Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2015 – Jon Taffer, Adonal Foyle and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 06/18/2015 – Jon Taffer, Adonal Foyle and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jon Taffer, Adonal Foyle and Matt Atchity

Recorded 06-17-2015 – Release Date 06-18-2015

Production Number #1597

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Adam opens the show to a funny “he knows how to rescue any bar” intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is excited for the Rotten Tomatoes game and mentions the good timing of the Adonal booking after the recent Golden State Warriors win.

Adam is talking about his son cheering hard for Golden State and was asking him about how he would rather see them win game 7 at home instead of game 6 away.

Adam says that Sonny pointed out that the majority of people who are watching the game are watching it on TV.


Adam has a funny bit of Yiddish and a killer “That’s a Serbian center” one liner from BB, they’re talking about the ticket sales for un-played playoff games that never happened.

Adam is asking about the possible value for having a ticket of something like this and how that weighs against the sentimental value.

Matt teases the Rotten Tomatoes topic.


Adam is now doing a Nest Cam Live Read

Gary says it’s brand new and only came out hours ago

Gina has a killer ‘Benny Hill’ comment and Adam references Yackity Sax.


Adam plugs Take a Knee


Adam says that ‘Winning’ will now be in theaters in Canada.

Adam is bringing up a recent heavyweight fight and plays a clip.

Gina comments on the BBQ comment and Adam says that we don’t need round card girls until round 4, if you can’t keep track of the first 3 that’s on you.




Q and Ace

1st Caller Artie, he gives his take on Caitlyn Jenner and brings up ADS #246 with Rude Jude brought up his concerns that he was having sex with a transgendered woman.

Artie wants to know what he thinks the percentage of men are out there who have had sex with dudes and don’t know it.

Adam says there is a group of guys who don’t care and says he may have been off by about 41yrs with his first book ‘In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks’ and tries to presume the feelings of most guys regarding intercourse with someone who shares a y chromosome.

Gina is jumping in and Adam kills it riffing to mock her, very funny.


BB brings up the strippers with the old timey boob jobs and Adam jokes about trying to lament to his son the era of non under the muscle breast implants.

Adam is now riffing as if he’s in the middle of fucking a transsexual woman.


Lord of the Jungle – Winner: Dave, he bought a stun gun and they comment on the insane power level.

Adam asks him about ordering this for home security, he shares how he first saw one being demonstrated at a local fair, BB is now incensed about the voltage of a downed power line in comparison to this device.

Gina asks about the amperage and Matt confirms her suspicion, Adam asks if he’s tried it out yet and Adam is joking about rustling up a homeless guy.


Adam is telling Gina about Cousin Sal tasering everyone in the office.



Adam is doing a Quick Books Live Read

Adam, Matt and BB lament quarterly taxes edition


BB says he’s recently had the joy of introducing his wife to the career and exploits of Latrell Sprewell and Gina brings ‘Jack Bruin’ and now Adam riffs about that name and it sounding like you have “a jack brewing” with BB.


Adam welcomes Adonal Foyle to the show making his ACS debut, he asks him about the big Golden State win and Adam shares his love for seeing the perpetual underdogs win a championship.

Adonal thanks Adam for welcoming to his pirate ship and notes his Caribbean heritage, gold!

He’s telling them about the various injuries that afflict top level pro athletes and Adam is now joking about recommending this book just to those waiting to be drafted by the NBA.


Adam is now asking about the rookie symposiums and how futile they are for young people, citing the dangers of smoking and sun exposure and how young people won’t hear it.

Adonal is sharing his he got an allowance and a checkbook he needed to keep balanced, Adam is asking him about family life and who was instilling this responsibility in him.

Adonal credits his mother and shares how he was able to help his family and how her honesty about their reality and situation allowed the kids to chip in.


Adonal is sharing how he was raised, adopted and eventually got drafted into the NBA, Adam is now riffing about how sweaty a Caribbean basketball camp must be, he’s sweating just thinking about it.

Adam is talking about his first winter in the states, Adam says that Adonal would have turned out great wherever he ended up.

Adam is asking him about Latrell and the season he spent playing with the man, they’re talking about the choking incident.


