Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/20/2014 – Barry Katz, Dicky Barrett, and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/20/2014 – Barry Katz, Dicky Barrett, and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Barry Katz, Dicky Barrett, and David Wild

Recorded 06-19-2014 – Release Date 06-20-2014

Production Number #1350

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Adam is the last live in studio show for a few days, next week the live shows from Phoenix.

BB has a great #TopDrop from Busy Phillips yesterday, David Wild has returned for what I think is his 55th appearance, he’s approaching his 60th visit and is the most recurring guest/regular in the history of the ACS.

Adam is asking David about the shows he’s working on since he lasted guested on the podcast, Adam is killing it joking about LL Cool J, hilarious delivery from Ace joking that he must have died if he’s not hosting every awards show.


BB is playing a sample of Barry Katz, the impression from Jay Mohr and David has a solid Bathhouses one liner.

David is telling Adam about a guy he knew who was a perfect “agent type” at age 9 and did become a successful agent.

Adam is doing a live read or and Adam is working Kimmel into it, saying he might be too famous to be going their still.


Alison is telling them about Jimmy Kimmel being on the cover of Costco magazine and Adam has a funny joke about buying in bulk, only David seems to appreciate it.

Hilarious drum of douche comedy with Alison and BB, hilarious!


David attempts another pun while Adam is talking about Dicky Barrett and the Bosstones, he’s trying to tell them about his first meeting with the gents and the 2nd time they hung out at HFStival in 1996, and how they almost saved his life.

Adam is now complimenting David on crushing his Jew joke record and Dicky is calling from Mike August’s office.

Adam is promoting Dicky’s birthday bash in Boston, he’s telling the gang the details.


Adam and Dicky are now complimenting how well behaved and cool their kids all were during their group 50th birthday celebration courtesy of the great Jimmy Kimmel.


Adam is now calling for a picture of a specific car top and Dicky is telling them about his own experiences driving with ropes in place of seatbelts.

Adam is asking him to confirm the John Popper story and Adam is saying he deserves 10% for introducing Jimmy to Dicky, Alison wasn’t aware he was responsible for the meeting.

Adam is finishing the rest of the HFStival story with the food poisoning.


Dicky is giving his take on the first meeting with Adam, Adam is going in depth about meeting people and setting them up with other cool people.

He’s plugging the gig and once again bringing up the guy who gets paid and equal share to just dance for the band.

Adam is now doing a live read for the company “Monkey in a Dryer” who does all of the T-Shirt and Hat work for the network.


David Wild has a Boxing themed song selection.

1st pick “Split Decision” by Steve Winwood, live with Eric Clapton. David is giving a very full history of the song and Adam is bringing up Steve Winwood and his work in bands as a teenager.

David is now filling in his history and bringing up his “hot date” with Alison at the Greek theater, he’s now offering a date for Adam and his family.

David is explaining Muff Winwood and Adam is joking about his name being a birthright to become a producer and Adam finds out his real name is Mervin and Adam says people won’t have cool names anymore because parents have spent too much effort preemptively giving you one.


David has a clear turn of phrase and now Alison is telling them about seeing Richard Marx on stage last night, he was just on the podcast.

Adam is telling them about going to the gay sing along for “The Sound of Music” at the Hollywood bowl and the other time he went, David interrupts to tell him about taking his sons to the same event, and they apparently weren’t fans.

Adam is telling them about taking his dad to the playboy jazz festival for father’s day, he’s going into great detail about the day’s events.

Adam has a great Wes Montgomery hypothetical that David has a great reaction to, Adam is killing it ranting about the lack of jazz in Los Angeles.

“We’ll I got the blues from the Jazz Festival” – Adam on trying to take his dad out for father’s day


Adam asks why people like shitty fake jazz but not real jazz music, he’s using an argument with Jimmy Kimmel’s ex-wife about maple syrup vs. fake Mrs. Butterworth’s.

BB is using Skippy peanut butter vs. natural peanut butter to offer a counter point, Adam is saying its all yummy phase and nostalgia.

Adam is joking about a family that eat Skippy and enjoy world music, BB is arguing for natural peanut butter, Adam is standing in defense of Skippy and Jif with Alison.


