Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2014 – Jon Taffer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/20/2014 – Jon Taffer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jon Taffer

Recorded 01-19-2014 – Release Date 01-20-2014

Production Number #1242

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Adam is opening the show with complaints of how unusually weird he sounds in his own cans, BB has a great #TopDrop that Alison also enjoys.

Adam is asking Dawson about the audio and Adam has a “No I’ll know” comment to close the discussion.

Adam is setting up something he wants to put out to everyone in the room, he’s being vague and asking about how he should proceed.


Adam is plugging the arrival of Jon and changing subjects, Adam is lamenting how shitty he sounds in his head.

Adam is sharing the only thing that could have compounded this Sunday was a taping for his new show ‘Catch a Contractor’ in Ontario.

Adam has a great buffalo carcass on the horizon metaphor for how he sees oncoming problems before they happen and is only met with anger when he reminds someone of the head on the impending head on collision.


Adam has a great “Hey Man Everyone Makes Mistakes!” quoting mocking people who yell at him for being right, Adam is sharing the initial discussions about the filming locations for his show.

Adam is sharing how he just unplugged and re-plugged in his cans, dirty knob according to Dawson, BB says it should be a band name and Dawson says it is, whoa!

Adam is joking about the rules to tape his show based on the proximity to outlet malls, he’s telling the gang about his 7:30am call time in Ontario and how there is nothing worse on a Sunday morning.


Alison has a fine point about how it ruins the day before, Adam agrees and shares how it bled into his Saturday, Alison wants to know if Adam showers before he leaves the house and is met with an epic “Fuck no”.

Adam is sharing how his dog Molly “the Napscot” will make anyone resent waking up early with a compounded rage, he’s citing all the people in house splayed out on shit he pays for.

Adam does a great impression of Molly’s move where she repositions herself.


Adam is citing Sonny’s early morning wake ups and what a good kid he is, he’s contrasting Natalia’s wake up protocol.

Adam is now sharing an anecdote of what a good boy Sonny is, he’s citing his desire for Sonny to grab a trinket while at the gift shop for the Shuttle Endeavor.

Adam is going in-depth on this story, Alison and BB have funny contributions and Adam is getting to the posters that finally caught his eye.


Adam is refining his joke about what raising each of his kids is akin to, Sonny has been upgraded to Turtle from aging cat, Adam is sharing how easy he is and has a nice banshee comment about Natalia.

Adam is sharing how she thought his beanie looked like shit and tossed it up onto the dusty old counter space that required a ladder to retrieve, great drop work from BB playing that crazy Natalia yell impression from Adam.

Adam is sharing how he arrived at the “sting house” in the am for his 7:30 call time and Alison is asking if this is a non-cooked reaction, Adam confirms it’s no bullshit like “to catch a Predator”.


Adam is sharing how he gets a call time email and knows when he’s supposed to arrive, Adam is sharing how his call time was switched to 9:30 without his knowledge.

BB is sharing the worst part that it doesn’t allow you to go home or do anything, great mall callback from Alison, gold!

Adam is sharing how he ended up calling the porcelain punisher and hated to wake him up but found out they emailed Matt on Saturday but didn’t CC Adam on it.


Adam is now joking about all the young staffers he has being out high and getting laid at some music festival on the weekends, Adam is on a great exasperated rant about what could go wrong by including Adam on the email.

Adam is citing poor Matt who was too sick and didn’t check his email past 5pm on Saturday, Adam is explaining how much he cherished the one from 9pm the night before that Adam also didn’t see, he’s instructing people to put the update or some sign in the heading.

Alison is making note that Adam wasn’t mad at Matt, Adam is explaining why he wasn’t and how he’s not on 24/7 call, Adam is being super fair and kind.


Adam is explaining his efforts to find a ‘Jamba Juice’ and settled for a ‘Starbucks’ and Adam is sharing how he called Lynch on the east coast and chatted him up while waiting.

Adam is sharing the compound pain of missing Jimmy Kimmel at his theater watching the two Sunday games with the boys like the old days.

Adam is sharing his back and forth with Cousin Sal, Adam is sharing the even more compounding pain of the text from Mike August at 1pm inviting him to show up after his taping with full knowledge of the podcast taping tonight.


BB is pointing out its currently half time of the 2nd game, SFO vs. SEA and Adam has some popping noise and sounds better.

Adam is now getting to his earlier “tell me what you think” proposition.


Adam is now giving an update from Mike August on the cost for the attorneys to fight the patent trolls in court, it’s going to cost 1.25-1.5 million and the trolls wants 3 million to settle.

Adam is spelling out the dilemma and choice they’re facing, Alison has a funny sarcastic comment and BB is helping him spell it out.