Adam is now asking if Adonal and other people with different heritages yet similar skin color make distinctions about being black vs. island black.

Adonal tells him it’s more about making money and he says it’s the purest sense of marketing.

Adam is sharing his theory on sports and why people are attracted to them and what they satisfy innately in humans.


Adam wraps up with Adonal and BB is now sharing how Latrell was quoting as saying “I got a family to feed” upon rejecting the multimillion dollar contract extension he was offered.


Adam is now doing a live read for Score Big


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Movies from the cast of True Detective Season 2

1st Movie Horrible Bosses (2011)

Adam says this is one of those in between movies, Jennifer Anniston must have the most of these movies out of any other actor and they all weigh in.


2nd Movie Oldschool (2003)

BB claims that this movie might be superior to ‘Wedding Crashers’ and Gary weighs in.

Adam asks why the critics can’t get into this movie.
Adam goes off on ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ again.


3rd Movie The Notebook (2004)

Adam says he thinks everyone liked this movie and has an inflated guess.

Adam curses the bitches for the low 52% score.


4th Movie Battleship (2012)

Adam says he saw this movie and explains he talked to Pete Berg when he was writing it, he’s saying its’ still unclear if the movie has anything to do with the game Battleship.

Matt explains the real world connections to the game and Adam wants to know why someone would license that game, Matt explains this was generated by Hasbro trying to license their priorities.


5th Movie Flight (2012)

Gina shares her love for the film, Adam shares the mistake of the alcoholic not having a favorite drink, Adam says the John Goodman stuff was over the top and the set direction and imagery of his alcohol consumption was beyond over the top.

Adam says there was a weird “fast food” sappiness subplot and Adam is lamenting his bullshit score.

Adam says people bitched about this movie due to the trailer and the expectations that it built up.


Gina wins the game, they wrap it up

Adam moves on and doesn’t want to dwell in the past.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam tells Matt to enjoy his vacation and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Jon making his 3rd appearance on the ACS.

He was on previously for ACS #1242 and #1289 and they come back to a listener voicemail, Adam has a funny interaction with the listener’s idea and welcomes Jon to the show.

They promote the latest season of ‘Bar Rescue’ and he tells them about spending 40 weeks a year on the road, even his dog growls at him when he gets home.


Jon is explaining how they turn these bars over in 36hrs and Adam is bringing up the element of permits that get in the way of being able to fully remodel these locations.

Adam is bringing up how some cities treat people bringing revenue into the state via permits and building vs. how Los Angeles treats its citizens.

Adam is riffing about Jon’s real world effect on tax revenue and Adam is joking about being paid for ‘Catch a Contractor’ while Skip, he’s…


Adam is bringing up the number #1 “I’m here now aren’t I!” response from the deadbeat contractors and Jon is sharing how people say “but you showed up” to him.

Adam is making a larger point about pride among these business owners and Adam is sharing a scary detail of a recent Catch, Adam asks him some of the scariest things he’s seen.

Jon is telling them about some tricks people use to cheat customers, Adam has a trick he learned of thanks to Phil Rosenthal.

Jon has yet another way of checking if bar owners are watering down booze and how bartenders will then short the shots they pour and it compounds as it goes on.


Jon is explaining the science of turning over customers in bars vs/ restaurants.

Adam is commenting on the extreme value of something like Jack Daniels and the work that goes into creating it.

Jon is telling BB about “pounding” vs socializing and now Adam is asking about Rye making its way back into the bar scene.


Adam is asking how Rye got popular again, Jon shares how it happened and some information about women drinking more whiskey based drinks.

Jon is explaining that bars are the leisure business and Adam is asking for some teasers about the upcoming season.

Jon shares the story of a woman who brought divorce papers with her during the first act of the episode.


Jon says they’ve had 3k bar submissions this season and Adam says he’s amazed about the amount of fuck ups we have in society and yet how the street lights still come on.

Adam talks about people with horrific drug problems who maintain a job or get shot and are unaware of it, Jon tells them about seeing Freud’s cocaine spoon.