Adam says that you can’t judge skip and Jif against peanut butter, it’s is its own shit, like a Twinkie.


2nd Caller Terrance, Adam jokes about this modern era of shitty names and how the typo “Terrace” could be an actual name.

He’s a virgin and wants to ask out his coworkers, Adam jokes and calls David the only lady in the room, saying he’s built like Mae West.

Adam is asking Alison when it becomes weird.


Alison has a great Neil LaBute reference and she’s offering up some practical advice to Terrance and not making fun of him, Adam is using 22 Jump Street to offer up a harmless way to desern interest level before asking anyone out.

Adam is teaching him how to pick up on queues that women give off, telling him that he cannot steer the car of the conversation, it’s up to her.


3rd Caller Brad wants to know Adam’s take on mental health checks before gun purchases in comparison to banning firearms.

Adam is giving his take and expressing his appreciation for the “sky marshal/off duty cop” factor and he would prefer guns to be around in society, owned by responsible, trained and sane people.

Adam would feel more comfortable with people carrying weapons near him who are safe and sane, he’s joking about a hypothetical dream employee and using Caelan to fill the void of not having one.

BB is joking with Adam about it, there was another Speed 2 reference between BB and David.


Gary is telling them about having a concealed carry permit and what it entailed.

Adam is now having him play his Man Show tryout for The Hawthorne Swat Team, they’re offering up some light commentary.

David has a solid observation about the lack of non-white targets for the officers to shoot, Adam jokes with them about that and how it puts black actors out of work, his riff about the ADT home security TV commercials.


Alison is asking him about the taping and Gary is plugging that you can buy the DVD’s on Amazon.

Adam is doing a live read for A&E’s campaign to get “Bates Motel” nominated for Emmy awards.

Adam is heading to break.


They’re back from break and Adam is welcoming Barry to the show and telling everyone about his upcoming episode of Barry’s podcast they taped before this.

Barry is sharing how he’s not used to seeing Adam so fired up and he’s bringing up the jazz rant, Adam is now asking Barry how he got to be where he is and his current roster of comedians he represents.

Barry is quickly walking them through his origins in comedy and the Boston comedy scene he was an essential part of, he’s going super in depth while keeping it interesting.


Adam is now asking Barry about the guys he predicted would end up in different places, Barry is telling them about representing Louis C.K. when he was 18-24 and he’s joking about a hypothetical question he could have asked him at that time.

Adam is trying to use Louis C.K. to make a point and is saying he was on the KLSX morning show in 2008, Bryan wisely says nope 2006 and Adam gets mad then settles on 2007, and Louis appeared 5 times in 2006 then never again.

In part due to Jack Silver, in part due to Ray grabbing his man boobs.


Barry is now bringing up Jay Mohr and his job doing Jay Mohr Sports for Fox after Jim Rome left the chair vacant.

Barry is explaining how he turned their no’s into yes.

Adam is further trying to get Barry to list some examples of guys he didn’t predict would blow up the way they did, Adam is using Jim Jefferies as an example.


Barry says he would’ve never worked with Adam had he has the opportunity, Barry is telling them about representing Bill Burr and his job being cast on “Townies” and Adam tells them about having the magnet for the show’s logo.

Barry is using that booking to make a point about Bill’s tenacity and the decade he had to wait before getting booked on Breaking Bad.

Barry is bringing up the legendary Philadelphia incident when Bill Burr was booked on the Opie and Anthony Live show, which led to his career resurgence.


Adam is saying that people dismiss comedy and talent in that field in a way they don’t dismiss a degree in any other field.

Adam is saying comedians do themselves a disservice whitewashing their own narrative.

Barry is saying you can count only about 25 comedians doing “the right kind of comedy” and he’s getting to the fraternity of standup comedy due to the way people perform at clubs.


Adam is having Bryan play Barry Katz as done by Jay Mohr.

Adam is doing a live read for Fresh books.


Alison’s News

1st Story is on US officials about to try a man in the Benghazi attack case, Alison is sharing the details of both arguments about the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala.

“Do they have Al Kabeeb’s locker?” – Adam trying to threaten the suspect while carrying him over sea to stand trial.