Adam is summing up the feeling he has about basically going broke to defend an allegation that’s neither here nor there.


Adam is now riffing on a scenario involving BB in the parking lot, BB’s immediate reaction is gold and Alison has a funny reaction to that, nice.

Adam is sharing the way people choose to settle these cases, Adam says he can’t do either one of these options, Alison is asking him to spell it out and Adam is really frazzled in his reply.

Adam says we have to fight it and says if this podcast goes down, every other podcast is next and many other aspects of the internet as well, Adam is right.


“People need to see their village burn in order to get off their ass…” – Adam

Adam is now citing the precedent they will set if they crowd source a 1 million+ war chest and Alison has a hilarious “we become them” reply that Adam says would be cool, very funny.

Adam is explaining his ideas for crowd sourcing this and has a hilarious “sit in the juror’s box” prize tier, Alison and BB are chiming in with other courtroom prizes.


Adam is giving his take on doing the “Radiohead” model and his response to people with their “that’s not going to work” as he knows this has never been done before.

Adam is spelling out the 25$ flat rate for a shirt and a pay what you want option for anything above it.

Alison likes the idea and is giving some sound feedback, Adam is not being Chicken Little but is predicting the million dollar demands these trolls will have for every podcaster in the iTunes top 100.


Adam is making note these are not logical and soul possessing scientists, these are people who bought patents to make money of them by collecting from others using a technology they have no dominion over or involvement in creating.

BB is sharing how having a minimum is a big mistake, Adam is disagreeing with his word usage and Adam is explaining how he’s looking to maximize.

Adam is sharing how he’s trying to figure out what people would want and he’s breaking down the math for the merchandise idea.


BB is clarifying his point and Adam is totally fine with it, yes that’s a good idea.

BB is saying Adam should unify it for all of podcasting and Adam is objecting to the idea of sharing the spotlight because of the PR benefit being the only possible benefit.

Adam is agreeing with BB saying he wants to share the pie and doesn’t have to have his face on any of the shirts, BB is joking with Adam with some funny comedy about how much BB prefers Marc Maron to his boss and friend Adam.


Adam is sharing the list of 28 celebrities who have skills and how Adam was omitted from said list despite the extended branching for each category and the lack of a 2nd entry after Nick Offerman.

Adam is now sharing his reply about the lists he gets put on, he’s citing the media bias for him and his perceived politics, Adam is unsure of why he’s omitted from every positive achievement citing his crowd funding where he brought in more than Spike Lee who did make the list.

Alison has a nice women hating reference, mocking that notion, Adam who hired one of the first female producers in podcasting, if not the first on a top 100 show, along with having a female cast member when the majority of other shows will never.


Adam is making another reference to BB’s WWII analogy from earlier, Adam is now clarifying his idea for the contribution model and Alison has an interesting question about the psychological factors at play.

Dawson is now adding something, he’s citing ‘Toad the Wet Sprocket’ and their recent crowd sourcing model where they got most of the money from the big ticket items.

Adam is citing his 14 fucking jobs and the spirit of this campaign is not “let’s party” it’s about beating the man back, not getting drunk with the Aceman at your house.


Adam is making a fine clarification between this and the ‘Road Hard’ fundraising campaign and crowdsourcing, Adam thanks Dawson and Dawson sees his point too.

Adam says this will be the end of podcasting as we know it, no bells and whistles are needed to sell this idea.

Adam is clarifying why this is not an exaggeration and Alison asks why the government doesn’t intervene on things like this.


Adam is sharing his conversation with Dr. Drew on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show episode 109 available via the show page link above.

Adam is citing the farm team aspect of the judges and lawyers in collusion and he’s connecting that to the lobbyists and corruption in Washington, Adam wishes they were all ex airline pilots and astronauts but they’re not.

Adam is spelling out the corruption and predicts by the time his kids are in the 11th grade at destitute high, BB and Adam are riffing about Molly the mascot/Napscot for the school.


Adam is now doing a live read for DDP yoga, dating back to the old morning show in 2006 with “Yoga for Regular Guys” and his initial promo tour for that book.


Hooray for Baldywood

Some initial delay up top, Adam is trying to adjust his cans and BB takes a minute to realize he needs to start his thing while Adam fixes his cans.

BB is giving his review for ‘Philomena’ and Adam is comparing his hesitation in watching ‘Nebraska’ to BB’s own approach to this film.

Adam is having an aside with Dawson, trying to get him to admit he changed something that made Adam’s sound better in his cans.


BB is giving a very in depth review and Alison has a couple nice contributions and Adam has a nice “sad state of affairs” angle on a great movie like this seeming like homework.

BB gives the film an A- and really sells it, I actually now want to see this movie.