Gina has some details about him damaging his body from abusing cocaine, Jon says it was a deep spoon.


Adam is now plugging Jon’s stuff and he plugs Mangria in turn, Jon sings the praises of Skip and Adam says he’s a visceral guy and he actually gets upset and pissed off at these shitty contractors.

Adam feels a worse form of pity about the losers who leave these jobs unfinished and flawed.

Adam talks about the poor cameramen who keeps having to push skips shoulder to push him back to where he was supposed to be standing.


Adam plugs Jon’s DVD signing and he bails as Adam heads into a live read.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Jeb Bush’s slow jamming of the news with Jimmy Fallon, she plays a clip of him busting out his Spanish.

Adam says he feels horrible for politicians today and jokes about getting ahold of Kennedy and telling him about the requirements of getting elected along with the fidelity expectations.

Adam says we’re living a giant high school and this is a popularity contest, this is student body president all over again and asks people about their memories of their school president and what they said they would do vs. what they actually did.


BB brings up the only thing he remembers from a school election, hilarious recreation.

Adam is now trying to recall something, he wants a “reverb” button to use while on air, Adam is now asking for someone to augment his mic.

Adam is sharing how the girl was asking everyone to stand up and her “now if I can get you to do that” twist that resulted in less than enthused reaction from the angry crowd.


Adam has a hilarious compounded interest recreation of a Bald Bryan story, Adam is back to his childhood and tells them about Richard Kim and his political campaign.

Adam wanted to make sure he was elected and everyone was cheering for him, Adam led them in celebration.

Adam has the yearbook sent in from a cool fan, Adam wants to see if someone can find a picture of him.


2nd Story is on Neil Young criticizing Donald Trump’s use of ‘Rocking the Free World’ for his presidential campaign, they’re now all reacting to Richard Kim and Adam tells Gina not to shed a cheer for him, Adam says it was known as “The Richard Kim Incident.”

Adam is asking about now being in a time where most artists are leaning toward the left vs. how at least half of the candidates are right wing.

Adam asks about the publicity effect of using a song like this, Adam says he likes to believe people are just fucking morons and BB says it was done intentionally.


Adam is asking about Neil Young saying fuck you, Adam is saying you don’t want the guy who suing the song played during your first wedding dance to show up and say he doesn’t like you nor want you using it, hilarious!

BB says they chose this song intentionally, Adam brings up a conversation with Chrissie Hynde and Rush Limbaugh using a ‘Pretenders’ song as his intro music.

Adam comments on her lack of awareness nor feelings about him using the song, Adam is talking about the publicity factor and Gina offers up her take where a musician can use this as a chance to get back into the public conversation and get attention on a fading career.


3rd Story is on the Rachel Dolezal story, Gina plays a clip from The Today Show and shares all of the details and now Adam is explaining how he’s not into slippery slopes but does get to the likely dangers of self-identifying.

Adam is now joking about Richard Kim’s kids self-identifying as female Latinas to gain an upper hand academically and Adam cites his own case of trying to get a job as a fireman.

BB addresses the discrimination of Asian students at his college, Adam is making some great points and saying that we’ve opened ourselves up to the notion of self-identification.


Gina says that this new “Transracial” label that’s being used, Adam almost corrected Gina for using the term “her” and Adam says that they should back up because the heavy train is leaving the station.

Adam is now describing the evolution of the Transgender movement and how the soil’s been softened and comments on how people slowly climb into the hot tub of modern culture and accept the various new labels and ideas about living.

Gina brings up the family litigation stuff and Adam has a great “shocking” and a funny “Mistook’ comment, BB now plays a clip of him predicting the “Transracial” movement, though Adam has “predicted” it prior on this show, BB just doesn’t recall.


BB is now asking Adam how to remain humble when so prescient about future events, Adam tells him to spread it around and share the wealth.

Adam says he should look at this one as a mayonnaise container and he was banging away on it and handed it over to BB who applied minimal effort and it popped open, Adam owns that one!

Gina wraps the news


Adam is now doing an On Deck Live Read

Adam thanks the fans, gives out the plugs and BB closes the show with the new drop of Jon asking if he is there to pound.