Adam is now giving his take on the death penalty for murderers and terrorists, Alison is offering up some more criticisms leveled at Obama and BB has a practical response to him not being sent to Guantanamo.


Adam is getting to how we use “folks” and American colloquialisms for terrorists, he’s citing Obama’s use for evil people and Adam says replace it with douchebag.


2nd Story is on Chelsea Handler’s upcoming talk show with Netflix, Alison is explaining the nature of the deal and Adam says after doing Chelsea’s show recently it seemed like she was ready to leave.

Alison says she thinks Chelsea is funny and she’s trying to discern if Adam was reading her shtick about being checked out or if it was more so and genuine.

Barry is now trying to offer up vague info about what might be going on, it makes sense.


Adam has a great Bread reference when Alison jokes about Barry reading Adam’s diary, he buried it under a tree, gold!

Alison brings up Barry’s work representing Whitney for such a long amount of time, Adam is explaining how he is about booking other comics on his show.

Barry says that Adam is confident as nobody can come on the show and take it away from him, Barry is now using Dave Chappelle to make a point.


Barry is sharing how he thinks Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle view each other and he’s now coming up with his Mount Rushmore of comedy, Barry is listing Bob Newhart and explaining what a pioneer he was.

Barry is adding George Carlin, he’s giving a fair recap of the man’s career evolution and Adam is complimenting how skilled he was even up until the end.

He’s using Rodney Dangerfield and Steve Martin as the remaining heads, saying that Chris and Dave cancel each other out.


Adam is now bringing up the time Rodney Dangerfield did MTV Loveline and was promoting “Meet Wally Sparks” and Adam tried to say hello before the show to him.

The “I got to get a haircut” story.

Adam is bringing up what a piece of shit “Meet Wally Sparks” was and Barry is now using Roseanne as another example of comedians who derails themselves and act out.


Barry is addressing how Adam is perceived and has a very specific example, BB jokes that’s how he treats his son and Adam event comments on Gary’s reaction from inside the booth, wow!

Adam is addressing how Barry thinks Adam is “angsty” and Adam is explaining how stage persona works vs, offstage and he’s using Louis C.K. as his counter point.

Alison is now helping to define how courteous Adam is and BB is joking about how he’ll mock and jokes about things he doesn’t like, BB seems to be referencing the green room here at the Park West and Assistant Jay’s square cut tomato pizza.


Adam is now combatting Barry’s use of angsty to define him and he’s reading the definition, Barry is challenging what Adam is reading and Adam is trying to express he’s not a suffer of angst under common parlance, he’s not nervous.

Alison is defending Adam and BB is trying to pigeonhole him, Alison is right to say his agitation isn’t angst.

Barry is now trying to say Adam was drinking beer like water when he performed at the Wiltern with Jay Mohr, going over cards and jokes beforehand, like he was nervous.

Adam is explaining his ethos on performing to Barry who has it all wrong, Barry is now waxing poetic on his definition of an angsty comedian and Adam is explaining all the ways that doesn’t fit, Matt Fondiler is now confirming how funny it is for someone to think Adam has a need to perform.


Adam is explaining the stuff in his head for that night and Barry is bringing up Jay only doing half of his scheduled time, Barry is saying he’s never seen that before, Jay did only 13-14min tops.

Adam is sharing his book publisher analogy about not knowing their name, he’s asking gang about his backstage activity and if he’s ever expressed nerves nor mailed it on stage.

Alison is citing how Adam has offered them up more time if they want to shine on stage if he’s tired but he ends up killing anyway and nobody can tell.


Barry is sharing how he reacts to hearing that and what he would think as a fan why that might keep people from showing up.

Adam has a great counter point about demanding passion from other employees, he’s using doctors, carpenters and says he doesn’t need passion out of anyone, he just needs a good job done, no questions asked about whether they want to be there or not.

Adam says we’ve made things way too precious, they’re jobs, writing, acting, comedy, all jobs.


Alison helps Adam sum things up, Barry closes it by saying Adam doesn’t love anything like he loves this, podcasting/radio/lamenting into a mic.

Alison wraps the news, Adam is doing a live read and wrapping up the show with the plugs, he comments on Barry almost making him go 2 hours, not knowing the ads will put the show over 2hrs.