Q and Ace

BB gets Adam to choose the 1st caller, unsure if Adam has ever answered this question and I know what it is before the caller even gets on the line.


1st Caller Patrick he wants to know how Adam lost his virginity, a story every hardcore fan knows but doesn’t mention the name of the other party publicly.

Adam is now just saying it out loud, rad, Adam is telling this in incredible detail, some of which have never been told in succession before, Alison and BB are contributing nicely, and this is gold, nice work Patrick!

Adam has a great “ferret convention” one liner and he’s bringing up all of his memories, he had been chasing after Beth for years and she literally was throwing him a bone.


Adam is even now citing the 5 year crush he had on her and how she gave him a “make a wish foundation” and Adam is sharing how he respects that, nice comedy from Ace in reply to Alison’s queries.

Adam 16 and change, Alison is asking more questions and Adam is now riffing about sober guys and their memory for dates, he’s doing that classic riff, nice reactions from Alison and a key Bonaduce drop from BB.

Alison is now citing another BB drop or just unknowingly quoting a douche and that very drop.


Adam is sharing how he doesn’t know when he started Loveline or exactly lost his virginity, he says “it feels like a summer month”.


2nd Caller Mary She wants to know how Adam met the Deaf Frat Guy/Josh Gardner

Mary has some folksy and simple defense for Adam and now Adam is riffing about her as their new attorney, this is comedy gold.

Mary is with it, nice work Mary!

Mary is now asking her question and Adam is giving the origin story of them back at ‘The Man Show’ in the writer’s room.


Adam is now doing a live read with Alison joining in, odd drop or delivery from Adam? Weird, Alison is now doing her part and we got some funny drop work and a nice Dave Meggett reference mid live read.

Adam is giving out some plugs, BB is giving an update on his bet with Jo Koy and Adam has a mention of the Bung Lao Su T-Shirts.


They’re back from break with Jon making his ACS debut to a listener voicemail, Alison remembers the tale of ‘Kilo’ as told last week.

Adam is joking with Adam about “Muddling ins his blooding” muddlers and muddling is the riff and Adam is citing Jacamo Carolla.

Jon has a weird joke about women and Adam turns it into a ‘Sir Mix A lot’ joke, Jon is now giving Adam is journey and explaining how went from a music career to running the Troubadour.


Jon is giving some of the Lenny Bruce history with Troubadour and Alison has a nice reference of Adam’s ancestry, Jon is back to his journey in the club and bar business.

Adam is bringing up a 20/20 interview he saw with Jon giving tips for patrons, Adam is citing the top shelf booze being swapped out for the cheap stuff.

Jon is now enjoying a “Man grenade” and Alison takes note of it right away, Adam is explaining the recipe and how Mike August? Invented it and admitting the homoerotic overtones of the name.


Jon is sharing a sip stick trick some bars use to fool patrons about the drink strength, Jon is being fair saying not many bars do this stuff.

Jon is talking about glass capacity and Adam is getting to the markup on booze in bars, Adam is explaining the math and bringing up the prices at the airport and the ball park.

Jon is now saying you make 520$ out of a 60 bottle of booze, he’s also being fair and citing all of the expenses, Adam is saying that’s where the money is and giving his own anecdotal evidence from playing comedy clubs that give him the entire door and keep the booze and nacho cash.


Adam is giving Jon’s books a plug and telling fans to use the Adam Carolla amazon link available via the show page link above.

Adam is now asking Jon about his new show and he’s giving a short elevator pitch, Adam says he loves all of the shows Jon just cited.

Adam is singing the praises of ‘Shark Tank’ and Jon agrees while citing how ‘Bar Rescue’ is shown at universities.


Adam is sharing what he likes about business and has a great psychology angle for explaining how he approaches his ideas.

Jon is now saying he owns the term “reaction management” and is stunned that Adam is in complete agreement with his philosophy.

Adam is now joking about copyrighting “BeHymen” and “Spunk Shui”.


Alison is bringing up the psychology of price points, she’s citing the apple price points and upgrade options, and Jon has a statistic about 30% the magic number.

He’s onto the science of upselling, and why you always stop at the 95 and 99 price point instead of 25.

Adam is suggesting they conduct that experiment on the burgers and Jon says he’s done these tests.


I actually just sent an email regarding this very topic, great magnet.

Adam is now sharing how he got to visit the set of ‘Bar Rescue’ and poor some Mangria on the show, he’s asking Jon what he attributes the show’s success to.

Jon is explaining what he said to himself when he first started the show and how he didn’t want to do a trashy show but wanted an intelligent show.


