry Pie” and Adam responds in kind.

Michael and Jennifer just mentioned her costar Danielle Harris, they’re explaining who she is to Adam and her cult following from her work in the Halloween sequels as a child. Adam is unaware but Danielle actually guested on the podcast back when they had guest hosts for a week, she was on the Brody Stevens hosted episode you can hear by subscribing to the archive.

Michael and Jennifer are discussing the next movie they have already made and going even further in depth, Adam is making an analogy to carbon fiber used in automobiles and how the cost has dropped as steeply as the costs involved in making a film. Adam and Alison are now riffing on “Friends”, Bryan fires up the theme and magic happens.

Adam is now making an analogy about MTV Loveline, Michael chimes in to agree with him and further explain the process of making this film, now they’re getting into music licensing and how costly it is despite many songs being extremely unpopular and the possible exposure that might be gained from using them.


Alison’s News, Her top story is that Al Pacino will be playing Joe Paterno in an upcoming movie, Adam is now explaining the turn his name took in such a short time, he went from one of the most respected Americans in most people’s eyes to “see you in hell” in a matter of weeks.

Michael just chimed in to inform Adam of the reaction his last ACS visit gets from college age kids, that it’s shocking how popular it is and dwarfs even his Terminator status with them. Adam is explaining how he is a sort of defender of Joe and reiterates his point about him being from a different era.

Alison want’s to know if Adam could play anyone in film who would he choose, Adam says “John McKay” or “Pop Warner” how he would want to play someone that most people don’t know, so he can’t be criticized for not looking like the guy or copying his mannerisms. The gang are now riffing on John McKay, Adam has some great one liners.

Alison’s next story is on Texas opening the nation’s fastest toll road with a speed limit of 85mph, Adam is now ranting about the technology in today’s automobiles and how 85 feels like nothing, he’s making a great airplane analogy, Alison chimes in with some great comedy.

Michael agreed with Adam but brings up the point of other cars being the main problem, not everyone has a top of the line/safe car, Adam is now countering with their being a sliding scale for safety, just like in hazardous conditions.

Alison’s 4th story is on the Ft. Hood shooter being required to show up clean shaven in court, Adam is now suggesting this went under everyone’s radar and should be treated as a terrorist attack, it was his beliefs/faith that caused him to commit the attack. Adam makes a great analogy comparing this tragedy to Egypt air fight 990 and argues that none of these people would be dead had both men been atheists.

Alison’s 5th story is about Will Arnett and Amy Poehler ending their marriage, Bryan throws in a quick drop of Will from the KLSX morning show, from his one visit that I personally requested on air many, many times, nice work Bryan!

Alison’s 6th story is on Taran Killam of SNL marrying Cobie Smulders of “How I Met Your Mother” and “Avengers” fame, they were married at a ranch where Bryan and Gary’s family vacation, Bryan chimes in that he was under the impression they don’t allow weddings there so it’s extra impressive. Adam is on a quick jag on “How I Met Your Mother”, “Yes Dear” and “Rules of Engagement”.

Alison’s final story is on organic food not actually being better for people, Adam is now on a riff about farm raised fish and free range chicken, Michael and Jennifer are losing their shit, Adam is killing it with an all time great riff on free range chicken, he’s doing a reenactment of the farmer and chicken talking to each other.

Adam is now riffing on the safety precautions in society, overuse of Purell and the safety harnesses for kids required to drive them in a car, he’s now telling an anecdote about driving Natalia in an F 350, everyone is loving it, cute story! Michael weighs in with his own anecdotes about having twins and driving with his son.

Adam wraps the show.