Adam is telling Jon that the bar is set at ‘Bar Rescue’ for shows at Spike, Adam is sharing how he always secretly hopes everything goes away and only can do the best he can up until the rating’s gods decide the fates of his various projects.

Adam is summing it all up.


Alison’s News

Her top story is about the 14 people arrested in Fullerton protesting the acquittals in the Kelly Thomas case.

Adam has a hilarious keistering avocado to make guacamole joke, this comedy gold, he’s talking about people shoplifting at a super market is connected to the protests and might be spurious.

Adam seems to be glad that there were at least some protests for this case.


Adam is now thanking Gary for finding some info on another shooting in the Christopher Dorner case, much like the car they shot up, there is another victim of this police incompetence.

Adam is now joking that this cop must have been so thrilled when the other cops shot the truck with the women delivering newspapers.

Gary is now reading the details of the case and Adam is commenting on what he just heard, Adam has a great Otis Sistrunk reference when describing the physicality of Dorner.


Adam and Alison are commenting on these cops almost being guaranteed leave with pay and then an acquittal.

Adam is asking Gary what happened to this guy after they dropped the charges, Adam is giving his problem on “high alert” and “extreme duress” being an excuse.

Gary has arranged a side by side available via the show page link above, showing the shooting victim and Dorner, Alison has a killer “color blind” joke and Adam has a nice joke about the non-race based shooting preferences of the LAPD.


Alison makes not of this and Jon is commenting to, Adam is calling the LAPD equal opportunity punchers and shooters, Jon is summing up Adam’s take on the idea of stress affecting cops.

Alison is now bringing up the cops producers who were in studio and she’s also echoing Adam’s unfinished sentiment and point from just minutes ago.

Adam is summing up all the mistakes in this shooting and the criteria they have for shooting when stressed out, Alison is telling Adam that his take away from this is correct, his kids need to run serpentine to and from the Audi.


2nd Story is about a little league coach who is suing a player for throwing his helmet in the air and it landing on his foot and tearing his Achilles tendon.

Alison is now quoting the attorney and Adam is quoting his grandpa and has a funny joke, Alison has a nice reaction.

Adam is almost defeated with society and the out of control lawsuits, Alison and Jon agree that the coach should have gotten out of the way.


Adam says all that we have between harmony and insanity is common decency, he’s got some fine points about what mass movements in certain directions will lead to in society.

Jon says the magic word is dignity and Adam wants to know how this all works, Adam is getting to the victim mentality and Jon is getting to the concept of selling your dignity.

Adam is blaming society for not keeping people in check, funny dignity price point comedy and Adam is sharing his anecdote of visiting the ‘Winchester Mystery House’ and the missing furniture.


Adam is making note of the change in society that lead to everything they’re discussing and now Adam is launching into a live read.


3rd Story is on the death of Russel Johnson “The Professor” from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and Alison is noting the recent “Thurston Howell” joke from last week.

Adam is calling him the male Mary Ann and Jon is obsesses with the guys dong and dong use, Alison and Adam are reacting to Jon’s bit of Hollywood gossip.

Adam is now saying that we should never be surprised when a guy who has an opportunity to do lots of fucking is doing a lot of fucking despite whether or not we think they look like a guy who should be doing that.


Jon has a another “cocksman” line and Adam is going off on Sherwood Schwartz and his exquisite hack’ery and Adam is citing how these guys credits all end around 1988.

Jon is snickering at Adam’s logic and Adam is now listing off all of Sherwood’s creations and they have a nice moment over ‘Harper Valley PTA’ and BB has a killer callback.

Alison is asking Adam about working for “Flask” liquor store as a delivery boy in the 1980’s and how he delivered to Sherwood.


Jon was also a liquor delivery boy and he was delivering to Cid Caesar and he’s got a nice point that reminds Adam about the lack of tipping, he’s got a great point about getting a 10$ tip for one bottle of Cutty Sark, but jack shit for 10 cases.


4th Story is on the Razzie nominations

Alison is now listing off some of the most notable including Johnny Depp and Adam Sandler.

Adam is citing the two Stallone movies from 2013 and Alison is citing how he got a 3rd nomination this year and Adam has a nice crab’s analogy.

Jon takes it back to his dick and Alison has a killer reaction, Adam just invented “Crucidix” riffing off of Jon’s sideways dick comment.


Jon is sharing a statistic his wife shared with him and Alison is now trying to get Jon to clarify, Adam has an even funnier statistic “every day a women goes without talking she loses 3lbs”.

Jon has a comment that Adam dubs “the Mangria talking”.

Alison is wrapping the news and Adam is now launching into a live read.


Adam is giving out some plugs and wrapping up the show with a final plug for Alison’s amazing show and great new episode with return guest Pete Holmes.